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I’ll Be Back if my Back Lets Me Back

It’s been a while since I logged into MLBlogs and clicked that “Create Entry” button. Now I’m staring into a solid empty white box with a lot to say but I’m having difficulty getting started.

Let me run this at you from the beginning. Last August I was lifting a box at work in the squatting position and as I went to stand up something pulled and my left butt cheek and leg went numb.

As the day progressed the numbness and pain got worse. At the end of my shift I was told to go see the doctor. My doctor figured I had a lower back strain and prescribed a few pain killers and some muscle relaxers (standard procedure).

I was put on light duty and I took it easy at work. As time passed I noticed that sitting and standing for long periods was beginning to become uncomfortable.

During an average Rockies game I’d say I normally stand four to five hours including batting practice. I’ve never had an issue with the prolonged standing at games but now after thirty to forty-five minutes my lower back would start to ache and I would have to sit.

Through the month of September my back issues kept getting worse. My left foot felt and still feels like it’s asleep. It’s a constant half-numb feeling. I started getting this things I call “stingers”. Stingers are deep stabbing pains that I’ve been getting in my hip, quad, calf, butt and foot.

These “stingers” as I call them are totally debilitating as they demand and get your full attention. If I’m driving or riding passenger and a stinger starts doing its thing, I’m looking for a place to pull over immediately and hopping around outside my truck until that f’ker lets loose. 

At the beginning of Sept I was averaging 30-40 stingers a day. Now I get them all day long. I can’t sit for more than five minutes because the stingers start tap dancing on my sciatic nerve.

 My day consists of sitting, standing and pacing until my lower back gets sore from standing then sitting again. I do get some relief from lying completely flat but eventually my lower back starts to hurt from that position and I have to get up.

           It’s hard to sleep because the stingers could care less what time it is. 

Still the doctor was convinced that I had a lower back strain. Finally after pleading with him I convinced him to take X-Rays and schedule me for an MRI.

        The X-Ray showed absolutely nothing. A week later I was able to get the MRI.

I had another visit with my doctor a few days after the MRI and when I had a chance to say what was going on with me I just vented on the guy. 

I told him how miserable it was just existing. I told him how I couldn’t sit, drive, sleep, or do anything. I told him about the severe leg spasms I was having. I told him the pain pills were not working..I layed it all out…”I’m getting worse not better doctor” was the last thing I told him.

My doctor was like “Well I have your MRI results right here let’s see what’s going on”. He opened the envelope and read it and he said,” Well that would explain it”.

I said “What’s it say?”

He reviewed with me the written results as he didn’t have the actual MRI pictures. He explained that according to the MRI results a good size chunk of my L5/S1 disc is severely extruding. The extruding disc has nestled itself nicely up against my nerve and that nestling is the cause of my misery.

 The doctor immediately took me out of work, increased my meds and scheduled an appt. with a surgeon.

                                            Fast forward (11/20/10)

My surgery is this Tuesday the 23rd thanks to some cool people who jumped in and helped a brotha out.(Thank you, you know who you are). They plan to remove the extruded piece of my disc, clean up any scraps and hopefully the rest of my disc will tuck back in nicely and I’ll be me again.

Anyways I’ve been out of work almost two months now and anyone that has known me for any period of time knows that I don’t do NOTHING well.

                            The term “going squirrley” would fit this situation well. 

I’ve got an inner energy that drives me I can’t turn it off. However, not having my back and legs fully functional has severely hampered my energy flow. There is nothing worse than wanting to do something and just not being physically able to do it.  

This surgery just has to work. Damn right I’m scared, my back is my life and my livelyhood and I’m still too full of pi-ss and vinegar to slow at this point. 

If my surgery doesn’t work I’ll have to retire the Ranter and go back to being a regular Rockies fan who watches baseball on a non HD television.

                      I much prefer the 3-D HD I get at Coors Field.

Nov 23rd

I showed up for my surgery and all was a go. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the meds that were administered before they put me under and went through a ten minute session of  “I can’t breathe”. It felt like every breath that I took was getting shorter and I felt like I was suffocating.

After that episode my surgeon was like “Uh, I don’t think we’re going to do the surgery today.”

             So as it stands right now my new surgery is at 10:15am on December 1st.

         Any positive vibe or thought you can send my way is greatly appreciated.


                                I dont’ like to end my blog entries on a sad note.

So here are some pictures I’m pretty sure sure not many of you have seen. These pictures were taken by Master Photographer Mike who now has a blog called Rox Addict.

                                Mike thank you for letting me use these pictures.

These pictures were taken after the final game of the season and is what you would call Rookie hazing…Rockies style I guess?

Diaper 1.jpg

Diaper 2.jpg


Diaper 3.jpg
Tulo 2.jpg

Herrera and Folwer.jpg
MOre Rockies Babies.jpgThis season I personally met a crazy amount of people who read the Rockpile Rant.

One of the perks of writing a blog is getting to meet the folks who actually read my Rockies ramblings and enjoy looking at my pictures.  

This season I met and got to hang out a little bit with Gary X and his family. In one season Gary and his family have mastered Coors Field.

If I’m correct Gary and family managed to get all of the Rockies signatures in just a few months. At the end of the final game the only missing signature was Troy Tulowitzki.

Gary and family happend to be hanging around after the game checking out the Rockies Rookies in diapers and guess who happend to walk by.

                                                   Tulo and the magic mullet.

Tulo and Gary.jpg
Gary Checklist happy.jpg             Mission accomplished…One helluva job..Congrats to all of you!!! 

                                             Gotta love a happy ending.

 I’m looking forward to the Pavilion Party at Gunther Toodys in December as I didn’t get to say see ya next season to all my Pavilion friends because I missed the last game of the year.

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…Wednesday’s almost here…Wish a brotha luck…”D”ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

The Videos Were Fun..Here the Number One

and the winner is.gifAs much hype as I tried to put into the “Pitch Your Team” video contest other than two video entries it was kind of a bust.

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t given up and I will promote and hold this video contest next year. If for nothing else it motivates me to create my own Rockies video.

A while back when Dan and Emily submitted their video and Dan told me it wasn’t really an entry but more of an example of what to do. To get the ball rolling so to speak. 

So Marianne’s video takes first place and Dan and Emily take second. I really want to thank you both for taking the time to do this for the Rockpile Rant.  

I really do appreciate your Rockies loyalty. I guess in a perfect world I was hoping for an entry from each team.

                                           First Place goes to R-Luv’s Video.

 Second Place Video. It’s from Dan Sauvageau and his daughter Emily.

For fun I made a video too, mine is called “I Got a Feel’n”


                                    Here is what R-Luv and Emily have won. 

                                                            First Prize

                             Huston Street Autographed Baseball and Mini Bat

PYT Huston Street Ball.jpg PYT Huston Street Mini Bat.jpg                                                             Second Place

                                          Autographed Eric Young Jr. Mini Bat

PYT EY Jr Mini Bat.jpg

Better start thinking about next year. I’ll have bigger and better prizes. Thanks for playing and showing your team support…

Go Rockies…”D” The Rockpile Ranter

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A’hoy Mate….Arrrrr Rockies Not So Great

7/27/10                      Pirates vs Rockies Game One 

Pirates logo.gif
CR Logo 1.gif
You have got to believe.jpg

The Rockies need to forget the disasterous road trip that just occured. The rest of the regular season starts today and we’re not out of it by any means. There was a time not so long ago that it didn’t bother me when the Rockies were down a few runs because I knew magic was gonna happen.

The magic may have fizzled a bit but you fix that by starting out with the easy card tricks and working your way back up to cutting someone in half.

                    Baby steps may be small but at least you’re going forward.

I managed to catch one ball during batting practice today. Dan was telling me that they asked him at the last Rockies home game if he wanted to do the Quest trivia challenge. Dan asked if they would let Randy answer the questions instead and they did.

Randy got all the questions right and won a little HD video recorder which he then gave to Emily. Dan brought it to the game today and he managed to get video of my catch and a near catch.

     Check out Dan’s videos..Here’s where I was robbed by D.J. Carrasco  :)                  

            I think the reason he put so much effort into that catch is earlier I did this.

                               Here’s the video I created for this game.

                          Here are a few pictures that didn’t make the video.

Tulos Girls.JPG
Gary and the Group 7-27-10.jpg
Douglas and his buddy 7-27-10.jpg            There were cowboys and indians everywhere, I have no idea why.

Squa 7-27-10.jpg                Here’s the Rockpile Cowboy. You’ve gotta love those fuzzy chaps.

Rockpile Cowboy.jpg                                                   Lost fan of the game.

Lost fan of the game 7-27-10.jpg  Losing to the Pirates at home isn’t good. Rockies if I haven’t given up you can’t either.

Final Score 7-27-10.jpg                                                Go Rockies

                                                    “D”ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg 

In Your Face and All Over the Place


           I’ve had this media pass thing on my mind and I’ve come to a conclusion.

press_pass rpr.jpg                                I know I look good on there but it’s not real.

I didn’t get this far with the use of a media pass so I’ll continue to chug on without one. If it happens it happens and I won’t put another thought into it except this.

Rockies let me just say…The Rockpile Ranter with a Media pass…Look out, I’d be breaking so much new ground you’d think Coors Field was under construction…Think about that.

                        The Rockpile Rant is and will always be pro-Rockies.

I challenge any paid writer for the Rockies to convey the feeling/atmosphere of a Rockies game in words or pictures better than me.

                                      They can’t do it and I’ll tell you why.

You’d have to show up really early all the time. Not many people show up early for work.

Sitting up in that booth behind home plate takes you away from the finer points of the game. Not in a vision sense, but in a physical sense. The press box is basically a crowd buffer.  

                                      It’s just better hanging with the crowd.

                                                                       Photo by Robert 
Kids n me by dugout.jpg In the booth you don’t get to experience the vibe in the concourse when Chris Iannetta blasts a walk off homerun. You forget how fun it is waiting in line ten minutes to take a whiz or killing an inning waiting on a burger.

When you’re out of the mix you miss the sharp but loving insults provided in abundance by Captain Earthman. The remnants of shelled peanuts crunching under your feet. Rockies fans heckling the visiting outfielders. Drunk college kids who can’t dance getting their groove on.

I feel sports writers who take shelter in the press box or who watch the game on TV are cheating themselves and the fans who read their half-hearted works. It’s all about being there in the mix and that’s why I don’t write about road games. I can’t share if I’m not there.   

You’ll find me at Coors Field in the middle of it all because that’s what I do and that’s what my readers expect. Think about this, how long would the Rockpile Rant be the number one Rockies fan MLBlog if I ignored the kind folk who come up and introduce themselves to me?

It would tank because I’ve met a whole lot of Rant readers and they are the ones who support the Rockpile Rant. Without them this blog would be nothing.

With an excellent platform like MLBlogs to blog on you can’t continue to ignore online bloggers. Soon we will be the norm…Then look out. 

Tell me what to make of this interaction?

Remember when Robert and I went to Kansas City? Game two we were in the parking lot of Royals stadium doing a little pre-game tailgating.
Robert n Me Kauffman.jpg As we were standing there enjoying a local brew Thomas Harding (beat writer for the Rockies) drove by and was turning around by where Robert and I were standing.

                  I recognized him immediately and said “Hey Thomas”.

Thomas looked at me (I know he knows who I am), had a strange look on his face and sort of nodded at me then sped off. He didn’t say “Hi”. He didn’t give me the chance to shake his hand and formally introduce myself. He just sped off like I was going to jack his car or something.

Thomas..If what I’ve said above is untrue, please comment and tell me what really was going on…Because in my eyes dude you just blew us off? You know, the only two Rockies fans standing out there amongst the small crowd of loyal Royals fans.

Anyways I still think Thomas Harding is a good beat writer I’d love to know what was up that day?

I’m feeling like it’s just time to step my game up again. Videos are going to be a bigger part of the Rockpile Rant. I love creating them and if you get the right song it really conveys the atmosphere of the game.

This past east coast road trip was abysmal. There’s something about going on the road after the All-Star break really puts a kink in the Rockies win groove. I also figured if anyone could break the dreaded All-Star curse it would be Ubaldo Jiminez.

No such luck because as it looks right now post-All Star Game Ubaldo doesn’t resemble pre-All-Star game Ubaldo whatsoever, that needs to change quickly.

I think the Rockies need to take me and my energy on the road with them. Seems like they could use a little taste of home on those long road trips.

 Game One vs the Pirates this evening, I’m there with “B” and I’m not leaving without a win. After the win look for me on TV postgame. I’d love it if someone could get video of me and “B” cheering during the postgame show. 

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, I always call ’em as I see ’em and I haven’t given up.

                                                      I’m just wondering??

                                                  GO ROCKIES…PLEASE!!! 

ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Not Done…Here’s another one


                          It’s a long road trip..Can you tell I’m missing Coors Field?

                                                  “D” The Rockpile Ranter

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I do it all for a Home Run ball.

6/18/10                           My Elusive Home Run ball.

Ball Hawking is an intensely strange miss-understood hobby. The only thing stranger than the hobby itself is the folks who participate. Such a wide array of personalities, talents, ages, sizes, and motives.

Most of us are unofficially lead by baseball cult hero and “Professor of Snag” known as Zack Hample.

Zack Hample 1132.jpg                           Ok maybe not led by, but live vicariously through. 

Even long time experienced ballhawks have to respect Zack’s stats and the way he rolls. The man can squeeze baseballs out of a ballpark better than a homeless dude trying to get out the last of the mustard for his .99 cent 7-11 hot dog.

Zack I mean that with all the respect in the world brotha you know that.

There is not a day that goes by that at some point I’m not day dreaming about catching my first regular season game home run ball. It’s a fantasy that replays in my head. Believe me it’s very well rehearsed and I look like a stud catching it🙂

My gut tells me that my first home run ball will be hit by Clint Barmes or Chris Iannetta.

This home run fantasy/quest is one of the driving forces that keeps me blogging and attending so many baseball games. I plan to put all of my stories into a baseball book in the future and how lame would it be if I was missing one the key elements.

                        I want to be part of baseball history in my own sort of way.

mathewson-ruth-wagner-cobb-johnson.jpg I want to have that bond with the player who hits my home run ball(whether it’s real or imagined). I want to have my own home run story to tell to my grandkids.

 I want to hold that baseball, get it autographed and keep it close so I can admire it and brag about it when appropriate. 

I will cherish that memory forever because of the time and dedication put into snagg’n it.

You don’t have to understand, most folks don’t. Just remember that everyone has something that drives them besides their jobs and families. Everyone has goals. I just choose to share my goals and adventures with people who appreciate what I do and the way I do it.

Batting practice is just that, practice. I hone my skills there for my big moment. I dedicate my shins, knees and various other body parts during batting practice so that I may stay sharp and on my game.

I’ve had several chances this season at game homers. I’ve been within inches and milliseconds of accomplishing my dream but the regular season game home run still eludes me.

denied.jpg            I cannot accept that it won’t happen. That just doesn’t register in my brain.

medium_money_baseball.jpg It’s not a money thing. Chasing game home run balls will not make you rich monetarily,  but it is rewarding.

If you’ve already snagg’d a regular season or post season game home run ball I bet there’s not a memory in your brain clearer or that brings back better memories than your first home run catch?

What’s your personal goal? Do you want to climb a 14teener? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to attend twenty baseball games a year?

You’ve got to start somewhere.  

My goal is difficult but obtainable and I am persistent when I want something.

             My next games are Friday June 18, Saturday the 19th and Tuesday the 22nd.

                                                  See you at the game.

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter..Still chasing my dream game home run ball.

ranter hat.jpg




                                               Here’s my example:


                 Here’s the first entry from Rockies fans Dan and Emily.



2.                Entry number two is from R-Luv aka Marianne.

   3. Even though I can’t win I had to submit an entry.

                                 Keep ’em coming…”D” The Rockpile Ranter