August 2010

Not yet…But Soon You Can Bet

8/27/10         Dodgers vs Rockies Game One

Weather: 88 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 5 mph, Out to CF.
T: 3:19.
Att: 41,964.

Dodgers vs Rockies 8-27-10.jpg 
Dodgers logo.JPG
Rockies logo.gif









It’s been a while since I’ve been to a game or at least if feels that way. I had tickets but had to miss Tuesday and Wednesday’s games due to an injury. I really hate that. 

I discovered something called sciatica. Not fun stuff especially if you enjoy having feeling in your legs. 

Because of this, I’ll have to change my snagg’n game plan, at least until I’m back to 100%.  Instead of being able to run and chase baseballs, I’ll have to use my superior tracking skills to be a little more choosy on the batting practice snags I attempt.

                      Such is life I guess…Gett’n old sucks. 

Today I got lucky and snagged the first one of BP within a minute of entering the pavilion. It was a fairly easy catch, the only hiccup was manuevering between the seats to get to the rail in time.

I gave that ball to a young Rockies fan who was nearby. I can always use karma points :). 

Shortly after my handoff, Rant Regular Ken snagged a Tulowitzki BP homer.

                                                Here’s video of it shot by Dan

                              I believe Ken’s total for the day was two, nice job.

Mike is back from his big East Coast baseball trip.

He mentioned he took a thousand pictures including some of “interesting fans” along the way..

                                     Here’s a few of Mike’s pictures…PNC Park


Long Island Duck.jpg

                                                  Citi Field Hosers.IMG_5718.JPG


                                           Thanks for sharing Mike!

Starting pitcher today is Ubaldo Jiminez aka known as“Nasty Fasty” here on the Rant...

                     Here’s Nasty Fasty doing the Pre-Game Walk of Shame

                   (If you listen closely, you’ll hear me tell Ubaldo he has nothing to be ashamed about)


Stewart and Helton 8-27-10.jpg
Ubaldo's crew 8-27-10.jpg

Carlos Gonzalez 8-27-10.jpg
Stritmatter 8-27-10.jpg                        

I couldn’t tell if Franklin was staring me down or posing?

Franklin Morales 8-27-10.jpg
                                                 Rant favorite Eric Young Jr. 

EY Jr 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pregame 2 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pre game 8-27-10.jpg
      Here’s Tulowitzki playing his “I have a ball and you don’t game” with the fans.

Anthem 8-27-10.jpg

Gett'n it right 8-27-10.jpg
                      Today’s game had a movie theme. I really got a kick out of these.

Miguel 21 8-27-10.jpg

Cargo Dude 8-27-10.jpg

Troy Story 8-27-10.jpg

Book of EY 8-27-10.jpg

The Toddfather 8-27-10.jpg

Dex 8-27-10.jpg

Spilly Spillover 8-27-10.jpg

Ubaldo Dominator 8-27-10.jpg
                                         Here are a few random game pictures.

Helton and Podsednik 2 8-27-10.jpg

Helton and Podsednik 8-2710.jpg

Tulo Double 8-27-10.jpg

Tulo and Podsednik 8-27-10.jpg

Nice to see Helton can still Belt’em.

               Todd hits his 5th homerun of the season in the second inning with two out.
Thumbnail image for Rockies home run 8-27-10.jpg


Eric Young Jr out 8-27-10.jpg



The Handoff 8-27-10.jpg
                                                        Good Job Ubaldo !


Blake’s grand slam in the 8th really killed the whole mood.

                     The Dodgers have owned the Rockies the last couple of years.


I was really hoping the Rockies would pull this one off for Ubaldo. I wanted to be able to say I was at the game where Ubaldo achieved his 18th win


Matt Belisle 8-27-10.jpg
                                                       But not this time.Dodgers score 2 8-27-10.jpg                Rockies lose to the Dodgers at Coors field with a final score of 6-2.

                 The hunt for Ubaldo’s 18th win continues…Where will it happen?
RPR Sunflower.jpg
I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, 
and I wanna see Nasty do it here at Coors.

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Tulo Goes Off Man and Mylee meets Hoffman

RANT REGULARS: First let me apologize for taking so long to get this entry posted. I’ve had it half done for a week now but with school starting and a super busy schedule real life takes over and sometimes you just have to get other stuff done.

                                          So without further ado I present…

8/15/10                         Rockies vs Brewers Game Threebrewers vs rockies 8-13-10.jpg

It’s been a while since my two little ones and I attended a game together. Today was an afternoon Sunday game, a bit hot but no chance of rain. We were ready for a day of family fun at Coors Field.

Hunter and Mylee 8-15-10.jpg
                       Here’s two more kids, but I don’t have to feed these two.  Robert and Bob 8-15-10.jpg   First thing I noticed was his bike, but the hair thing he’s got going on is interesting too.
flower bike 8-15-10.jpgHere’s Hunter and Mylee going through the tunnel onto the field. Soon I’ll get bored of shooting video of this but until then sorry… ūüôā

 Guess who was at today’s game?..Both R-LUV and LUVMYROX..It was nice to see them.R-Luv and LUVMYROX 8-15-10.jpg

This series is tied. The Rockies opted not to take batting practice on the field today so after a short wait the Brewers started taking hits.Brewers.JPG The kids and I wanted to get autographs today but with BP going on we changed our minds and stayed in the pavilion. I managed to snag two balls today.

Neither of them were caught so the first ball I gave to Mylee. The second ball was hit into the tunnel so after I snagged it I handed it to a little girl who was leaning over the railing.

As batting practice was ending I noticed Trevor Hoffman standing over in the corner of the outfield about to sign for someone so I suggested Mylee take her ball and go over there.

                 It was worth it…Here’s what she brought back. Hoffman’s a nice guy.
Mylees Trevor Hoffman auto 8-15-10.jpg                                       Here are your Rockies pre-game.


   Hunter worked his way down to the front and was able to get Jeff Francis’s autograph.

Jeff francis 8-15-10.jpg When Hunter returned I noticed Jeff was still signing so I worked my way down and managed to get an autograph for Mylee too.

Hunter and Mylee 2 8-15-10.jpg                                     Eric Young Jr stopped and signed too.Eric Young Jr signing 8-15-10.jpg                                                        Melvin MoraMelvin Mora 8-15-10.jpg                                                        Jason Hammeljason hammel 8-15-10.jpg

Stewart and Barmes 8-15-10.jpg                For some reason there was a herd of cows mingling in the infield?

Dancing cows 8-15-10-1.jpg                                 Here are the Dancing Cows gett’n their groove on.


Anthem 8-15-10.jpg        Here’s video of the dancing cow throwing out the first pitch. I see where I rank now.

        x x

                           Starting pitcher…Nasty Fasty….Ubaldo Jiminez 
Ubaldo Jiminez 8-15-10.jpg

Tulo and the umpire 8-15-10.jpg

Tulo at Bat 8-15-10.jpg
The Rakers 8-15-10.jpg

Eric Young Jr scores 8-15-10.jpg 
Carlos Gonzalez at bat 8-15-10.jpg  
Spilborghs at bat 8-15-10.jpg  
Eric Young Jr on first 8-15-10.jpg

Barmes at bat 8-15-10.jpg

With the game tied in bottom of the ninth and Dexter Fowler on second base Troy Tulowitzki steps up to to the plate.

Tulo swings 8-15-10.jpg It was in the air, the day after a loss, the game on the line, the crowd on their feet. Tulo does it again. 

With perfect Tulowitzki timing he hits a line drive over Rickie Weeks head (good cause Rickie’s had the Rockies number the last two games), scoring Dexter Fowler and winning the game and the series.

            Here’s the video…Tulo’s Walk-Off Single

                   Props to Ubaldo for ten strikeouts in eight innings. Nice Job brotha!
Ubaldo 3 8-15-10.jpg             Here’s the video..Ubaldo Strikes Out Ten

       I love exiting Coors Field after a win. Tough series, perfect win on a perfect evening.

                   I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…Next up…Rush at Red Rocks.

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The Videos Were Fun..Here the Number One

and the winner is.gifAs much hype as I tried to put into the “Pitch Your Team” video contest other than two video entries it was kind of a bust.

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t given up and I will promote and hold this video contest next year. If for nothing else it motivates me to create my own Rockies video.

A while back when Dan and Emily submitted their video and Dan told me it wasn’t really an entry but more of an example of what to do. To get the ball rolling so to speak. 

So Marianne’s video takes first place and Dan and Emily take second. I really want to thank you both for taking the time to do this for the Rockpile Rant.  

I really do appreciate your Rockies loyalty. I guess in a perfect world I was hoping for an entry from each team.

                                           First Place goes to R-Luv’s Video.

 Second Place Video. It’s from Dan Sauvageau and his daughter Emily.

For fun I made a video too, mine is called “I Got a Feel’n”


                                    Here is what R-Luv and Emily have won. 

                                                            First Prize

                             Huston Street Autographed Baseball and Mini Bat

PYT Huston Street Ball.jpg PYT Huston Street Mini Bat.jpg                                                             Second Place

                                          Autographed Eric Young Jr. Mini Bat

PYT EY Jr Mini Bat.jpg

Better start thinking about next year. I’ll have bigger and better prizes. Thanks for playing and showing your team support…

Go Rockies…”D” The Rockpile Ranter

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Crazy Fun as Tulo Hits One One

8/13/10                         Brewers vs Rockies Game One

brewers vs rockies 8-13-10.jpgAttending the game with me today was Brad. This was his first Rockies batting practice and his first game this season.

the fellas 8-13-10.jpg                          Going through the tunnel and entering Coors at field level.


                                                               Best hair.

best hair 8-13-10.jpg                            Brad and Robert waiting for the Brewers to start hitting.brad and robert 8-13-10.jpg

I was shutout but Brad had a good day. He managed to straight up catch one (gave it away to a kid), then wrestled Robert for his second snag.

brads first ball 8-13-10.jpg

                                          Here are your Rockies warming-up. 

cargo 8-13-10.jpg
troy t 8-13-10.jpg

                            Seth Smith was awarded the Heart Hustle thing.

Seth Smith Award 8-13-10.jpgThis is my second picture this season of Stewart spitting. Ian, stop spitting when I take your picture brotha.

                                                Looks like he’s trying to tag Tulo.

tulo and stewart2 8-13-10.jpgHere are some game shots. I added a few extra Brewers pics as I always do for my friend and fellow blogger The Happy Youngster.

Smith at bat 8-13-10.jpg

Spilborghs gets a hit 8-13-10.jpg

Fielder and Stewart 8-13-10.jpg

Miguel Olivo 8-13-10.jpg

Weeks scores 8-13-10.jpg

Loose ball 8-13-10.jpg

Tulo and Weeks 8-13-10.jpg

Hatless Brad Hawpe 8-13-10.jpg                            There was a creepy mustache theme going on today.

Mustach Helton.jpg

Mustach Tulo.jpg

Mustach Smith.jpg
Mustach De La Rosa.jpg
Mustach Barmes.jpg
Mustach Stewart.jpg
Mustach Hawpe.jpg


                                                       Interesting T-ShirtsLiver is Evil.jpg

ML What.jpg

                                                          Miss Something?Miss Something 8-13-10.jpg

                                       Smile, you get paid to watch baseball.

Ahhhh 8-13-10.jpg
Helton at Bat1 8-13-10.jpg
Coors Field Moon 2.jpg
Thumbnail image for Jorge on the mound 8-13-10.jpg                                     Gathering on the sand 8-13-10.jpg                        Here’s Matt Belisle taking over for Jorge De La Rosa.

Escobar 8-13-10.jpg

This game was starting to seem like another one of those Rockies losses where the Rockies just seem uninterested.

                                 That was until the bottom of the 8th inning .

Tulo steps up to the plate and launches his 11th homerun of the season into left field scoring three. Ryan Braun came damn close to catching that ball at the wall.Tulo at bat 8-13-10.jpg
Huston Street is money in the ninth and the
Rockies take game one of this three game series.

Rockies 5….Brewers 4

                                Welcome Back Tulo, we need you bad brotha.

            My next entry is will be tomorrow when I’ll present to you the winner of the….

                          Rockpile Rant’s Pitch Your Team Video Contest…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Not You Too “Q”


Thumbnail image for Omar in dugout.jpgNEW YORK – Former major league infielder Omar Quintanilla has been suspended 50 games for using a performance-enhancing substance.

The 29-year-old Quintanilla, a 2000 graduate of Socorro High School, was playing in the Colorado Rockies’ organization at Class A Tri-City of the Northwest League. He was hitting .252 with one home run and 15 RBIs.

Quintanilla was penalized Wednesday during the minor league drug program.

Quintanilla played parts of the last five seasons in the majors with the Rockies. He hit .220 with two home runs and 32 RBIs in 216 games.

The Rockies issued a statement saying they were disappointed to learn Quintanilla had been suspended.

The above story is from the Associated Press.

When I think of “Q” the first thing that always comes to my mind is heart. Despite his size the dude can play ball. “Q” was the first baseball player to autograph anything for me.

 It was a simple autograph on my ticket stub but the interaction and the experience was the spark that got me back into baseball.Thumbnail image for omar Q auto 2006.jpg

I write this entry with a heavy heart. Omar Quintinilla may not be a household name but I seriously looked up to this guy (so to speak). This news is crushing to me.

          To tell the truth I didn’t give a sheet about Barry Bonds..I’m not a Giants Fan.

                          Didn’t care about Manny Ramirez…I’m not a Dodgers fan.

I haven’t been personally affected by anyone whose taken “performance enhancing drugs” until now. If I had to make a list of ten ballplayers who I was absolutely sure never ever use steriods, Omar would be on that list.

     Hunter and I would watch Omar play and I would always say something to him like…

“See buddy, it’s talent not size”, or something along those lines”. I always cheered for “Q”. He has no idea but I was probably one of his biggest fans. All because of one cool interaction with him four years ago.

Thumbnail image for Omar Q 2-28-09.jpg                                                Steriods wreck everything.
Steroid needle.jpg The “juice” hurts more than the individual player and his reputation, it chips away at the heart of baseball, it’s loyal fans.

Thumbnail image for omar q 2-25-09.jpgSteriods hit home this time and it hit hard. 

Once again I find myself questioning the people I’ve put on a pedistol…(aka Vinny Castilla).

I can’t bash Omar because he’s always been a classy dude the times we’ve talked.

But if he reads this I just want him to know that this news rocked my world in a really bad way.

Get it together Omar…The Rockpile Rant is all about second chances so please brotha give me something good to write about.

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I don’t dig steriods.

                             I’m all about keep’n it real.ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

UPDATE-LUVMYROX sent me a link to this article from Troy Renck

NEW YORK — Omar Quintanilla, a well-respected player in the Rockies’ organization for years, released a statement today to The Denver Post, apologizing for his suspension. He was disciplined 50 games Wednesday after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

He has spent the entire season in Triple-A battling through injuries. He was a valuable bech player for the Rockies last year, providing solid defense at a variety of positions.

Here is Quintanilla’s statement in full:

“I would like to apologize to my family, teammates, the Colorado Rockies Organization and their fans for recently testing positive for a performance enhancing product. I recently purchased this product over the counter at GNC and it was my understanding that after looking at the label, it did not contain any banned substances. I’ve always taken great pride in my nutrition, my training, my preparation and dedication to the sport that has given me so much.

 I realize just how fortunate I am to be playing professional baseball and would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize that or disrespect the game. “

                    Told you he was a classy guy. Thank’s LUVMYROX…D



Giants can’t Hit…Rockies get the Split

8/4/10                     Giants vs Rockies Game Two

This game was my first day game of the season. Day games are difficult for me to attend because I’m usually working. However today’s day game happened to fall on my day off so Giant Todd and I (not being square)had no excuse but to be there.

I made it in time for batting practice and Giant Todd showed up just before the game started. The Rockies didn’t take outdoor batting practice today so it was just the Giants out in the sunshine taking swings.

I managed to snag one ball at today. It was a homer that I realized was heading for the tunnel so I was the first to duck in there and snagged the ball as it was bouncing around the cement walls.

About the time Robert realized where the ball was heading he looked over and I was already there. He didn’t like that and let me know it. I thought it was funny.

                                 Check out Mustache Giambi and Spilborghs               Mustach Giambi and Spilborghs.jpg

Normally I poke fun of guys in skirts. But guys in skirts sport’n axes I have no beef with.

Guys in Skirts holding axes 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 2 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 8-4-10.jpg

Pitchers 8-4-10.jpg                Here’s Ubaldo doing what I call the Pre-Game Walk of Shame”.

                 (It’s not really a Walk of Shame, but they sure make it seem like it.)

Today I was feeling lucky so I took a chance and stayed close to the field where the Rockies warm up. When Cargo was finished his routine he walked over and was kind enough to autograph my baseball on the sweet spot.

                                                      Thanks Cargo ! Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Carlos Gonzalez auto 8-4-10.JPG                     Official Plate washer? Is this cosidered a service industry job?  Cleaning homeplate 8-4-10.jpg Ian Stewart 8-4-10.jpg       This dude not only had a cool shirt he had something moving on his right of dad.JPG

                                              I had to take a closer look.

Rockies Cricket 2.jpg                                            Grasshoppers were everywhere..                             

                                  I call this picture Hopper watching Hawper

cr cricket.jpg                                                                Get it?Brad Hawpe 8-4-10.jpg

                     Starting catcher Chris Iannetta sharing some sharpie luv.Ianetta 8-4-10.jpg

                                   Then as quick as he arrived he was gone.

Ianetta Walk 8-4-10.jpg                                             There was color everywhere.

Colorful crowd 8-4-10.jpg

The game was beginning to start so Giant Todd and I headed over to our seats over in the Rockpile. As we were beginning to sit I looked down at Robert and Dan and it looked as if they were trying to tell us something. 

We finally figured out they were trying to let GT and I know there were two seats in the front row of the pavilion we could use.

              When we got down there Dan took my camera and I donned my glove.

 From this point forward all the pictures in this entry were taken by Dan

 I believe Dan was helping me free up my hands in the hopes of snagg’n a homerun ball so he took the pictures for most of the game.

His eye is a bit different than mine and it was really cool checking out the action pictures he took with my camera.  

GT and RPR 8-4-10.JPG                                       Here’s a shot of us all in our seats. Us in the front row 8-4-10.jpg Had a homerun been hit anywhere close to us I believe Dan may have backed off a bit and maybe let me go for it. I can tell you 100% for sure, even though Robert has snagged 50ish game homerun balls, he and I would have battled for it…That’s Robert.

I’ve mentioned this to Robert before and a few other people. Whether Robert realizes it or not I’m eventually his replacmentūüôā

We both have VW busses, beards and the hair. We’re both super competitive when it comes to ballhawking. We both chug around cameras searching for the perfect action picture.

                                           Shoot, even my middle name is Robert.

                                                     Think about it?  ūüôā

The game today had a totally different feel. Rockies fans have a bit of a swagger on a day we know Ubaldo’s on top of that sand.Ubaldo and Troy 8-4-10.jpg The opportunity to swagger is new to Rockies fans so excuse us as we get used to it and don’t get mad if we bump into you.

 I believe before the start of this game Ubaldo had previously won eleven games this season pitching the day after a Rockies loss so that tidbit of information had me feeling confident.

Burrell catch 8-4-10.jpg Helton at bat 8-4-10.jpg Helton gets to first 8-4-10.jpg    With Helton on first up comes Rockies current “King of Swing” Carlos Gonzalez. Cargo at bat 8-4-10.jpg

                                                            See Ya! Torres watches the homerun 8-4-10.jpg Cargo Scores 8-4-10.jpg Rockies Score 8-4-10.jpg                                   Mora comes up but then goes down…Scary Mora goes down 8-4-10.jpg Ball in Crowd 8-4-10.jpg                                     Messing around with Robert’s camera. RPR playing with Roberts camera 8-4-10.jpg Nice catch Todd 8-4-10.jpg Random pavilion shot 8-4-10.jpg Sandoval 8-4-10.jpg IMG_5277.JPG Stewart slide 8-4-10.jpg 

Ducks in the pond 8-4-10.jpg  Cargo in the outfield 8-4-10.jpg                                                                   Chill’n

Chill'n 8-4-10.jpgx

Belisle 8-4-10.jpg Rockies win 8-4-10.jpg Post game Show 8-4-10.jpg For Rockies fans this game was sweet justice for the loss the day before. Rockies split this mini two game series with a 6-1 win over the Giants.

After the game Giant Todd wasn’t hanging around for the celebration so Mike and I headed over to the Post Game show to cheer with the rest of the Rockies fans.

Tom of FSN told the crowd he wasn’t allowed to jump up on the ledge anymore so he took off out of his seat and came running around the corner and started Hi-5ing everyone in the crowd.  

When I got home Joy had posted these pictures of Mike and I. These pictures are actual shots of her TV. 

                                                        Thank you Joy !

RPR TV 3 8-4-10.jpg

Postgame report 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 2 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 1 8-4-10.jpgProps to Dan for taking some sweet pictures and giving Giant Todd and I the opportunity to hang out with y’all in the first row.

      No game homerun catch for me this time. The said baseball pursuit continues…

       My next entry is for Goose Gossage Day in Colorado Springs..Look for it soon.

I’ll also announce the winner for the Rockpile Rant’s “Pitch Your Team” Video Contest.

                                                        Go Rockies…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

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Everyone Scored at the Rush Time Machine Tour

Everyone Scored at the Rush Time Machine Tour

8/16/10Rush time machine tour.jpgI had purchased tickets to see Rush play at Red Rocks a few years back and I had to sell them last minute due to a unexpected family vacation. That show at Red Rocks would have been my first time enjoying the Canadian trio live.

Rush forest.jpgI’m a member of the Rush Fan Club so I had the opportunity to purchase pre-sale¬†tickets a few days before the general public and I jumped on it.

It was completely overcast and drizzling all day and I figured it would rain at some point during the evening.

¬†Brad and I arrived about two hours before the concert started, prepared to do a little tail gat’n.

Set up like a street corner show a few vehicles down from us was a bare bones Rush cover band. These thoughtful musicians were pumping out Rush tunes and entertaining folks as they walked by.

Here they are jamm’n out Tom Sawyer. Brad and I both agreed the dudes should have had a tip hat out.


While these dudes were spitt’n out the Rush tunes the clouds broke and a rainbow formed. It was at that point I knew everything was¬†gonna be just fine ūüôā

¬†¬† Here’s another video of the parking lot trio..At least they¬†can say they Rocked the Rocks at Red Rocks right?¬†

What do you do when your the only guy in a suit at a Rush show and you’re too embarassed to stand in line at the Port-O-Pottie?

   I call this set of pictures:

¬†“Bald Guy In a Suit at Rush Concert Look’n For A Place To Pee”

   H,mmm nobody over here. Bald guy scoping.jpg    Nobody over there. 

Bald guy 2.jpg I think I’ll take a wander over here.

Bald guy in a suit peeing before rush.jpg This’ll do, to hell with lines.

Aaaaah relief.jpgMe with a camera and some time to kill can be a dangerous thing. Besides who wears a suit to a Rush concert?

Here’s the first couple of pictures I took once we reached our seats.

Rush Crowd 2.jpg

Rush Crowd 3.jpg

Me n Brad 3.jpg

Stage at Red Rocks.jpgSee the big screen in the back. Well it flicked on and we started to watch¬†the video below.. At first I wasn’t sure what it was but then I realized this video was the intro to the show.

The characters in the video are the guys from Rush, keep watching as it gets better as it gets going.

All was great until the big screen flickered off and stayed off. You can see it at the end of the video.

 At first we thought it was part of the show, but after several minutes the crowd began to get restless and Rush creeped out on stage and began the show without the big screen.

No worries it came back on after the second song.

Rush 2.jpg

   Here for you is a mixture of pictures and video.

¬† ¬†The launching of the¬†“Official Rush Beach Ball”¬† (I always wanted to do this).

Rush big screen.jpg

Rush, swinging.jpg

¬†¬† “Closer to the Heart”

Baby Carriage.jpg

Rush Flames.jpg Baby carriage on wire.jpg

Geddy Smiling.jpg 

Rush Stage three.jpg

Rush Stage four.jpg

Neil Peart.jpg ¬†¬† Here’s only¬†part of Neil’s drum solo and this video is over five minutes long.

Rush Stage five.jpg

Rush STage seven.jpg

Stage eight.jpg ¬† Here’s another¬†video for you.

Rush 1.jpg

Rush stage 10.jpg

Rush STage six.jpg RR with denver in background.jpg   Then with a kind goodbye my evening with Rush was over. Worth every Canadian penny.

I’ve had these Rush tickets for months, but in reality I’ve waited my whole life to see this trio.

  Funny how my three favorite bands are all three piece bands.

1. Rush

2. ZZ Top

3. Kings X.

Mock me if you will, but I likes what I likes. I’ve seen ZZ Top and Rush now at Red Rocks but as much as I dig King’s X, they probably couldn’t fill Red Rocks anymore…Who knows?

Anyways, props to Brad for catching this show with me and thanks to you for tagg’n along. Better¬†go wash¬†your shirt now because after an evening at Red Rocks your ears hurt and you’re smell’n like “OttoMan”.

Otto-Mans-1.jpg ¬†I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I do more than baseball.

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Ten to Zero…Looking For a Hero

8/3/10              Giants vs Rockies Game One

IMG_5115.JPGGiant Todd and I had been looking forward to this game for a long time. It’s not often he and I get to attend a game together and we were ready to have a good time and enjoy some live baseball. 

 Jersey Geoff got back with me and sent those pictures of his autographed Ubaldo Jiminez All-Star Jersey. This jersey is beyond sweet. 

       Geoff uses washable marker on his jerseys so he can sport ’em at home games.

IMG_3436.JPG     Batting practice for me was a bust but Todd managed to snag one. He gave it to a kid. 
De La Rosa and Jiminez 8-3-10.jpg                                               Robert and Queen Geri

Queen Geri and Robert 8-3-10.jpg

Tulo 8-3-10.jpg

Taylor Buchholz2 8-3-10.jpg

Pablo Sandoval 8-3-10.jpg

Spilly, Tulo, Cargo 8-3-10.jpg                                      Captain Earthman hitting warp speed.

Captain Earthman flying 8-3-10.jpg

Helton and Pinkie.jpg

Dinger 8-3-10.jpg
Brad Hawpe 8-3-10.jpg              Giant Todd enjoying watching the Giants own the Rockies at Coors Field.

Giant Todd 8-3-10.jpg        I started to feel a little Coors Field magic when Big Todd came up to bat.Helton walking up 8-3-10.jpg

         Bases loaded, this was Helton’s chance for a huge comeback grand slam.bases loaded 8-3-10.jpgStrike three. It seemed the whole game was full of blown opportunities and the Coors Field magic I was feeling turned out to be just gas. Helton Strike three 8-3-10.jpg

I’m not sure what this lady was smiling about but I assure you I wasn’t smiling as I exited Coors Field.smiling 8-3-10.jpg

          On a cool note Douglas D snagg’d a third out toss up from Carlos Gonzalez.

Douglas D 8-3-10.jpgAround the 8th inning a lady named Kim(I think) from Canada walked by, tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could take a picture of my jersey.

I believe her reason for wanting a picture of my jersey was something to do with a Rockpile group in Canada that she’s a member of…If I’m wrong Kim leave me a comment.

 I mentioned that I too grew up in Canada so Kim decided to join Giant Todd and I for a chat.

                                                        Very nice lady.


Towards the end I just wanted the Rockies to score one run to avoid the shutout. But they didn’t.

                Giant Todd and his boys owned Coors Field from start to finish.

Final Score 8-3-10.jpg
GT in the Rockpile 8-3-10.jpg                        Tomorrow’s another day and Ubaldo’s king here at Coors Field.

                                    Rockies…Show me heros not zeros….”D”ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Way To Go Cargo!


           Here’s the Wikipedia definition of “Hitting for the cycle”

In baseball, a player hits for the cycle when he hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game, though not necessarily in that order. Collecting the hits in that order is known as a natural cycle.congratulations_4.jpg

Cargo Congrats.jpgCarlos Gonzalez
joins Dante Bichette, Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, Neifi Perez and Mike Lansing as the sixth Rockies player to hit for the cycle.

The best part was Cargo did it with style hitting a game winning walkoff home run.

The last player to hit for the cycle at Coors Field was Troy Tulowitzki on August 10, 2009 against the Cubs. Funny, Gorzelanny was the starting pitcher for both games.

                 Here’s a link to my entry from that Cubs series a year ago:

           Pinella throws a fit, talks sh-it and that’s it.  

That entry is the day before Tulo hits for the cycle and it’s the game where Lou Pinella gets tossed.

cargo111 (2).jpg        Click here to watch another piece of Rockies history:—->Cargo’s cycle

Thumbnail image for cargo at bat 7-9-10.jpg

                                                            Matt who?matt_holliday face.jpg

             Rock-on Cargo, you’re on fire brotha, and your timing couldn’t be better..Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg