June 2009

I need some dirt on this shirt


As some of you may know I collect Rockies memorabilia. I came across this Jersey a few days ago and I was wondering if anyone has seen one like it before and where it’s from.

rockies jersey 1.jpg

                                                  Thanks for your help…D
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The World loses a King and an Angel


Wow, I can’t tell you what kind of person either of these people were in their lifetime because I never had a chance to meet them, but I can tell you they both were bigger than life back in my late teens and twentys.

         When a double whammy hits you like this it makes me think of the fragility of life.   
farrah fawcett1.JPG Farrah Fawcett was my first adult crush. I loved Charlie’s Angels and was a big fan of Lee Majors her first husband in the 70’s when “The Six Million Dollar Man”was on TV.

                     I used to love the episodes that Farrah made guest appearances in.

Michael Jackson Thriller1.JPGMichael Jackson was huge for a good part of my adult life. He “WAS” MTV in the 80’s and his style influenced everything from music to fashion. 

      Both made a mark on me back in the day and neither will have to suffer anymore.

                                                        Rest in Peace…D

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I’m Back and the Pirates get High-Jacked

6/21/09                       Pirates vs Rockies Game 3

                 Happy Father’s Day to all of you who have done the deed.
Dad you once told me the older I get the smarter you get. I understand now.

I hope all you dads enjoyed your special day. I did. My father’s day gift was attending the Rockies/Pirates game with my family.

Today was autograph Sunday and the four players assigned signing duties were Carlos Gonzalez, Seth Smith, Yorvit Torrealba and Dexter Fowler.

I opted for Torrealba because of the four he was the one I was still seeking.
IMG_5459.JPG Yorvit was cool and signed Mylee and Hunter’s bats and my baseball on the sweet spot.
IMG_5452.JPG                                                           My baseball
Thank you Yorvit!

We could have snagged another autograph but the Pirates were taking batting practice and I loves me some sunny BP.

IMG_5467.JPG Hunter and I hurried back to the Pavilion to salvage what was left of BP.

The only real opportunity I had to snag one was shortly after I reached the pavilion. It sailed two feet over my head, bounced and I was slow on the snatch up by a second.

                                Hunter and Mylee were shutout too.

No worries, today was about some much needed sunshine and a Rockies win.

  We were treated to both and it was a fitting ending to a day well spent hanging with my family and friends.

I have to bring attention to a guy who clearly deserves it. One of the unwritten rules of baseball snagging is that if a player tosses up a ball intended for a specific kid and the kid drops that ball. Whoever picks up that ball in all good conscience should give the ball back to the kid.

This fine fellow snatched up and pocketed a ball that a little girl dropped. I don’t see that too much at Coors as most BP regulars “Get it”.

        Mr. Mustache here clearly does not. So for that thoughtful move he is the winner of The Rant’s newest award:

                  DOOZE BAG OF THE DAY

IMG_5478.JPG                                  Here’s the video of it.


                  Congrats buddy, way to make a little girls day J

      I ran into R-Luv/Marianne, her son Joe and husband at batting practice.
IMG_5447.JPG They were enjoying the game from the first row today and were able to go onto the field for the autograph session.

So glad you were able to see a Rockies win and it was very cool to see you all again.

                    Thanks for the gift. Best seats in the house.J
We left the Stadium to enjoy cheese steaks for lunch and returned just as the game was starting.  Krista and the kids headed off to the Rockpile and I did my loop of the stadium taking pictures along the way.


                      Just doing what I do, somebody has to:)

                                         Credit to this fella, nice hat brotha!

       Jorge De La Rosa not quite on time here but did his part to ensure a Rockies win.
IMG_5541.JPG                                                             Brad Hawpe
IMG_5537.JPG     Ryan Spilborghs was on it today. Must be the performance enhancing sunglasses🙂. 
IMG_5550.JPG                                                          Troy Tulowitzki
IMG_5551.JPG                                                           Coming home
IMG_5556.JPG                                                              Ian Stewart
IMG_5559.JPG                                                      Catcher Paul Phillips
IMG_5561.JPG                                                      Another one of Jorge.
IMG_5570.JPG                                        Garrett Atkins covered first base today.
IMG_5571.JPG                                                                Got him!
IMG_5574.JPG                                                         I like this picture.
IMG_5594.JPG                               Almost a full house today. Lots of daddies around.
IMG_5607.JPG                                                  Best haircut of the game.
IMG_5615.JPG                                                      Hottie of the game.
IMG_5618.JPG                                                                    Tulo
IMG_5623.JPG                                                    Phillips not quite there.
IMG_5633.JPG                                                           Dexter Fowler
IMG_5645.JPG                                 Fowler not even close to being tagged out.
IMG_5653.JPG                     Seemed like he hurt his knee on this play. Hope he is ok.
IMG_5654.JPG                                               The Dragonslayer Josh Fogg
IMG_5660.JPG                Great game, Rockies win 5-4 and are now 16 of 17. That’s flippin amazing.

Thanks for all the kind emails I have received recently. Sorry about the lack of blog entries. It’s not just the internet issue. I have to finish a few things before the end of the month and they are priority.

   Glad I could toss this entry your way. Thanks for remembering this Ranter…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Rant is down, but no need to frown


Just wanted to let you all know I’m not gone. I have no internet until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. So I apoligize for my lack of entries.

It figures this would happen when the Rockies are on a serious hot streak. Anyways I’m still here, I’ll be checking comments as often as I can and I’ll be back to blogging full speed by next Wednesday.

                                                     Thanks a bunch…D
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Holy Schit, the Rockies are Too Legit to Quit

6/11/09                               Eight straight ain’t it great

                                                   It’s Hammer Time

MC-Hammer11.jpgFinally,… a chance to blog. Rockies win eight in a row and I’m just now writing about it.

I sincerely apoligize for my lack of entries. I’m back up to five days a week at work again and still spending any available time at the other house trying to get it ready to rent.

The Rockies are back at Coors Field tomorrow and I know a bunch of people who are more than ready. We wanna see some of that “Road Trip Magic” at home. I’m not bitch’n but the home crowd has witnessed it’s share of losses this season and we wanna personally watch the Rockies play like they’ve been playing.

I mentioned in my last entry that it was my 300th entry. The Rockpile Rant has had over 107,000 visits since October 2008 and over 1500 comments so far.

Thanks to all of you who read my ramblings about the Rockies and life. I’m digg’n what I do and I can’t wait until I’m able roll like I used to roll. Soon folks, very soon.

I’m not really a baseball draft guy. A fella only has so much time to devote to stuff and I tend to start to pay attention to players once they hit AA and AAA. I do wish them all luck though.

I have to give props to the Rockies and to Jim Tracy. The Rockies are looking and acting “Too Legit to Quit”.
Jim Tracy 6-11-09.jpg                                                   What was/is the spark?

Does part their success stem from the guilt of contributing to Clint Hurdle being fired?

Is it the fear of what Jim Tracy will do to players who don’t perform.

Or is it just out of respect for our new coach and each player wanting to show him they deserve the right to play at Coors?

Now that I think about it it’s probably best not to over analyze it. Let’s just roll with it. A win is a win and we desperately need them.

Maybe if the Rockies make it to ten in a row the rest of the country might start to take notice. There is a serious lack of recognition for this team and any of it’s accomplishments.

I’m a realist, so I can’t wait for the day the Rockies win their first World Series because that’s what it will take to get some respect. Well that and a few winning seasons 🙂

                                                        Ian Stewart

Stewart and Vinny.jpgThis guy is a future superstar and there is more to him than his .229 batting average suggests. Stewart had a lead-off home run in the 4th inning against the Brewers tonight.

Ian stewart 6-11-09.jpg How about Huston Street? The dude already has 12 saves this season. Remember back in Spring training when he was struggling just to get a spot?

                                      Nice job Huston, keep it up brotha. 

Thumbnail image for Street pitching 5-27-09.jpg With Huston pulling his weight and Carlos Gonzalez beginning to make a name for himself all of a sudden the Matt Holliday dump doesn’t seem so bad.

That’s ok with me because if you happened to listen to Matt Holliday on the Jim Rome radio show today you wouldn’t have heard Matt say anything nice about Colorado.

Just remember Matt, the fans loved you here. It was you who stopped caring at the end.

               Rockies are 19-18 on the road. Seems odd but I’m not complaining.

                                                Props go out to Aaron Cook.
Aaron Cook 2-25-09.jpg Cook is now the first pitcher to complete 1,000 career innings in a Rockies uniform. Cook has only allowed two runs in his last 14 innings. Nice job Cookie!

     Rockies have now won eight in a row which ties a team record from you know when.

                      Friday is almost here, and then I’ll be there…You know where.

                                                          Go Rockies

                                  Show us why we should never stop believing..DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Be brave and send “The Wave” to it’s grave

6/7/09                                       My 300th Entry!

Wow, take a few days off from blogging and the Rockies get their sheet together so to speak. The Rockies are confusing to me. I’m enjoying the ride but I never exactly know where we’re going or how long we’re staying.

                                      Such is life if you’re a Rockies fan.

                                          What is “The Wave” ?

A repeating and periodic disturbance which moves through a medium from one location to another is referred to as a wave.

                              Where did “The Wave” originate?

Depending on who you talk to there are several people who lay claim this honor. The first was a guy named “Krazy” George Henderson who according to some started the first wave at an Oakland A’s game in October 1981.

Another of the theories says that the first wave was attempted at a Washington Huskies football game in 1981 by TV personality Robb Weller and Bill Bissell the marching band director.

There are others who claim to have started “The Wave” but it was 1986 World Cup in Mexico that took “The Wave” worldwide.

             It was referred to as “The Mexican Wave” or “La Ola” by the broadcasters.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it is officially time for Rockies fans to retire our washed up version of “The Wave”.

                             Below is an example I filmed of a Coors Field “Wave”.

Most of ‘The Waves” at Coors Field are much worse than that. I think “The Wave” has outlived it’s usefulness and now it’s just an embarrassment to witness such a wimpy display of wavemenship.

This discouraging display of dexterity could be the reason the Rockies have played poorly at Coors Field this season.

It’s not like the players can’t see this pathetic performance from their patrons. Maybe witnessing the washed up wave gets inside their heads and messes with their flow.

                               You never know? Hecklers swear by it. 

I say no more. Never again will I let the “just go with the flow” type of mentality entice me to stand up while juggling a camera, brat and my baseball glove.

Next time you’re at a game and you begin to “Feel it” and you think you should be the one to stand up and start the wave in your section…

                    Don’t, don’t do it. Resist that urge to make an fool of yourself.

If you have to stand up and do something, start a chant. Every time you stand up and perform “The Wave” you’re waving our chances of a win right out of the stadium.

Let’s end this knee jerking nonsense now. Baseball is a very superstitious sport. I think a poorly performed wave sends a message of “I don’t care” and I have to believe that all Rockies fans care.

                           I don’t want to be part of sending the wrong message.   

    You won’t see this Rockies fan taking the risk of spilling his six-dollar drink again.  

                           Let’s do the right thing and send the wave to it’s grave.
tombstone the wave1.jpg            The Wave is not a Coors Field tradition. We need to think of our own tradition.

I say any opposing teams home run ball that is caught or snagged should be tossed not onto the field but into the visiting teams bullpen.

                 Stand up and be heard as you take a seat against the wave🙂

                                  Go Rockies, bring that win streak home…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Rockies win the set, but yet I still fret.

5/31/09                                  Padres vs Rockies Game 3

           Below is Nederland, CO. Proof that hippies and yuppies can live in harmony.

Nederland 5-31-09.jpgSorry this entry has taken a while to get to print. The combination of too much stuff to do and sloooow internet has taken it’s toll on my baseball creativity.

Once the move is finished and we’re settled and the other house is painted and ready to rent, I’ll be back to full speed.

                                                          Then look out :)  

There was no batting practice today but it was Rockies Autograph Sunday. Too bad it was the weather was perfect.

     Hunter and I decided to wait in line for Randy Flores as neither of us has his autograph.
Flores signing for HUnter 5-31-09.jpg Randy was very cool and signed using my pen and on the sweet spot. After Randy signed for us we glanced over at the other three lines and realized there wasn’t enough time to get another autograph as they were way too long.

I scoped the area and saw Jim Wright talking and signing over to my right so we headed over there. Jim was great and signed for us both.

Jim Wright 5-31-09.jpg                                    Here are the two baseballs I got autographed.
Wright and Flores autographed baseballs 5-31-09.jpg

                                      Here are the two Hunter got autographed.
Hunters baseballs 5-31-09.jpg

Today we sat behind home plate. Normally I don’t care for these seats but other than the annoying netting I was able to take some sweet pictures.

                                          But first here’s “Brat with a View”
Brat with a view 5-31-09.jpg

                                 Here’s Jorge and Tulo. Tulo was 1 for 3 with an RBI.
Jorge and Tulo 5-31-09.jpg                                      Garrett Atkins went 1-4 with a run scored.
Garrett Atkins 5-31-09.jpg                                                      Helton working it.
Helton 5-31-09.jpgBarmes was 1 for 4 for the day. If you click on this picture and expand it you can clearly see the stitching on the baseball.
Barmes at bat 2 5-31-09.jpg                                           Here’s Barmes just after contact.
Barmes at bat 3 5-31-09.jpg                   Todd Helton was 0-4 today. A rare off day for the big guy this year.
Helton at bat 5-31-09.jpgMrs. Colorado was at the game today. She wanted a picture with me but I agreed to do it only if she wore the Ranter hat.
Mrs Colorado 5-31-09.jpg
 She agreed to do it then backed out. Next time I’ll get it in writing. I slipped a Ranter card into her bag 🙂

  Brad Hawpe went 2 of 4 with a hit and a run scored. Hawpe is having a great season.

Hawpe at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                         Yorvit Torrealba went 2 of 4 with an RBI and two strikeouts.
Yorvit at bat 5-31-09.jpg
This at bat was one of them.

Yorvit struck out 5-31-09.jpg
I had to get a shot of Tony Gwynn, you know…with him being partly responsible for our win the day before.

Gwynn and Helton 5-31-09.jpg
                                                    This one got by him.
Helton trying 5-31-09.jpg
                       De La Rosa at bat. If you look close the ball is right by his hands.
De La Rosa at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                                          Tulowitzki went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Tulowitzki at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                                          Best Haircut of the Game
Best haircut of the game 5-31-09.jpg

I’m not sure why we dropped the ball this game. Rockies lose game three to the Padres 5-2.

I’m going to blame it on Mrs. Colorado. She must have distracted the fellas with the crown and the pretty smile and all.
MC 5-31-09.jpg

                                     RPR’s Hagg’n points this game.

1 point- For attending the game.

4 points- For Jim Wright and Randy Flores’s autographs.

1 point- For consuming a brat.

                                                         Total = 6 points

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points this game.

1 point- For attending the game.

4 points- For Jim Wright and Randy Flores’s autographs.

1 point- For consuming a brat.

                                                         Total = 6 points 

I’m almost caught up on entries. I have one more to go. The next entry will be the game I attended with Hunter and his buddy Kyle.

                                                Go Rockies, I’m feeling it…D
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