November 2011

He’s no Messiah…But he’ll run by ya.


Jets vs Broncos

A shot of Sports Authority Field as it was just starting to get dark.

Von Miller making an entrance.

Why do people dislike this guy so?

I didn’t know much about Tim Tebow before he became a Bronco but this guy is winning me over. I’m not blind, I realize Tim is seriously rough around the edges but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in heart and balls.

 Bronco fans have waited a long time for the right quarterback. I have thoroughly enjoyed every home game I’ve attended this season where Tebow was the starter. He brings a much-needed “vibe” back to a stadium that has been lacking a beat.

My last picture of Kyle Orton. Seems he was picked up by the Chiefs. I hope he’s the starter when the Broncos host the Chiefs on New Years day. I’m sure there won’t be an empty seat in the house. Notice I didn’t say it was the last game of the season.

All I know at this point is with Tebow, you never know?

My prediction…Orton puts on a ho-hum lackluster performance and Broncos get the win.

First play of the game, Tebow pass to Thomas…In-Com-Plete

Look at the size of the arms of #93. Tebow is a big guy, but this dudes arms are the size of Tebow’s legs.

Nice to have Eddie Royal back.

Tebow doing an on field version of “Tebowing”

I didn’t see this guy hop over the wall, I caught up with him as he was getting tackled.

Tim Tebow touchdown series.

Oh Yeah!!

Broncos take this one with another 4th quarter come from behind win at the hands of Tim Tebow. Final Score 17-13.

Haters keep on hating and telling Tebow he can’t do it.

Broncos fans know what happens when you tell Tim he can’t do something.

I’m “D” the Ranter. Long time Broncos fan and first year Broncos season ticket holder who’s luv’n it…”D”

Blow Me Down…Superwind Hits our Little Town


Alternate titles for this blog entry were “Got Wood” and “Sure you’ve been blown at home, but ever had your home blown?”

The were three things I noticed when Saturday nights Superwind  finally subsided and I hesitantly opened the curtains to survey the damage. The first thing I noticed was the power was still out. The second thing I noticed was the grill dumped over on its side. The third thing I noticed was my neighbor’s house.

That shocked me because it used to be not visible from our porch.

Their house is normally blocked by a row of trees that used to be our wind block.

The news stated that there were microbursts that exceeded 100 mph. Microbursts my ass. Krista and I were in the cabin pretty much awake all night long and the wind never let up. Throughout the night we heard several loud cracks and felt the ground thud so many times I stopped counting.

  We were awake when the tree next to the house was uprooted and fell onto the house. It hit right where we sleep and we could hear the branches banging on the roof all night long. That was unsettling to say the least.

 This bad ass wind storm wasn’t micro anything.

Here’s another shot of that tree leaning on the cabin.

The same tree from the back of the cabin.

Here it is after we removed top 2/3rd as it was dangerous just hanging there. The double tree in the picture below and the tree to the right of it both struck the cabin when they were uprooted.

To add insult to injury we recently switched satellite providers. Below is what’s left of our new dish. Notice the old-fashioned TV antenna in the background is untouched and standing proudly.

Sad to say I didn’t get to see the Broncos win at KC on Sunday. No worries I’ll be at Mile High on Thursday vs the Jets.

On the plus side I’d say I picked a great spot to put my shed. Trees down all around it and it escaped unscathed. Look at the size of the tree that uprooted behind it.

 Another shot of the wind break trees that hit the house. Notice the previous satellite providers dish is unharmed…WTF??

Back of the house.

Not all the trees were uprooted. The tree that took out the satellite dish snapped at the base as did the biggest tree on the property.

 This tree was huge and it sucks that it’s gone.

RIP buddy

We lost thirteen trees. None of us were hurt and the kids were actually away for the weekend.

I’m “D” The Ranter…Still living on the mountain top but I’m no King of the Mountain.  This little incident shows us in reality we’re all Mother Natures bitch…“D”

Yeah it’s Sad..Farewell to Heavy Metal’s Dad


Thin Lizzy..Black Label Society and Judas Priest.

I had purchased tickets for this trifecta almost four months prior to this show. It’s supposedly Judas Priest’s last tour so I wasn’t going to miss it. As my friend Drew and I entered 1st Bank Center Thin Lizzy was finishing up their opening set with “The Boys are Back in Town”, they sounded good.

Here’s Zakk Wylde and his band the “Black Label Society”. I’m not familiar with Zakk’s new stuff I just remember him as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne for many years.

Gotta admit, that headdress is pimp’n.

Here’s video of Zakk Wylde and his Band Black Label Society

Tight band, worth seeing if you get the chance.

I did a blog entry about Judas Priest the last time they visited Colorado. They played Red Rocks Ampitheater with Whitesnake and another band I had never heard of called “Pop Evil”. I called that entry..”Heavy Metal is still alive as Rob does the Job”.

I was going to link that blog entry to this one however when MLBlogs converted to the WordPress format apparently that blog entry was lost. I had no idea until I started looking for it. I knew they had lost a bunch of my blog entries but I was quite fond of that particular one. Thanks again MLBlogs, another memory wiped out.

This tour was called the Epitaph tour and it seemed Priest tried to play a song from every album. That’s not that easy when you’ve been cranking out Heavy Metal music for over 40 years.

I had no idea that they were attending this show but I ran into my friends Marc, Donna, Jack and Kim. They attended the last Judas Priest show at Red Rocks 2 1/2 years ago with me…How cool is that?

Unfortunately K.K Downing will not be on the Epitaph tour. Rob Halford released this letter explaining the situation.

Props to Richie Faulkner for doing an amazing job for K.K.

Here are a couple of videos I shot of Rob Halford and Judas Priest.

This was the last concert I’ll ever attend without earplugs. There was no way I was going to sit in the seats on the side of the stage.  This was my last chance to see Judas Priest and our seats were General Admission on the floor in front of the stage baby.

My ears paid the price for that. I’m “D” The Ranter and you better hurry up if you want to witness the original pioneers of Heavy Metal in action.

Everything is better live…“D”

T didn’t Bow…He Buckled


 Lions vs Broncos

Krista and I were really amped for this game along with the rest of the Bronco Nation as was witnessed by the enthusiasm of the tailgaters gett’n down in the Broncos parking lot pre-game.

I had no idea what to expect from Tebow this game. We all know he managed to pull out that win in Florida with a lot of prayers and some plain old last second luck. My opinion (which was formed during Kyle Orton’s last game) was I’d rather see Tebow lose and get the experience than see Orton’s unmotivating presence on the field.

By the end of this game that’s exactly what we got to see. Chalk this game up to experience as the inexperience of our new quarterback was painfully obvious.

Have I mentioned that I love photographing the skydivers as they enter Mile High?

 These dudes are f’kn nuts.

The horse coming out of the horse.

Tebow doing the stand up version of Tebowing.

The coin toss. If you look close you can see the coin.

Right off the bat the Broncos marched downfield and scored a touchdown that for some reason was not a touchdown in the referee eyes. The play was reviewed and in the end wasn’t changed.

The Broncos settled for a field goal.

Then the game went from bad to worse.

All I could do is watch in disbelief and take pictures.  Here you go.

Champ Baily doing what he does best.

Well amost…Johnson broke the tackle and scored.

This game was painful to watch. Even more painful if you paid to watch it.

Final Score..Lions 45   Broncos 10

I haven’t given up on Tebow. Stuff like this helps a fellow build character. But if you listen closely you can hear the rest of America saying “See Denver, you get what you ask for”.

And they’d be correct.

I’m the Ranter…Baby steps, as painful as they may be.

I’m not going ot tell Tebow “He can’t do it”.

Go Broncos…”D”

Meet Gabriel Landeskog at MVP Sports..Support Youth Hockey

Avalanche 2nd pick Gabriel Landeskog will make an appearance at MVP Sports Cards & Memorabilia.

He will be at MVP November 19th from 3:00- 4:30. This will be Gabriel’s first public Autograph apperance. Gabriel is donating all the money from the signing to Foothills Youth Hockey.

Space is limited because the pricing for Gabriel’s autograph is a GREAT deal at only ten bucks.

Stop by MVP SPORTS CARDS AND MEMORABILIA early and pick-up something for Gabriel to Autograph.

414 S Teller St, in the Belmar Shopping Center, Littleton Colorado.  303-972-8393