June 2011

Tony Takes the Abuse…Then Lets Loose


Dodgers vs Rockies Game 3

Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 1 mph, Out to LF.
T: 3:34.
Att: 34,290

Hunter and I were the first in Line at Gate E. We let our out-of-town guest Zack Hample go in front of us because that’s the right thing to do. We figured we’d beat him to the pavilion anyway because of his ankle boot but he made it there first.

I snagged two balls on the fly today and was first to touch a toss-up that I handed to the intended recipient. Hunter managed to snag one toss-up.

Zack snagged his 400th ball of the season within just a few minutes.

Here’s a few game shots.

Crazy Scoreboard.

Tulo gett’n his rub on.

Nettie, Zack and Danny.

Remember folks, when at a baseball game “Just Say No” to the Wave.

Marianne, Hunter and I watched from the front row of the pavilion and listened to two drunk Rockies fans heckle Tony Gwynn for most of the game. Tony didn’t respond at all until the 9th inning. Here’s video of Tony finally acknowledging the hecklers.

 Shortly after Tony made a stellar flying leap to catch a bases loaded hit from Charlie Blackmon to the left field to end the game. Tony stood up, looked at the hecklers, smiled an “In your face” smile and headed off the field…Classy.

 Below is a link to video of Tony’s catch:


Rockies lose Game 3 to the Dodgers with a final score of 11-7. 

In the end Tony got his and I gained some respect for a Dodger despite a Rockies loss…“D”

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Boo Hoo Blue…That’s Two



Weather: 75 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 9 mph, Out to CF.
T: 2:51.
Att: 32,116.

 When you wake up and you’re still amped from the previous night’s game I consider that a call to action.

 Lots of things going on today. Rockies are up in this four game series by one game, I’m hang’n with the kids, and Zack Hample(The Professor of Snag) is in town for the four game Dodgers series.

 The kids and I were third to get in line at the gate and as we were waiting in the hot sun I noticed Zack hobbling up to our gate sport’n crutches and a huge ankle boot. Immediately I felt sorry for him as I myself had spent a good 10 days getting to know the boot and I’m still wearing an ankle brace.

 We chatted a bit, and I offered him a place in line but Zack had pre-arranged to have someone hold him a spot. Smart, I had no idea? Anyways I’ll spare you the story of the Coors Field regular who cut in front of us then tried to play like he didn’t. After a brief exchange of words it’s my guess is he wont ever cut in front of the kids and I again🙂. I’ll spare you a picture of him as he’s an ugly SOB.

 Zack signed a few books before we entered the gates and he and I arranged to meet up after BP so he could sign my book too. Here’s my copy of Zack’s new book. Fantastic read, with two Coors Field Rantics actually in-between the covers.

Dan and Robert

 Here’s Zack’s inscription along with his current ball count at the time of the inscription.

Batting practice today was a good time for the kids and I. Each of  them snagged two baseballs which is a good thing because then there’s no argument over who has more🙂..Photo by LUVMYROX.

 Me, I really only had play on one ball. It was hit directly to me and I realized it was going to land slightly short of the outfield wall. I leaned over and down as far as I could and as the ball landed perfectly in my glove, until…. Ramon Troncoso slapped his glove down and knocked it out of my hand.

In past experiences most players at this point will pick up the ball and toss it back to the bucket cause there’s no luv for the guy who loses a ball  right?

Not this time, guess he felt sorry for me and he tossed it up to me, that kind gesture from a Dodger made my day.

 Ramon Troncoso,  nice guy.

Here’s my picture show from this game starting with the first pitch of the game.

All pictures were taken from the Rockpile. This one of the kids and I and my buddy Scott was taken by LUVMYROX.

Rockies newbie Charlie Blackmon.

Here’s Dan giving away two pavilion tickets to a couple of random folks in the Rockpile. Pretty Cool!!

Not only is this guy wearing a pink shirt but he was trying to start the wave. Did he not see the commercial?

The one, the only… Drugless Douglas.

Missy showing off her freshly autographed Don Mattingly jersey.

Cool reflection of the scoreboard along the first baseline.

The Tulo home run picture series.

Getting ready to land.

The ball bounces off the dude in the pink shirt. What is it with pink shirts this game?

He looks for it.

But this dude retrieves “The Duece’s”  circular souvenir.

The Professor of Snag…Zack Hample.

Tom Helmer giving the Rantic kids some post-game Luv along with…..

some of the bigger Rantics, Gary X and Mike the Rox Addict.

Just as the game was ending it started to rain. Dodgers gave it a good run in the 9th but Rockies get their second win of this four game series with a final score of 6-5.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter.

  I may not be… “King of the Blogosphere”.

But I’m King here:)…D

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Rockies Unleash a Beat’n and the Birds Stop Tweet’n


Cardinals vs Rockies Game 2

Weather: 59 degrees, cloudy.

Wind: 15 mph, In from CF.

T: 3:02.

Att: 38,149.

I needed this game. Rockies fans needed this game. The Rockies as a team needed this game.

Batting practice was great today. I snagged a ground rule double from Todd Helton and caught it by leaning over the edge and grasping it at the absolute limit of my reach. The second was a catch on the fly from a Cardinal.

It brought back memories watching Matt Holliday launching baseballs onto the concourse again. Pujols did a great job as well. Fun stuff, the pavilion was packed and was rocking for BP.

I finally ran into my friend Jim from Utah. I met Jim early on in my first season blogging. At that time he was on vacation in Denver checking out a Rockies series. Jim  introduced himself, told me he enjoyed the Rant and we’ve been friends ever since. Jim is a huge Rockies fan who loves hang’n at batting practice and he’s a family man.

Here he is with his daughter. Great to see you again Jim, at least  game two was memorable for ya. Thanks for supporting the Rant all these years brotha.

Here’s Dan and Emily.  I’ll let Dan explain what the sign means.

I hung out with Mike the Rox Addict today in my little spot in the Rockpile.  Here’s Mike on the third baseline doing his thing.

Today’s game was the MLB debut of Juan Nicasio who recently arrived from the Tulsa Drillers. Not a whole lot of fan fare for the Rookies first MLB “Walk of Shame” but inside I was wishing him the best.

Rockies fans know his name now.

So here are the game shots I figure are worthy of my “Personally paid for Memory Storage within WordPress 

Squeez’n Cargo


The always photogenic “Captain Earthman”


Faster than a speeding baseball.


Chris Iannetta home run series. 

The Pavilion crowd tracking Iannetta’s homer.


The ball bounces off the hands of the dude in the Walker jersey and hits the older guy two rows behind him. Check out  the lady in pink with the purple hair, the ball is right by her elbow.

In the blink of an eye this guy manages to do something I’ve yet to do. 

Check out the ball “The Duece” just hit, you can see the black mark from his bat.

Flying Cargo

Rockies put it all together and even up the Series with a final score of 15-4

I have something I have to get off of my chest. It’s time for me give the Rant a rest. The Rockpile Rant is not going away and I am not going away. I’m not sure how but in the conversion to the new blogging format I lost about 750 hits a day. I’ve never blogged for the masses it’s always been for the Rantics, but that big of a hit hurts. I also have 80 random entries that were lost(that’s like a seasons worth), that WordPress has shown no real interest in helping me recover.

MLBlogs has demonstrated for me on several different occasions that what I do for doesn’t mean much to them and I don’t trust or believe the monthly rankings anymore thanks to that fiasco in January.

By calling them on their “mistake” I’m sure I p’ssed them off but hey they f’ked up and I was 100% sure of it.

  Stand your ground right Pops?

Then finally after years of letting  accomplished author Jane Heller slum with us in the Fan Blog category, she finally ventures out on her own. Then immediately out of the blue another author/blogger Zack Hample (who has three books published), is rocking the number one spot in the Fan Blogs category. 

Zack has been in the Pro Blog category since the beginning of MLBlogs and a friend..But…

Why is he now in the fan category and WHY no explanation? Why is nobody asking questions?

I’ve never been a bandwagon Rockies fan but right now I choose not to pay to see them play.


At times this season I’ve felt like the Rockies don’t appreciate their fans and when I see that it makes it hard to write a pro-Rockies blog, that’s all I’ll say about that. I’ve never been a Rockies basher and I don’t intend to start. The Rockies players will figure it out or there’s always next season or AAA🙂

The Rantics are pure Rockies fans to the bone and I’m proud to call each and every one of them my friends.

 They ride the Rockies rollercoaster of emotions because along with me they are devoted to this team. If you don’t agree with me try writing a top 5 blog while working full-time and raising a family.

I plan to use this break to spend more time with my kids and to take care of my projects.

Such as:

“Vanny Castilla aka The Mobile Blogging Unit“.

I’ll still be meeting with a Baseball Authenticator at Coors Field in the near future to finish off the second part of this really cool interview I’m doing about the MLB Authentication Program. It should be fun and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

I have ten games or so worth of tickets left for this season and believe me I’ll be there. I’ll continue to post a few pictures of the games I attend and I’ll respond to comments on a regular basis, but that’s it.

If you’d like to follow the progress of “Vanny Castilla” friend me (Rockpile Ranter)on Facebook.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter.. I’m just a man work’n on his van and I’m officially semi-retired until Spring Training 2012.

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