I need some dirt on this shirt


As some of you may know I collect Rockies memorabilia. I came across this Jersey a few days ago and I was wondering if anyone has seen one like it before and where it’s from.

rockies jersey 1.jpg

                                                  Thanks for your help…D
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Sorry – can’t help! Maybe Mark Newman could help or is there a Rockies Beatwriter here on MLBlogs who could help?


Not to sound rude but can you guys just hurry up and start losing again so you can finally trade the Phillies Jason Marquis? Haha I’m just playin, there was all kinds of rumors around here in Philly that we were on the verge of getting Marquis but not now since Colorado decided they wanted to start winning again. Haha, nice blog man and I like that jersey, no idea where its from though and I’ve never seen anything like it. Be sure to check out mine some time.

Wow, that’s very unusual. I’ve never seen one like that.

wow that’s awkward ! ive never seen a Rockies jersey in that color

No clues on the Jersey?? Tough loss yesterday but I’ve lost no faith whatsoever in the Rockies. Enjoy the day off fellas. It’s back to business on Friday…Fireworks…My camera will back soon…It’s all good…Go Rockies…D

Congrats on #6 on the Latest Leader’s List D!


Julia…Congrats to you on #4. I’ve owned that # 6 spot for months. Not bad for a lil old Rockies Blog. Great game last night, even better fireworks show afterwards. My camera didn’t make it back from the factory on Friday so I’ll have no camera this whole weekend. I’ll have Friday’s game entry up tonight without many pictures. Guess I’ll have to impress you with my writing skills…Thanks for reading my Rockies blog and keeping the Rant in the top ten for over a year…D

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