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I’m Back and the Pirates get High-Jacked

6/21/09                       Pirates vs Rockies Game 3

                 Happy Father’s Day to all of you who have done the deed.
Dad you once told me the older I get the smarter you get. I understand now.

I hope all you dads enjoyed your special day. I did. My father’s day gift was attending the Rockies/Pirates game with my family.

Today was autograph Sunday and the four players assigned signing duties were Carlos Gonzalez, Seth Smith, Yorvit Torrealba and Dexter Fowler.

I opted for Torrealba because of the four he was the one I was still seeking.
IMG_5459.JPG Yorvit was cool and signed Mylee and Hunter’s bats and my baseball on the sweet spot.
IMG_5452.JPG                                                           My baseball
Thank you Yorvit!

We could have snagged another autograph but the Pirates were taking batting practice and I loves me some sunny BP.

IMG_5467.JPG Hunter and I hurried back to the Pavilion to salvage what was left of BP.

The only real opportunity I had to snag one was shortly after I reached the pavilion. It sailed two feet over my head, bounced and I was slow on the snatch up by a second.

                                Hunter and Mylee were shutout too.

No worries, today was about some much needed sunshine and a Rockies win.

  We were treated to both and it was a fitting ending to a day well spent hanging with my family and friends.

I have to bring attention to a guy who clearly deserves it. One of the unwritten rules of baseball snagging is that if a player tosses up a ball intended for a specific kid and the kid drops that ball. Whoever picks up that ball in all good conscience should give the ball back to the kid.

This fine fellow snatched up and pocketed a ball that a little girl dropped. I don’t see that too much at Coors as most BP regulars “Get it”.

        Mr. Mustache here clearly does not. So for that thoughtful move he is the winner of The Rant’s newest award:

                  DOOZE BAG OF THE DAY

IMG_5478.JPG                                  Here’s the video of it.


                  Congrats buddy, way to make a little girls day J

      I ran into R-Luv/Marianne, her son Joe and husband at batting practice.
IMG_5447.JPG They were enjoying the game from the first row today and were able to go onto the field for the autograph session.

So glad you were able to see a Rockies win and it was very cool to see you all again.

                    Thanks for the gift. Best seats in the house.J
We left the Stadium to enjoy cheese steaks for lunch and returned just as the game was starting.  Krista and the kids headed off to the Rockpile and I did my loop of the stadium taking pictures along the way.


                      Just doing what I do, somebody has to:)

                                         Credit to this fella, nice hat brotha!

       Jorge De La Rosa not quite on time here but did his part to ensure a Rockies win.
IMG_5541.JPG                                                             Brad Hawpe
IMG_5537.JPG     Ryan Spilborghs was on it today. Must be the performance enhancing sunglasses🙂. 
IMG_5550.JPG                                                          Troy Tulowitzki
IMG_5551.JPG                                                           Coming home
IMG_5556.JPG                                                              Ian Stewart
IMG_5559.JPG                                                      Catcher Paul Phillips
IMG_5561.JPG                                                      Another one of Jorge.
IMG_5570.JPG                                        Garrett Atkins covered first base today.
IMG_5571.JPG                                                                Got him!
IMG_5574.JPG                                                         I like this picture.
IMG_5594.JPG                               Almost a full house today. Lots of daddies around.
IMG_5607.JPG                                                  Best haircut of the game.
IMG_5615.JPG                                                      Hottie of the game.
IMG_5618.JPG                                                                    Tulo
IMG_5623.JPG                                                    Phillips not quite there.
IMG_5633.JPG                                                           Dexter Fowler
IMG_5645.JPG                                 Fowler not even close to being tagged out.
IMG_5653.JPG                     Seemed like he hurt his knee on this play. Hope he is ok.
IMG_5654.JPG                                               The Dragonslayer Josh Fogg
IMG_5660.JPG                Great game, Rockies win 5-4 and are now 16 of 17. That’s flippin amazing.

Thanks for all the kind emails I have received recently. Sorry about the lack of blog entries. It’s not just the internet issue. I have to finish a few things before the end of the month and they are priority.

   Glad I could toss this entry your way. Thanks for remembering this Ranter…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Didn’t miss it by a foot, it hit my foot


Something had to change from the previous game. Over a dozen missed opportunities to snag a ball. Being right there, so close and having to back off at the last second because someone else happened to be sitting in the perfect position to catch the ball.

Some days it just beez that way, but not today. My first ball was a toss up from Ubaldo Jimenez. Originally I thought it was for Hunter (and it may have been) but he overshot Hunter by 15 feet or so and I nabbed it.

The second ball I snagged was hit by Dexter Fowler I tracked perfectly. The ball bounced off the tip of my glove, deflected onto a bleacher and landed right in front of me. I reached down quickly and nabbed my own blown catch.

It was game on from there. The next two were gloved perfectly and within 15 feet of each other. Chris Iannetta hit one of them.

 One was a practice ball and the other ball was one I had been waiting for.

baseballs 5-13-09.jpgI finally nabbed a 2008 All-Star ball.

No big deal to some snaggers as most of you probaly have one, but it was my first.

A teenage girl asked me for it. I told her she could have a ball but not that one. I reached into my backpack and gave her the practice ball.

Rockies left then the Astros were up and within a few minutes I was tracking another ball. I followed this ball as it sailed about mid-way up the bleachers.

I turned then tripped over the bleacher and caught the ball as I was falling down backwards. It wasn’t pretty (more funny), but I caught that sucker.

I gave that ball to the brother of the teenage girl I had handed the other ball too. That family left happy.

 Ball six was about thirty minutes into Astros BP and was a quick dash to the right and perfect catch on the run.

Just as batting practice was about to end some big white guy crushed one out to mid-pavilion about 2/3 of the way up and I was on it perfectly.

 At the last second I realized I was up one row too high and I missed as it landed perfectly under the bleacher directly on top my foot.

White flash, ouch, oh sheet don’t act stupid Don everyone is looking. Hide the pain because nobody saw it hit your foot. 

The whole thing was hidden by the bleacher. Had I danced around in pain people would have wondered what the F’ck was wrong with me so I had to act somewhat normal.

 Man, I couldn’t even swear. Me not swearing, I impressed myself. 

It was a perfect shot. My first instinct after the white flash was to get that damn ball and as I reached for it a kid in a Rockies jersey scooped it up. I was like “What the” and when I looked up it was Hunter.

Hunters baseball 5-13-09.jpg


It was his only ball of the day and I was glad he got it.  

Afterwards we did have a discussion about him not snaggin so close to me and how I don’t like competing against my son for baseballs that I bobble. 

I think it looks silly he and I chasing after the same ball,…but anyways.   

 It was at that point I noticed my shoe was getting tight. That’s not good.

The ball that landed on my foot just happened to have a big H on it.

 Some may say that “H” stands for Houston. I don’t think so.  I say it stand for “Hurts like Hell” when it smacks you in the foot full force.

My foot throbbed for about 20 minutes and then it went numb.

I figure if you’re going to get hit with a pitch you want it to be in the meaty part of your body. On most people there’s no meat on top of your foot. This type of BP injury was a first for me and hopefully the last. I’ve got almost two weeks to heal up.RPR baseballs 5-13-09-1.jpg

         After BP we went over to the Rockies side and tried to get some autographs.

Waiting for autographs 5-13-09.jpg Unfortunately were kind of late and were standing in the wrong place for Todd Helton.

Todd Helton signing 5-13-09.jpg 
Glenallen Hill and Jeff Francis. Hill is looking at me like he remembers me from Spring Training. My favorite line from Hill in Tucson was “What you guys do with all those autographs?” Glenallen Hill and Francis 5-13-09.jpg
National Anthem 5-13-09.jpg                                                     Hurdle and Francis 

Hurdle and Francis 5-13-09-1.jpg
The flag 5-13-09.jpg                          Francis gets the first pitch duties on a regular basis. 

Francis and kid 5-13-09.jpg                                                    That is one happy kid.
Happy kid 5-13-09.jpg                          Everybody was happy, at least before the game started.
Hurdle happy 5-13-09.jpg                                       Marquis warming up before the game.
Marquis warming up 5-13-09.jpgBest haircut of the game. In case you’ve never seen one, this particular hairstyle is know as a Mullet. Very popular in the 80’s but now is usually only found in the deep south.

Southerners do travel and when I get a chance to photograph a rare haircut like this I just cant resist.

                                                  This ones a beauty :)    

                   The Mullet… business in the front, party in the back.
Mullet 5-13-09.jpg
                                                     Marquis first pitch.
Marquis first pitch 5-13-09.jpg                                                      His second pitch. 
Marquis secong pitch 5-13-09.jpg

Tulo 5-13-09.jpg                   Ian Stewart had a Grand Slam yesterday and another homer today.
Ian Stewart 5-13-09.jpg                                           Brad Hawpe tracking a baseball.
Hawpe chasing a ball 5-13-09.jpg                                                             Another
Hawpe 2 5-13-09.jpg                                                        Todd Helton at bat.
Helton at bat 5-13-09.jpg                                               Spilborghs getting ready.
spilborghs getting ready 5-13-09.jpg                                                         Helton out at first.
Helton out at first 5-13-09.jpg                                 Garrett Atkins proving that white men can jump.
Atkins 5-13-09.jpg                                                         Tulo in action.
Tulo 2 5-13-09.jpg                                                     Atkins ready to go.
Atkins serious 5-13-09.jpgFirst off if you’re brave/man enough to wear a pink shirt, your picture makes this blog. But the fact he was standing there talking to Bill Gates, well that’s seriously blog worthy.

Although wouldn’t you think Bill Gates would at least sit Club level?

              Don’t you think the sweatshirt over the shoulders is a nice touch?
Pink shirt and bill gates 5-13-09.jpg

Dan and Fam 5-13-09.jpg A shot of Dan, Emily and Ryan in the pavilion from my “chosen” seats which were along the first base line.

 Dan’s daughter Emily was interviewed on Thursday’s game by Fox News and by Mark Stout of FSN.

 I’ll post or link some video when I have it. That should be really cool.

The combination of having to work early the next day, my foot hurting like nobody’s business and the Rockies getting pummelled at home was enough to make me want to go home.
Scoreboard 5-13-09.jpg                                                            So we did.

 I went home and put my foot up. No DL list for me, I’ll be ready by next homestand. Unless I broke a bone and then I’ll be there in a cast.

                                      Final Score Astros 15, Rockies 11.

                           Coors Field Crack of the Game

                                     Sorry it’s a little blurry, I was laughing🙂

CF crack of the game 5-13-09.jpg                 RPR’s Hagg’n Points for this Game

1 Point- For showing up.

15 points- For catching 5 balls on the fly.

2 points- For a toss up from Ubaldo Jimenez.

                                                     Total = 18 points

             Hunters Hagg’n Points for this Game

1 point- For showing up

3 points- For snagging a ball on the bounce off of my size 12 shoe.

                                                     Total = 4 points

My next Rockies home game is Tuesday the 26th. Gotta give some props to my Denver Nuggets. I believed at the beginning of the season when everyone thought I was crazy. I’ve been somewhat silent about their success of late because I didn’t want to jinx anything. 

This is the team, this is the Nuggets year, The Lakers are beatable and the Nuggets will do it…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image Dont miss my next entry when I talk about how Coors Field Ushers are now required to fondle your peanuts…I’m serious…D

Phillies pay on Rockies Opening Day


Opening day sign 4-10-09.jpgIncredible, what a day! On my way to Coors Field I realized I forgot my glove. No joke, the first game and I left my glove at home. I turned around and went back and got it. I figured for sure that I’d blown my chance at a good place in line but lady luck was on my side.

line of people Rockpile.jpgWe arrived at Coors about 11:10 AM and the gates opened at 12:00 PM.

As we were walking up I could see a huge line of people and my heart sunk. Upon closer inspection I realized the line was for people waiting to hopefully purchase Rockpile tickets.

We already had our tickets so my day was looking real good as there was nobody in line at the Rockpile gates. Always plan ahead you’ll be glad you did.
First in line 4-10-09.jpg

                                             Number one like it should be.

They opened the gates and I was the first one through, As I worked my way over to the Pavilion I saw the Rockies out on the field and when I entered the bleachers I could only see one kid way on the other side of the Pavilion.

I worked my way down to field level and saw Jorge De La Rosa, Ubaldo Jimenez and Franklin Morales in the outfield chatting. A ball was hit to them and Jorge picked it up.

He looked into the bleachers and the only one standing there was me. I held up my glove, didn’t say a word and he tossed it to me. Just like that the Hagg’n begins.

Thanks Jorge for starting my season out right. Before Jorge tossed me that ball Helton had hit a BP homer and a kid had snagged it. The ball Jorge tossed me was the first baseball tossed to a fan at Coors Field this seaon. I also hold the honor of snagging the first baseball tossed to a fan during Game 1 of Rockies spring training in Tucson.  

                                Not a huge thing but worth mentioning I figure.

RPR opening day 09.jpgThe second baseball I snagged was kind of embarassing.

You know that fan that goes way overboard chasing a ball and winds up looking like an idiot.

I was that fan.

I was tracking a BP homer and had to lean over a row of bleachers and extend as far as I could to snag it. The ball hit my glove then rolled out and started rolling down the stairs. 

I started stumbling over the bleachers in an attempt to snag that ball I dropped. About half way through chasing that ball I realized that I looked like a total moron.

So what do I do in that situation?

Do I stop right then and try and save my dignity, or realizing that I already looked stupid follow through and get the ball so I can say yeah I looked stupid but at least I got the ball?

I’m a Hagger so I chose to get the ball and take my critism. Nobody was harmed in the pursuit of the baseball, just my ego. Plus there’s always a witness when you don’t need one. 

                              Anyways, that was ball two, Hagg’n is on baby.

While at batting practice I ran in to Marianne aka R-Luv, she was Hagg’n big and bad. She was going around getting pictures of the Ushers earning her Hagg’n points. 

                        Here she is below taking pictures of her son with an Usher.
R-Luv takin pictures 4-10-09.jpg 
Dan and Emily were there, looked like Dan was handing out yummies but I didn’t get one??
Dan and Emily 4-10-09.jpgRobert 4-10-09.jpg

Robert was at the game and I ran into Super Vendor Captain Earthman handing out his business cards.
Earthman 4-10-09.jpg



vinny c 4-10-09.jpg



Guess who else was at this game? My buddy Vinny Castilla was at the home opener. 

Vinny, I thought you told me you weren’t a player?

If that’s the case, I guess I’m not a blogger who takes pictures of you. 

Does it look like he’s flexing for the camera?




                                  Here are some warm-up pictures of the Rockies.
Hawpe-Tulo 4-10-09.jpg                                                        Barmes and Stewart
Stewart and Barmes 4-10-09.jpg                           Spilborghs and Fowler with the Military in the background.
Spilly and Fowler 4-10-09.jpg

                                                   Todd Helton ready to go.
Helton ready 4-10-09.jpg                                            Brad Hawpe in front of the Navy.

Hawpe and the Navy 4-10-09.jpg                                           Spilborghs in front of the Air Force
Spilly with the air force 4-10-09.jpg

                                                Catcher Chris Iannetta at bat.
Iannetta 4-10-09.jpg                                        Pitcher Jason Marquis, the wind-up
Jason M 4-10-09.jpg                                                          The release
Jason M throwing 4-10-09.jpg                                                          Tulowitzki 

Tulo 4-10-09.jpg                                                       Howard at bat.
Howard at bat 4-10-09.jpg                   There’s something just right about seeing Helton on first base.
Happy Helton 4-10-09.jpg
Helton action 4-10-09.jpg
Helton-Howard 4-10-09.jpg    That’s right Howard, we won’t boo you like your own fans will, but you need to sit down.
Howard dugout 4-10-09.jpg                                                        Todd Helton at bat.

Helton swing1 4-10-09.jpgChuck and me 4-10-09.jpg


I was able to meet up with an old buddy of mine named Chuck.

Chuck rode up from Colorado Springs in the Coors Light RV. I’ve known this guy for over twenty years.




                                   Here is Chuck and my wife Krista in front of the RV.

Chuck and Krista 4-10-09.jpg I need to say something to all those who predicted that the Rockies will come in 4th in our division.

I hope your squirming in your pants over your prediction. I’m not saying that the Rockies won’t come in 4th place, that could totally happen. But I love the fact that the Rockies have everyone who made that prediction thinking twice about the Rockies right now.

Congrats to Marquis, goes to show you what a Veteran can do when called upon to get the job done.

I have 400 more pictures I could post but I’m going to save them for “Rockpile Ranter’s PIcture Blog”

                                      Now to my Hagg’n score for the day.

 Showing up for the game = 1 point.

Two snagged baseballs, one which bounced out of my glove and was snagged rolling down the steps = 3 points.

my two 4-10-09.jpg                              One toss up from Jorge De La Rosa = 2 points.

Final Scoreboard 4-10-09.JPG





As shot of the scoreboard at the end of the game = 1 point.

Total for the game = 7 points.




I’m still working on how to count pictures of Ushers. It’s not hard to take pictures of Ushers but getting a picture of you with an Usher is hard because you have to ask someone else to take the picture. I might need some help with this.

I’m off to Game 2 agains the Phillies in an hour or so. The Rockies impressed the hell out of me yesterday. Let’s keep this train rolling. 

                                    Go Rockies, Phillies aint nutin but a thing…D
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Saying good by to “Hi”


We arrived at Hi-Corbett this morning at 6:30 and there were already a few players here. Today’s goal was simple.
RPR at HiCorbett 3-2-09.jpg I have three mini-bats left and Andy still needed to get Tulo’s autograph on his wife’s visor or he was in big trouble.

Me, I’ve gotten so many autographs I’m starting to feel guilty. So I decided to get Jorge De La Rosa on one of the mini-bats and I also got Eric Young Jr. I’m saving my last mini-bat for Sal Fasano. Hopefully he’ll be at batting practice today.

I’m not real keen on taking pictures of players in the morning, but I did take a few.

Here’s a shot of Glenallen Hill. A few days ago when Andy and I and a group of autograph hounds hit him up for autographs, he asked us “What do you guys do with all those autographs?” The way he said it was funnny.

Glenallen Hill 3-2-09.jpg                                       Here’s a shot of Eric Young Jr’s Hummer.

IEric Young Jr Hummer 3-2-09.jpgIt’s autograph day today at the Rockies game and if it’s the same as last year they’ll have two players signing. I think I’ll take a pass. I’ll be out snagging baseballs and getting Sal’s autograph in the practice fields today until the start of the game against the Angels.

        Here are the autographed mini-bats and the Tulowitzki visor. We got it all done…D
autographs 3-2-09.jpg

As far as I know this will be my last home game at Hi-Corbett. From what they say the Rockies will be moving to a different training facility next year. I’m heading out now to get my tickets for todays game. Today were going to try to get some of the shaded seats. Yesterday’s sun has got me glowing a bit.

I’m going to miss this place. It’s so fan friendly and compared to other places it’s the best as far as I’m concerned. After the game today I head to Phoenix and I’ll be at my final Rockies game tomorrow against the Brewers at Maryvale Baseball Park.
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Back from the attack and right on track



An apology was put on the Canadians blog but has since been removed.

Wow, strange couple of days. Thanks everyone, sucks all this had to happen.

I am seriously a non-drama type of guy.

I try to keep my life organized and simple and there is no room for BS.

 So the last couple days have been rough.

The support from readers and bloggers here has been just incredible.

I have been deeply touched and it’s not easy to touch me.


 Anywho…back to what I do…


My 1 ball 9-15-08.JPG


 Just got back from the Rockies game.

 I know our season is over, but it SUCKS to lose to the Padres…


I went with my buddy Andy to this game and had tickets to access the first row during batting practice.




The last couple of batting practices have been kind of boring and we were hoping for a little action.


Robert and Emily 9-12-08.JPG

Robert holding the sign for Emily—————–>

Dan was there with Emily and she had a sign with her.

Happy Birthday Emily

222 games.

WOW, think about that..she is only five.

I’m a lot older than five and I can’t touch that number.

Her dad Dan’s number of games is probably 4 times that..Amazing.

I really didn’t get much batting practice action. One of the very last hits was nailed to the left of where I was standing and I managed to get within a foot of it and had to back off to avoid (getting in another snaggers personal space).

He caught it and I let him know it was a good catch..

MarkS.jpgOn a cool note…I did get Mark Strittmeyer (bullpen catcher) to toss me a ball after answering his question.

 He asked me if there was a 4th of July in Mexico? I replied, “sure there is, just like in every country”…

He tossed me the ball…As he was walking away I told him I saw him ask the same question  on TV last week.

We both laughed and he took off…Thanks Mark !

So my non-snaggin streak is over..That ball counts right??   

