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Get Ready for……Blogging without Borders

6/13/10                Red Sox/Rox Blog Swap



               June 22, 2010..Coors Field 


Every baseball fan has “their” team. How a person chooses their favorite team is usually a personal thing. Most people have a reason why a certain team becomes their favorite.

        For some it’s a family thing, others it’s location thing. It doesn’t really matter.

The question is: What if you were to step out of the comfort zone of your favorite team just for a short time and take a look at the game from another team/fans point of view?.

                      That’s the idea here with “Blogging Without Borders”

Dr Rocker and I have worked together and been friends for five years. The Dr. recently started an excellent Red Sox blog called the Sox Rocker.

   I believe it’s appropriately named as the Dr. used to be a Rockstar. I’ll leave it at that.

He and I plan to swap jerseys and blog about each others teams for at least the first Red Sox/Rockies game at Coors Field on June 22nd.

Don’t worry loyal Rant Readers, the Ranter still bleeds purple(usually at batting practice). This is all about the experience. To be honest, if not for the Dr coming up with the genius idea for this first of a kind blogging adventure I wouldn’t even be attending the Red Sox/Rockies series.

The reason being is I hate when the Red Sox fans take over Coors Field. Now for a day I might see the take over it in a different light?

Join Dr. Rocker and I on June 22 as we make MLBlogging history. If you think you spot me come up and introduce yourself, I’ll take your picture and make you famous.

If you see the 6ft 6in Dr. Rocker sport’n the Ranter jersey give him a shout. I’m willing to bet you won’t recognize me in the mix wearing a Red Sox jersey. Maybe that’s for the best?

                                         Here’s a quote from Dr. Rocker:

“Dr Rocker here – I will be tentatively titleing my titillating tale (bad alliteration, I know) from the Sox/Rox game, ‘When My Sox became Rox” or maybe “Rox Off”. Thanks to D for partnering up on this bit of blooging hi-jinks. Who says we are only interested in “our own” teams? Share the love and vitriol BABY!”

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I’m wondering what the hell the Blogosphere would do without me.

                                   Making blogg’n history….Go Rockies…”D”

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