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Twenty five, until my little drive


Not MBU 1-29-09.gif(<—This is not the Moblile Blogging Unit)

Twenty-five days until the Mobile Blogging Unit reaches mobile blogability. I hope I don’t have any internet connectivity issues whilst I’m mobily blogging.

Congrats to Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rockies signed him to a four year deal worth 10 million and it’s loaded with all kinds of performance incentives.

The Rockies need Ubaldo to stay healthy this season. 

JFFG.jpgWho knows if Jeff Francis will be starting in April. He’s still having issues with that pesky shoulder of his.

 Cook, Jimenez, Marquis, who’s the Top Dog if Francis is injured and can’t start off the season?

Is Francis still the Top Dog even if he’s healthy?  

I wish I could be in Tucson mid-February to see the pitchers and catchers report. I keep hoping for a last minute surprise in the Rockies bullpen, but at this point I wouldn’t bet on it.

It does get me to thinking, “Who among the Rockies bullpen is ready to take it to the next level?”

UJ.jpgMy moneys on Ubaldo, but I still have high hopes of Francis returning to his past glory. Cook is a powerful weapon but tends to wear thin with too much usage.

MannyRamirez u neverknow.jpgGuess we’ll begin to see in a couple of weeks.

I wish we had somebody new to get excited about.

I wonder how Manny Ramirez would do at this altitude? Manny in a Rockies uniform, now that would be a sight. I’d take Manny for a season. The guy has spark there is no denying that.



 I have big hopes for Tulo this season which starts off with him not having any major injuries.

 It’s time for this dude to make his mark with the Rockies.

You want to be leader of this team Tulo, show us what you got brotha, and do it all season.

I really believe this is going to be his breakout year.

Tulowitzki healthy and producing all season long is a good thing for the Rockies.

And a good thing for the fans.

IS1-29-09.jpgIan Stewart, here’s another guy bursting at the seams with talent and waiting for everything to click.



 Thumbnail image for spilborghs1-29-09.jpgRyan Spilborghs, recently married. Happy wife = happy life. This dude should have the season of his life. He’s earned a starting position and I want to see him keep it all season and become a permanant fixture in the outfield.

Andy 9-15-08.JPGMan I love talking/writing baseball.

I need some warm weather and a break from the stresses of life.

cactus_baseball_1-29-09.jpg I’ve earned this little baseball vacation. I still have a spot on the MBU available. No worries here if it doesn’t get filled. Right now it’s Andy, Robert and yours truely.

(<——Andy snaggin at Rockies batting practice)



If all goes his way Robert will be staying in Tucson when Andy and I head back to Denver. 

Someday I’ll be able to do that. When I retire it’ll be summers in Colorado and down to Arizona for Fall Ball and Spring Training.

           You’ve got to stay busy.

Thank you all for the great comments on my last entry on concerts.

 Thanks for stopping by the Rant and reading my filler. You know me, I’m just waiting for the real stuff…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

I’m betting we don’t get Redding


Jason M.jpg

Looks like the Rockies have almost finalized the deal for right-handed pitcher Jason Marquis. In exchange, Luis Viscaino will be heading to the the Cubbies.Jason m1.JPG

Jason is 30 and was making pretty good money with the Cubs. His 2007 salary was $4,750,000 and he brought in 6,375,000 for 2008.

His ERA for last season was 4.53,  with a lifetime average of 4.55.

This dude supposedly has a hell of a sinker when it’s working.  I hope so, that’s a chunk of change for a pitcher. On the plus side, this guy has been on teams that have made the postseaon for the last eight years.
redding 11.jpg


 Experience is good. I wonder, does that mean Tim Redding is out of the question now? I was bucking for this guy.


Thanks to everyone who commented about who their favorite current player is. I never actually told you who my favorites are. If you read this blog regularly you know who my favorite Rockies player is. It’s Todd Helton.

 But, right up there for me are Ryan Spilborghs and Chris Iannetta. Ryan because he carries himself exactly as I would (you’ve got to make things fun and he does), and I think he will do a lot more for the Rockies when he’s a starter. 

Thumbnail image for Chris Iannetta 8-22-08.JPGChris because the dude has so much talent, he’s quiet but he carries himself like a professional.  I watched Chris walk out before every game he started and sign autographs for at least 10 minutes.

I can’t say that about many other Rockies starters.

I’m hoping that I can get autographs from the starters on Jan 24th at the Rockies Fest. I have a feeling that’s not going to happen.

You know I’ll be giving it my best. It’s not often you have all of the players and fans there at once with this kind of open atmosphere.

I’m sure they will have some setup where only two players are signing at a time and the line will be crazy long. Then they’ll change out the players just before I get up to the booth. 

Oh wait, I was thinking of the 2008 Broncos Fan Fair. Sorry, I’ll be attending the Rockies Fest with no preconceived notions about anything. I can always hope…D

My favorite player of all-time that I’ve actually seen is Reggie Jackson. It’s Reggie because I had a chance to see him play when I was a kid once. To be honest, the 1977 World Series is the first WS that I remember. 

My Favorite player of all-time who I haven’t seen play is hands down Pete Rose. Don’t try and bash him on this blog, it’s not going to happen. 

The family and I will be making an apperance at the Nuggets game tonight. I’ll have something up tonight or tomorrow late afternoon…D
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When it’s Chilly, you can count on Spilly




It figures. I walk around all game with my camera and just when I put it up, guess who walks by me?

Cal Flippin Ripken. I had to do a double take and when I figured out it was him, my photo opportunity was gone.

I actually saw Cal last year covering the Playoffs here at Coors Field.  First 9-2-08.JPG




Mylee, Hunter and I were first in line at the Gate.

Little bit of chill in the air, but the weather was holding.



Thumbnail image for Mylees Ubaldo Ball.JPG


When they opened the gates, Mylee and Hunter both ran down to the field.

Ubaldo Jimenez was over by the fence playing catch.

Mylee asked nicely, and he tossed her a ball.

Thank you Ubaldo !

A few minutes later he tossed Hunter a ball. Mylee and Dan.JPG

While I was assuming my usual position. I looked over and saw that Dan (pictured here in the Red hat), had let Mylee and Hunter borrow tickets for the first row during BP  

Hunter and I have been in the first row before, but this was Mylee’s first time.

Thank you again ..Dan ! Hunter and Mylee Row 1 9-2-08.JPG


Anyone that has seen Hunter in action can’t deny his enthusiasm and persistance.

He worked that first row for baseballs.

He is not shy about asking a player for a ball…

Several times if need be..

Me, I came up with nothing today because in order to be a baseball snagger, baseballs have to be hit in your general direction or at least over the fence.

There was very little  of that today…It figures.

Hurdle Autograph 9-2-08.JPG  

  However, I did get lucky enough to get Clint Hurdle (who signed our ticket stubs yesterday,) to autograph a ball. He signed it on the sweet spot for me. Hunters 4 9-2-08.JPG




 Hunters total today

5 baseballs

1 given away to a kid with a glove. Mylees 2 9-2-08.JPG

Mylee’s total today:

2 baseballs

That was so cool watching them both in the first row.

This was the smallest BP crowd I have seen all year.

Today should have been a snaggers dream…. Thumbnail image for Iannetta signing Hunters ball 9-2-08.JPG

 After batting practice was finished, we headed over to the Rockies dugout to see who might show up.

For the second day in a row, Chris Iannetta came out early to warm up.

You can see him signing Hunter’s baseball.

Mylee got his autograph too. He stopped right before me.

I shot some video of the Rockies warming up.

Warm up 9-2-08  Dexter Fowler 9-2-08.JPG



Welcome Dexter Fowler.

He made his Major League debut in the bottom of the tenth inning.

He hit a pop fly out.

He signed baseballs for Mylee and Hunter.

Thank you Dexter !

Dexter looks like he needs to head over to Blake Street Tavern for a few burgers.. Joe K 9-2-08.JPG 







After a while, Joe Koshansky came out and started signing.

 I have been trying to get his autograph for a while and he signed for all three of us.

Thank you Joe ! Our Haul 9-2-08.JPG


It’s nice when the ballpark isn’t totally jammed with people.

Here’s what we got:

Me-Clint Hurdle and Joe Koshansky.

Mylee- Joe Koshansky and Dexter Fowler on one ball. Chris Iannetta.

Hunter-Joe Koshansky and Dexter Fowler on one ball. Chris Iannetta.



                            Here are some pictures I took before my battery died. spilly,tulo,atkins.JPG

                                                           Ian Stewart                                  Ian Stewart 9-2-08.JPG                    One of my favorite players under 5’10”, Omar Quintinilla Omar Quintinilla 9-2-08.JPGSpilly  was also out signing autographs. He even went back through the line after the Anthem was played and signed for some people who he had missed the first time through.

Spilborghs had the game winning hit tonight to score Omar in a game that went 12 innings.

 Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy with a better attitude. Congrats Ryan…Thanks for keeping it alive..  Ryan and Dexter 9-2-08.JPG

RSpilly 9-2-08.JPG

                                                  Most Annoying Fan

Most annoying Fan 9-2-08.JPG



 It seemed like every time I tried to lean out and take a picture this face kept appearing in my camera.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what she was looking for.

 All the action was the other direction.

Anyways, I have like fifteen pictures with her mug in it.

Glad I dont use film.


<—-The Winner


 Rockies take game two over the Giants 6-5. Five back from the D-Backs. Thats the closest we have been since April.

I just want to go out and talk smack to every Rockies hater I know and say “see, I freggin told you, don’t give up on this team, they can do it, just watch”.

But I won’t. I don’t want to jinx anything. So I stay reserved, waiting/hoping  for “my time” to unleash…Go Rockies..I’m liking what I’m seeing…except I wont be able to see it tomorrow. For some reason the game isn’t televised…D  Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Omar’s a star cause he hit it so far



 Omar Quintanilla, your a Rock Star. I expected him to hit the game winning home run tonight about as much as I expected Ubaldo to knock one into the Pavilion.

Heres a quote from Clint Hurdle:

“It’s so appropriate, for him to come in and barrel that thing like he did and pick everybody else up makes you feel good and gives you a sense of value being on the team.”

Isn’t it cool how baseball can take you from almost bored out of your gourd, to up and out of your seat, screaming and yelling,   jumping up and down. Whether it’s a bad call or a game winning home run. Gotta love it.

Hats off to you Omar. Helluva shot and perfect timing brotha. You sir, make me a believer.

Us 8-24-08.JPG


Hunter is missing from this picture because he was the one taking it.

We were first and only in line and it stayed that way for a while.

We had a backpack full of baseballs to get signed. At this point were hoping there would be a batting practice.

Hunter ball 1 8-24-08.JPG

 Perfect day for snagging. The only thing was we only had a half hour before we had to get in line for player autographs.

Hunter got his first ball tossed to him by a player we couldn’t recognize.

We took off to get in line and split up into teams.

Hunter and I, and Krista and Mylee.

Manny signing for Hunter 8-24-08.JPG



Hunter and I got in line for Manny Corpas. He even asked me if I wanted it signed in pen or sharpie.

Thanks Manny ! Jorge De La Rosa 8-24-08.JPG


  Krista and Mylee wound up in Jorge De La Rosa’s line. They said he was quiet but nice.

When they finished with Jorge they headed over and got in Aaron Cooks line.

Hunters second ball 8-24-08.JPG Hunter and I headed back to the Pavilion and he took off to his “special snagging spot” as he calls it over in the far corner against the railing in center field.

Moments later he came running up to me all excited with this ball. It has the word fastball written on it. A Reds player had tossed it to him. 

That was his first ball with writing like that. My Charity Ball.JPG

I was having my usual luck until finally one was hit my way. At first it looked like I didn’t even have to move. Then at the last second I saw I was situated too far up the stairs and I ran down about eight feet and was right on the money.

I had my arm in the air, and felt the ball land perfectly in my glove.

 Then my glove got smacked from behind and the ball flew into the first row. See, that’s my luck.

But wait… a few of the guys around me were discussing how all of this went down (you know, smack talk), I said “I caught it and it got knocked out of my glove”. I heard a guy say “was it you that caught it?” and I said back to him “well it bounced out of my glove” he looked up, saw it was me and threw it up to me.

Dave.JPGThat guy was Dave, seen here in the picture with the green Rockies Jersey on.(thanks Dan for solving the mystery).

 Thank you Dave for doing that. Normally I wouldn’t accept charity, but straight up it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a ball and I was glad to have it.

If you notice in the picture above the ball I’m holding has a “C” on it. baseballs with writing 8-24-08.JPG





Heres a shot of the ball Hunter got and my Charity ball. Pigeons 8-24.JPG




 Sometimes you just have to stop and check out the pigeons.

This picture was for Mylee. Mylee CC 8-24-08.JPG




We got through the gate with our Rock Pile tickets, but as you can see we didn’t sit there.

We we fortunate to be able to get seats along the first base line about halfway between first base and the right field wall. Hunter CC 8-24.JPG





Great snagging spot,  but we came up empty gloved. Happy Birthday Dude 8-24-08.JPG




This guy’s shirt said it was his birthday.

So whoever you are dude,



Coors Field was filled with characters today. I figure this guy is probably college buddies with Birthday boy.

After the game these guys are gonna have a few too many and probably hit up a strip club.

Look out Lodo! Thumbnail image for The Dragon Slayer.JPG






Remember the Dragonslayer?

He was in town to collect his  overdue ring.






                  Ok, here go the pictures, on the Mound today was Ubaldo Jimenez Ubaldo 8-24-08.jpg                                                  Posednik and Stewart Posednik and Stewart 8-24.JPG

                                                          Tulowitzki at bat                                             Tulo at Bat 8-24-08.JPG

                                             Posednik takes a swing Posednik taking a swing 8-24-08.JPG                                     Some touchy feely going on here? Touch feely 8-24-08.JPG

Our haul 8-24-08.JPG  The staff  handed out Rockies waterbottles at the Rockpile gate.

Here is what we managed to leave with today.

 Four water bottles, two Manny Corpas autographs, two Jorge De La Rosa autographs and two Aaron Cook autographs.

Not too shabby.

Rockies were trailing most of the game, but Holliday managed to score on an error in the ninth to send the game into extra innings.

Then unexpectedly in the bottom of the twelth inning, Omar Quintanilla, who before walking up to the plate was 0-16 and had only one MLB career home run ever, won the game with a serious home run blast.  When he crossed home plate all the Rockies came out of the dugout and mobbed him. Nobody was more surprised than Omar.

 Here’s what Omar had to say about it all:

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, there’s nothing else that can beat that.”

Well said and well deserved Omar. Good things happen to good people.

 Rockies beat the Reds 4-3 and win their third straight series. Now they head off for a six game road trip that starts in San Francisco and ends in Houston. Rockies are still eight games behind the D-Backs. 

Tired pug.jpg

Today was a very long day. Who knew a guy could get so tired on his day off.

Next home game is Sept 1st, Memorial Day against the SF Giants.

Go Rockies…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG  


Fun day at Rockies autograph Sunday




 gotta hate it when you forget your camera, sorry for the lack of Coors Field pictures. 

Today was Autograph Sunday and the Rockies and Mets were actually out having batting practice.

Too cool.



At the Rockpile gates the Ushers were handing out white Rockies baseball hats as the  promotional gift.  They were pretty cool hats.  

Mylee BP ball 6-22.JPGHunter, Mylee and I arrived at the bleachers first. Rockies first base coach, Glenallen Hill was picking up a grounder that had rolled to the rail. Hunter asked if he could please have the ball, and Hill tossed it right up to him.

 A fringe benefit of getting there early.

Hunter BP ball 6-22.JPGAs we were moving toward left field, two of the Ushers invited Mylee down to the first row (we didn’t have the killer 1st row tickets today), to pick up a ball that had been hit earlier. It was just sitting under a chair. I love the Rockies Ushers,they have always been kind to us. 

 Just then I saw Robert Harmon walking along the first row and I had to congratulate him on his awesome catch during Saturdays game. Minutes later, I was standing about six rows back leaning on one of the tunnel railings and I saw Torealba hit a BP homer toward me, I tracked it perfectly,  leaned out about 3 feet into the tunnel and snagged it.

Baseballa 6-22.JPGCheck out the picture of the ball I caught. It says “MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLA” and the two L’s are bigger..I’ve never seen that before?? 

That was it, we each had our ball so we headed over to get in line behind the ropes to be able to get in line to get autographs.

We found out that Jeff Francis, Ryan Spilborghs, Chris Iannetta and Taylor Buchholz were signing. That is the best lineup for Autograph Sunday I have seen this year.


I RyanSpillb1.JPG wanted to get Jeff Francis, but I wanted Spillys autograph more. So we opted for Spilborghs. We managed to get in his line about thirty people back and watched as the other three players came out sat down and started signing.

 We wondered..”where’s Spilly”?

 Finally after five minutes, we saw him over by home plate signing for a smaller group there.

When he finished with them, he walked over to a Mets coach and talked to him for another six minutes.

 Meanwhile, a line of 200 of his fans stood baking in the hot sun.

I’m not mad at all, but that was a little inconsiderate.

No biggie man.

   Rockies fans are tough bunch..We can handle a little high altitude sunburn.


Spilly Autographed Ball 6-22.JPG




Thanks for the autographs man !

A picture of the Colorado Rockies baseball Ryan signed for me. 





Spilly Auto.JPG



A shot of the Rockies promotional hats they gave away today.

These are what Hunter and Mylee had autographed.

There was no chance of getting any other players autographs because by the time we got the first signature,  the lines were crazy long.

The Rockies lost today.

 Positive note… Reynolds only gave up six hits in seven innings with one walk and two strikeouts. Torealba had the only run with a sweet homer in the seventh. Tulo’s defense looked warmingly familiar..Good Job Tulo !…..

Final Score today Mets 3 Rockies 1.

The Mets win this series and deny the Rockies their sixth straight series win….My next game June in hand…Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG