July 2009

Copycat the Ranter Hat, What’s up with That?


 Rockies take 1 out of 4 at Shea Stadium. If you know the Rockies(if your reading this blog I assume you do), this would be our dreaded August east coast road trip. By past performance this particular road trip has the ability to make or break the Rockies season.

 We gave up three games to the Mets at the most crucial time of the season. I’m willing to look past the fact that it was the Mets(I have to), and focus on the word crucial.

These catch phrases come to mind: This is it, the time is now, show me the money, it’s now or never, and just do it.  

                    Surprise, Big Papi and Manny Ramirez used PED’s in 2003!

I wonder about the other 98 people on that list. Does this bother them? Does the fear of media exposure at any minute nag at them of like a hangnail or canker sore?

 Or can they just put it out of their mind and pretend it’s business as usual?

The release of these names one or two at a time is killing baseball. At this point I’m desensitized to new reports of steroid use.

I’ve heard people say that they should release all of the names at once and get it over with.

That might help but I think the players who know they tested positive should all come forward by themselves for themselves.

It’s not like the MLB is punishing these fellas. Back in 2003 the policies for random drug testing hadn’t been established.

 Now is as good a time as any to admit it, apologize to the fans and roll on with a clean conscience.

                       Do it fellas, clear your mind, save our sport. 

Ok I need some help with this. My green floppy hat is part of my trademark Ranter look. August 9th is the Rockies floppy hat day and most years the hat is a beige color.

                  Here’s a picture of the hat the Rockies are giving away:
Rockies floppy_hat_180x150.jpg                                Here is a picture of my seasoned hat :

Green Floppy Hat.JPG                                           I’m sort of flattered and sort of mad.

I can’t have 15,000 people running around looking like me. Let me tell you folks it’s not always easy being a trendsetter…

                                             What to do now? Go Rockies…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

Bud blows smoke, as Rose waits for a toke


                   Alternate titles for this entry were: Rose hosed and Bud’s a dud.  

The world has a way of keeping you in check. I was getting to a point where things were leveling out for me and life was getting somewhat(dare I say it) routine.

Ranter’s definition of routine = A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Following the same schedule with nothing too pending or pressing.

                                             Mostly it means…. No DRAMA 

I enjoy routine. I live for routine. I wish I could plan out the rest of my life and just follow that pre-designed blueprint.

                                     Avoiding life’s speed bumps so to speak.

But things never quite roll that way do they? Life in general seems to be a series of lessons, tests, challenges or whatever you choose to call them. That has to be it because my search for “Routine” is interrupted by a continious flow of “WTF now”, and other things that prohibit me from achieiving my sacred “Routine“.

I know as your reading this you know exactly what I’m talking about as it relates to yourself and your own situation.

Stuff like that gets me thinking that maybe that’s what a person’s life force is all about. It’s what gets you up in the morning so you can accomplish the next thing on your list and it’s what keeps you alive another day so you can pay off more of your debt or solve one more of life’s dilemmas. 

          Don’t try and analyze the above, it’s a personal vent and lets leave it at that.

             All is good and I’m still living the dream, guess I just need more sleep 🙂

                                                Rockies vs Mets Game 2 

 Ouch, the second Rockies/Mets loss hurt. Don’t worry Rockies fans, the last two games were only a minor stumbling block. I mean come on,… it takes at least two days just to get used to being on the east coast.

                             Remember the air is thick and smells different there.

Expect a win tonight as the Rockies adjust to their surroundings and they remember who they are and realize it doesn’t matter where they’re playing.

When you look over, it’s just the Mets in the other dugout and we’re a better team this year.

                              When Hank Aaron Speaks Bud Selig listens?

Thumbnail image for bud-selig.jpg                     Maybe, but looks to me like Bud could use a Q-tip or an ear trim.

I dislike the fact that that writers get to vote on who is elected to the Hall of Fame. There’s way too much of their personal opinion involved in the decisions.  

The decision should be easy. There really is no need for a vote. If a player has earned the right (statistically) to be in the Hall of Fame then he should be there.

Either the human factor needs to be taken out of the Hall of Fame vote or the out of touch voters need to be more human. Everyone f*cks up and I’m sure each of the writers voting have a ghost or two in their own personal closet.  

