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With Poppers and Wind…Frozen Dead Guy Days Begins


Frozen Dead Guy Days Opening Ceremonies

This isn’t a huge event but it is the official start of Frozen Dead Guy Days. This took place at 7pm at the round about in Nederland. The Mayor of Nederland and Amanda Macdonald(the new local owner of FDGD) were present to kick off the festivities for this year.

Not a huge crowd, but the wind was kick’n and it was below zero with the windchill.

The popping of the poppers.

A cold weather dance from the world-famous Skeleton Dancers.

That was it. We haul’d ass back to the truck.

Frozen Dead Guy Days is roll’n.

Time to get your freak on, just keep that freak warm.

Unfortunately the wind has messed up some of the festivities for Saturday.

The Polar Plunge and Coffin Races have been moved to the same time on Sunday due to the crappy weather.

Sunday is supposed to be much nicer.

I’m “D” The Ranter and now I have another day to think about the Polar Plunge.

Good Times:)


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