Andy 9-15-08.JPG





I looked over to see  how Andy was doing and I was just in time to see him bobble a ball that had hit just below the yellow cushion.




Andys Catch 9-15-08.JPG



Not to worry.

Shortly after that bobble, he caught a BP homerun and one of the Padres tossed him a ball just for just standing there and not begging.

Good Job Andy on your first time snaggin at Coors Field. your snaggin experience still fresh in your mind too?

I was telling Andy that one of the reasons I love batting practice is for that short period of time nothing else in the world matters.

For that hour and a half or whatever I only have one thing on my mind.

Getting a ball.

Not bills, not work, not life, not my hacked blog. Nada..

I can tune out everything….It just works for me..Andy said he could relate.

Cooks Autograph 9-15-08.JPGI managed to get Aaron cook to sign my ticket. Too bad he used a pen.  

He signed for a minute or two and was really cool about it.

Rockies trailed most of this game. In the end we lost it 11-5.

Andy and I  had one chance for a home run ball but Will Venable caught it right at the center field wall front of us and landed on his butt after getting his bells rung from his impact with the wall.

That was six feet away. Worth every penny..He got up and seemed fine.

Greg Reynolds allowed nine hits and seven runs in two plus innings. That pretty much sealed the Rockies fate this evening.

Mr Reynolds, I think that may be a wrap…

Thumbnail image for Tulo 9-7-08.JPG



 Tulo..nice job on the Grand Slam..thanks for hitting it exactlly where we were sitting right after we got up..

I will be at the game tomorrow with Hunter…Again..thanks everyone..D
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No time to pout, time is running out


First 9-7-08.JPGFirst in line today and first through the gate.

 Something a little different happened today.

 As Hunter and I were entering the Pavilion, Manny Corpas and another player were on the field and they had just tossed a ball into row two of the Pavilion.

There was nobody else in the Pavilon except two young girls who looked like Coors Field employees.

I’m not sure, but they had on the purple shirt and looked official. Hunter actually made it to the ball first and had the ball in his hand. Then the Usher who I won’t name, but it rhymes with knob. told Hunter that the ball was thrown to the girls and took the ball from him. An Usher taking a ball from a kid, WTF?? 

All of this happened as I was going down the steps to reach Hunter. Hunter had to give his ball away to one of those girls/employees  and was visibly upset. I don’t blame him one bit. I usually wouldn’t make too big a deal over this, but……..

  what I think.jpg

Here’s what I think.


 If the girls were employees, Isn’t there a rule that employees can’t get baseballs??

or…if they were not employees, why did the Usher make/force Hunter give up his ball??

waiting in line.jpg


We always plan ahead of time so we can be first in line. We waited in line an hour outside to get that first ball.

 Why did Hunter have to give it up?

 Let me just say this. I will be right on Hunter’s tail next game, and I am willing to bet that if that same situation occurs again, Hunter will leave Coors Field with a ball.

I think the Rockies Ushers are great, the majority of them are really cool. I know a female Usher in the Pavilion who tells me it’s my job to protect her from getting hit by baseballs. Her and I joke about it all the time. 



The guy who’s name rhymes with knob is usually a good guy.

 Today he broke the rules and didn’t play fair.

watching you.png




Knob, today you got half a Rant. But, I’ll be watching you..





After this little ordeal, I went over to the other side of the Pavilion. I ran into a guy who reads this blog named Jim aka UtahSteeler17.

We had met Jim at the Rockies game the day before.

He was out here visiting Coors Field from a little town in Utah.

Dan hooked Jim up with a couple of first row tickets for batting practice.

Very nice guy, we chatted for a bit today before batting practice started.

He managed to snag five balls on Saturday and one ball on Sunday.


Thumbnail image for Utah Steeler 17 9-7-08.JPG


 Great job Jim, and it was nice to get to meet you.

Have a safe trip home back home.

Dan also hooked Hunter and I up with third basline tickets.

Thanks again Dan !


So batting practice didn’t really start until about the time we got in line for autographs.

Check out the video below of people running for position on autograph day.

Autograph Day 9-7-08.JPG

Autograph Day 9-7-08 




There were four players signing today.

 I normally get the information about who is signing from an Usher who has the names of the players that day written on his hand.

Today he had it written on a piece of paper. He did get a kick out of me asking to see who was on his hand. 




Reynolds signing for Hunter 9-7-08.JPG



We decided to get Reynold’s autograph.

Here is Greg Reynolds signing for Hunter.

He was cool and was having a good time signing you could tell.

Thank you Greg Register signing Hunters ball 9-7-08.JPG!


 The lines were relativly short today so we were able to get two autographs.

Here is Steven Register signing for Hunter.

He was all smiles too.

What a great job these players have.

Thank you Steven ! Todd Helton 9-7-08.JPG

 While we were standing in line for autographs, I looked over on first base and who did I see?

Todd Helton warming up.

It was great to see him out there.

 Something seemed right about it.

He was out practicing, but you could tell he wasn’t 100%.

Was just nice to see you out on the field Todd.

Heal up and hurry back brotha !!

When we got back to the Pavilon, the Rockies were full into batting practice.

 Here’s a video of Todd today:  Helton warming up 9-7-08


The only close call we had was when a BP homer was hit and it bounced off a bleacher, hit me in the chest, bounced down by Hunter, and another kid snagged.

Thats all the play we got today and all I have to show is a bruise.

The loss yesterday was painful, but I have to give credit to the Astro’s pitcher Oswald. That guy pitched an awesome game yesterday. I was just hoping for some sweet justice today.

Jorge 9-7-08.JPG






 On the mound for the Rockies today.

Jorge De La Rosa.

Jorge gave up four runs. Three of them in the third inning. He had six hits in seven innings.

De La Rosa walked four and struck out three. Vinny Castilla 9-7-08.JPG





Remember this guy?


Vinny Castilla  #9 was out on the field warming up with the Rockies.

I have seen Vinny out there before.

 Vinny works as a Scout for the Rockies.

It was good to see him out there helping the fellas.




  Here are some random shots in no particular order.  

                                        Outfielder Reggie Abercrombie                Ambercrombe 9-7-08.JPG

                                           Astro’s Outfielder Hunter Pence Hunter Pence 9-7-08.JPG                                                       Troy Tulowitzki Tulo 9-7-08.JPG                                               Tulowitzki and Barmes Tulo and Barmes 9-7-08.JPG                          Mark Strittmatter (bullpen coach), helping warm up Matt Herges Melhuse 9-7-08.JPG                                                         Matt Herges Herges 9-7-08.JPG                                 Manny Corpas and Luis Vizcaino chillin Corpas and Viscaino.JPG                                Matt Holliday taking a few hits at BP Matt at BP 9-7-08.JPG                                          Matt playing out in Left Field MH 9-7-08.JPG                                     Stewart and Atkins playing catch Stewart and Atkins playing catch 9-7-08.JPGWhen we started this game we were split with the Astros. Taylor Buchholz let the Astros get three eighth inning hits and allowed two runs.

Rockies lose this series two games to one with a final score of 7-5.

All losses at Coors Field this time of year hurt. But this one really hurts because were down to the wire now and any loss at this point could be the one that ends our season.

Rockies have an off day tomorrow, then they start a three game series in Atlanta returning home on Friday for a nine game homestretch against the Dodgers, Padres, and D-Backs.


Our Goodies 9-7-08.JPG




Here is a shot of what we brought home from the game today.

Four autographs, from two players and the Promotional gift for coming through the gates today was a Rockies Travel Mug..

The next game we will be attending is on Friday.

 Hopefully, the Rockies will get home with a three game win streak under their belt.

Lets hope.

Go Rockies, destroy the Braves…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 



Rockies bow their heads to the Reds


First in line today, second through the gate. We hauled butt to make it to the Pavilion first and right as we entered I was immediately chasing a ball hit to the section next to the one I was standing in.

gazelle leaping.jpgYou should have seen me, I leaped across the tops of probably ten bleachers like a gazelle, hopped over a stairway railing, ran over four more bleacher tops then jumped over the last one.

 I reached down to snag it and got beat by a larger man who had walked down  five measly stairs to to out snag me. 

Large eating a donut.jpgSoon as he got that ball he looked up an me and told me I should have been quicker.

Thank god I opted for those anger management classes.

So instead of making him the exact weight of a baseball heavier, I looked him back and said ” I should have brought some food, then I could have distracted you”

He didn’t like that too much. Probably about as much as I enjoyed his comment. It aint always pretty at BP here folks.

I did have one more opportunity to snag a ball, but it went a little farther than I anticipated and tipped off of my glove on a rebound off of the bleachers. Totally my bad on that one.

Hunter and Mylee snaggin 8-22.JPG

 I looked over and saw Hunter and Mylee giving it their best.

 Hunter was doing a little better than me (as usual). 

Hunter Gets Four 8-22-08.JPG



He managed to snag four today. Mylee and I had to bow to his greatness.

We figured since it was a small crowd today we would head over to the Rockies dugout and try to get an autograph.

Fuentes Signing 8-22-08.JPG 

As soon as we got there Brian Fuentes was signing.  

I always kind of bust on him because he has that glaring stare that can mess you up.

But as he was standing in front of me signing our stuff, he seemed friendly and really cool. He was talking to the fans, making jokes. He was totally relaxed, and he should be.

He’s the “Super Southpaw” 

Chris Iannetta 8-22-08.JPG



We were lucky enough to get Chris Iannetta to sign for us too.

 He worked his way through the crowd, head down and didn’t say much. No worries.

Thanks for the autographs Chris !

Hurdle and Apodaca 8-22-08.JPG







A few minutes later we saw Clint Hurdle and Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca out signing.

Maybe Bob should go one size bigger on those pants.

G Atkins 8-22-08.JPG





Next up, Garrett Atkins.

Alana 8-22-08.JPG




 A nice shot Alana, my favorite FSN employee.

This Blog entry will be continued and finished in the Morning..Some serious pictures to come..

G’night all..D




Ok, I had a great sleep. Got all my stuff ready for the game today (Sunday) and here we go with the rest of this entry.

It’s time for a picture show.

Mylees autographs 8-22-08.JPG

 Here were our rewards Hunters Autographs 8-22-08.JPG 








My Autographs 8-22-08.JPGWe used the four balls that Hunter snagged at BP for the autographs and Mylee and I used our ticket stubs.

We each got an autograph from Brian Fuentes and Chris Iannetta. Not to shabby eh!


Thumbnail image for Dragon Slayer.JPG



The dragon slayer Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affeldt were presented with their overdue 2007 National League Richampionship rings during a ceremony before the game.





                                                       Here is Barmes 

Barmes 8-22.JPG

                  Next up Chris Iannetta and Ian Stewart signing autographs Iannetta and Stewart 8-22.JPG                                Ian Stewart stretchng before the game Stewart Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                  Tulo and Stewart 
Thumbnail image for Tulo and Stewart 8-22.JPG
                                                      Playing Catch                               Playing catch 8-22.JPG                                       One shot of the Reds having fun Shot of the Reds.JPG                                                 Garrett Atkins stretching Atkins Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                Willy Taveras telling a Story Willie telling a story 8-22.JPG

RPR 8-22.JPG


 I didn’t get to stay for the whole game because I had a softball commitment. My team is called “The Greatest Softball Team in the History of Mankind” and we suck.

We got killed by like ten runs but I really like playing with this group of people I work with.

We have a good time.


Rockies lost this game 8-5. Hernandez straight  up admitted he pitched like crap. I’m for giving a guy a few chances but it’s time for Livian to step up or keep stepping.

Heading out the door in a couple hours. Lets see how the day unfolds.

B, Hunter and I will be at the game today..Cookie is on the mound so I think we’ll be ok.

Go Rockies..D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Tulo’s back but the Rockies get whacked

Gate 6-20.JPG6/20/08



We arrived about 45 minutes early today for the game one against the NY Mets.

We wound up second and third in line as there was a fan who got there before us.

He was an avid autograph collector and we taked  baseball and about getting autographs with him while we waited for the gates to open. 

 The Rockies were out on the field practicing when we got to the Pavilion bleachers so I took off to the left field bleachers.


 As soon as I whipped out my camera, Atkins hit a BP homer that landed in row one right where I was standing so I reached down and snagged it. BP ball 6-20-1.jpg


  This ball would prove to be my only snag of the game.

I did almost catch another BP homer, but it hit the tip of my glove and I lost it.

No worries, Hunter (who is a snagger in training), was just starting to get his groove. Hunter 6 balls 6-20.JPG  



 Hunters final tally. Six balls a new personal record for him.

(His previous record was three)

 Ryan Speier was kind enough to toss a ball up to Hunter.

 Thank you Ryan ! Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg  Jorge De La Rosa also threw Hunter a ball. Thank you Jorge.!! I like this young pitcher.

John Maine 6-20.JPG

 Pitcher number 33 John Maine.

He walked over to pick up a ball by the rail and Hunter asked politely fpr the ball and he tossed it right to him.

Funny, shortly after that happened one of the older Mets batting coaches (I think…I can’t seem to find his name) was picking up a few balls and Hunter hit him up for one.

 He straight up told Hunter that he had the wrong shirt on.

 I understood but I’m not sure Hunter did.

Credit where credit is due. That older coach came back later and asked if Hunter was gonna cheer for the Mets. Hunter said “sure”.

The coach tossed him the ball. When the coach was out of hearing distance Hunter looked at me and said ..” Yea Right”.

Thats my boy !Pedro 6-20.jpg 




Pitcher Pedro Martinez was close to where Hunter was standing and was kind enough to toss him a ball.

 Thank you Pedro!!

Sanchez 6-20.jpg






 Sanchez ran to the rail chasing a hard hit grounder which landed in front of Hunter.

 Hunter didn’t even have a chance to ask he just tossed it to him.

Thats what its all about.

It’s not a team thing so much as it’s a baseball thing.

Thank you Sanchez !!





 Zack Hample was attending todays game.  Todays game being the final game of his Colorado trip.  He was wearing his where’s Waldo shirt and he busted out the big glove.

That thing is a hell of a conversation piece.Hunter BG.JPG







 After I took this picture Zack asked a fan to take a picture of the three of us with his camera.

I don’t have this picture but I can’t wait to see it. Baby Glove 6-20-1.jpg






While Hunter and I were talking to Zack a man and his wife holding their one-month old asked if they could use the glove to take a picture with thieir baby inside it.

Zack said “Sure as long as it doesnt poop in it.”baby glove 2.JPG

                                                        Just too cute.

       Welcome back Troy Tulowitzki, unfortunately the Rockies lost to the Mets 7-2.

On a bright note, Jeff Baker homered and has hit a home run in his last four games. Todd Helton (The King) went 0-3 today with a walk, and Tulo went 0-4. 

There were some interesting clouds in the sky last night. I thought we might see some rain but I only felt one drop the whole evening.

sky.JPG  sky 2.JPG Thumbnail image for Obnoxious fan 6-20.jpgI don’t always do the Most Obnoxioius Fan Section, but today I feel obligated to mention this dude.

This guy started in with mother f this and mother f that. After the second “slip” I looked back and his buddy saw me and saw my son and he told his buddy to stop.

 He did stop swearing finally, but that was replaced with constant heckling. Willy Tavares made an error early on in the game and from that point on it didn’t stop.

He would heckle the Rockies players then he would heckle the Mets. He also kept saying to his cronies…Hey man…lets leave and go downtown and get drunk…c’mon man..I still don’t know what team he was going for.

What I am sure of is that it was his first time to a baseball game and probably the first time out in public in a while. Rude, no manners and no consideration for others.

                                Bald Obnoxioius Fan,….You have been Ranted !

I have to mention another fan who was upset about the amount of batting practice baseballs Zack and Hunter were getting at BP. This guy was a Mets fan and so completely out of line I had to move away from him (thus no picture) for fear of me teaching him a lesson that would have gotten me removed from Coors Field and probably arrested.

To add insult to injury this guy was acting this way in front of his son who probably looks up to him.

Hey buddy, it’s the luck of the draw and you were just too slow. Think about it, sometimes we all leave empty handed and we don’t act like little babies.

Grow up and be a man and try to set the right example for your offspring…I’m done with you.

Hunter tried to offer his son a baseball and the father wouldn’t let him take it. 

Zack Hample. Thank You ! It was an honor to meet you. Good Luck on your snagging adventures and we’ll catch you next time your in Denver.

                      Next game….June 22, 2008 Autograph Sunday…Go Rockies…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Atkins is back with a hell of a whack



Garret_Atkins12.jpgGarrett wastes no time letting everyone know that he’s back at full strength.

Garrett blew us all away by scoring the winning run in the 9th and defeating the Giants 1-0.

UIbaldo Jimenez went toe to toe with Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum for  seven scoreless innings.

Ubaldo is amazing to watch when he is on his game, wicked fastball.

Sucks Ubaldo had such a bad start this year.

Lets hope these kind of performances from him are the norm for the rest of the season.   

Funny how you can score ten runs the day before and squeak by with a one run win the next day..You gotta love baseball, no predictability. Watching this team now you can see the wheels in motion. No predictions here, I’m just making an observation, or wishful thinking aloud. 

Things are clicking..I feel it

Thumbnail image for modesto nuts.gif
Tulowitzki begins his rehab assignment with the Modesto They’re the the Rockies single A team. That’s got to suck for Tulo. “Hey Tulo, what team do you play for”, Tulo responding “um, I play with the nuts”.

Get better quick dude. Thats embarassing. 


Hunter’s baseball team lost yesterday. He was able to play center field and 2nd base. He didn’t get a chance to bat this time. None of the kids on his team even got a hit.

Poor Hunter, he kept saying if he just could have gotten a chance to bat he’d have got a hit. Nine year olds don’t really understand how a rotation works and how coaches have to be fair to everyone. He just knows he doesn’t like to lose and he hates sitting on the bench.

My little man was visibly upset the whole evening.

I love his dedication…were still working on being a good loser.

Rockies play at 1pm today. Wish I could be there.

QuitComplainingAboutYourJob.jpg      GOOD NEWS !

 I interviewed for another job within my company yesterday and i got it!!

 It is a lot closer drive and will save me about an hour a day.

     Go Rockies…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG.  

Rockies come out ahead and Tulo signs in red

 gates 6-6-08.jpg6/6/08



 Well Friday finally got here and I hurried home from work, grabbed my backpack and headed out.

 I managed to arrive at the gate first in line, but I wasn’t first through the gates.

Damn backpack.










Thumbnail image for field.JPG






 I slid into my favorite spot and went into action.






warm up.JPG






There were a few players out in center field warming up.







The first ball I almost snagged was when the Rockies were batting. The ball was hit about four rows in front of me and I had the jump on it. Unfortunately I would have had to jump over a young boy to get it. The ball bounced, went left and I let the boy snag it.

Thumbnail image for tulobp.JPG




 Right after that I noticed that Tulowitzki had walked over to center field to catch some flys balls.






 After a bit, he strolled over to the wall and started signing autographs. I went over and tossed him a ball (after waiting in a line of 20 kids), that I had snagged at a previous batting practice.

Thumbnail image for Tuloball.JPG




He signed it in red marker and tossed it back.

 I’m not picky..Thank you Tulo !






The Brewers livened up batting practice and were hitting a lot more balls into the stands than the Rockies managed. I had a few more close calls but nothing went my way. Then as I was pulling out my camera, I heard the crack, looked up and noticed I had one coming right for me. Just like my other attempts today, I slightly misjudged the ball and it went over my head. I jumped up over four rows and hit the aisle, went up another three rows and lost it to a larger fella who only had to walk down four steps.

I was stunned.

 I knew I had that ball. Was I slipping? Did I lose my touch? I didn’t even have time to ponder those thoughts for long when another ball was heading right for my area again. This one was two rows in front and a middle aged guy tried to catch it with his hat. 

The ball went through his hat, and landed in my row and I fell on the ball…Gotcha 

Thumbnail image for practiceball.JPG




 Got my ball.

Got my autograph.

Now lets watch some Rockies kick some Brewers butt.












A shot of Dan snaggin.

He said he got a couple of balls.

Thumbnail image for seats-6-6.JPG





I like this view.









It also gave me a great shot of my favorite player Todd Helton.

Great game tonight. Nice double in the 8th.











 Ubaldo didn’t blow the game early for us.

 He only allowed three runs. 












Shot of Herges in the 7th .






We rallied in the 8th scoring five runs and Brian Fuentes did what he does and finished off the ninth. Rockies beat the Brewers tonight 6-4. The Rockies now have won three straight.

What a great game. Three games in a row now snagging a ball and Tulo’s autograph. Bronco’s Fan Fair tomorrow. Life is good right now.

Oh and last but certainly not least

               THE MOST OBNOXIOUS OPPOSING FAN AWARD  goes to this guy:



obnoxious fan.JPG           Actually he wasn’t that obnoxious, he just looked like a dork…Go Rockies…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image