September 2010

It Was Real and it Was Fun…But it’s Done

9/24/10                 Giants vs Rockies Game One

Giants vs Rockies 9-24-10.jpg                                    Weather: 80 degrees, clear
                                                     Wind: 4 mph, R to L
                                                                T: 2:21.
                                                            Att: 49,071


Ok, I’m where I’m supposed to be at the time I’m supposed to be there.(Starbucks pre-game hav’n a coffee to wake up and blogg’n).

 I was rock’n to the same music I always play on my drive to Coors.

                                 You know…Mojo music.

 My routine is exactly as it should be and I expect the same from the Rockies.

By that I mean, it’s a Friday home game at Coors Field and it’s fireworks night. There’s probably a sold out crowd or damn close. 

Rockies…Do what you do best and pump us out a weekend of wins. Give us some glimmer of hope. 

I know the D-Backs put a hurt’n on all of you the last three nights. I bet that’s still fresh in your heads.

Return the favor and lets show the Giants what we do at Coors Field to visitors with a whole lot to lose.

 I wanna see some attitude. I know it’s there because I’ve seen it many times this season. That Rocky mountain swagger baby. 

 I refuse at this point to give up. Mathematically it’s possible and I believe we’ll all know the Rockies destiny tonight.

Let’s take the Giants down a few notches. Let tonight’s fireworks celebration be for a huge win instead of the beginning of the last week meaningless games. I love me some baseball but it not as much fun live when it’s for not.                            

                              Rockies don’t go out like chumps…

Never Surrender…Just become a season ender.

I’m head’n to Jackson’s Hole to meet up with a buddy. Then it’s time to go snag some baseballs and take some pictures.

I’m sitt’n at forty-fve baseballs for the season and I’ll be attending three more games. Wonder if I can hit fifty?

                                             Stay tuned…”D

4:00 PM

Today I was hang’n with my friend Dana and his girlfriend Kerri. We were third, fourth and fifth through the Rockpile gates but in reality we should have taken our time.

The batting cages were out on the field but the Rockies were not. Also at the game today was my friend Giant Todd and his family. They were doing their part and cheering on the Giants.

 The Giants had the grassy part Coors Field all to themselves and took full advantage of it.

The first people I noticed as I arrived at my spot were super Rockies fans Gary X, his wife, and Alannah X.  Also in attendance today was master photographer Mike(no relation to the X family although he and Gary X do have a slight beardy resemblance 🙂 ).

The X-Family were set on gett’n some autographs today and headed over to the Rockies dugout as soon as that part of the stadium opened up.                                       

X Family and Mike 9-24-10.jpg                                           Here’s a shot of Dana and Kerri.

Dana scoreboard 9-24-10.jpgAs I was geting situated I looked over to my right and standing beside me was looong time Rant Regular Missy. It had been a long time since I had seen Missy and It was nice to see her at a Rockies game actually watching it instead of working it.

RPR and Missy 9-24-10.jpgMissy is a long time Rockies employee, HUGE Rockies fan, memorabilia collector, and just a cool lady..

Missy my friend it was great to see you again and thank you for hang’n around the Rockpile Rant for as long as you have…I really appreciate it.

         I tried to catch a BP ball for her but I was shutout…So much for reaching fifty.

                                   Here’s your Colorado Rockies pre-game.

E and D 9-24-10.jpg

EY Jr and Seth Smith 9-24-10.jpgUbaldo walked over to the fans and just started signing. I swear he was out there autographing stuff for a good twenty minutes. Ubaldo’s cool like that. 

Ubaldo signing 2 9-24-10.jpg                            Jorge was out there sharing some sharpie luv too.

Jorge signing 9-24-10.jpg                             Todd Helton flashing me the Ranter sign..Yeah!
Todd Helton Ranter sign 9-24-10.jpg

Sand guys 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo 9-24-10.jpg                                                       Edgmer Escalona

Edgmer Escalona.jpg

Melvin Mora 9-24-10.jpg

EY Jr 2 9-24-10.jpg   
The boys1.jpg                                               First pitch of the game.
First Pitch 9-24-10.jpgChacin pitched a helluva game despite the Rockies loss. I can’t wait to see what Cha-Ching will bring next season. 

Cha-Ching 9-24-10.jpg

                                  Eric Young Jr…Doing what he does best.

Props to EY..He delivered the hit that scored Seth Smith providing the Rockies only run of the evening.

Eric Young on first 9-24-10.jpg

Eric Young on first 2 9-24-10.jpg

Eric Young slide into second 9-24-10.jpg                  The Freak…Say what you want…The dude was money tonight.

The Freak 9-24-10.jpg In the 7th inning Burrell swings, connects and hits a two run homer. That was all it took.

Burrell hits a homer 9-24-10.jpg

Burrell goes home 9-24-10.jpg

Burrell heading to dugout 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo hit 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo out 9-24-10.jpg

Tulo at bat 9-24-10.jpg

Helton at bat 9-24-10.jpg

discussions 9-24-10.jpg

the dugout 9-24-10.jpg

Reynolds 9-24-10.jpg

The Freak 2 9-24-10.jpg

                 It’s always exciting when Giambi is at bat. Check out this video. 


          Folks extremely amped up on the field gett’n ready for the Fireworks show.

                                             Two-Stepp’n on Coors Field

                                More proof that white people can’t dance.


                                                        The finale.

             As always the Rockies put on a fantastic fireworks show..Thank you!!

Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 4 9-24-10.jpg
Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 9-24-10.jpg
Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 3 9-24-10.jpg
Queen Geri..Thanks for watching the fireworks with me in the grass my friend. Mike nice hang’n with you too brotha.

              Remember my nice email to the Rockies about Fantasy Camp?
Thumbnail image for sad baseball RFC.jpgI finally was able to get ahold of Jason Flemming. Jason works for the Rockies as the Director of Promotions & Special Events. Jason called me a few days ago and left a message about the email I had sent to the Rockies.

You know, my email asking the Rockies if they would consider sponsoring me at Rockies Fantasy camp so I could first hand blog about the experience.

I was politely informed that the Rockies don’t really do anything like that. That was a bit of a surprise.

     I believe the total cost for five days of Rockies Fantasy Camp is $4300.00 

The sad part is that for no cost to the Rockies whatsoever they could have offered to let me attend camp just as a blogger. I could blog about the whole experience by being there and talking to other fantasy campers not actually participating but documenting.

Shoot, I don’t even need the personalized jersey they have for made for you, I’ve got my own. 

 Allowing me to wander Hi-Corbett, take pictures and talk to people would in reality cost them nothing? 

At the time I’ve posted this entry the Rockies season is officially over. I had tickets to the last two games but I’m dealing with back and leg issues and walking and standing for long periods isn’t a good thing right for me now. Catching baseballs just isn’t happening

      It’s been fun and honor and privledge to blog for you…. “The Rant Regulars”

                                      I’m not sure about next season…???

      I guess I need to to sit back and look ponder some things aka…The Off Season

Thumbnail image for baseball thanks.jpgFrom the bottom of my heart folks thank you for reading my Rockies blog and for helping the “Rockpile Rant” become the Rockies number one fan blog for the last three seasons.

                                          I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…

Thumbnail image for D the Rockpile Ranter 9-24-10.jpg         Instead of a baseball, toss me a bone, I promise you I won’t miss it…”Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg 

Rockies are Still In There..Like Swimwear


swimwear 1.jpgI really thought “Pitch Your Team” would be huge(it will be). Personally I love every aspect of making videos.

                           Props go out to R-Luv’s team for taking first place.

Below is R-Luv’s son showing you the “Pitch Your Team Video Contest” prizes for first place.

 A Huston Street autographed mini-bat and baseball, Eric Young Jr autographed mini-bat(Dan and Emily donated their second place prize to R-Luv).

