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Almost bought a F-ked truck


Remember my new to me/used truck? We purchased a truck a few days ago to help facilitate our move up to the mountains.
My expensive elway bobblehead.jpg It was a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT. Beautiful truck, a little high on mileage but it wasn’t going to be our daily driver. I really like this truck. It was my first Ford truck and I was nervous about buying an American made vehicle. I thought about it and figured how can I go wrong with this truck, it’s the most popular truck in America right?

I was driving home from south Denver on Monday and out of nowhere I heard a loud boom, like a small explosion. Then my truck started to pop like an old lawnmower. I pulled over into a Target parking lot and lifted the hood to access any visible damage.

blown plug.jpgWith the hood up I immediately discovered laying on top of the engine a spark plug, rubber plug boot and fragments of a coil. This Ford Triton engine actually blew the spark plug out of the manifold.

I called the dealership to have the truck towed back there and then called my buddy “B” who lived nearby to see if he could rescue me. He did, thanks “B”.

When I got home I started to research Ford Triton engines. I couldn’t believe the plethora of information out there about Triton engines that habitually blow out spark plugs.
Triton blown plug.jpg This has happened to thousands of Ford Triton engines and Ford refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem.

fordslam.jpgI guess the issues stems from the aluminum heads and the lack of threads in the head to secure the spark plugs. Over time the pressure of the engine pops the plugs out.

A quick fix is around $700.00 with no guarantee that it won’t happen to the same plug again, or any other of the eight spark plugs at any given time.

So basically, the engine is a piece of sheet and if you fix it it’s a roll of the dice on whether the engine will go 10 miles or 50,000. I can’t live/drive like that. Ford will not fix this issue nor will it admit to the engine flaw.

For this reason I will never purchase a Ford product again. I really question why we bailed out Ford Motor Company when they won’t even back up the most popular product they manufacture. How can Ford ignore the thousands of people who are F-ked because they purchased one of these faulty engines?

I can’t support a company that doesn’t support it’s own faulty products. Ford ignores the same people whose money is allowing them to operate/stay afloat. 

 If you build a sheet product and don’t back it up, you deserve to fail. I’m not saying all Fords or Ford engines are crap, I’m only talking about my experience with the 2001 Ford Triton engine. I can honestly tell you that I’ll never know if any of the other Ford vehicles are any good because I’ll never purchase a Ford product again. I won’t buy a Chevy because of my broken key fiasco of last summer.  

dead at desk.jpgAnyways, the Dealer has a three day 150 mile return policy.

The day it broke was day five. When we first talked to the dealer they said, “The truck was sold as is”. 

I gathered from that statement that they were going to try to screw me.

And they might have except for one thing, there was a small issue with the percentage rate of the loan. They needed to bump it up a half-of-a-percent and the paperwork would need to be resigned. It was Fed-Ex’ed and arrived the morning after the truck broke down.

There was no way we were going to sign the revised paperwork for a disabled truck. I waited to hear what the Dealers decision was before I played my hand. I was lucky, I didn’t have to play it. They stepped up to the plate, admitted the engine was F’ked and said you can get your trade and cash back or we can help you find another vehicle.

Had we signed the loan paperwork the day before,…who knows? So today we’re heading back out today to look at more trucks.

         I’m thinking Toyota Tundra. The MPG isn’t as good but the reliability is there.
toyota tundra.jpgAt least the Triton engines do. Buyer beware…Who’d of thought it would be this damn hard to buy a good used truck.fordsucks.jpg Sorry all, this truck thing has pulled my mind away from baseball and I need to resolve it before I can go forward. 

I’ve been watching Helton’s numbers and it looks to me like “Sweet T” is back….D

7:30 PM

Just got back from Go Subaru. They had fixed the Ford Truck and said we could either take the “repaired” Ford truck, try and find another one, or get our deposit and my trade-in back.

We did a search and found the exact Toyota truck I was looking for. My brother has had one of these for years. It’s perfect.


Toyota Tacoma.JPG                                        Don’t you just love a happy ending?…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Whoa, just so you know, that’s six in a row

3/12/09Snagged six from Helton1.jpg

Ian Stewart 9-12-08.JPG
Props to Ian Stewart. Stewart hit a three run homer in the first inning scoring Podsednik and Barmes.

I like it when a player sees his opportunity and takes it. I believe Stewart could/would have a f/t spot if we weren’t full. Remembering that spring training doesn’t mean sheet, I must say I like what’s happening.

I like to win. Having to watch the Rockies lose six games in Tucson sucked. I really wanted to see Helton play.

FSN and MLB.TV starts broadcasting the games on the 22nd so hopefully I’ll be able to witness a few wins before the season starts.

Anyways I won’t kid you, I’m digg’n this win streak.

Morales has improved a bit from his last outing.

Huston Street had a solid clean inning. I really want to see this guy progress. The better Street and Gonzalez perform the less people will think or talk about the loss of Holliday and Fuentes.Ortmeier.jpg


Dan Ortmeier hit his second home run but I wasn’t in Tempe to catch this one dammit.

  Rockies beat the Angels today in Tempe 6-4. Rockies are now 6-7.

                                         Go Rockies…D
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Waiting for game four so I can blog at you some more  :)

I’m killing some time until tomorrow morning when I’ll be back at Hi-Corbett. Here are some more pictures from yesterday. Enjoy…D

                  Here’s most of Rockies pitchers warming up before batting practice.
Group of Pitchers 2-26-09.jpg

                                                          Nice sunglasses.
nice hat 2-26-09.jpg                                    Garrett Atkins out there having a good time.
Atkins 2-26-09-1.jpg                                         Helton and Hawpe at batting practice.
Helton and Hawpe 2-26-09.jpg                                                         Brad Hawpe
Hawpe 2-26-09-3.jpg                        Some more pitcher pictures, say that three times fast.
Pitchers chilling-2.jpg                                       Rockies catcher Michael McKenry.
Michael Mckenry 2-26-09.jpg                                           Another Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario.
Wilin Rosario 2-26-09.jpg

Franlin moralas RPR 2-26-09.jpgHere is everything I’ve managed to get autographed this trip minus my Big Stick bat which currently has 16 autographs on it.Collection 2-27-09.JPG I have one more black Big Stick bat and my plan is to get Todd Helton to sign it tomorrow. I’m not greedy so if it doesn’t happen I’m ok with that.
 I attend a lot of games at Coors Field and I’ve never been able to get Todd’s autograph. I’m just never at the right place at the right time as far as he’s concerned. With other players I have been very fortunate.

If it’s ever going to happen twice (getting Helton’s autograph), this place (Hi Corbett), is the place to get it done.

                                     Jorge De La Rosa signing my WS baseball.

Spring Training 2009 016.JPGI have to tell you about something I witnessed the other morning as Andy and I were hanging out in the parking lot of Hi-Corbett for the player meet and greet. We noticed that baseball card collectors actually whip out a whole page of cards and the players will usually sign most if not all of the cards on the page.

I watched Juan Morillo sign nine baseball cards for a collector. This collector had skills and has mastered the art of “player small talk”.

                          Here’s # 46 Ryan Mattheus pitcher signing my baseball.
Spring Training 2009 017.JPG 
I suck at “player small talk”, but it’s something I’m working on. It’s not that I get starstruck (except for Helton), it’s that I’m not great at initial small talk with anyone. 

Give me five minutes and I’ll talk to you like I’ve known you for years. Don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s known me for more than five minutes.

Dan sent me these pictures of the jersey he had made for Emily. Spillborghs wouldn’t fit on the back so they just had Spilly sewn on. how cool is this jersey? Props again to Denver Athletics.Emily Jersey2-2.jpgEmily Jersey 2-1.jpg


I know it’s pre-season but before I leave Tucson, I’d like to see the Rockies win one. C’mon Rockies win one for the Ranter tomorrow against the Dodgers because who loves ya?…D 

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Good times, feeling fine, killing time, waiting in  line


I love going to Coors Field. I think the staff there is the best in the business. We arrived at Coors Field about 8:40 am to get in line to purchase Rockies tickets. After we arrived we found out that getting there early didn’t really matter because the lottery was in effect.

Wristband table.jpg Feeling lucky I reached into a box full of numbered wristbands and pulled out my number for line placment. I pulled line one # 37.

At the time a was a little bummed because I pulled #37 and there were maybe 15 people there waiting with me. No worries though it all worked out good. While we were standing in line a Rockies representative who I later found out is named “Steve”, walked up to me and asked if my daughter would be willing to help him with the lottery. 

Mylee said sure, she was thrilled to do it. Here’s how it worked, there were five lines of people. There were five baseballs in the bucket labeled from 1-5. Mylee’s job was to draw the order in which each row was able to get in line for tickets…simple.

 The way the Rockies set up it seemed like a system that was designed for a large group of ticket buyers. By the time Mylee started to pick baseballs out of the bucket there were maybe 70 people total in all five rows.

It was cool though, the Rockies were prepared in case of a large turnout and everything went smoothly.

At the end of the second video I you can hear me mention to Mylee to ask for a baseball (hey we’re baseball snaggers..that’s what we do), I was really just kidding and didn’t expect anything but Steve said that he’d hook her up.

Mylee picked line 1 (my line), second. She loved that she was picked to do this over Hunter because Hunter has more baseball stories than her, and this is a good one. 

I walked up to Steve and thanked him, then slipped him a Ranter card and told him I’d have blog entry up by Monday.

So in one big long line they marched the whole group of us from the Rockpile Gates over to the main ticket window. As we walked around the building we could see Dinger over by the ticket window waiting for us.

Main Ticket Window 2-7-09.JPGRockies,….that was a nice touch. Let me explain something about my last blog entry about Dinger. I don’t want the dude who’s inside Dinger to lose his job. (I’m sure he has little Dingett’s somewhere), I just wanted to see (or not see), inside of a tougher looking mascot for the Rockies.

DSCN5842.JPGI bet if you asked Dinger’s inyards…He’d agree.

Dude inside of Dinger, your cool brotha, thanks for giving my kids lots of attention. They love that…D.

Dinger grabed the control stick of this nice ladies wheelchair and was messing with her. She loved it.

DSCN5846.JPG Below is a video of Dinger messing around with a few other people.


 While we were killing time waiting to get our tickets, Steve from the lottery walked up to Mylee and presented her with a Rockies backpack. She opened it up and inside was a 2007 League Championship collectible trophy, a MLB baseball, a Rockies hat and a Rockies rally towel.


 I couldn’t believe it. Steve, thank you again. You didn’t have to do all that. In fact you didn’t have to do anything.

We’re always at the games early for batting practice so we can snag baseballs.

Mylee would have been thrilled if you had just tossed her one of the baseballs in the bucket.

That gift was “above and beyond” and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since :)

 Seeing that “random act of kindness” from a Rockies employee made me smile and think about how proud I am to spend my time supporting “my team” the Rockies,..on multiple levels.

DSCN5849.JPGSteve can you hook it up so I won’t get in trouble parking the MBU at Hi Corbett field during the daytime March 24-Feb 3rd?

 It’s worth a shot. I think I’m ok parking there (we’ll be there bright and early), but you never know.

Once they opened the ticket windows the line moved at a pretty good pace. People were purchasing large numbers of tickets, but every ticket window was open so that helped with the flow. 

I wasn’t there to clean house on tickets. Remember I have a trip to Tucson coming up so that requires a wee bit of cash in itself. I picked up a few extra Rockpile tickets for opening day and the fireworks game pm July 3rd. Then I redeemed a few free game coupons that I had received last season for the kids and I.

End of my story. Sorry if you thought you might hear mention of Tulo or Helton. This story does however have a happy ending. That would be my daughter Mylee’s smile. 

Not the Mobile Blog Unit 2-8-09.jpg

Only two weeks left the Mobile Blog Unit is officially mobile.

(This rather interesting camper is not the Mobile Blog Unit—–>) 

On Dan’s recomendation I have taken my Jersey to Denver Atheletic to have “REAL” lettering stitched on professionally.

 I hear they’re great, I can’t wait…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Ranter in his glory, tomorrow’s the story

1/23/09  (“Happy Youngster” have fun at your Brewers thingy tomorrow brotha).

Tomorrow is going to be baseball overload with Rockies Fest, so today I’m just going easy on you. Both kids will be with me tomorrow partaking in the festivities.

                                          Dan, I’ll say it again..Thanks man.

 I came across some funny names of places in England and thought you might get a kick out of them. Have fun with this, I did. Thanks..J

Below, we have the road less traveled. Beware of hitchhikers when traveling down this stretch of pavement.. On the plus side, they do clean this road on a regular basis. 
Butt hole road.jpg                                        The places on the map are real folks.Map of england.jpg I recommend you stay away from Crotch Crescent and Pratt’s bottom, or at least stay upwind.


                          The more I work on this entry the less I want to visit Europe.

It’s just as bad here in the states. However, below is a place I wouldn’t have minded visiting more in High School. I heard TV’s are banned in Lancaster County.

intercourse pa1.jpg Ms. Hummer ran for City Council but in Intercourse but her skills didn’t exactly fit the job. 
city-council.jpgJust so you know some milk has HGH in it, so always buy your milk from a trusted source.
breastpumps1.jpg                   And remember folks if you find yourself at this intersection in life…
whiskey1.jpg                                                       Be careful please…
warning-alcohol-leads-to-rug-burns.jpgNot only am I always looking out for you, I’ll be coming at you with all kinds of Rockies stuff tomorrow.

                              Thanks again for making the Rockpile Rant number 6.

           My season begins tomorrow, stay tuned to see if I get to meet Todd Helton…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Putting the Rockies Fest to the Test


rockies_fest_logo_2009.jpgI suggest you better get up early if you plan on getting there before Hunter and I.

Only 11 more days. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a countdown kind of guy. 

Countdowns are really just foreplay with numbers.

When: Saturday, January 24, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Where: Coors Field – Suite Level, Club Level and Lower Level; all activities will take place indoors. Public Parking ($5) is available in Lot A. Enter at Gate A or Gate C.

Who: Players scheduled to appear include Garrett Atkins, Jeff Baker, Clint Barmes, Aaron Cook, Manuel Corpas, Jorge De La Rosa, Alan Embree, Jeff Francis, Brad Hawpe, Todd Helton, Jason Hirsh, Chris Iannetta, Omar Quintanilla, Glendon Rusch, Seth Smith, Greg Smith, Ryan Spilborghs, Ian Stewart, Huston Street and Troy Tulowitzki. Manager Clint Hurdle will be joined by coaches Bob Apodaca, Don Baylor, Rich Dauer, Glenallen Hill, Brian Jordan, Mark Strittmatter, Jim Tracy and Jim Wright. Twenty additional Rockies Minor League players will also be in attendance. (subject to change)

     • Major League Player Autograph Sessions – ticketed events
     • Minor League Player Autograph Sessions – open to all guests
     • Live Stage Events featuring Player/Coach Interviews – ticketed events
     • Rockies Museum – open to all guests and featuring an array of Rockies memorabilia, including nearly 100 items never before displayed
     • Interactive Area – the left field Club Level concourse will be filled with games and interactives for all ages
     • Video Game Area – enter to win a chance to play against a Rockies player
     • Dinger Autographs – open to all fans
     • Kids Story Telling hosted by various Major League Players – open to kids
     • Carnival Games – kids will be entertained by face painters, balloon artists, games and craft tables
     • Anthem Tryouts – give your best on-camera performance and you might sing the anthem on the field this summer
     • Fantasy Radio and Television Booths – call the game and walk away with your work
     • Tour the Ballpark – Home and Visiting Clubhouses, Press Box and more to see.


What exactly does an autograph session consist of? Is it one player, three players, or the whole team? Your Rockies Fest ticket gets you one autograph session and one player interview. How long is the interview? Can I get it on video or record it? Can I ask the player I’m interviewing for an autograph?

Helton Jersey.jpgDid you notice one of the list of attendees is none other than Mr. Todd Helton.

That’s the player interview that I want. If I wind up getting him, I’ll probably freeze up and be speechless.

Seriously, I’m not sure I could interview Todd. I can’t tell you what might happen. 

Todd and I have a lot in common, if you add up the numbers on his jersey, that’s exactly how many letters that are in my last name.

 I used to sport a goatee,  and I play first base too. See, he and I could be BFF’s. 


 Will there be snacks be served?

 Can we sneak down and take pictures of the humidor?

 Is there a special Dinger dinosaur bathroom?

If there is can I take a whiz in it for schits and giggles? 


Details, I like lots of details.

Good details can eliminate the need for questions. Eliminating the need for questions gives me time and peace of mind. Having peace of mind lets me relax and have a good time. Having a good time enourages me to spend more money. Me happy and spending money gives the Rockies more money. The Rockies with more money from their happy fans allows them to purchase more talent. More talent can pave the way to a World Series.

So now can you see how just giving good details to begin with can do wonders? It’s always the little things that make the difference…D

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No clue at all about the mystery ball


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this little mystery. I got a really good deal a a few 2007 World Series baseballs that I plan on getting signed either at Rockies Fest or spring training.

One of the baseballs showed up with an autograph already on it. I’ve spent a few hours researching this already. I haven’t given up, I’m just seeing if anyone out there might have a clue. I’m using my resources…Yeah that’s it.

                                  Here’s the ball and the mystery autograph.
Mystery autograph.jpg

Now common sense tells me the autograph is hopefully someone from the Rockies or the Red Sox because it’s a 2007 World Series ball. But you never know? I owe someone a drink if you figure this one out…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iannetta.jpgCongrats go out to Chris Iannetta for agreeing to participate with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Chris was one of two catchers selected, the other being the Braves Brian McCann.

That makes two Rockies who have received invitations. Brad Hawpe also has an invite but at this point he hasn’t committed.




I can’t wait to see Todd Helton back in the Rockies lineup.

Lets hope his back will back him up.

When Todd’s out on first base, everything seems right. When he’s at bat, anything can happen.

        I miss that feeling, don’t you?

TH bob11.jpg


Speaking of Todd Helton, my friend Dan Sauvageau came over the other day and gave me a little gift.

He must know I’m a huge Helton fan because he gave me a Todd Helton Golden Glove bobble head from 2002.

My Rockies Bobble heads.jpg The Rockies don’t have that many bobble heads compared to other teams and this one is REALLY cool.  Notice the bright gold glove. Nice detail on this piece.

Thank you Dan, that was really cool man.

emily_dan_during_game.jpg(Dan and his daughter Emily, photo borrowed from Zack Hample).

Dan has agreed to be my first Rockies Fan Profile of the regular season. I think that’s appropriate because Dan was the first person to ever come up to me and ask “Are you the Rockpile Ranter?”.

 Dan is a good dude and I hope during that Fan Profile to be able to tell you about some of the really cool things Dan does for other Rockies fans.

Thumbnail image for thumbs up gary coleman.jpg

There are many readers of this blog who can testify to Dan’s kindness and generosity. I

I mentioned Dan to my to my friends Gary and David, at first Gary didn’t understand and said “What you talking about Ranter”, but after he realized who were talking about, he and David agree Dan is a stand up guy.

In Nuggets news, goodbye Chucky Atkins. I really liked Chucky but the poor dude barely got any playing hardwood time.

We traded Chucky, a draft pick and cash considerations for center Johan Petro and a future draft pick from Oklahoma City, January 7th.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Johan Petro.JPG


The Nuggets acquired center Johan Petro and a second-round-draft pick from Oklahoma City on Jan. 7, in exchange for guard Chucky Atkins, a first-round-draft pick and cash considerations.

Petro was averaging 4.6 ppg and 4.3 rpg in 22 games for the Thunder this season.

Just curious, who of you among the Rant readers is planning on a trip to Tucson? If so, when?…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Even if it’s snowing I’m still going


A few weeks back I received an email from a friend/Rockies regular that I’ve blogged about this season. The email had an attachment.

                                             Here’s what was attached:
Rockies Fest Jan24.jpg

its not better.jpgI couldn’t believe it. How cool is this? The Monforts are finally giving back to the Rockies fans after the terrible World Series debacle. 

Well not quite, it’s free but it’s limited to 5000 people and you have to be a season ticket holder to be able to reserve a ticket.

 I would have mentioned this event earlier but I wasn’t 100% sure I had a ticket for Hunter and I.

Thanks to the above stated “Rockies regular”, (I’ll give out his name if I get permission), I’ll have two tickets for Hunter and I to attend this first annual Rockies/fan extravaganza.

madhouse_4.jpgI read that the Rockies are only allowing 5000 people because this is the first one of these Rockies/fan events and they want to be able to control the flow of people.  

No worries there, the fewer people in attendance the better.  Shorter lines and elbow room are always a plus. 

I went to the Bronco’s Fan Fair this year and it was a two day freggin madhouse. This event should be a little more manageable and enjoyable for all concerned.

The best part of of all of this is if Todd Helton is there, I’ll finally get to meet my favorite ballplayer face to face and get his autograph and hopefully a picture.  



I feel like Earl, the way I’m crossing things off of my “Things to do before I croak” list.

 I’ll finally be able to get autographs from the Rockies players whose signatures are a little more difficult to acquire.

Names  such as Brad Hawpe, Garrett Atkins, Yorvit Torealba and the above mentioned Todd Helton).

 Now all this gets me to thinking, what am I going to get autographed at this event?

 I know exactly what I want Todd Helton to autograph,… a 2007 World Series baseball. I think I’ll bring a couple of those, there’s still a few guys left on the team from Rocktober 2007.

(Note: there is some fine print that states that select autograph sessions and other events will be ticketed seperately, I’m not sure what that means yet).

Not the MBU 1.jpg

   (This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit—>)

What’s also cool is this is my opportunity to  talk to the players and mention the Rockpile Rant.

I plan to inform them we’ll be bloggin from the Mobile Blogging Unit in Tucson at the start of spring training.

I just want them to remember my face so we get some love down in Tucson.. 🙂

Rockies Humidor.jpg

So I wonder, do we get a tour?

 I’d love to get to go behind the mechanical scoreboard, snap a picture of the locker rooms, or maybe even tour the humidor. 

You know, the full fan treatment. 

 Fan Fest is all about us right?..snowy coors field.jpg



This is going to be fun, as long as we get some sun…D
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He lost the bet, he paid his debt

winner is.jpg


 A little while back I did an entry about bet I made with a guy I work named Todd.

 The bet was which of our teams would win more games by the end of the season. The loser had to wear the winners teams jersey. He proposed the bet,  and I accepted.

I actually won the bet before the Rockies played their last series with the D-Backs. Good thing cause the Rockies lost all three. Todd was a good sport and wore the Todd Helton Jersey all day. He did however have a Giants T-Shirt and cap on.He said he didn’t want the Jersey touching his skin…

I would have done the same thing.

So for the world to see, here is Todd sporting none other Todd Helton #17 Jersey..

Sorry for the blurry pic, It was the only one I was able to get.

Todd wearing Rockies Jersey.JPG                                  Congrats Todd…Thanks for Playing…D

Oh, what a day by the bay

Angry fans.JPG9-25-08

You know there were some pissed off Giants fans leaving AT&T park last night. I myself have felt like that several times this season.

All I heard today was “why didn’t the Rockies play like that last month, why now?”.

To which I replied “why the hell are you asking me, I’m wondering the same thing myself”.

 Too little, too late, ahh whatever. It was still fun to watch and I’m officially three wins up on my bet.

If the Rockies win tonight I’ll be bringing that Rockies Jersey into work tomorrow for the Giants fan who thought up this bet to wear. Oh, and the loser’s picture gets posted on here. He is a good sport, I think.

Thank you1.JPGThank You Rockies ( knock on wood),  for not making me look like a chump in front of everyone I work with and the blogging community.

Hope I’m not celebrating too early?

clint barmes rookie card.jpg


Clint Barmes was on fire last night. He chalked up a homer and four RBI’s. Barmes is bucking for a full
time job and who can blame him.  

I cant believe this guy can hit the way he hits. Shoot, I’m bigger than him..I guess it’s all in the swing.
helton card.jpg                                                

Just heard some scary news. My favorite player is going to go under the knife. Todd Helton is going to have what’s called a microdisectomy
 next tuesday. That just sounds uncomfortable.

They are going to remove part of his bulging L5 disc to hopefully alleviate pressure on the nerve that has been messing with him. 

Good Luck Todd, We need to see you on first base next season.
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Congrats to Chris Iannetta !

Chris’s two run double gave him 65 RBI for the season. That was enough for him to surpass former Rockie Brent Mayne’s club record of 64 RBI in 2000.

Willy Taveras Rookie.jpgDon’t count on seeing Willy Taveras steal any more bases this season. Apparently, super speed comes with a pricetag.

Willy has a stress fracture of his right tibea. His season is officially done. Good luck Speedy! I hope you heal as fast as you run.

The Rockies owned this game. They won 15-6. I was skeptical of Hernandez, but he had two of the Rockies eighteen hits himself.

Livan gave up five runs with twelve hits in seven innings. He is now (13-11).

nothing7sittingpic.jpgI know these last few games mean nothing. But straight up, I would rather see them win the last six games than lose them. I hate losing to the Giants. 

I do plan to blog about the playoffs but I just can’t seem to blog about other teams while my team is still playing and winning.

Game 3 vs the Giants is tonight is at 8:15 MST. Only four games left.

Go Rockies…D
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