When it comes time for the vote I don’t care what “the chosen” baseball writers think about Pete personally and why in “their opinion” Pete doesn’t deserve to be there.

Statistically Pete deserves to be there and there should be nothing more to it. The same goes for all players who have the career statistics good enough to make the Hall of Fame.

Do any of you remember the intensity that Pete played with? He was baseball at that time.

 I can’t say for sure but the Hall of Fame probably has one or two cheaters in it and it’s quite possible one or two of our sacred players has a criminal record. On that line of thinking the Hall of Fame could possibly have a player inside it’s walls that used PED’s.

What if a player did something horrible after he was elected to the Hall of Fame? Could he then be banned?

  Yes even “Elway the Pug” thinks Barry Bonds oversize mug and Pete’s hair plugged head  should be hanging up in Cooperstown.IMG_0705.JPG Then as we gaze at his likeness and read his lifetime stats I can tell my kids/grandkids the real story of Barry Bonds and Pete Rose let them decide how they feel about lying, betting  and PED’s in general. 

 If a group of seasoned writers are the ones who make the ultimate decision of our baseball history, then let the writers vote only on a players baseball accomplishments and let we the public decide how to tell the rest story.
tx_rose_pete_ap.jpgYeah Pete’s a lying, gambling dooze bag. I’m sure a lot of the fellas who are currently in the Hall of Fame are as*holes too if you asked some of the fellas they played with or against.  

   Bud Selig is a relic and out of touch with modern baseball. He either needs to step down (preferably), or relinquish some or all of his totalitarian baseball authority.

          Both of our countries Kings are dead now and baseball sure doesn’t need one.

                         On a lighter note, I’ve been having fun with my camera.


IMG_0173.JPGIMG_0696.JPG     I’ve never said I know a lot about baseball. I’m just a Rockies fan with an opinion.

                                  Go Rockies, two out of four would be fine…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha

Sweet T Makes History in Front of Me

7/22/09                             D-Backs vs Rockies Game 3

IMG_0640.JPG                          Sweet come from behind justice today on those D-Backs.

Honestly some baseball games are boring and you’re glad when they’re over and some games you wish would would never end.

                                   This one was the later, I didn’t want to leave.

If you know anything about me or my blog Todd Helton can do no wrong here on the Rant. I like all of the Rockies but Todd is my guy.

Today was his day, he owned it and I was able to witness it. The initial words that come to mind are “F*CK YEAH”.

 Here’s a picture of Todd at bat in the third inning. You all know what happened next.

Check out the guy in the yellow shirt just to Todd’s right. Guess he “picked” the right game to be at 🙂

Helton 7-22-09.JPG

       So did Mylee and I, but you don’t have to wash your hand after you shake mine. 

We arrived at Coors half-an hour after the gates had opened. Not because I wanted to arrive fashionably late but because I haven’t quite mastered the Nederland to Coors Field drive time.

  I’m still trying to figure out the exact equation to use to calculate the “Tourist”(also known as gapers) factor into my scenic mountain drive.

As Mylee and I entered the first row of the pavilion batting practice was in full force and the D-backs were scattered all over the outfield. Although not a D-backs fan whatsoever, I’d like to give props to one player who tossing baseballs to all different parts of the stadium just for sh*ts and giggles.

                                     Here he is tossing a ball into the seats.

This guy probably tossed ten baseballs into random parts that have never seen a baseball before.

           Mylee and I watched him toss one into the Rockpile meant for a specific kid.

It rolled all the way down to the front and some pot-bellied goofy looking older guy picked it up and stuffed it into his pocket. The player who tossed it up yelled for the guy to give it to the kid, but the funny shaped guy just stood there with a blank look on his inconsiderate face and played dumb.

So what did the D-Backs player do? Well he tossed up another baseball and the intended recipient snagged it that time.

Extremely cool and something you don’t see all that much. The D-backs were acting really confident as if they were on top of the world

 I wasn’t digg’n on that too much. If you want to be cocky and confident be that way in your own stadium.  

The D-Backs suck at hitting batting practice homers and It looked like Mylee and I were on our way to a shutout today. On a seriously cool note, right before the D-backs left the field one of them walked up and handed Mylee a ball.

IMG_0561.JPG I would love tell you these players names but a lot of the D-backs had their names and numbers covered. Sorry D-backs, I don’t have time or enough brain cells left to memorize your entire roster or any teams entire roster for that matter. 

                                                  We both thanked him.

After he gave Mylee the ball I noticed something weird on the fence in front of me. Check it out, you might want to shield your childrens eyes.

I’m not sure but I think these two dragonflys are “doing it” and taking in a ball game at the same time. How romantic is that?

                  It’s either that or this kinky fence thing is a dragonfly’s version of a 69. 

                  What a great idea…sex and baseball…we all could learn from bugs 🙂

IMG_0583.JPGThat was it, BP was over and Mylee and I went for a walk to see what was to be seen. When we noticed the huge crowd beside the Rockies dugout we decided to skip autographs and started looking  for a shady spot to sit, relax and wait for the game to start.

bacon cooking.jpgDid I mention that it was HOT today? Holy heatstroke man, I now know what bacon feels like.


I noticed that usually in the 8th inning when there is a pitching change they play a Rockies clip of the Rockies making catches and shots of fans from previous games. I recently found out that I’m in that clip along with Robert. It’s for a brief second but you can clearly see Robert and I. It’s a shot from when Robert caught Spilborghs homer earlier this season.

          Here’s the video, if you pause it you can see us around the 45-46 second mark.

          Seeing that brief shot of the old man and me on the big screen made my day.

Mylee and I had great seats today (Thanks R-Luv) in the pavilion. Dan was kind and hooked Mylee up with a booster seat so she could see over the railing, thanks Dan.
IMG_0577.JPGI called my buddy Chuck to verify he would be at the house warming this weekend and also because I had a strange feeling he was at this game.

 He answered and said “Hey I was just thinking about you”. I said “Funny, I was just thinking about you”.

 I mentioned in a bragging sort of way about the great seats Mylee and I were sitting in for this game. Chuck informed us he was acting as the host for a group of people today who had rented a suite.

         Here’s a shot of Chuck looking at me from his fancy suite from behind home plate.
IMG_0596.JPG                         Chuck came down and visited us in the front row for a while.
IMG_0611.JPGAnd in the 8th inning he called me and invited us up to visit the air-conditioned suite. Here’s a shot of us after the game.
IMG_0655.JPG The best thing about the suite other than the shade is the free peanuts, you can’t beat that. Other than that, I’d rather be in the pavilion trying to catch a home run ball.  

 Ok the view is pretty sweet too. When the game was over we watched the stadium empty out. Let me just say this, the atmosphere at Coors was electric and I was thrilled to be part of it.

                                                 Lets go backwards a bit.

Ok, it’s the third inning and Todd Helton walks up to the plate. I’m thinking, should I bust out my camera? Reality hits me and I realize that any of Todd’s future at bats could be the big one and if I’m not ready, I’ll miss the historic moment.

I whipped my camera out just as Todd took his stance at the plate. Here is a shot just after he hit the baseball. Look at the dude in the blue shirt to Heltons right shoulder in this picture. The baseball looks like it’s stuck to his glasses.Thumbnail image for IMG_0572.JPG

 At first it looked like he hit a home run but it wasn’t long before I realized this was gonna be it. This was going to be his 500th double and I scrambled to get a shot of Todd reaching second base.

I managed to get the picture just as Todd is touching the bag, it was perfect. I remember looking over at Dan and mumbling something about he did it.

                                     Here’s the picture I’ve been bragging about.IMG_0589.JPG

                                  Here is the video of the Coors Field aftermath.


In my opinion Helton is one of the most humble baseball players out there. It wasn’t hard to tell by his stance that all he wanted to do was keep the game going. I heard he didn’t even want second base after they removed it and kept it for him.

                      Todd said he didn’t have a place to put it…That is humble. 

Sorry Todd, you deserve this buddy. This city respects the hell out of you and whether you wanted it or not, you got your well deserved props on “your” day.

This game had the perfect baseball ending. In the 8th inning with the game tied 3-3 Helton hits a walk off home run and wins the game for the home crowd. It’s like it was meant to be. 

                     Here are some of the pictures I took of this game, please enjoy.

     Rockies All-Star Brad Hawpe. It looks like he’s hitting Tulo in the face with his bat. 

                                              Clint Barmes really reaching.IMG_0570.JPG 
New daddy Ryan Spilborghs and Garrett Atkins IMG_0564.JPG

                                Mylee and one of the Rockies biggest fans Randy.IMG_0562.JPG

 In this picture it looks like he’s throwing the baseball through his head. I took this picture at Tuesday’s game.IMG_0539.JPG

                              Seth Smith trying to snag a ball off of the bounce.IMG_0581.JPG

                                            Another shot of Helton on second.IMG_0593.JPG

                                                           Ubaldo at bat.IMG_0600.JPG
                                 Another shot, look at Ubaldo’s face in this one.IMG_0602.JPG

                                                           Clint BarmesIMG_0607.JPG

                                              Tulo sliding back to first base.IMG_0613.JPG

                                                Tulo with a clear runway.

                                       Tulo rounding second while looking at me.IMG_0615.JPG

This is Todd and Ruth, I work with them. Ruth is a huge Rockies fan and Todd is the Giants fan that I have the bet with.IMG_0616.JPG

                     Houston Street doing what he does best, closing and winning.
                                                    One happy group of guys.
Rockies take this series two games to one.IMG_0645.JPG                                                        Next up…The Giants

What me worry1.jpg
  I’m not worried, I already told you they ain’t that damn big…I’ll be at Sunday’s game

                                                           Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


Gave away nine but none are mine

7/18/09                             Grizzlies vs Sky Sox Game 3

Krista and I don’t get to Colorado Springs nearly enough so it doesn’t take a whole lot to convince us to take the 2 1/2 hour drive. The reason for today’s trek south was the the used car giveaway at Security Service Field where the Colorado Springs Sky Sox call home.

IMG_0432.JPG  Names are randomly drawn at the end of each inning and there were nine cars in all. 

I noticed a Jeep Cherokee, a Mercedes, an older Nissan 280 Z which was in nice shape and some other “Repos” not worth mentioning but worth keeping if you happen to win one of them.

 We showed up early enough for batting practice but you’re not allowed inside the stadum until one hour before the game starts. So snagging baseballs consists of standing outside the stadium in the outfield and trying to snag them as they fly over the fence.

It’s harder than it sounds because although you can hear the crack of a ball being hit you don’t know where the hell the ball is going to land. If you want to catch a ball you have to stand within twenty feet of the outfield wall.

While doing so you can only see directly above you and you wind up standing there playing the odds. If by chance a ball does clear the fence right where you’re standing you only have a fraction of a second to react.

Possible, but probably not going to happen today. Besides, I was saving my luck for the cars.

I opted to stand back about a hundred feet so I could see in advance when a ball was going clear the fence and so I could have some space to react to the ball’s bounce. It worked, I managed to snag one of maybe five baseballs I saw just sneak over the outfield wall.

I later took my Pacific Coast League baseball up to Sox the Fox and asked him to autograph it for me.

The line to get inside Security Service Field was at least two-hundred people deep when we walked up to the gate. I couldn’t believe it. As we went through the gates we were given a piece of paper to fill out with our personal information.

 The personal information was for the used car drawing or so they told us (I hate junk mail).

 Krista and I filled out our entries, turned them in and headed off the grass berm to snag a spot and unload our stuff so I could head over to try and get my Big Stick bat signed.

Krista on the Berm 7-18-09.JPG I slid into a good spot within fifteen feet of the Sky Sox dugout and waited. The first person on the field to warm-up was my favorite Sky Sox player Sal Fasano.

Sal Fasano 7-19-09.JPGI guess the Sky Sox loosened up on their “No facial hair” policy because Sal was sporting his tradmark “Stache”.Sal catching 7-18-09.JPG

                    Of all the autographs I was able to get today I did not get Sal’s.


Next person out to warm-up was Eric Young Jr. He’s always attentive to his fans and signs for everyone.

He was the first autograph on my bat today.

I congratulated EY Jr. on making the Futures team.


David Ortmeier 7-18-09.JPG 


Next to sign was David Ortmeier.

If you remember I caught David’s first home run ball as a Rockie during spring training this year.

David hasn’t really said much the few times I’ve been around him. He’s signed when I’ve asked, but he seems uncomfortable doing it. 

I could be wrong, in any case David is a helluva first baseman and I appreciate that he took the time to sign for me.

Frey 7-18-09.JPG





Chris Frey was happy to sign for the group and added his mark to my bat.








                          Here are the rest of the Sky Sox who signed the “Big Stick”.

                                                      Infielder Mike McCoyMike McCoy 7-18-09.JPG

                       You might remember catcher Paul Phillips, a really nice guy.Paul Phillips 7-18-09.JPG

      Infielder/Outfielder Christian Colonel. He signed for me and played third base today.
Christian Colonel 4-18-09.JPG                  Sky Sox Manager Stu Cole took some time to sign for the group.
IMG_0314.JPG                                              Here is pitcher Esmil Rogers.
Esmil Rogers 7-18-09.JPG Guess you never know who you’ll see in Colorado Springs. Here’s Matt Herges. He’s so fresh he’s not even on the Sky Sox roster yet.

                                                   Welcome back Matt !!
Matt Herges 7-18-09.JPG                                                          Jonathan Herrera
jonathan Herrera 7-18-09.JPG                                       Ryan Speier pitched the 8th inning.

Thumbnail image for Ryan Speier 7-18-09.JPG                                                    
Pretty cool huh?RPR bat 7-18-09.JPG

                                      All this and the game hasn’t even started.

IMG_0324.JPGToday’s game was against the Fresno Grizzlies who have won the first two of this four game Sky Sox homestand. By the end of the game they had made it three.

                                      Here are some game pictures: 

                                               Chris Frey after a base hit.

C Frey on First 7-18-09.JPG                                               Matt Miller doing the same.
Matt Miller on first 7-18-09.JPG                                                David Ortmeier gets a hit.
Ortmeier swing 7-18-09.JPG                                                     Makes it to first base.
Ortmeier on first 7-18-09.JPG                                                     and scores Miller.
Miller Scores 7-18-09.JPG                                            Here’s Christian Colonel at bat.
Colonel at bat 7-18-09.JPG                                                             and a swing
Colonel Swing 7-18-09.JPG                                                Sox the Fox showing off.
Sox unicycle 7-18-09.JPG                                                    A shot of the bullpen.
Sky Sox Bullpen 7-18-09.JPG                                                             Big Sal at bat.
Sal at Bat 7-18-09.JPG                                                                 EY Jr.
EY Jr 7-18-09.JPG                                            Short stop today Jonathan Herrera.
J Herrera 7-18-09.JPG                                Here is one of the cars they were giving away.  
Used car giveaway 7-18-09.JPG                                                       A shot of the sky.
Colo Springs Sky 7-18-09.JPG                                                             The dugout.
the dugout 7-18-09.JPG                                                Sal’s so damn photogenic.
Big Sal 7-10-09.JPGHere’s a shot of the Hot tub area as we were leaving after the Sky Sox fell to the Fresno Grizzlies 6-4.
Sky Sox hot tub 7-18-09.JPG                                       Posing with Erik Young Jr. Hummer
RPR and EY jr Hummer1.jpgI love Colorado Springs. I’ve spent a lot of my years here and I always enjoyed this special city. A good chunk of my friends still habitate there. Security Service Field is a great place to watch a baseball game and you never know who you might see play. 

Next year for my birthday I want to rent the Sky Sox hot tub. I’ll be holding interviews for the seven other ladies that get to join me in the tub. What, you don’t think I’m going to soak in there with a bunch of dudes do you?

                     Remember ladies…less is more…I’m kidding, seriously I am 🙂

One of my goals in life it to catch a ball while soaking my bones in that hot tub. There’s probably as much chance of that happening as me taking batting practice with the Rockies.

Aim_High.jpgBut just like a sign above a urnial that I once saw while taking a leak on the Air Force Academy, you’ve got to “Aim High”.

The Rockies are back in Denver playing the D-Backs tomorrow. I’ll be at the game on Tuesday and look for me on TV during the Wednesday afternoon game. I’ll be in the outfield with Hunter and my friend from work who hooked Hunter up with the prize package to meet Carmelo Anthony earlier this year.

Just as I was about to publish this entry the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared off the front deck.
Rainbow in Ned 2.JPG

            Go Rockies, them Giants ain’t so big and the pot of gold is in sight…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha

The fish swim upstream and I had a dream

I said I would post a picture of the rare “Colorado Rockies Bat Fish” so here’s one Robert took for me.

                                          Here they are swimming upstream.

bat fish swimming up stream.jpgI was reading Happy Youngster’s blog entry about his experience at the Home Run Derby and I knew Dan and Emily were attending the derby.

Among all of Happy’s great pictures was one of Happy and Emily waiting line for the Home Run Derby. I borrowed this picture to share with you.

                                                 Good stuff I tell you.Happy N Emily Home Run Derby.jpg

 The wife and I heading down to Colorado Springs on Saturday. The Sky Sox play the Fresno Grizzlies and at some point during the game they will be giving away nine used cars.

Our plan is to head down with a brand new bat, my camera and my positive attitude. Funny thing, I had a dream that I won a car at a baseball game not long ago. At the time it didn’t make sense.

 The stadium in my dream wasn’t Security Service Field where the Sky Sox play but in the dream for some odd reason they were giving away cars.

Lets see, I have a baseball dream about winning a car then I discover a Sky Sox game where they are giving away used cars. I figure that’s enough of a coincidence that I’m going to roll with the dream and attend that game and say hi to Manny Corpas while I’m down there…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha 

Embree breaks a bone at home

7/10/09                                Braves vs Rockies Game 2

Today Hunter and I went to the game with Andy (from spring training) and his son Hazen. This was Hazen’s first batting practice and we were all excited for him.

           The line for BP was huge as they were giving away Brad Hawpe T-Shirts.

                                  They usually fit me until the third wash or so.

When we hit the pavilion I headed to my usual spot and within a few minutes Chris Iannetta hit the first BP homer and I tracked it perfectly and made a beautiful catch.

It felt good to catch that ball. I then focused my attention over to Andy, Hazen and Hunter.
IMG_0019.JPGI was watching a ball that was hit over by Robert’s area and he snagged it off the bounce. Robert turned around and gave that ball to Hazen. 

                                                    Here is the poor video of it:

That would be one of two baseballs Robert gave to Hazen. Robert…. Andy told me to say thanks for doing that for his boy.

Andy and Hunter were shutout for BP. Hunter told me it was because he was helping Hazen get his🙂

Me, I had one more opportunity for a toss up.

Spilly and Seth Smith had been goofing around in left field and were tossing up a bunch of baseballs to random people.
Spilly and Smith 7-11-09.JPG

Normally I don’t raise my glove for toss-ups but they were having fun so I figured what the hell.

                                  Here is video of Seth Smith tossing up a ball:

When Spilly finally tossed one to my area I took a few steps to my right and was positioned perfect for the catch.

I looked behind me real quick (something I do now thanks to BP blockers), and noticed I was positioned in front of a dad and his son who were in the row behind me.

I had a flash of guilt, and backed off leaving the catch for the dad so he could be a hero in front of his son. He bobbled it and somebody else snapped it up.

           In hindsight I should have just caught the damn thing and gave it to his kid.

             Here’s Dexter Fowler at batting practice with Baylor checking things out.

Fowler BP 7-10-09.JPG                  After BP we walked around and watched Ubaldo Jimenez warming up.
Ubaldo 7-10-09.JPG                                                 MULLET OF THE GAME
Mullet 7-10-09.JPG

                  Here is Todd Helton hang outside of the dugout watching the game.

Helton hangout dugout 7-10-09.JPG                           I was hoping to get a few pictures of Chipper Jones.

Chipper Jones 7-10-09.JPG                                                                 So I did.

Chipper Jones 7-10-09-1.JPG                                                   Here is a shot of Prado.
Helton and Prado 7-10-09.JPG Prado is the dude responsible for ending Alan Embree’s season with one lucky swing.

That sucks, I hope Embree heals and can continue next season. He was doing pretty good for the Rockies lately and that’s a sheety way for a players season to end. 

                                            Here are some random pictures.

Hawpe swing 7-10-09.JPG                        The Rockies fans argued this call but McLouth was safe.

Helton safe 7-10-09.JPG I think it’s cool that this dude can still do this job. These guys are tough. I got thirsty and my back hurt just watching him lug that thing around.

Older Coors Field Vendor 7-10-09.JPGThe elusive Jeff Francis, hang’n with Spilly. He looks ready, when will we see him on the mound?

Thumbnail image for spilly dugout 7-10-09.JPG                                                      Carlos Gonzalez

IMG_0142.JPG                                                           Barmes at bat.
Barmesatbat.JPG                                        One more shot of the gang today.
IMG_0093.JPG                                                       Dexter Fowler 
IMG_0098.JPG                                                          Todd Helton
IMG_0107.JPG We debated waiting around after the the rain delay was called but Andy and I had worked that day and I was exhausted. So we bailed and in the end didn’t miss much other than Embree taking a line drive to the leg and ending his season.

                                     Rockies lose this one to the Braves 4-1.

                                     I hate losing to the Braves at home…D

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How Rude Dude


    I went out to where I parked yesterday morning and this is how I found my “New to me” truck.
xxxxxx truck 1.JPG

                    No note whatsoever. How do some people live with themselves?

                           I apoligize to which ever karma god I’ve piss’d off..D
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Forget the D-backs lets stay on track

7/5/09                              Happy B-day to my brother Dean

We had a blast on Fridays Game 1 against the D-Backs. The Rockies made it look easy at Coors and sent the Snakes slithering back to their pit with a final score of 5-0.

Unfortunately I had to watch Saturday and Sunday’s game on TV and it was shockingly painful. Home games are not the place for the Rockord to be slipp’n up.

                                         Maybe it’s all this wet weather of late.

ThumbSlipperyWhen1.jpg Anyways I can’t quietly stand/sit by and watch all that the Rockies have gained in the last month just wash away with the rain.

                                              Jim Tracy, talk to this team.

Thumbnail image for Jim Tracy 1.jpg Put your foot down and let em know this is unacceptable. In past seasons even when the Rockies sucked we usually could hold our own at home.

                            Why can’t we win at home this year? I just don’t get it.
                                          Props to Ubaldo Jimenez today. Ubaldo 5-12-09.jpg
 Rockies were up 3-0 and it looked like we had a possible no-hitter working until the sixth inning. With two out Jimenez walked the next two batters and when Mark Reynolds stepped up to the plate Ubaldo served him a perfect fastball that made it’s home in the left field pavilion.

                                             All of a sudden it’s a tie game. 

                 So much for Ubaldo’s no-hitter, missed it by that I——-I much.


Thumbnail image for Brad Hawpe11.jpg
Marquis on Mound 5-29-09.jpg


 Congrats go out to the newest members of the 2009 All-Star Team Brad Hawpe and Jason Marquis.

Hawpe will be starting in place of injured Mets player Carlos Beltran.

Two fine additions and I’m sure will these fellas will not disappoint.

C’mon Brad, show those dudes how it’s done Rocky Mountain style.




                        How about MLB’s best pinch-hitter our very own Seth Smith?
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Seth SMith 114.jpg This guy is f’kin amazing in the clutch. He’s money in the bank and someone I didn’t even factor into the Rockie equation at the beginning of the season. Seth is hitting close to .500 as a pinch-hitter.

We all know how a sucessful team works, you get three or four players who really step up their game and all of a sudden you’re a team that starts winning.

The way I figure the players listed below have really out performed what I thought capable of them. Their outstanding play this season is an unexpected bonus and a good part of why the Rockies are above .500. 

Seth Smith

Dexter Fowler

Ian Stewart

Carlos Gonzalez

Brad Hawpe

Todd Helton, we all know he’s good but we didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of the season.

Houston Street

 Tomorrow is a new day and a new team. I’m going to forget these last two games and focus on this next series against the Nationals. This weekend was just a temporary setback in our quest to win this division and ultimately win the World Series.

        Don’t believe me?…Fine, but you can’t knock my enthusiasm…Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG