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Now that’s off my chest, send me your best


Pug flag.jpgWow, what an incredible response from my last Rant.

 It felt so good to get that crap off of my chest that I have an idea.

   I want to know what makes you happy.
happy-face111.gifSend me a picture and a little blurb about what it is that makes you happy.

You know, that thing that no matter how mad you are, it can bring you back to earth. Kids, dog, beer, whatever.


christmas-present.gifOr maybe lets hear about the best X-mas present you ever got and why?

 I feel the need now to project some positive vibes. When I have enough, I’ll do an entire entry or maybe feature one happy person at the end of my daily entries. 


Swift truck xmas.jpgI’ll start it off. I’m just happy to be here every X-mas. 

In 2002 I was driving my Freightliner, into Jackson Hole, Wyoming when I hit a patch of dry ice and my truck sideswiped another semi.

The collision had  knocked me back into my own lane, but I had lost control of my steering.

I had to let this big rig keep rolling across the highway into the other lane (thankfully no other vehicles were heading in that direction). The truck continued into the ditch on the opposite side of the road and kept rolling into a field. I figured the truck would just roll until it ran out of speed. I figured wrong.

General lee jumping.jpg

As I was shooting out into this field, I saw a huge ditch that had been freshly dug and I was heading straight for it.

 My truck launched over the dirt piled up (just like the Duke boys), then as my truck was actually clearing/jumping the ditch, the front of my rig clipped the top of the dirt pile on the other side, and sheered off the entire underneath of my truck.   

Truck xmas.jpg

 Everything in my sleeper went whizzing by my head, and I missed getting tagged by my TV by inches.

I buried my knee into the dash, but I walked away.

 My first year truck driving, my first snowstorm in a big rig, and I almost killed myself three days before X-mas.



ST crash.jpg


It chokes me up thinking about it. I was shook up bad.

My wife drove up from Denver to get me home.

That’s my friends, is good woman.

So my best present ever was being able to go home and hug my wife and kids for Christmas.


 Remember, hug them and tell them you love them daily, because you never know.

           What makes you happy, or what was your best present ever, and why?..D
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