PYT prizes1.JPGAnd some misc Rockies inaugural stuff and a pack of 1990 unopened Topps cards that Todd The Giants Fan had given me.

                   Go ahead and open the pack…Just don’t eat the gum :)….Seriously

PYT prizes2.JPG

 I like the sponsoring the Rockpile Rant’s Pitch Your Team Video contest. I’m not a guy that gives up easy. If you don’t believe me go back and look at my first six months of blog entries…Not even one comment…Yet I kept chugg’n.

           So on that inspirational note..Get ready for…“Pitch Your Team 2”

There are a lot of talanted baseball fans with a lot of creative ideas. For Pitch Your Team 2 I’m going to give you plenty of time to ponder, plan out and create your video.

 I’ll start taking video submissions for “Pitch Your Team 2” when the World Series is over.

                                                      GO ROCKIES  !!
rockies number 1.jpg                    
The video judging will take place on Opening Day 2011.

Official rules, prizes and judges will be announced at the end of the World Series.

                                              Thanks and Good Luck! 

I couldn’t have been prouder of the Rockies taking the series against the Dodgers in LA, but I can’t help but think how cool it would be right now to have swept the Blue and been one game closer.

Rockies…We need to sweep the D-Backs and then bring it back home to Coors and unleash some of that Rocky Mountain magic on the (not so big) Giants come this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday’s game is the Fireworks game and I’ll be there with my entire crew chill’n on the field.

                                                         I can’t wait.

out on Coors Field.jpg     Enjoy Monday off Rockies…Then get ready, it’s time to own the NL West…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Rockies…I Want a September to Remember

Rockies eyes.jpg9/12/10                D-Backs vs Rockies Game Three

Weather: 80 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 7 mph, R to L.
T: 3:06.
Att: 41,504
Dbacks vs Rockies 9-12-10.jpg

 I absolutely love September baseball. If you’re a Rockies fan you have good reason to. I swear next season I’m going to skip a few games in July and August just so I can purchase tickets for all of the September games. September is when the Rockies come alive.

The Rockies train of thought must be to rest up as much as they can in the hot summer months. I figure they do this by hiding 5-8 games back staying low profile sneaking up just under the radar. All the while secretly healing up and saving their big energy for the September run.

                 That may not be exactly true but it makes for a hell of a good story.

I’ve always been a BelieveR but I did catch myself with a mild case of disbelief twice this season. Both times were after abysmal road trips. I questioned the heart of the Rockies. I was upset at some of the lackluster games that I had witnessed. I wanted to see more out of Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis. I thought this might be the year Franklin Morales gets control of his fastball. I was discouraged that Yorvit Torealba let money be the guiding factor in where played. (In the end Yorvit signed with the Padres for much less money than the Rockies offered him). I was also bummed that Brad Hawpe was traded.

But instead of dwelling on that stuff, I’ve spent this season watching Carlos Gonzalez mature and become a monster hitter and top notch fielder and since Miguel Olivo took over catching duties I’ve forgotten Yorvit even existed.

The face of this team may have changed a bit but its heart is still pumping purple baby.

Jim Tracy is in my opinion a genius. I could straight up listen to the guy talk for hours. Jim Tracy spews baseball wisdom in every sentence and his hungry team gobbles it up. It’s no fluke Tracy was voted the NL Manager of the Year.

         Jim Tracy has a plan and I’m enjoying watching him get all his ducks in a row.

ducks in a row.jpg                                             Don Baylor is a quiet man.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Don Baylor 4-24-10.JPG Quiet men who are in charge tend to be quiet because they’ve got an ace up their sleeve. Baylor knows what exactly what he’s doing. He fixed Tulowitzki and now Tulo’s as confident as I’ve ever seen him at the plate and his September batting average shows it.

Enjoy this Rockies fans, it hasn’t always been a given that the Rockies will be right in there till the end. I must say I like that fact that the Rockies demand and get respect now.

I’m proud and honored to be the Number One Fan MLBlogger for the Rockies for the last two seasons .                                              

                                                    GO ROCKIES !!!

Today there was no batting practice, that kind of sucked. Other than a few D-backs out warming up the field was empty.
D-Backs warming up 9-12-10-1.jpg
                                                Ranter in TrainingHunter 9-12-10.jpg

Dinger and Emily 9-12-10.jpgR-Luv was at the game today with her family and they were next to us while we were on the field getting autographs. I had planned to give her the prize for winning the “Pitch Your Team” Video contest and take advantage of the photo opportunity at Coors Field.

The problem was we spent the night in Broomfield and the prizes were up at the cabin in Nederland….My Bad.

So to not make her wait any longer I will be mailing the prizes along with something cool for her son. R-Luv send me a picture when it arrives please?…Thanks a bunch.

        Gary X was at the game today with his daughter Alannah X. That’s Mike on the right.Gary and Fam and Mike9-7-10.jpg Gary X and Alannah X are Rant Regulars and Gary X has become quite the autograph hound of late. Gary said he needs only four more autographs to have every Rockies player. 

Gary X told me I was his inspiration to start attending games and snagg’n autographs. I thought that was really cool thing to say…Thanks Brotha!

               Gary shares his love of baseball with his daughter and I can relate. Gary X Baseball autograph pro.jpg

Garys autographed baseballs.jpg
Fowler and Young 9-12-10.jpg

Today was Autograph Sunday at Coors field and we were fortunate to be hang’n out behind home plate.  RPR and Hunter 9-12-10.jpg                                                There were four Rockies signing today.

Autograph Sunday 9-12-10.jpg          H
unter and I managed to acquire all four of those players autographs.

            Here’s Chris Nelson signing a little Rockies fan’s glove.

Chris Nelson signing a glove 9-12-10.jpg                                                          Here’s Edgmer Escalona.Edgmer Escalona 9-12-10.jpg                                                  Jay Payton signing for HunterJay Payton 9-12-10.jpg                                                  
Jay Payton Autograph 9-12-10.jpg                                                                  Michael McKenry
R-Luv with McKenrys autograph 9-12-10.jpg 
Michael McKenry signing a jersey 9-12-10.jpg                                                      G and A talking with Alanna Rizzo.
Alanna and Gary X 9-12-10.jpg
Carlos Wheres my tacos 9-12-10.jpg
Joe Biemel 9-12-10.jpg                                In full force here’s “Banner Jack” I dig this guy!Banner Jack 9-12-10.jpg 
Bottom of the ninth, score tied 2-2; Jason Giambi steps up to the plate. I and every Rockies fan breathing knew what was going to happen next.

           I told Hunter “Giambi’s gonna hit a homerun just you watch.”

Giambi blasts a homerun into the same row that Hunter and I are sitting in. Unfortunately for me the slugger smacked it to the other side of the pavilion. It didn’t matter, that homerun gave the Rockies their 10th win in a row, boosted a somewhat fragile Giambi ego, moved the Rockies to within a game and a half of their Division and proved AGAIN to the baseball world that this club owns f’kn Rocktember. 

                                                      AWESOME “G”Giambi Big Screen 9-12-10.jpg

End of game 9-12-10.jpgGiambi postgame interview 9-12-10.jpg                          
final score 9-12-10.jpg               
Coors Field Crack of the Game
…Taken before the game while waiting to get in.Coors Field Crack of the game 9-12-10.jpg

                                                  Look at these folks Rock’n the Ranter hat.

Wtf 9-12-10.jpg
Ranter look 9-12-10.jpg                             
Tractor Vacuum dude 9-12-10.jpg        
If the Rockies can make that run for number one, I BELIEVE I can too.

 After all I live in Colorado and we don’t buy into that East Coast baseball hype because we’re BelieveRs…D

 On a fun note..Here’s video of Dan nail’n the Frontier Flyball Frenzy and catching the last one behind his back. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

PS..Nice chatt,n with you Queen Geri…Which player shall I start taking pictures of for you now that Bradley is a Tampa Bay Rays?

       I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…..Rockies fan and man with a planranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Day Five and the Fire’s Still Alive

9/10/10        Four Mile Canyon Fire

     The most destructive fire in Colorado History

AP BOULDER, Colo. – Wind is the big enemy of firefighters on the lines at the Fourmile Fire Friday. Residents on the west side of the city of Boulder have been warned to take precautions against a possible worst-case scenario and told to be ready to evacuate if the wildfire moves into town.

Fire officials emphasize Boulder isn’t in imminent danger of the wildfire that has destroyed at least 169 homes in the foothills northwest of the city.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect until 6:00 p.m. Friday for the Front Range foothills including the Fourmile Canyon fire zone and other locations in Boulder County. The foothills of Jefferson and Larimer counties are also included in the warning.

The fire showed no signs of relenting Thursday as wind gusts of more than 40 mph fueled fears the flames would move into the heart of Boulder. Friday’s forecast is better. Winds are expected to gust from 15-30 mph with temperatures reaching about 80 degrees.

                                                       Lets hope so!!

fourmile canyon fire.jpg


four mile canyon fire.jpg

fourmile fire 1.jpg

bombers dropping retartant.jpg 
fourmile fire 2.jpg


fourmile fire 3.jpg
ddd.jpgRant Regular Geoff lives in the evacuation area, he and his wife are ok last he contacted me.

                             I’m sending positive vibes your way brotha!!

A lady I work with was telling me a story of how her friend and her husband barely escaped the fire the first day. They were late evacuating and had to jump out of their vehicle as the escape road was on fire.

They had to abandon their vehicle and escape through the woods with the fire on their heels.

Scary stuff. So far Nederland is safe from this destructive fire but I’d like to see it contained soon. No rain in the weekend forecast just hot and dry.

Props to the firemen whose houses burn down and continued to fight the fire. Stuff like that is straight up heroic.

                At this point Friday morning the they say the fire is 30% contained…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

The Rockies are on Fire….Seriously

9/6/10                            Four Mile Canyon Fire…Day 1

I know I complain about the rain all the time but it has a purpose. Right now there is a huge wildfire burning about nine miles as the crow flies from our cabin and I’d give anything to see those precious rain drops right now.

I noticed the huge plume of smoke when I was at work yesterday. It was scary because it looked like it was really close to the cabin. We had to take the back way to get home yesterday as the main road was closed due to mass evacuations.

                      Here a picture and a video I shot on my way home from work.




   Here’s the story from Jeffery Wolf of

BOULDER – Several homes have been destroyed by a fast-moving fire in a canyon west of Boulder, but it is unclear how many. The fire is being driven by winds and had grown to 3,500 acres by Monday night and 1,000 homes were evacuated.

The fire began around 10 a.m. on Four Mile Canyon Road near Emerson Gulch, according to Boulder County Emergency Management. It is not clear how it started. It is being called the Four Mile Canyon Fire.

Laura McConnell with the Boulder County Incident Management Team said “multiple and/or dozens” of homes were lost to the fire. She said four of the structures lost belonged to firefighters who were battling the blaze. They were taken off the line when their homes were lost.

Many of the structures that were lost were in the Sunshine and Four Mile Canyon areas.

“It sounded like a raging river just getting louder and louder,” David Mann, a person who was recreating in the area and had to evacuate, said. “We just turned and ran and started yelling to get out of there.”

As he left the area, Tom Hammond, a resident, had to face the helpless truth.

“Whichever way the wind blows, it’s gonna blow toward the houses,” Hammond said.

