I’ll be there again at Rockies Fest 2010


Tomorrow is Rockies Fest. Hunter and Mylee and I will be there. Expect a lot of pictures as this event is very picture worthy. I look forward to bumping into a bunch of people I know.

                See you at Coors Field (If not, I’ll make you feel like you were there).

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Hey D,
Hope to run into you there tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Let me know when you have the Pics up. Should be fun.

Go kick some photo and autograph booty.
I know the event will have excitement in the air and will be a nice pre-cursor to the guys heading down south to AZ to get the party started right in 2010.
Hope Hunter and Mylee gets every single signature they want, and look forward to some fantastic pictures real soon.
I know you will not need to bundle up, becuase it will feel like 100 degrees there tomorrow based on just the good vibes from 2009.

Rays Renegade


Have fun!! Hope it’s a blast!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!

Yeehaw!! See ya there! 😀

have fun! i cant wait til Pirates fest next weekend!


Hey D,
Hope the Rockies fest was awesome for you guys! I’ve been a huge slacker on Paul’s blog… Man, two kids leaves me with about 12 seconds of free time in a 24 hour day! It’s crazy around here. 🙂 Anyway, hope to be back at it soon. Can’t wait to read your entry from today’s fest. Take care and talk to you soon!

I can’t wait for the pictures! you always have such nice one!
Our Caravan week is the first week of February. I probably take a day vacation so that I can attend one day.

niiiiice! Share some photos with us afterwards! Can’t wait to see ’em. Have a blast!


MARK/Baby Paul-I totally feel you on the kids thing, now you feel me too. I’ts tough to manage both but it can be done. My wife supports me a lot believe me. Love to catch a BP this season with you brotha…Look forward to your/Paul’s writings.
EMMA-Do it girl…You deserve it…:)
MATTPEAS-Thanks…You too.
HOLLY-Hope you liked the entry.
RAYSREN-You sir are too kind and in my opinion the best Blogger on MLBlogs. Always a positive comment from you brotha…Keep up the GREAT work.
MIMI-Thank you , hope you like…D

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