August 2012

Woo Hoo…Rockies Take Two from the Blue


Dodgers vs Rockies Game 2

If it’s Tuesday and the Rockies are in town you know where I’m gonna be at 4:30 pm.

My happy ass will be standing in line at Coors Field, chatt’n with the Rantics and enjoying all the tiny details that make up the baseball experience.

Check this out…Rumor has it that the Dodgers had to stock up on the Booty Balm this morning.

 This was due to chapped cheeks from gett’n their asses severely spanked the night before 10-0.


I had the day off so I headed to Coors from home today instead of from work after finishing a ten-hour day. You could say I was feeling fresh.

So fresh I actually stood on the wall today and tried to snag a few autographs.

Here’s my thing…I suck at getting autographs, but I love collecting and displaying them and that equates to a dilemma. I usually try to get what I need autographed at spring training because down there I feel like I’m not bothering the players as much.

However sometimes you just need to get one particular item signed and today it was Charlie Blackmon’s spring training cap I’ve been hanging onto all season.

Lucky for me I’m friends with Amy the Blake Street Babe.

She assured me she could get Charlie to come over to the wall and sign my/his spring training hat. While Charlie was warming up Amy called out his name, he looked over and Amy pointed to the hat and said, “Chuck Nasty…This is your spring training hat.” Charlie nodded and after he finished warming up he came over to the wall and signed my hat. Simple as that.

Thank you Charlie and Amy…Too Cool!

Not only did I get Charlie to sign, I got JP and Tyler Colvin on cards and Josh Rutledge’s autograph on my ticket. Props go out to Amy and Mike who hooked me up with the baseball cards I got signed.

Not too shabby.

Pre-Game Walk of Shame..Nice try but Brian Fuente’s stare looked meaner.

Just a bunch of youngins.

I had my camera on my lap until Kemp decided to test the outfield wall.

Wall 1…Kemp 0

When will they learn, the wall always wins?

The Dodgers are playing some sloppy ball.


Rosario with a nice RBI.

Scoring JP.

Here’s JP doing his best to hit Danny a homer.

Danny up and ready.

Doesn’t get much closer than that.

Charlie looks up at the Umpire.

For the second day in a row the Rockies put a good spank’n down on the Dodgers. Props to Baby Bull for going 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s and a sweet left field homer.

Final Score 8-4…Yeah!!…Discount shitty tacos.

I’m “D” the Ranter…Can you say SWEEP?

At Any Age…KISS is the Rage


 I’ve never seen KISS live before and that’s a shame because KISS is all about the live show.

I’ve often been asked “D..What’s the first concert you ever attended?”

Each time I answer that embarrassing question I bow my head and force out the word “Loverboy“.

Yes Loverboy…

All I can tell you is I grew in the Great White North and they were extremely popular up there.

I was bound and determined that my kids wouldn’t suffer the same fate as me. I wanted them to be able to answer the question..”What was your first concert?”, with pride and not have to hang their head in bad decision disgust like their pops.

I picked up a 4 pack of tickets for Kiss/Motley Crue a few months back with the idea of taking the wife and kids, however Hunter is spending the summer in Canada so his extra ticket was given to Mike the Rox Addict.

As soon as Mylee found out she was seeing KISS she decided she had to put makeup on.

Here’s Peter Chriss of KISS

Here’s Mylee and Krista.

We arrived early and found ourselves walking past a huge caravan of tour busses. I mentioned to Mylee that these particular busses belonged to KISS. As we were approaching the end of the last KISS tour bus we heard a hard knock on the bus window. We all immediately stopped dead in our tracks.

The bus window slid open and for a second I swore I was staring at Gene Simmons.

The guy inside pointed at Mylee and said “Man that’s cool”. I told him it was her first concert. He said “Hold on” and disappeared for a few seconds. He came back, stuck his hand out the window and handed me four guitar pics and told us to “Enjoy the show”. I had no idea who the guy was until later on.

I found out it was Nick Simmons, Gene Simmons son.

I looked at my daughter and said, “That’s why you dress up”. I was extremely proud and happy for her at the same time.

The surprise “I didn’t know there was a third band” tonight was a band called “The Treatment”.

Here’s a link to their website.

They rocked it to an unenthusiastic crowd,  but seemed a little better when I found out I have underwear older than a lot of these kids rock’n the stage.

I love Motley Crue.

Tonight was not their finest performance. The band seemed tight but Vince Neil was terrible. He wasn’t synced with the rest of the fellas and his chubby ass was huff’n and puff’n skipp’n lyrics all over the stage.

Random crowd shot.

The highlight of the show was the Tommy Lee’s 360 degree rotating drum set with room for a lucky passenger.

After a brief stage swap it was time for KISS. Here they are being lowered onto the stage to begin the show bust’n out Detroit Rock City.

I looked back at Mylee and she was wide-eyed and having a great time.

Here’s Kiss performing “Love Gun

Mike and I enjoying the show.

The KISS Setlist:

Detroit Rock City

Shout It Out Loud

I Love It Loud


Love Gun

War machine

 Shock Me

Hell or Hallelujah

 God of Thunder

Lick It Up

Black Diamond


Rock’N Roll All Nite

In the end I want to thank Nick Simmons for being classy and KISS for putting on a stellar show and show’n my little girl what good old fashioned rock’n roll is all about.

I’m “D” the Ranter…I can’t tell you how fun it was to share my first time KISS experience with my wife and youngest daughter. Mike thanks for hang’n too brotha. Andy from Spring training, good to see you as well.

What a great Birthday present :)…Rock On!…”D”

Being Last is No Blast


Giants vs Rockies Game 1

Ahh, baseball at Coors Field.

There used to be time when I looked forward to a good baseball game. Now I just hope for a killer sunset so I’ll  have some cool pictures to share the next morning.

Rockies batting practice was weird. The players in the outfield were quiet, and seemed unenthusiastic. Their demeanor reflected more of what you would expect had the Rockies lost the previous night.

The Duece was on the field out taking BP and decorated the pavilion with about a half a dozen baseballs.

Speaking of the ole’ 1 + 1…If you enjoy a good laugh at the Duece’s expense…You’ll dig this.


Need more…Click here:

Dan and Dick Monfart

I managed to snag a pretty cool ground rule double during BP. The Giants #99 bobbled a catch close to the outfield wall, The ball tipped off his glove, bounced and I quickly scooped it up. I then found a young Rockies fan and shared the wealth cause that’s how Rantics roll.

I looked at the Giants Roster but couldn’t figure out who # 99 is?

The Rockies suck with or without uncharismatic “Duece”. I must admit, it’s kinda nice not hearing that annoying Tulo chant 4 or 5 times a game. Plus now we don’t have to watch the Duece blow another clutch opportunity, at least for the rest of this season.

Pitching…Can’t even go there…Just f’kn abysmal.

Dex is the man!!

Below is one of the many reasons I habitate in Colorado.

Mike the Rox Addict and Scott…Cool hang’n with ya tonight.

Rockies lose to the Giants 16-4. That’s six of the last seven games lost.

I’m “D” the Ranter

I love me some baseball, but lately three words keep ringing in my head.

Peyton F’kn Manning :)…Go Broncos!