March 2010



Before you read any further you need to check out Alyssa Milano’s MLBlog “Touch Em All”   to understand what your about to see. Alyssa is promoting her new line of baseball clothing:

               Click Here——-> Alyssa Milano’s Blog 

 Not to be outdone..I’ve developed my own line of baseball clothing and I’m call’n…


Here in Colorado April, May September and October can produce snow. Being a Rockies fan who has attended the “Coldest playoff game in history” you can never be to warm when it’s below freezing and your watching baseball live. This outfit ensures your prepared for anything.

       I call this one “Rocky Mountain Ready”

Ranter Rocky Mountain Wear.jpg                   I call this one “Back n Black”…It’s a 2007 World Series Jersey.

Back in Black2.jpg

    For that nostalgic look “The Original Ranter Jersey” an Inaugural Rockies jersey.

Ranter wear 3.jpg
 And now this years Jersey…Original White “Cool Breeze” with some very special lettering…

RpR Ranter white Jersey 2.jpg
RPR Ranter wear white jersey.jpgEat your heart out Alyssa Milano. You may be able to “Touch Em All”, but you can’t touch this.


                     On a cool note..It’s the 2 year anniversary of the Rockpile Rant.

         Click Here To See My First Entry

Baseball is Life, are you a Lifer?


                   Here are the next batch of pictures Robert sent me from Tucson.

the pitchers work out.jpg                                         Jorge De La Rosa and Rich Dauer.

de la rosa warms up before the game.jpg

                                               Jorge throws a strike.

de la rosa throws a strike.jpg
                                                                Chris Iannettachris do'en his job.jpg

                                                          Iannetta at bat.

chris gets a hit.jpg

                 Clap Clap.. Clap Clap Clap…Clap Clap Clap Clap,..TULOtulo hustle.jpg

                                                        Jay Payton

jay payton still playen after all these years.jpg
                                Robert said Jorge’s foul ball sailed over his head.

jorge sends it right over my head.jpg
                                                       Note the temperature.just in case your wondering why i came, check the temp.jpg

            Just for the contrast check out the snow we received in Nederland yesterday.
Snow 3-19-10.JPG                                         I’m officially done with this winter.

 I’ve had enough cold, I’ve had enough snow, I’ve just had enough. Jack Frost can kiss my a-ss and take a long walk off a short plank.

I can’t tell you how much it sucks to have sweet dreams of baseball then waking up at 2:15 AM and driving the icy snowy mountain roads an hour to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live. I’m just extremely ready for some sunshine.

Ok, I’m gonna go a little deep here…. 

For some folks baseball is a nice way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine. Those people are easy to spot as they are the ones with seats behind home plate and spend the entire game texting their friends. No worries somebody has to buy the expensive seats right?

For others they follow baseball so they have something to talk about around the water cooler. That’s ok too, I like good baseball talk.

For some baseball is their life. For 6+ months a year most of the spring and summer is spent preparing for and attending games. Their baseball stadium becomes their second home. When their team is out of town their extra time is spent making signs, watching the games, checking stats, hitting the team forums, you know trying to stay in the loop.

These people are baseball lifers. These fans are what holds baseball together and enables the sport to continue to exist through all it’s ups, downs and player controversies.

           Lifers are the reason baseball WILL flourish in the post-steroids era.

Baseball owners take note: Take care of your lifers. Throw them a bone whenever you can. You should consider lifers as “Messengers of the future of Baseball”.

Give them something good to say and they will spread the word. Case and point is my pops. Until last year he and my mom had never been to a professional baseball game. This year they attended a Rockies spring training game. Dad Hi Corbett1.jpg

So that makes me think that maybe my passion for baseball rubbed off on them and that’s why they went to the game…You see, spreading the WORD.

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and they were bored and wanted to kill a nice afternoon?

On a funny note my dad mentioned that it was autograph day and he didn’t understand why nobody asked for his autograph?Mom Hi Corbett.jpg

Coors field in the spring and summer definately feels like a second home to me. I can tell you that it bothers (just a little) when I’m not the first one inside the stadium.   

I love that feeling of being the first one to enter the Pavilion. Completly empty ‘cept for one solitary Usher.

The first few minutes of an empty stadium are surreal. It’s exciting working my way over to my favorite spot in the bleachers. Knowing that any ball hit into the pavilion in the next few minutes will most likely end up in my glove, and then in some lucky kids hand. 

When you are the first one into a stadium there is that moment when you see the players and they look over at you.  

Thats when you smile and think to yourself ” Yep they know me and they know I’m here to support them” That’s a cool feeling. Acceptance and appreciation from your team all wrapped into one short moment.

Then again it could all be in my head….Either way it feels real so I’ll roll with it.

I’ll tell you a secret. There’s a reason I prefer my sports live. I don’t watch a lot of TV and I really have trouble watching baseball on TV. At times it’s way to boring and I feel like I’m wasting the day watching TV. 

I prefer baseball on the radio when the Rockies are out of town or if I’m not at a game. I will however go online and watch the hi-light clips if I hear a play on the radio that sounded cool.

 I still for the life of me can’t figure why the Rockpile Rant continues to hold onto a top ten spot. I mean look who holds the top spots. You’ve got an accomplished professional writer in Jane who writes “Confessions of a She-Fan” and has a couple of books. Red State Blue State has two writers and both are top-notch and feed off of each other. 

Then there’s my fellow Ranter Julia. She’s a baseball lifer and she works MLBlogs like pro. She’s witty, funny, creative and the Red Sox biggest fan bar none.   

In case you didn’t know it (I’m a fiddle player too, kidd’n), “The Happy Youngster” is my favorite MLBlogger. I’ll tell you why….As passionate as I am about blogg’n, snagg’n and tagg’n, Happy is me times two with a list of accomplishments to back it up. He’s a family man, a baseball lifer and has rised above a bunch of bull-sheet that happened to him last year and is a better person for it. 

I enjoy reading Happy’s take on things as they are quite often similar to mine and he always “Tells it like it is”. I respect the hell out of that.

I can tell you which MLBlog will slide into the top ten if we ever have another “Latest Leaders List”. That would be another lifer known as the Rays Renegade. His blog is top notch and is filled with baseball history and written by guy who knows this sport inside and out. He’s an avid reader of other blogs and always has a bit of trivia or a kind comment to leave when he visits someone’s blog. 

Guess what I’m saying is it is an honor to blog on this platform with such talent and fellow lifers. Each of us brings a different take on baseball to the masses and it’s fun to see who is willing to push the limits on what an MLBlogger can do.

                                      Write On baseball freaks…Spread the Word         

                                                    D..The Rockpile Ranter

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See what I mean about “Pitch Your Team”

3/17/10                                HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY

ROCKIES HAT GREEN.jpgI’ve had a few people ask questions about the “Pitch Your Team” video contest. So I did a quick one to give you an example. I’m going to enter a video but I can’t win this contest.

                       FYI…As good as this video is… This is not my entry🙂

Robert sent me a new batch of pictures from Hi-Corbett in Tucson. Here’s a shot of Tulo homering in the Rockies/Cubs game. 

tulo sends it outta here!!!.jpg                                   Time for the Canadian to get back to work.

Jeff Francis 21.jpg                                                              Safe 

Rockies cubs final score.jpgLast night I helped out at the Nuggets game. I was hoping for a chance to sit under the basket and take pictures but unfortunately my pass wouldn’t quite get me that close. Chauncey and Old Referee.jpg

                       So I took an empty isle seat in the 4th row. It had a nice view. 
Chauncey and JR Smith.jpg 



Chauncey and Melo.jpg

Unknown good pic.jpg 
Chauncey and NeNe.jpg

                                                   Random crowd shot. 
Guys in Green.jpg                                  K-Mart..who knows how long he’ll be out?

Kmart-1.jpg                                                 NeNe Slam dunk.

NeNe slam.jpg

Melo shot-1.jpg

Denver Nugget Dancers.jpg                       5′ 5″ former Denver Nugget Earl Boykins scored 5 points.

           DID YOU KNOW…Boykins weighs 133 lbs and can benchpress 350 lbs.
Height difference.jpg

Coach Karl.jpg                                              Rocky looking for a little help.

 Rocky Praying.jpg                   worked, the Nuggets came from behind to zap the Wizzards 97-87

Final Score 3-16-10.JPG

                         Thanks to Robert for the pix and thanks to “B” for the Tix.

             Here’s a shot of a young fox we saw close to the house chill’n in the sun.

Foxy 2.jpg                                                    D..The Rockpile Ranter

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Let me tell U about “Q”


                      Omar Quintanilla

OMAR Quni.jpgI’ve yet to talk to a Rockies fan that doesn’t like Omar Quintanilla. I managed to get “Q’s” autograph back in June of 2006. His was my first pro-baseball player’s autograph and I remember it well.

                              He was humble and seemed quite happy to be there.

omar Q auto 2006.jpg 

“Q” attended Socorro High School in El Paso, Texas, where he led the city of El Paso in home runs, RBI, and was elected to the Texas All-State shortstop. When he finished High School he received a scholarship to the University of Texas, Austin. While there he played second base, third base, and shortstop. In addition he appeared in two national championship games, winning one.

omarquintanilla 2003.jpgQuintanilla wasted no time as he was drafted by the Oakland A’s in the first round (33rd overall) of the 2003 Major Leage Baseball Draft. . In 2003, he played for Low-A Vancouver and High-A Modesto hitting .358 in 40 games.

He started 2004 with Modesto as the A’s 7th ranked prospect and after hitting .315 received a late-season promotion to Double-A Midland.

“Q” began 2005 with Midland as the A’s 8th ranked prospect and on July 15, he was traded along with Eric Byrnes to the Rockies for pitchers Joe Kennedy and Jay Witasick.

The Rockies assigned him to Triple-A Colorado Springs Sky Sox and promoted him to the majors in late July.

He made his debut on July 31 and went 1-3. In each of the next five seasons, Quintanilla would begin the season with Triple-A Colorado Springs and make his way to the majors.

“Q’s” highest batting average was .238 in 2008. As a Rockie he’s a career .220 hitter.

Dante Bichette, Ryan Spilborghs and Omar Quintanilla are the only players in Rockies franchise history to end a game of 12 or more innings with a home run (Bichette did it twice).

Quote from “Q” in 2009….”You never know and especially my role, the utility role, you never know when I’m going to be needed.”

Thumbnail image for Omar Q 2-28-09.jpg

omar q 2-25-09.jpg

               Quintanilla was outrighted off the 40 man roster on Nov 5, 2009.
Omar in dugout.jpg

On Feb 12, 2010 “Q” was invited back to attend Rockies Spring Training.

Props to you brotha and welcome back. You’ve got to admit “Q” lives a pretty good life as a Utility Man… 🙂

On a totally surprising and cool note I got a call from my pops today who informed me that he and my mom were in Tucson. I said “Whatcha doing there?” and he informed me that they were at Hi-Corbett watching the Rockies/Mariners game.

I was floored and jealous. After I hung up that got me to thinking. Robert is at that game too and he could take a picture of my parents for me. Sure enough I called Robert and asked him to do that for me and he said “Sure”.

           So I may not be there representing in Tucson but you got the next best thing.

                                                  My Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad at Hi Corbett.jpg
            You’ve got to respect a guy who’s smart enough to sport a fine hat like that 🙂

                                Thanks for taking the pictures Robert…

Go Rockies

D..The Rockpile Ranter

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I Have a Dream…It’s called…Pitch Your Team


Remember a few weeks back I did an entry about Robert Harmon and his girlfriend Bennie who rolled their VW Bus named “Jim Morrison” in New Mexico?

                         Here are a few pictures in case you missed it or forgot. DSC_8363a.jpg



                                                   Not a pretty sight.

Both walked away virtually unharmed. “Jim” however was wee bit f’cked up. Once the bus was turned upright Robert was able to get “Jim” running and hobbled him back to Colorado…Amazing.

I visited Robert shortly before he left for Rockies Spring Training in Tucson and was amazed at how much better “Jim” looked. Most of the dents were banged out and he had replaced the windshield.

I received an email from Robert this morning that contained a few pictures from Tucson and more importantly Hi-Corbet Field and the Rockies. 

Below is a shot of ‘Jim” looking all pretty. Well..Ok here’s a shot of “Jim” in front of Hi-Corbett Field. A testament to a well built automobile and a cheap thrifty VW bus lover.

Jim Morrison.jpg

Props to Robert for making it out there and representing..And for sending these pictures for us to check out. With a little luck, I’ll have my VW bus ready to roll, by Spring Training 2011.

Tim Redding.jpg
dexter.jpg                                                     Spilly with a hit.
ryan.jpg                            There’s always stuff flying over head in Tucson. 
in the sky over tucson.jpg  
right over hi corbett.jpg 

Here’s a shot of the scoreboard at the beginning of Game 2. Temperature 56 degreesthe start of game two.jpg

                                      Waiting for the first pitch in Game 2.waiting for the first pitch, game two.jpg

              Game 2 Final Score 4-1 Rockies win. Temperature 45 degrees…Brrrthe end of game two.jpg

So as far as Spring Training goes if you’re a baseball fan it’s not how you get there it’s just that you get there.

If I was there yesterday I would have had to watch that painful 9-2 loss to the Giants who seem to have everybodys number lately…Go figure…The Giants…WTF?

I have an idea…Sort of a “Pitch Your Team” mini-commercial.

I mentioned in a blog entry a while back how I thought it would be a cool idea to let MLBloggers do little promotional spots on MLB TV to promote their team. You know what I mean…Those little 5-10 second clips where they say “I’m so and so and your watching such and such”.

MLBloggers could do the same thing..Like…Mine might be something like..”I’m D the Rockpile Ranter and this is Rockies Country“..I would never use something quite that dorky but you get what I’m saying.

Participants could do this clip however they wanted…and it would be judged here on the Rant by a voting poll inserted into an entry.

Or…Maybe someone from would be interested in judging the entries?

Time to let your team loyalty and personal creativity shine. There is absolutely no promises that MLB will/would ever use these video clips but you never know right?

Show the world and your Team what you’ve got. I’m gonna let this contest run for a while..At least until the All-Star Break. That way everyone will have time to get their ideas together and maybe shoot some footage from their favorite ballpark to include in the video clips.

I think it would be cool to have two contests.

One for MLBloggers and one for readers of the Rockpile Rant. The winners will each win an autographed ball and mini-bat from various Colorado Rockies.
Remember folks these do not have to be Rockies video clips.

                        YOUR VIDEO SHOULD SUPPORT YOUR TEAM.

                     Let me know if you’re interested in participating in Pitch Your Team.

                                   I think this could be fun.
D..The Rockpile Ranter

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Freak is the Craze at Frozen Dead Guy Days


Frozen Dead Guy Days is an annual celebration held in my town of Nederland Colorado.

Ice queen.jpgHere’s how the story goes:


<—Grandpa Bredo

Died of a heart attack cross-country skiing alone. Psychics have contacted Bredo to make sure he’s not upset over all the fuss. Bredo’s not upset, in fact  he’s amused by it all.

Grandpa did have a message for us all. His message was…

            “Never ski alone” 

In 1989, a Norwegian citizen named Trygve Bauge brought the corpse of his recently deceased grandfather, Bredo Morstøl, back to the United States.

Trygve kept grandpa preserved in dry ice for the trip, and stored him in liquid nitrogen at the Trans Time Cryonics Facility from 1990 to 1993. In 1993 Bredo was returned to dry ice and transported to the town of Nederland where Trygve and his mother Aud planned to create a cryonics facility of their own.

Eventually Trygve was deported from the United States for overstaying his visa. Trygve’s mother Aud continued keeping her father’s body cryogenically frozen in a shack behind her unfinished house.

Here’s a picture of the unfinished house. It’s completely made of cement as it was supposed to be buried at some point making it fire proof, bomb proof and earthquake proof although the structure doesn’t suggest that with all the windows and doors.

                                  You can see the Tuff Shed in the background.
Trygve's house above Nederland.JPG                          Trygve was an interesting fellow, who really knows?

Aud was eventually evicted from the home for because it had no electricity or plumbing.

“Here’s a shot of the flyers on the inside of the sliding glass door. When you take the tour you are allowed to go inside the house.”

Pictures inside Tyrgves house.jpgAud was about ready to head back to Norway and she was worried that her dad would thaw out so she contacted a reporter from “The Mountain Ear” newspaper who passed on this crazy story to the local constabulary and an investigation was undertaken by the Marshall’s office.

A town meeting was held and Aud was in appearance. 

Nederland’s town council,(being as cool as it is) passed Section 7-34 of the Municipal code regarding the “Keeping of Bodies”. Which basically states it’s illegal store a frozen dead body on your property. However Grandpa Bredo was “Grandfathered” in .

Below is The Ice Man, driving the truck with Uncle Nasty (DJ from 106.7 KBPI in Denver) in the back. The Ice Man’s truck is a frequent sight in Nederland.Uncle Nasty.jpg

 The Ice Man has been delivering dry Ice to pack around Grandpa Bredo’s sarcophagus since 1995. Every month The Ice Man and a few volunteers deliver 1600 pounds of dry ice to keep Grandpa at negative 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

                Volunteers get paid 20 bucks and Bo buys them lunch. Sweet deal!

bredo_cask1.jpgGrandpa is kept in a Tuff Shed specially designed and donated by Tuff Shed. It’s one of a kind. (Serial # GRANDPA1)
<img style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 20px; DISPLAY: block" class="mt-image-center" alt="grandpa's tough shed.JPG" src="×82-thumb-55×41-thumb-55×41-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×295.jpg"display:inline;" class="mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-image"> 
Grandpa's Tough shed.JPG

                                                 Random Nederland shots.Striped pants guy.jpg

Crown Royal.jpg

Goggle guy.jpg

                                           “B” enjoying the festivities.

This is the start of the “Parade of Hearses“. The guy with the chainsaw is Jon C. Parker. He owns Sun King Chainsaw Art in Nederland. He carved the Yoda and Moose you see on top of the truck.

chainsaw guy.jpg
        He also carved this statue standing in the round-a-bout as you come into Nederland.
Mylee Hunter FDGD statue.jpg         



4X4 CHICK.jpg




biker coffin.jpg

                  The H1N1 Coffin Racing Team. The winners of the Coffin Race.

pig guy.jpg


Rasta team.jpg
This is the former Tiger Woods Ho’s team. Notice the black cadillac. Can you spot the golf club?



princess lea of ned.jpg



scary miner.jpg
        This guy whispered to Hunter “I left the body on the mountain” then wandered off.









Boner guy.jpg


               When the parade was finished we headed over to the Polar Plunge.

Polar plunge 1.jpg

Polar plunge 2.jpg


jump 2.jpg

jump 3.jpg

kid jumping in.jpg

flying in the water.jpg

crazy guy.jpg


couple jump.jpg

                                    Hunter and Mylee chillin on the ice.

h and m on ice.jpg
                                              Next was the Coffin Races

coffin races sign.jpg

They were showing the Movie “Grandpa’s in the Tuff Shed” all day. There was a frozen t-shirt contest in which the winner was the first one to put on a balled up frozen t-shirt. There was Ice Turkey bowling, tours to see the Frozen Dead Guy, Grandpa’s Mall Crawl, Frozen Salmon Toss and a…

                                      Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest.
rocky mountain oysters.jpg
                              Sorry, had no interest in viewing that contest.

         Below is a music video I made from all of my video footage. Please check it out.  


Next year we plan to enter the Coffin Races because the Polar Plunge is totally out of the question.

Thanks for checking out my little town and the world famous Frozen Dead Guy Days.

bat hearst.jpg
                                                     D..The Rockpile Ranter

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Basketball’s Fine but Baseball’s Divine


let the games begin.jpgTomorrow is the first official Rockies spring training game of 2010 against the D-Backs.

                                                     HELL YEAH !

I so wanted to be there welcoming the players and wishing them good luck. My smiling face was doing just that the first game of spring training last season and look how far the Rockies went…I’m just say’n🙂

The has been sending out questions to Rockies Bloggers and they’ve been posting my responses along with several other Rockies Bloggers. 

Here’s the question from Feb 24, 2010:

If free agent infielder Felipe Lopez can be had for a bargain price, should the Rockies consider bringing him in to give Clint Barmes some competition at second base?


The other question was from today and it was:

The Rockies have been notoriously slow starters in the past few seasons, often digging a deep hole for themselves in April. Is it the cold weather in Colorado, or something else that keeps the team from performing well early in the season?


Answering questions about the Rockies is fun in anticipation of the regular season but thank god for basketball, it fulfulls my need to watch live sports and take pictures in the baseball off-season and doesn’t break the bank(Thanks B).

In a month we’ll be watching the Rockies play the Mariners. I have several goals for those two special games.

You ask why is it a special game? Honestly I’m not sure but the ticket prices suggest something special so when I figure out exactly what it is that justifies the extremely high cost of tickets for these two games I’ll let you know. (The cheapest ticket is $25.00)

First I’d like to get Ken Griffey Jr’s autograph(Yeah I know who wouldn’t). It’s doubtful he’d sign for me dressed up in my Rockies gear but my wife Krista will be with me and that levels the playing field.

Second I’d like to catch a batting practice homer and/or possibly a game foul ball.

Third, I’d like to get Jason Giambi’s autograph. Yes I know I have all season to do that but I figure I’d get ‘er done early and that’s one less thing to do.

By the way if you’re attending this game and would like to trade your BERM tickets for tickets in section 120 give me a shout.

I attended the Nuggets/Pistons game on Feb 26th with my buddy Tom and Vanilla Ice was the half-time show. This is the second time I’ve seen Vanilla Ice at the Pepsi Center as he did the same thing last season.

           I’m not a fan, the video was shot only for future laughs. 

                           Here are random game shots from the third level.the Birdman 1.jpg                           A shot of Kenyon Martin who’s been injured. 

Birdman and Melo.jpg                            This is a No-No, c’mon dude this was a good game.
Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders 2-28-10                           George Karl, being a trooper and working through his illness.
Nuggets time out
Birdman under the basket.jpg
JR Smith 2-26-10.jpg    
DN cheerleaders.jpg
chauncey billups 2-26-10.jpg
Melo 2-26-10.jpg If you’ve ever wondered why they call Chris Anderson “The Birdman” here’s why.                                
birdman flying.jpg                                        The Nuggets beat the Pistons 107-102.

           Next weekend is Frozen Dead Guy Days in my town of Nederland, Colorado. 
frozen dead guy picture.jpg I plan to do a huge entry with pictures on FDGD explaining exactly what it is so you’ll have to check back to read it.
fun in the sun.jpg                   The games have begun, and I’m ready for some fun in the sun.
Believer.jpg                                                  D..The Rockpile Ranter

                                                          Go Rockies

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