August 2009

Crazy fun as the Rockies make that run


Just wanted to update everyone and let you know that Naomi is not lost or missing anymore. She may not want to be found but she is not missing at this point. Props to her mother for some fine detective work(thank you).
I want to personally thank everyone who helped me this week and thank those of you who sent well wishes. This kind of thing is a parent’s worst nightmare and I appreciate all the support.

I love this community and the help I’ve received has been extremely touching. I’m not thrilled with where she’s calling home but at least I have closure.  Krista, Hunter, Mylee and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts…D The Rockpile Ranter

8/25/09                                 Dodgers vs Rockies Game 1              

For those of you who were worried about the rain and stayed home missing this epic Rockies game let me just say you Fu*ked up.
IMG_2420.JPG Last night Coors field was buzzing like a giant size orgasmatron which in the end left the Dodgers feeling wet and unfulfilled :) 

                                          I was first through the Rockpile gate today.
IMG_2422.JPG As much as I like Zack Hample there was no way he was getting inside my Pavilion before I was. That actually paid off for me. As I decended the pavilion stairs Aaron Cook was picking a baseball up from the outfield fence and I said “Hey Aaron” and held up my glove. I normally don’t ask but I was the first one there and it was just me and Aaron. 

Aaron looked up and tossed me that ball…Thank you Aaron.  His toss was a bit short and rolled underneath the bleachers all the way to the front of row two. I was the only one in that section so I casually walked down the bleachers to the bottom and picked it up. When I looked up standing in front of me was Zack Hample “The King of Snag” as I’ve labeled him.

Batting practice was all about fun today. I actually had some play on a bunch of homers that I thought were out of my reach. I bobbled one of them, chased several more and came up short.  Twice during BP I missed a toss up form Seth Smith who I swear was trying to toss right to me. Sorry Seth my bad, I do appreciate it.

                                                            Dan and Zack

IMG_2424.JPG At one point I took out my camera and was going to try to shoot some video of Zack snagging a homer but as soon as I “whipped it out”….  I was tracking another baseball in my area.

I let it hit the bleacher in front of me and it bounced back into my row. I wasn’t going to dive for it because I had my camera in my hand. As I reached down to possess it another Rockies fan got all up in my space and snatched it up. 

I believe I mentioned something like “Dude if you want it that bad you can have it”. At that point my entire mission for the rest of BP was to deny that pr-ick another baseball.

 It worked, the last homer of batting practice was caught by yours truly while that dude watched helplessly.

That baseball said “Dodgertown” on it and I walked over and gave it to Joy’s (aka LUVMYROX) son.

Today I witnessed another unnecessary batting practice injury. A guy was standing up against the rail in row two talking to his buddies. He had no idea it was heading right for him and it clocked him above the temple. 

All I can say is it’s a good thing he didn’t see it or he would have tensed up and probably got killed.

                                                                  Scary stuff people.


                                        Guess who came up from AAA Sky Sox today?
IMG_2471.JPGEric Young Jr. got his first hit today, here’s a picture of it. He made it to first safely and later tried to steal second.
IMG_2543.JPG     Here is the picture I got of EY Jr’s first steal attempt. As you can tell he didn’t make it.
                                         Here’s my picture show for this game.

                                              Making sure home is clean.


                                            A shot of Queen Geri.IMG_2838.JPG

                                               Atkins and Hawpe
                                          Dan did something really cool.IMG_2776.JPG

                        He caught Clint Barmes’s home run ball, nice job brotha!
IMG_2463.JPGHere’s the hefty fella who runs across the field in-between innings. This guy is quite popular. 
IMG_2466.JPG                                                    This picture is for Queen Geri.
IMG_2516.JPG                       Manny wasn’t well received at Coors when he stepped to the plate.


                                   He seemed frustrated. Maybe the negativity got to him?

IMG_2608.JPG                                                         Matt Murton and Seth Smith
IMG_2630.JPG             Eric Young Jr. Leaping for a ball. This dude is going to be fun to watch mature.
IMG_2742.JPG        The basball in the picture is actually Dan’s he just doesn’t know it at this point. 
IMG_2820.JPG                                                                           Carlos GonzalezIMG_2851.JPG

                                                                    This dude is quick.IMG_2853.JPG
IMG_2862.JPG                         Dan wasn’t the only guy to do something cool. Tulo did too.
IMG_2668.JPG                        He won the game for the Rockies in the 10th inning. It was perfect.

 I like this series of pictures, I’m glad I got to see it in person. My favorite in the first picture is EY Jr. It’s his first game and “What a finish!”.
Rockies win 8-25-09.JPGIMG_2866.JPG


                                                          Crazy fun time today all around.

With each new win it feels like I’m watching Rockies history being made. Come to think of it…I am.

                                            Zack Hample..Have a safe trip home brotha.

Go Rockies, all is good in my world it’s time to show the world :)…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies save face and rock the place.


                                    Giants vs Rockies Game 2IMG_2017.JPG Ever heard of the Long Haul Bombers?..I hadn’t, these dudes play softball and are on a nation wide Stadium tour knocking the covers off softballs.

 The Bombers use aluminum bats and the softballs had no problem reaching the concourse. I think there were six batters and they each were allowed to hit 15 softballs.

                                   I’m telling you if felt like the Home Run Derby(in my mind).  

The damn softballs were crashing all around me yet I remained empty-handed. I watched Robert snag one of the first softballs hit out to left field. His spot of choice was the last row of the pavilion…Good choice.IMG_2181.JPG No worries, I managed to snag a ball today during BP. I should have been sporting several more but two I misjudged and one landed right in my glove and bounced out…totally my bad. 

I watched Tulo crush a ball about ten feet to my right and I was stuck because there was a family of four right blocking my access to it. As the ball neared I realized it was zeroing in for the father of the family standing beside me.

He was totally clueless so I screamed “Heads up dude”, it scared the sh*t out of him and at the last second he raised his glove up to his head and protected his face. He was stunned and stood there for a few minutes repeating out loud “That almost hit me”.

 In all honesty I was waiting for a “thank you” from either him or his wife but it didn’t happen.

    Your welcome anyway dude. Enjoy your life with an undamaged face courtesy of the Ranter.IMG_2183.JPG

              Jorge started for the day, here’s Bob Apodaca giving him a little pep talk.
IMG_2187.JPG                                                    The first pitch of the game. 
IMG_2222.JPG                          Different and works if you’re hitting a Rave after the game. 
IMG_2245.JPG                                                               Jorge at bat.
IMG_2247.JPG                                          Fowler hitting a fouler.(that’s good huh?)
IMG_2260.JPG           Floral print mishap of the game. Somebody really should tell him :) 
IMG_2271.JPG                                                                          Ouch 
IMG_2273.JPG                                               Jorge posing as a first baseman. 
IMG_2285.JPG                                                   Timmy looking much too chill.
IMG_2293.JPG                                                              A perfect evening. 
IMG_2279.JPGIMG_2202.JPG                                            Carlos was 1-3 with two runs scored. 
IMG_2334.JPG                                                  Tulo went 2-3 with one RBI.
IMG_2354.JPG                                                            Packed and pump’n 
IMG_2361.JPG                                           Some Giants confusion late in the game.                 IMG_2357.JPG                 This dad disappeared and came back with a purple head. His kid lost it.
IMG_2372.JPG                                                  He ain’t getting by Todd Helton, not tonight. 
IMG_2379.JPGNot my best shot of the evening but here’s Ian Stewart hitting a three run rocket in the sixth tying the game and spuring a seven-run inning. That single play totally shifted the momentum of the game in our favor.

IMG_2385.JPG                                                            Rounding first base.
IMG_2386.JPGIn the sixth inning with two out, Todd Helton blasted a two out homer to right field about twenty feet from where I was sitting. Man that was fun. So much fun I must have misplaced my voice.IMG_2258.JPG     When I woke up this morning it was gone along with my fear of getting swept.  


The Rockies punish the Giants tonight 14-11 in front of 47,178 and I was able to laugh back hard at my friend Todd (the guy I have the season long Giants bet with), because this win was a come from behind win and those just mean more when you’re bragging up your team. 

Easily one of the hottest and best Rockies games I’ve been to all year. Props to my friend for helping out a guy when he really needed some shade today.Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Giants stand tall as the Rockies fall


                                           GIANTS VS ROCKIES GAME 1

IMG_2017.JPGToday game was the official debut of the “New Ranter Hat”If you follow this blog you know that the Rockies gave away 15,000 floppy hats similar to mine a few weeks back.

                                      No worries it was time to change things up a little bit.

My friend Pete and I arrived at the Rockpile gate and were one of the first few through the gates.

We were to meet Scott and Stuart inside after batting practice. The Rockies decided not to take advantage of the beautiful weather and let the Giants take over the field.

In hindsight, they Rockies probably should have taken the opportunity and “Been on the Green”.

Today I ran into Kylie the infamous “Blake Street Blogger. I knew she would be attending this game and it wasn’t hard to spot her right up front in the Pavilion.

IMG_1901.JPG          It was obvious that she was excited to be at Coors Field because she was beaming. 
IMG_1899.JPG              Welcome to Colorado Kylie, and your new home away from home Coors Field :) 

I knew Joy (aka LUVMYROX) would be at this game too. I spotted her to my left taking pictures.












Below is the picture Joy took of me taking a picture her taking a picture of me. Thanks Joy :)


Joys pic of me 2.jpg                  Here’s a shot of Pete in the outfield. This was Pete’s first batting practice.

IMG_1908.JPGThere were a decent amount of BP homers hit into the pavilion today. One of the Giants peppered the pavilion with 5 or 6 homers in one at bat.

I managed to snag one ball today. It hit the bleachers in between a group of people and rolled down three rows right to me.

                                            It was a perfect baseball and it was Kylie’s.

I ran into Geoff, he had the good seats today and he was showing off his snag of the day.

      A Shea Stadium ball. You never know what’s going to land in your glove in BP,…. I like that. 
IMG_1929.JPG                          Here’s a shot of Timmy. This dude is tiny yet still rocks it…amazing.


                                                       Here are a few of the Rockies.IMG_1937.JPG








IMG_1992.JPG                                  Daily sporting a “Dora the Explorer” backpack,..too funny.

IMG_2012.JPGHere’s a shot of my friend Stuart standing in the Rockpile. I was on the concourse behind first base.IMG_2022.JPG

            Here’s Stuart and Pete enjoying a view and a beverage.

IMG_2101.JPG                          This guy asked if he could take our picture. I said sure if I could take his.

IMG_2024.JPG                  Aaron Cook on the mound. Not one of Cookies best performances tonight.IMG_2025.JPG

                              By the end of the first inning Cook had given up three runs.

Cook’s shoulder started to hurt and Tracy pulled him after walking Nate Schierholtz to open the fourth.

IMG_2111.JPG                                 Giants tower over the Rockies with a final score of 6-3.

                           Props to Seth Smith for his 10th homer of the season in the 8th.

This loss hurt, I can hear my friend Todd (the guy have the Rockies/Giants season long bet with) in the distance. He is laughing at me and he sounds like Nelson from the Simpsons.

                               Rockies I can’t have that. I need a win tonight and so do you.

                               I have the best readers and I appreciate every one of you…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

New glove new hat, when do I get to bat?


                                      First off thanks for all the birthday wishes.
IMG_0991.JPG For my birthday I received a Mizuno glove, hand made cards from my kids, a delicious dinner at Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery in Nederland, and a much needed win in Game 1 against the Cubs at Coors Field.

I wasn’t at this game but this series against the Cubs is one of my least favorite because the Cub fans usually out-number the Rockies fans during this series.

         For some reason, Cubs fans like to be extrememly arrogant inside Coors Field.

None of that mattered last night. All you could hear on TV were the Rockies fans. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Of course I’ll be at today’s game early trying to out-snag a Cubs fan during batting practice.

 If you listen closely during the game tonight you might even hear me trying to out cheer a Cubs fan🙂.

               I’ll also be sporting a new Ranter’s hat along with my birthday glove.

IMG_0999.JPG            Go Rockies…I’m feeling it, I’m seeing it, I can’t wait to be there doing it…D

Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Family time and the Rant in at nine


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Take a look at that list, two Rockies blogs in the top ten. Although the Rant has slipped three spots(totally my fault with a lack of regular entries the last month), another Rockies Blogger who has been creeping up on the top ten has broke into the top ten with a vengance.

Emily my friend and writer of I Live For This is now a top ten MLBlogger. Some people are destined for good things and I’ve always had a feeling about this young lady. 

          Congrats Emily, you do great work and it is nice to see you getting your props.

Before I talk a little Rockies I have to share our day at Elitch Gardens in Denver with you. With me on this adventure were my wife Krista, Hunter, Mylee, Andy from Spring Training, his wife Amalie, sons Hazen and Austin, and three friends of theirs Jake, Haley, and Meaghan.IMG_0935.JPG                                             Holy hot flash it was hot today. 

I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to bring a camera on our very first ride called the Twister. I looked for signs mentioning anything about a camera but I couldn’t find anything.

So what the hell, I took my camera along for the ride. 

On a frustrating note,… every video that I tried to shoot was cut off partway through the ride.

I’m not sure if it was the massive G-Force or me squeezing my camera so tight it just shut off.  


                                 Mylee’s first big coaster and she did really good.

I took a few pictures of the framework of the Twister. All I can say is I’m glad I rode it first.


                                    I guess that adds to the thrill of the ride?

This ride gives you a 360 degree view of Denver and a nice shot of Invesco Field at Mile High. Be careful, this video will make you dizzy. This was the only ride that I went on that had me spinning around.

                       I don’t really care for these rides, but Mylee was all about it🙂.


This one is cool because you can see my camera lens just as the video cuts off. Going backwards through a loop is a very un-natural feeling.


                                           I thought about giving this one a try.
IMG_0938.JPG                                                 But that thought was fleeting.

IMG_0937.JPG We spent the last couple of hours trying to cool off at the water park inside of Elitches. We headed for the lazy river first because it had the shortest line and was the quickest fix.

 That cooled us off and gave us the energy to spend an hour waiting to go down just one of the water slides. This place was packed for a Wednesday. After an hour wait for one ride I was finished for the day.

We let the kids play around for a while longer then we headed back to the mountains.

                                                 Lets see…Rockies talk…hmmmm

I got nothing. On one hand I’m glad we split the last ten games as the Rockies usually have a rough go on this road trip.

But it really hurt losing the last two to the Phillies, giving the Giants the lead over us and letting the precious wild card slip past us,….again.

The Rockies are back home again tomorrow. It’s my birthday but I won’t be at the game. I made a deal with the wifey so I could attend the Judas Priest concert on Tuesday.

 I’ll be there on Saturday and it’s floppy hat day so that makes it kind of my day. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been to Coors Field and I’m more than ready.

                                          I just hope the Rockies are too…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG 

Estes but not like testes

8/2/09                                    Our visit to Estes Park

I only worked a half-day on Sunday so I was out of work and home by noon. With Naomi staying with us we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go on a little road trip.

         Estes (Pronounced S-Tes, not like t-estes) Park was our choice for the day :) 

IMG_0750.JPG Not far from Estes Park is Rocky Mountain National Park. I had heard a rumor that we could enter the park free this weekend.

Unfortunately upon meeting the friendly Park Ranger stationed in his little booth at the entrance to the park, I found out my information about the freebie was incorrect.
IMG_0743.JPGI was prepared for the expense and after all was said and done I can tell you it was money well spent. Below are my oldest Naomi, Hunter and Mylee.

                     This was a little stream we visited on the way to Estes Park.


                                                 Some rock climbing. 
IMG_0767.JPG                                           Hunter and his furry new friend. 
IMG_0773.JPG                                   Alvin here was cute and way to tame. 
IMG_0776.JPG We ate our lunch on the side of a huge rock wall. Our choice,….Subway subs from Estes Park where the $5.00 footlong is $6.00.

     The subs taste the same but the thin air allows you to swallow more so you feel fuller 🙂

IMG_0799.JPGThere were several lakes that formed on the side of the mountain. The word shrinkage comes to mind.
IMG_0783.JPG                   When you reach the Visitors Center/Gift shop your almost to the top.

IMG_0817.JPG                                   As we neared the stairway I noticed this sign?

IMG_0818.JPG      No worries, it was beautiful out and all that was left was the short walk up to the peak.

                           I had to stop twice, the air is really thin up here. 

IMG_0819.JPG                   Mylee made it first and she posed after she conquered the mountain.
IMG_0822.JPG                                 My clan minus Krista who is taking the picture. 
IMG_0829.JPG               Ruffles aren’t the only things that have ridges, these ones are pretty cool. 
IMG_0815.JPG                                     We spotted several elk on the way back out. 
IMG_0891.JPG                                                     One helluva view.
IMG_0896.JPG                                         Another beautiful mountain lake.

Notice all of the brown? That my friends is from a devastating little fu*ker called the Pine Beetle. When the beetles finish their trek through this state it will have a much different appearance.  
IMG_0895.JPG                                                     Remember this movie? 
IMG_0899.JPG                                                     Click this to expand 
IMG_0901.JPG This is the Stanley Hotel, local folk say it’s haunted and it’s also where the movie “The Shining” was filmed. Cool place, it’s free to visit and worth your time if you’re out this way.IMG_0902.JPG When we turned onto the dirt road about a 1/4 mile from the cabin we noticed this deer hiding in the woods.

IMG_0913.JPG                               The humming birds are starting to get friendly.

IMG_0924.JPGIt’s not hard to be on top of the world when your family is together and your team has won four in a row.
IMG_0800.JPG                         From the very top of the Colorado Rockies let me just say….

                                    GO ROCKIES, Time to Blunt the Phillies…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG