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Cow Bell Hell


non-smoking_area.jpgDay 5-

The co-worker I quit smoking with caved in today. I almost did several on several occasions. For some reason I didn’t. Whodathunkit??

Tomorrow is another day, the haze is starting to clear and so are my lungs.


Well it turns out tomorrow is another day for the Rays too. I really didn’t expect last night’s loss to weigh too heavy on the their minds. They needed to just forget about it and move on.


It’s a best of seven series, and you play them one game at at time.

Thumbnail image for COWBELL-1.jpgThere’s not much time to look back or second guess a loss. You quickly access the situation,  make adjustments and continue rolling hoping they work.


The Rays came out with bells on ready to roll just like the Phillies the night before.

Why wouldn’t they, it’s their house.




 <—— Iwamura and Upton come across the plate first to put the Rays two up in the first inning.

That’s not good.


BJ Upton 13.jpg
Dioner Navaro.jpg

Bottom of the second, BJ Upton singles to right field and scores Dioner Navaro.

Rays up three.


Jason Bartlett.jpg

I’m seeing momentum starting build here and it’s not the Phillies.Cliff Floyd.jpg

Bottom of the fourth,

<—-Jason Bartlett scores      Cliff Floyd——->                   on a sacrifice bunt.

Rays up four to zip.




Thumbnail image for Shields-Crisp.jpg

James Shields gets the job done allowing only seven hits with no runs scored in a little over six innings.

He may not be able to throw a punch, but he can throw a hell of a fastball and he wasn’t afraid to make use it.

Don’t feel too bad James, Coco Crisp used to be a boxer.

Just stick to swinging a bat brotha. Pitchers seem to need some help in that department.Eric Bruntlett.jpg




Finally, top of the eighth, Eric Bruntlett hits a homer to left field and the Phillies are on the board.

At least it’s not a shutout.

Rays 4, Phillies 1funny mohawk.jpg


 Jason Werth reaches first on a fielding error and manages to score Carlos Ruiz. That would be the last run scored in this game.

 Maybe there really is something to the mohawk thing?? I’ll never know.

Rays strike back and zap the Phillies 4-2. Series is now tied. Now we take this to Philadelphia.

That’s a good thing.



Thumbnail image for Cowbell.jpg



Think the Phillies will ban cowbells at Veterans?

I’m sure nobody’s asking for more cowbell in Pennsylvania tonight. 


       I’ll be back Saturday…D
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Phillies are the real deal, game one is done


cheesesteak.jpgPhillies knew it, the Phanatic knew it, hell even the bronze Rocky Balboa knew it.

Phillies had to take game one or they were historically screwed. I think they  needed to show everyone that they, and the National League are the real deal this time.

Guess what? Phillies pulled it off and did it on the road at Tropicana.

Hell yea, no sweep for the Rays!!!

chase utley17.JPG

 The Phillies set the tone right from the start. Chase Utley hits a perfect two run homer in the first inning making him the 34th player in history to hit a home run on his first at bat in the World Series.

Thats cool. Props to you Chase, you got some bragging rights now.

Lest I forget some job well done props to National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player, Cole Hamels.

 This was his fourth postseason win. Cole threw a total of 102 pitches in 7 innings. He really was outstanding.












The Rays are 33 games above .500 winning at Tropicana. That means they don’t lose at home. At least not this season. Phillies were lucky to pull this one off.

Did you know that the Rays have been last in thier division nine of the last ten years. That stat alone makes this years accomplishments even more impressive.calculus8(circle).gif



I don’t underestimate the Rays.

If Joe Maddon’s math is that good, you better hope he doesn’t bust out some calculus on the Phillies.

Feel free to quote me on that. 


IN the bus 10-22-08.JPG


Final Score Phillies 3, Rays 2. 

Great game. Could have went either way at any time.

Glad it went my way.

This series is going to go seven games I can feel it…

          Go Phillies…D
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Don’t you just hate the wait



My next entry is my 100th this season ! I didn’t think I knew that many words. Actually there are a few more floating around the internet that I can’t seem to find, but I digress.

It’s no joke when your craving a smoke.  At one point today today I actually felt my skin crawling, straight up man, wierd.

Hey, if your young and reading this, and you don’t smoke.

 DON”T EVER pick up a cigarette EVER. You’ll spend the rest of you life trying to put it down. I’ll make it. Tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Nuff said on that for the moment.

Funny, Colorado was actually quiet today. Why was it so quiet you ask? Because…



 Ok, I was going to go into this Boston Red Sox one liner, but I do believe they’re feeling the pain today. Besides,  I’m the type of person who’ll  knock you down a few knotches, but I wont grind your face into the ground.

Boston, the healing process starts today.

Bet the plane ride back to Boston was depressing, or was it Josh?

You were what at least a mile high up in the air right? It’s an elite club.


GOT-CRABS Alaska.gif

Thumbnail image for Go Phillies 2.jpg

 Phillie is getting my support for this World Series. As I said before, no particular reason.

 I figured I’d join a few of my buddies this postseason instead of go against them.

 Plus, only one World Series in 125 years. The Phillies are still hungry.FunnyMathFractionsProblem.jpg


I’m finding this Joe Maddon guy an odd but interesting fella. Every now and then you need a dorky guy with a different style to shake up the establishment a little, and his funny math has made for some interesting watercooler chatter..

And rightly so, wonder if he is available for tutoring?



Barrell Man.jpg

   The wife and I are big Broncos fans.

 Go figure huh, tonights game against New England was one of the worst Broncos games I have ever seen. It was ugly from the first play, and went straight down the crapper from there.

Final Score New England 41, Denver 7. Ouch..

It’s not like it was on Monday Night Football or anything. Hello America we suck. Just look.

I’ve got a feeling the Barrel man is home with some warm pants on. Because it’s not worth freezing your “boys” when they play like that…D
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When it rains it pours, Rockies lose 7-4


butt whoopin.jpgI’m not sure what I expected of the Rockies in Game two vs the Phillies. I know the twenty run old fashioned butt whoopin they bent over for the night before didn’t set well with them or this Rockies fan.

Maybe I expected them to come out fresh and ready to strike back. Putting the game last night behind them.

Thumbnail image for T1_1011_ubaldo.jpgMaybe I expected Ubaldo Jimenez to take ownership of that mound and control this game. Not have his worst outing of the year. 

He’s now 1 and 10 in his starts.

Maybe, I wanted the Rockies the show the Phillies in Philidelphia that the magical run last year wasn’t a fluke,  and …..well none of that happened.

Rockies lose two straight to the Phillies with a final score of 7-4. 

Blame it on the rain..You know when it rains it freggin pours.






Hillary Thumbs up-1.JPG 

 On a positive note…..Garrett Atkins is back in the lineup.

He went 1 for 5, and finished pain free.   

    Welcome back Garrett!!




 Seth Smith went 3 for 5, and continues to show us why he doesn’t work in Colorado Springs anymore.

Keep it up Seth,..carve your niche while you have the opportunity




<—-Remember the pinball machine Slugfest?

LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I  NEED..A Colorado Rockies, bottom of the 9th two out slugfest.

You Know What I’m Talking About !!

          Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG