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So long streak here’s my “Blog of the Week”

3/14/09   00:02 AM            Sorry, I don’t blog on Friday the 13th it’s unlucky.

So the Rockies dropped one. I’m in the glass is half-full kind of mood today so as I sit back and look at our record which now 6-8  and I think..I’m ok with that.

It’s spring training. I hear tell from Mr. Harding over at “Hardball in the Rockies” that Brad

boo boo bear1.JPGHawpe will be appearing in tomorrows game against Seattle.

Apparently the boo-boo finger is healed and Hawpe is ready to bop.

I’m starting to get my baseball stuff in order. The regular season is fast approaching.  If I was older and retired I’d be in Phoenix for the Rockies first game against the D-Backs. But no, I’m still too young and sexy to retire so that road trips not gonna happen for a few decades.

If you’ve wondered what the RPR Sports Memorabilia History and RR # Verification link on my sidebar is I’ll tell you. I’m cataloging my autograph collection. I figure it’s easier to write the story of how each autograph was obtained while I can still remember the details. It’s part of my Pre-Alzheimer’s checklist.

Don’t laugh, I already have a few items that I don’t remember when I had them autographed.

If I feel so inclined I can go back through my blog entries and track every piece, but having them listed in one place with easy access will be nice. Don’t try and comment on that page. I’ve turned the comments off.

Just so you know, at this point none of my stuff is for sale unless you offer me a ridiculous amount of money. Or I’ll trade it all for a REALLY good camera.

                                                Check out my new Bobblehead.
My expensive elway bobblehead.jpg

Elway bobblehead close up.jpgIt cost a chunk of change but it came with a truck. There was a big car sale at Invesco Field at Mile High and if you bought a car you got a bobblehead. By far the most expensive bobblehead I own but I really like this truck.

Most of you who are younger than me won’t get this but I’ve always wondered why older folks take the stairs one at a time. My whole life I’ve always cruised up the stairs two at a time. It’s faster and better for you. Today I was taking the stairs and I caught myself going up them one at a time.

Entering your 40’s you start to notice many moments like the one I experienced.

Worlds longest ear hair.jpg


Get’s me to thinking what’s next? Hair growing in my ears?

(<——-This is actually this dudes ear hair)


        At what age to I start to jack up my pants?
old people sunglasses.gif

Will the Ranter’s trademark sunglasses switch to those big ash ones you see retired people wearing.Hard candy.jpg

Will I start carrying around hard candy? 



No worries yet, I’m aging gracefully and I can still hop the bleachers in the Pavilion two at a time (knock on wood).

morningwood.jpgSo far this season, I’ve snagged 12 baseballs and one live homerun baseball. So if you think you can out snag this old man you better pack a lunch and bring an extra six bucks for a Rockie Dog…I’m not play’n this year, it’s the real deal and it’s on like Chaka Khan,……Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, I feel for you🙂

This little Rockies blog is starting to get some attention. My page hits are up from spring training and staying there. My thanks again to Rox Girl over at the Purple Row for the recent props.

 Enough of my ideas have been “borrowed” here that I feel it’s ok to “borrow” one myself. I plan to do a “Ranter’s Blog of the Week” and spotlight other bloggers. However instead of being intimidated by other Rockies bloggers (chew on that), I plan to spotlight Rockies bloggers.
1.JPG My original goal with blogging was to bring more love/attention to my team and I figure a great way to do that is to promote our promoters if you get me?

There will be no special order in which I do these and I might not do one every week. I like people who are passionate about their team.

                              The first “Ranter’s Blog of the Week” goes to:                     

                                    Missy from: View from the Rockpile
MissyVFR.JPGI read her blog and you can tell that this woman loves her team and her job  with the Rockies. I have to tell you this, Missy sent me an email the other day and mentioned that she had a lot of Rockies pictures and wanted to put them in a separate blog. But she didn’t want to do it if I felt she was copying the “Rockpile Ranter’s Picture Blog”. I told her please do it, but the fact that she had the decency and respect to write me first really blew me away.

                             To me that’s the actions of a good-hearted person.

So congrats Missy, thank you for working for and promoting the Rockies, and thank you for being a stand up blogger in a sit down world full of Wal-Mart shopping carts with one F’kd up wheel.

                                                Go Rockies, or I’ll push…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Feeling Fine Here’s a Rockies Rhyme


      New pictures have been posted at:  Rockpile Ranter’s Picture Blog

             Here’s a random screenshot from the MLBLogs home page that I liked:

I’ve got the best news, I’m going to a four day work week with Wed, Sat and Sun off. Now I can make the Wednesday Rockies games. I’m so freggin happy I felt like writing a Rockies poem.          


 He is my favorite player, the Rockie they call Helton.

If you’ve seen him hit it’s no sheet he can really belt-em.

He hurt his back and got off track but I know what I’ve seen.

He’s hitting well and time will tell what it means to this team.


 Ive taken a lot or razzing about the Rockies current state.

They say you have few wins, I say just you wait.

It’s all a part of the master plan I tell them with a grin.

Here me say come opening day Rockies finish with a win.


Cook’s in town and he’ll be on the mound, ready standing tall.

I’ll be there in my Ranter wear, ready to snag a ball.

The game’s against the Phillies, last year’s number one.

It’s no joke I’m pretty stoked the season has begun.

                                          From Marianne aka R-Luv:

The Rockies are my team, going to the Series was a dream

Other People don’t understand, what it is to be a Rockies fan.

                                                  From  R-Luv again:

Street, Gonzalez, and Smith came to playin place of our All Star Matt Holliday.

Our catchers are awesome there’s none better than Yovit Torrealba and Chris Iannetta.

Our pitching staff is good and deserves a look with Francis, Jiminez, De La Rosa and Cook.

I’m almost done and then I’ll stop but not before I mention my favorite outfielder Bradly Bonte Hawpe

                                       Here’s a verse from Alex of:

Blogging With an Altitude, Baseball in the Mile High City

2009, here we come! Bring on the Purple Storm.

Cause once our players step up to bat, they really can perform.

Some people just don’t get it, they say we can’t play ball.

I dare them to say it again in October, once we win it all!


Thank you Alex and R-Luv. You are both true Rockies Fans

C’mon Rockies fans show me your creative side and add a verse…D
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Waiting for game four so I can blog at you some more  :)

I’m killing some time until tomorrow morning when I’ll be back at Hi-Corbett. Here are some more pictures from yesterday. Enjoy…D

                  Here’s most of Rockies pitchers warming up before batting practice.
Group of Pitchers 2-26-09.jpg

                                                          Nice sunglasses.
nice hat 2-26-09.jpg                                    Garrett Atkins out there having a good time.
Atkins 2-26-09-1.jpg                                         Helton and Hawpe at batting practice.
Helton and Hawpe 2-26-09.jpg                                                         Brad Hawpe
Hawpe 2-26-09-3.jpg                        Some more pitcher pictures, say that three times fast.
Pitchers chilling-2.jpg                                       Rockies catcher Michael McKenry.
Michael Mckenry 2-26-09.jpg                                           Another Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario.
Wilin Rosario 2-26-09.jpg

Franlin moralas RPR 2-26-09.jpgHere is everything I’ve managed to get autographed this trip minus my Big Stick bat which currently has 16 autographs on it.Collection 2-27-09.JPG I have one more black Big Stick bat and my plan is to get Todd Helton to sign it tomorrow. I’m not greedy so if it doesn’t happen I’m ok with that.
 I attend a lot of games at Coors Field and I’ve never been able to get Todd’s autograph. I’m just never at the right place at the right time as far as he’s concerned. With other players I have been very fortunate.

If it’s ever going to happen twice (getting Helton’s autograph), this place (Hi Corbett), is the place to get it done.

                                     Jorge De La Rosa signing my WS baseball.

Spring Training 2009 016.JPGI have to tell you about something I witnessed the other morning as Andy and I were hanging out in the parking lot of Hi-Corbett for the player meet and greet. We noticed that baseball card collectors actually whip out a whole page of cards and the players will usually sign most if not all of the cards on the page.

I watched Juan Morillo sign nine baseball cards for a collector. This collector had skills and has mastered the art of “player small talk”.

                          Here’s # 46 Ryan Mattheus pitcher signing my baseball.
Spring Training 2009 017.JPG 
I suck at “player small talk”, but it’s something I’m working on. It’s not that I get starstruck (except for Helton), it’s that I’m not great at initial small talk with anyone. 

Give me five minutes and I’ll talk to you like I’ve known you for years. Don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s known me for more than five minutes.

Dan sent me these pictures of the jersey he had made for Emily. Spillborghs wouldn’t fit on the back so they just had Spilly sewn on. how cool is this jersey? Props again to Denver Athletics.Emily Jersey2-2.jpgEmily Jersey 2-1.jpg


I know it’s pre-season but before I leave Tucson, I’d like to see the Rockies win one. C’mon Rockies win one for the Ranter tomorrow against the Dodgers because who loves ya?…D 

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