“I started hearing the roar of the fire and it was like a tornado roar. So when you start hearing that, you know that you’ve got a serious wildfire,” Linda Tarr, an evacuee, said. “So devastating was to hear those houses burn. To hear the popping, maybe propane tanks? It was like gunfire. I don’t know what that was, but there were explosions also. But the wood burning – I’ve never heard a house fire, but now I have.”

Mann says it was very scary.

“Just: ‘Get the hell out of here. ‘Why am I here? My wife’s gonna kill me,'” Mann said.

Cmdr. Rick Brough with Boulder County Emergency Management says a fire truck was also consumed by the flames.

There are no reports of any injuries from the fire and fire crews would not even discuss containment or control on Monday night.

The fire is moving northeast toward Highway 36 and also growing to the west.

The number of homes evacuated soared to 1,000 by Monday night. The evacuations started in the Gold Hill area and then spread.

The general boundaries of the evacuation areas are the Peak to Peak Highway to the west, Left Hand Canyon to the north, Highway 36 to the east and Boulder Canyon to the south. The Sugarloaf area was being evacuated on Monday night.

No people are being allowed back into any of the areas that have been evacuated.

The Boulder County Office of Emergency Management says the emergency alert notification system was not working properly and residents in the area should not wait for alerts to evacuate.

Before the problems, About 2,500 messages were sent to residents in the area, telling them they have to evacuate or they should be prepared to leave.

The only remaining evacuation center that is open is at the Coors Event Center on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. The North Boulder Recreation Center, the Nederland Community Center and New Vista High School are no longer open. There were less than a dozen evacuees at the Coors Event Center late Monday night. The Boulder County Fairgrounds is set up to accept large animals that were evacuated and the Longmont Humane Society is also taking in some animals. Longmont is asking for help with some food for dogs and cats.

Many of the evacuated residents were staying at the Holiday Inn Express at Broadway and Lee Hill Drive because they were allowed to take their pets there. The hotel waived its pet fees for the evacuees.

Boulder Valley School District’s mountain schools will be closed Tuesday due to the fires and road closures. That includes mountain schools in Jamestown, Gold Hill and Nederland elementary schools, as well as Nederland Middle/Senior High School. BVSD mountain school bus routes including those to the Boulder schools will not drive to or from the mountains on Tuesday. More information is on

Authorities say it has been a struggle to transport water up to the area.

Because the fire has moved so fast, authorities say it was hard for firefighters to get ahead of the fire and create breaks. About 100 firefighters are in the field battling the fire and another 50 to 75 are on standby. They are working in rugged and steep terrain and are trying to protect structures. They are clearing out about 30 yards around any structures to try and keep the flames away from them.

Firefighters were staying overnight to fight the fire and keep it away from homes.

By Tuesday morning, it is hoped that seven tankers will be used to fight the fire. Crews were able to use three on Monday evening. They had to wait until after 5 p.m. to take off because of high winds in the area.

Power has been cut to some communities in the area while crews fight the fire. There is also a 10-mile flight restriction around the fire area because of the air tankers that need to get through.

Both directions of Highway 119 are closed from Boulder to Nederland due to the wildfire. Fourmile Canyon Road and Sunshine Canyon are also closed. Many roads in the area are shut down due to the fire.

A total of 35 different agencies have responded to the fire. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is also asking state and federal authorities for help.

The smoke from the fire is easily visible from Denver and people in Boulder say ash has fallen on their homes.

Earlier on Monday, winds were from the north-northwest at 15 to 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph, according to the 9NEWS Weather Team.

There were reports of two other smaller structure fires, one of them in Eldora, but those fires were contained.

For more information, the Boulder Office of Emergency Management is updating its website:


Scary stuff. I have tickets to the Rockies game today. I really hope the wind stays calm. A repeat of yesterday violent winds could be really really bad.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and let me tell you….The Rockies are already hot, we don’t need a fire to prove the point.

  Send your positive thoughts to the Mountain folk who are affected by this….Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg  **Props to Nasty Fasty Ubaldo Jiminez, I really wanted to see his 18th win**