May 2009

Nuggets get the loss, Rockies show who’s boss


Nederland Morning 5-24-09.jpgI feel the need today to mention how much I respect/detest Kobe Bryant and hate losing to the LA Lakers. That’s all I can say about that game last night.

On the other hand, the Rockies pull out an Interleague win against the Tigers ending their seven game winning streak.

Nederland Morning 2.jpg                                          Huston Street snags his 100th win.
huston street chicks.jpg                                Sorry for the recent lack of regular entries. 
IMG_3613.JPG                       I’m still in the process of moving and will be for a few weeks yet.

 We’ve been  moving stuff a little bit every day but for the most part we sleep in the mountains now.

down stream.JPG The Rockies are back in town on Monday. I won’t be at that game as I have to work. But I’ll be at Tuesdays game bright and early.

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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Two wins and I’m all grins


MLBlogs Latest Leaders April 15-May 18
Thumbnail image for MLBlogs cover of me.jpg
1. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
2. Confessions of a She-Fan
3. Red State Blue State
4. Julia’s Rants
5. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
6. Rockpile Rant
7. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
9. Phillies Phollowers
10. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl

Wow,  the Rockpile Rant is still managing to stay in the top ten. Congrats go out to the Happy Youngster. I figured Happy would take the top spot in this latest rankings. Any kind of controversy usually creates page hits but Happy’s blog had been working it’s way up regardless of the Coghlan thing.

Might I say it’s an honor to share the front page of MLBlogs with the above pictured bloggers. It was also cool to see fellow Rockies blogger Emily up there with me.

                                       What a great day for Colorado Sports.

How about Aaron Cook? Cookie pitches a complete-game shutout and the Rockies get a 9-0 win over the Braves. Big Todd Helton was 3-for-5 with a grand slam and five RBI’s.

                                             That’s what I’m talking about.  

The Nuggets/Lakers game was incredible. I couldn’t be more proud of the Nuggets and their performance tonight. Nuggets take game two against the Lakers 106-103.

                                         Enjoy being back in Colorado Kobe.

                                 Melo, keep it up brotha you owned Kobe tonight.

                                                 Simply outstanding…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

The Rockies “get it”, do what you can to respect your  fans

Emily Sauvageau

                          Emily Sauvageau

DENVER – Emily Sauvageau doesn’t get to quite every Colorado Rockies game, but she makes it to most – and she’s all of 5 years old.

Emily’s father Dan Sauvageau, who owns his own financial planning firm, holds season tickets in section 153-W, just beyond the left-center field wall. And, as owner of his own business, he has the flexibility to make it to Coors Field for a vast majority of the team’s 81 home games each year. For just about every game he attends, Emily is at his side.

“Her first opening day was in 2005, and we’ve just been coming ever since,” said Sauvageau. “Last year she went to 75 out of 81 games.”

In a sport well known for its meticulous keeping of all manner of statistics, Sauvageau’s got his daughter’s most important number on the tip of his tongue.

 “Today is her 248th Rockies game,” he said, as the pair settled in for Thursday’s game against the Houston Astros, a 5-3 loss.

Emily is well-known in the outfield section where her family holds season tickets, a section that includes a number of the handicapped fans with whom Emily has become a crowd favorite.

“She’s my little sweetie,” said fan Tom Loeffler, as he took Emily up on his lap, where he sat in a motorized wheelchair. “She’s been sitting on my lap here for four years now, ever since she was a toddler.”

Speaking directly to Emily, he said, “Pretty soon you’re going to be too big to sit on my lap — but then, I’ll have Ryan.” Ryan is Emily’s infant brother, who has attended “only” 15 games in his brief life.

Loeffler’s wife, Terri, calls Emily – who typically sports a big pink cowboy hat, but on Thursday wore a pink Rockies ball cap – “the Queen of Coors Field.”

“Emily’s big, big fan,” said Terri Loeffler. “She’s a sweetheart, and she makes us all smile.”

Emily also knows her Rockies. With no effort, she rattled off from memory the uniform numbers of a series of Rockies players, missing not a one – even newcomer Dexter Fowler.

On Thursday she was wearing a jersey with the number and nickname of outfielder Ryan Spilborghs; at home in her closet, she has the jerseys of Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, and the departed Matt Holliday, as well.

She’s philosophical about the off-season trade of Holliday to the Oakland A’s.

“It means ‘Spilly’ can play more,” she reasoned.

Emily’s father, who says he’s a huge baseball fan, dismisses any talk that he might be overdoing it, in terms of exposing his daughter to his favorite sport.

“I’ve never seen any rules that say you can’t go to too many games,” said Sauvageau. “If it’s what we like to do, we’re going to do it. People have other things they like to do. And they do that. And we just like to go to baseball games.”

                                       Here’s Emily’s interview on Fox News

I have to give props to my Man Todd Helton for reaching 2000 hits. I hope to see him make the next 1000
Todd Helton 5-6-09.jpg

I took this picture today, the kids plan to name and get pictures of all the humming birds that drink from our feeder.

                                                          This is Scarlet
Scarlet 5-20-09.jpg

                       Go Rockies, this game isn’t looking so good right now…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

The media and spin, how can a brotha win?


              I want to start todays entry out on a light note then gradually get heavier..

                                                  This piece is called: 

                      “Don’t forget to check your child’s homework”

The teacher sent a note home with the student asking about the odd drawing and a note accompanied the child the following day explaining the drawing’s meaning:

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer.

I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it. Her picture doesn’t show me dancing around a pole. It’s supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot.

From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in.

Mrs. Smith

shirt-press.jpgOk onto more pressing issues,

Where is our fellow MLBlogger The Happy Youngster and where is his blog? It’s gone, all but his picture and his sidebar. Happy was a daily reader for me. 

Was his blog hacked, you never know it’s possible?  :)

Was he forced by MLB or his employer to cease and desist all ball hawking activities?

Was he tired of all the BS and just said F’ck it?

I can’t imagine this being the end of the Happy Youngster. Nick is a passionate ball hawk, you can’t just give that up. The dude has thick skin, he’ll emerge from all of this. 

Nick I know you read the Rant brotha, I just want to say that I hate how things turned out. I know you’re “good people” and if you’re ever in Denver I better know about it. Take this experience and re-group. Get your focus and your priorities straight and roll forward at a extremely careful pace.

 You have a lot of fans/friends around here so don’t let the haters cloud your judgement.

I was reading Rays Renegade’s blog today and he wrote a great entry on the unwritten rules of baseball.

It stimulated my brain and got me to thinking about the hidden and unhidden rules of the sport/hobby of ball hawking.

Maybe these so called rules need to be discussed and/or documented so future ball hawkers have a basis for which to learn this great sport/hobby?

          I guess the best way to start this is to give you the rules that I try to snag by.

                             Some Ball Hawking Rules of Play

First let me say, I am not an expert on this subject. I expect that those of you that have more time in this sport than me will add to these suggestions. I didn’t start ball hawking with these rules, I’ve adopted them as I’m learning this sport. 

1. Ball hawking is a non-contact sport. Touching, shoving, holding or anyway preventing another ball hawk from snagging a ball is the lowest of low in my book.

2. Realize that each individual has his/her personal space. Sometimes staying out of that space can be tricky when you’re tracking a BP homer. Just remember nobodys personal space deserves to be invaded while you’re on a quest for another baseball. Back off and let the ball go, there will always be another.

3. Be polite and courteous. “B-Hats” don’t love us I realize that, but you can do your best to not further damage our fragile image.    

                                                          B-Hats = Ball Hawk haters

large11.jpgRPR’s Dictionary defines a “B-Hat” as a special breed of loser. Usually B-Hats have never actually attended batting practice and make ridiculous assumptions on how they “think” something is as opposed to how it “Really” is. Another interesting fact is that B-Hats actually spend more time on the internet harassing ball hawks and leaving ignorant uneducated comments than ball hawks spend at the stadiums snagging baseballs.

Go figure?

4. Don’t be that guy who screams at the players to toss up baseballs then gets mad when they don’t.Go to a batting practice and you’ll see,  if you don’t harass the players they will usually reward the fans who show up early to BP by tossing up baseballs. As soon as someone cusses a player out for not tossing up a ball, the baseball charity stops. I’ve seen it plenty of times.

5. Don’t keep all the baseballs. Last year I kept the ones I caught and got them autographed. This year I’m snagging a few more so what I don’t use for autographs I give to kids at batting practice. I give them away on my terms.  

(That’s the way most of the BP regulars at Coors Field are. They will keep anything that is different or new to them. The other baseballs they catch are given away as soon as they are snagged.)

6. When at all possible during BP stay out of a fellow snaggers bleacher row or general area. There’s plenty of room, so no need to crowd anyone.(If you can read between the lines here that means please don’t stand next to me).

7. Congratulate someone you notice make a nice catch. You know it’s nice to hear it so throw it out there yourself. People like to know you noticed.

7. This one I’m still working on myself, but ignore the haters. People that don’t go to batting practice have no idea what goes on or what we do. I never have a problem educating someone how things “Really” are so on this one I’m a work in progress.

youkilus.jpg8. Always keep an eye out for kids and BP homers. Somebody has to pay attention to those BP missiles crashing into the bleachers. I don’t ever want to see a kid get hit with a ball because someone was afraid to catch or deflect a baseball headed for a group of kids because they didn’t want to hurt their hand.

(<——Youkilis getting tagged by Chein-Ming Wang)

There are those of you who say it’s wrong for an adult to bring a glove to a game. I’ve been hit with a ball so speaking from personal experience you are out of line and absolutely clueless on this one. 

Personally I think that if your stadium seats are anywhere near foul ball or home run territory you’re a fool not to bring a glove as protection.

When you have your glove with you you’re able to fend off any enemy baseballs that may be on a mission to try and shorten or drastically alter your happy lifestyle. Don’t believe me? Take a baseball hit off of a bat to the head then see how great life is with a busted skull or worse. 

cat helmet.jpgIf you don’t bring a glove I suggest a helmet. I hate helmet hair so I opt for bringing my glove. 

9. ALWAYS say thank you if you’re tossed a ball or a player does something nice for you. Remember the players owe you nothing.

       My take on the whole Happy/Coghlan thing:

I have really thought about this a lot and in my opinion (not to bash Happy whatsoever),  you cannot be team loyal and then swap gear just to get more baseballs. Zack Hample gets away with it but he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not team loyal,  he’s a fan of baseball. 

Happy swapped his Brewers gear for Marlins gear on the chance of snaggin more baseballs. By doing that Milwalkee, The Brewers Nation, the Marlins and the state of Florida turned on him.  

This country will forgive an athlete who staged dog fights and others who repeatedly abuse drugs and alcohol? Can’t we forgive a overzealous baseball fan who just wanted a couple of baseball bats for his collection?

         Do it Happy, give em their apology so they’ll shutup and then move on brotha.

Remember when in doubt always take the high road, then you can look down and laugh and you don’t get stuck in the rockslide…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Happy treated crappy, all over a ball


coghlan11.jpgI guess I’m still in shock over this whole Happy Youngster/ Chris Coghlan thing.

The media made Happy out to be some kind of extortionist and I know it’s not like that at all.

Some of the hate comments he received were so bad it has me questioning my own ballhawking adventures.

Reading those hate comments could give someone the impression that if you’re over the age of twelve you have no business with a glove at a baseball game.

                       Happy has since removed a lot of the threatening comments.

I can’t speak for you but I don’t know too many twelve year olds that can catch one of those BP homers. I took one of those baseballs square in the foot the other day and it still hurts.

fan hit with baseball.jpgImagine if only kids brought gloves to games and tried to catch those missles, the end results could be scary—–>

The last Rockies game I was at I saw Robert deflect a BP baseball that was headed right into the middle of a group of teenage girls. These girls had no idea it was coming and Robert’s quick thinking prevented an injury or worse I’m sure.

Happy all I can tell you as soon as Coghlan walked up to me and said “Are you gonna give me my ball?”

 With that attitude brotha I’d have said “F’ck No” broke the hell out, went home, destroyed that baseball on video and then posted it to my blog.

Happy was disrespected, lied to and treated like sheet. In the end it didn’t really matter what Happy asked for in trade for the home run ball. All the Marlins had to do was say no.

 I didn’t like the Marlins accusing Happy of swapping baseballs either. That wasn’t a good way to begin the swap. I am curious as to the outcome of all this because it is likely sometime in my life I may be in a similar situation.

Personally, I would have asked for the bat Coghlan used to hit the home run autographed and a photo of the exchange.

But now that I know what kind of guy/player Coghlan is…If I ever catch one of his home runs, I’ll save myself a HUGE headache and throw the f’king thing back.

                                        Here is what I have learned so far:

   Ranter’s tips just in case you ever catch a home run ball that a player would like back.

1. Give it back or be reasonable with your requests (I still think Happy was reasonable).

2. Get everything in writing and on video 🙂 . Sometimes they’ll tell you one thing and then later either deny it or say something different.

3. As soon as deal/exchange starts to flake or they change their tune on you,….just walk. You have lost nothing at that point.

4. Cover your Hass, have witnesses. Realize if it goes sour, the media will spin this against you. Be prepared to fire back with your proof. If possible keep the whole thing as low key as possible.

5. People who don’t know you with nothing better to do will suddenly take time out of their day to pass some of their miserable existance onto you.   

 Remember,…In a player/fan situation the Associated Press may not be your friend.

                                                Hang in there Happy…D
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Didn’t miss it by a foot, it hit my foot


Something had to change from the previous game. Over a dozen missed opportunities to snag a ball. Being right there, so close and having to back off at the last second because someone else happened to be sitting in the perfect position to catch the ball.

Some days it just beez that way, but not today. My first ball was a toss up from Ubaldo Jimenez. Originally I thought it was for Hunter (and it may have been) but he overshot Hunter by 15 feet or so and I nabbed it.

The second ball I snagged was hit by Dexter Fowler I tracked perfectly. The ball bounced off the tip of my glove, deflected onto a bleacher and landed right in front of me. I reached down quickly and nabbed my own blown catch.

It was game on from there. The next two were gloved perfectly and within 15 feet of each other. Chris Iannetta hit one of them.

 One was a practice ball and the other ball was one I had been waiting for.

baseballs 5-13-09.jpgI finally nabbed a 2008 All-Star ball.

No big deal to some snaggers as most of you probaly have one, but it was my first.

A teenage girl asked me for it. I told her she could have a ball but not that one. I reached into my backpack and gave her the practice ball.

Rockies left then the Astros were up and within a few minutes I was tracking another ball. I followed this ball as it sailed about mid-way up the bleachers.

I turned then tripped over the bleacher and caught the ball as I was falling down backwards. It wasn’t pretty (more funny), but I caught that sucker.

I gave that ball to the brother of the teenage girl I had handed the other ball too. That family left happy.

 Ball six was about thirty minutes into Astros BP and was a quick dash to the right and perfect catch on the run.

Just as batting practice was about to end some big white guy crushed one out to mid-pavilion about 2/3 of the way up and I was on it perfectly.

 At the last second I realized I was up one row too high and I missed as it landed perfectly under the bleacher directly on top my foot.

White flash, ouch, oh sheet don’t act stupid Don everyone is looking. Hide the pain because nobody saw it hit your foot. 

The whole thing was hidden by the bleacher. Had I danced around in pain people would have wondered what the F’ck was wrong with me so I had to act somewhat normal.

 Man, I couldn’t even swear. Me not swearing, I impressed myself. 

It was a perfect shot. My first instinct after the white flash was to get that damn ball and as I reached for it a kid in a Rockies jersey scooped it up. I was like “What the” and when I looked up it was Hunter.

Hunters baseball 5-13-09.jpg


It was his only ball of the day and I was glad he got it.  

Afterwards we did have a discussion about him not snaggin so close to me and how I don’t like competing against my son for baseballs that I bobble. 

I think it looks silly he and I chasing after the same ball,…but anyways.   

 It was at that point I noticed my shoe was getting tight. That’s not good.

The ball that landed on my foot just happened to have a big H on it.

 Some may say that “H” stands for Houston. I don’t think so.  I say it stand for “Hurts like Hell” when it smacks you in the foot full force.

My foot throbbed for about 20 minutes and then it went numb.

I figure if you’re going to get hit with a pitch you want it to be in the meaty part of your body. On most people there’s no meat on top of your foot. This type of BP injury was a first for me and hopefully the last. I’ve got almost two weeks to heal up.RPR baseballs 5-13-09-1.jpg

         After BP we went over to the Rockies side and tried to get some autographs.

Waiting for autographs 5-13-09.jpg Unfortunately were kind of late and were standing in the wrong place for Todd Helton.

Todd Helton signing 5-13-09.jpg 
Glenallen Hill and Jeff Francis. Hill is looking at me like he remembers me from Spring Training. My favorite line from Hill in Tucson was “What you guys do with all those autographs?” Glenallen Hill and Francis 5-13-09.jpg
National Anthem 5-13-09.jpg                                                     Hurdle and Francis 

Hurdle and Francis 5-13-09-1.jpg
The flag 5-13-09.jpg                          Francis gets the first pitch duties on a regular basis. 

Francis and kid 5-13-09.jpg                                                    That is one happy kid.
Happy kid 5-13-09.jpg                          Everybody was happy, at least before the game started.
Hurdle happy 5-13-09.jpg                                       Marquis warming up before the game.
Marquis warming up 5-13-09.jpgBest haircut of the game. In case you’ve never seen one, this particular hairstyle is know as a Mullet. Very popular in the 80’s but now is usually only found in the deep south.

Southerners do travel and when I get a chance to photograph a rare haircut like this I just cant resist.

                                                  This ones a beauty :)    

                   The Mullet… business in the front, party in the back.
Mullet 5-13-09.jpg
                                                     Marquis first pitch.
Marquis first pitch 5-13-09.jpg                                                      His second pitch. 
Marquis secong pitch 5-13-09.jpg

Tulo 5-13-09.jpg                   Ian Stewart had a Grand Slam yesterday and another homer today.
Ian Stewart 5-13-09.jpg                                           Brad Hawpe tracking a baseball.
Hawpe chasing a ball 5-13-09.jpg                                                             Another
Hawpe 2 5-13-09.jpg                                                        Todd Helton at bat.
Helton at bat 5-13-09.jpg                                               Spilborghs getting ready.
spilborghs getting ready 5-13-09.jpg                                                         Helton out at first.
Helton out at first 5-13-09.jpg                                 Garrett Atkins proving that white men can jump.
Atkins 5-13-09.jpg                                                         Tulo in action.
Tulo 2 5-13-09.jpg                                                     Atkins ready to go.
Atkins serious 5-13-09.jpgFirst off if you’re brave/man enough to wear a pink shirt, your picture makes this blog. But the fact he was standing there talking to Bill Gates, well that’s seriously blog worthy.

Although wouldn’t you think Bill Gates would at least sit Club level?

              Don’t you think the sweatshirt over the shoulders is a nice touch?
Pink shirt and bill gates 5-13-09.jpg

Dan and Fam 5-13-09.jpg A shot of Dan, Emily and Ryan in the pavilion from my “chosen” seats which were along the first base line.

 Dan’s daughter Emily was interviewed on Thursday’s game by Fox News and by Mark Stout of FSN.

 I’ll post or link some video when I have it. That should be really cool.

The combination of having to work early the next day, my foot hurting like nobody’s business and the Rockies getting pummelled at home was enough to make me want to go home.
Scoreboard 5-13-09.jpg                                                            So we did.

 I went home and put my foot up. No DL list for me, I’ll be ready by next homestand. Unless I broke a bone and then I’ll be there in a cast.

                                      Final Score Astros 15, Rockies 11.

                           Coors Field Crack of the Game

                                     Sorry it’s a little blurry, I was laughing🙂

CF crack of the game 5-13-09.jpg                 RPR’s Hagg’n Points for this Game

1 Point- For showing up.

15 points- For catching 5 balls on the fly.

2 points- For a toss up from Ubaldo Jimenez.

                                                     Total = 18 points

             Hunters Hagg’n Points for this Game

1 point- For showing up

3 points- For snagging a ball on the bounce off of my size 12 shoe.

                                                     Total = 4 points

My next Rockies home game is Tuesday the 26th. Gotta give some props to my Denver Nuggets. I believed at the beginning of the season when everyone thought I was crazy. I’ve been somewhat silent about their success of late because I didn’t want to jinx anything. 

This is the team, this is the Nuggets year, The Lakers are beatable and the Nuggets will do it…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image Dont miss my next entry when I talk about how Coors Field Ushers are now required to fondle your peanuts…I’m serious…D

This Manny’s cool, the other one’s a fool

5/10/09                       Marlins vs Rockies Game 3

                                               Today was a special day.

Manny glove close up.jpgJust when I was questioning where the antics of one Manny (and numerous others) were taking my sport of baseball, I was able to witness another Manny doing something so special that I’m convinced baseball will be around for a long time.

                                         That’s powerful stuff from a RanterMe and Hunter 5-10-09.jpg

                                      (Above photo taken by Robert Harmon)

We waited in line for the chain to drop so we get a good spot and pick which player we wanted to get an autograph from. If you remember my entries from last season there was always an Usher who wrote the names of who would be signing that day on his hand.

Well he hasn’t written them on his hand in a while but he did write them on this piece of paper he was holding. 
paper 5-10-09.jpg                              This Usher’s name is Dan and he’s a really nice guy. 
Chain Usher 5-10-09.jpgOff to the right in the distance I could see this. Which explains why I was standing in line for autographs instead of snaggin baseballs.
Tarped Field 5-10-09.jpg

               This is one seriously empty pavilion. It actually looks kind of peaceful.
View of the Pavilion 5-10-09.jpgThe three of us had a plan, I was going to get Jeff Baker’s autograph, Hunter wanted Manny Corpas’s autograph and Krista was going to take pictures of both of us.

                                                      They were ready.
Krista and Hunter 5-10-09.jpgWhen the gate dropped Hunter and I took off and lost my wife in about 15 seconds.

I had no idea where she was the whole time I was standing in line waiting for Jeff Baker to sign.
Standing in line 5-10-09.jpg                                                Here we are in the mix

In the mix 5-10-09.jpgI thought to myself, did she twist an ankle, should I go look for her? I decided a twisted ankle would heal but how many times do you get a chance to get Jeff Baker’s autograph?

             Just then Franklin Morales tossed his warm-up ball up to Hunter. 

                               Here’s Manny Corpas signing Hunter’s baseball.

Manny signing Hunters baseball 5-10-09.jpg
                                             Here is Jeff Baker signing mine.
Jeff baker signing my baseball 5-10-09.jpgWhen I finished I watched Manny sign Hunter’s ball and we started to head up the steps .

With the help of a few Ushers relaying the message, Manny was calling for Hunter to come back down. 

We worked our way back down the stairs and Manny told Hunter to meet him over by the dugout after he was finished signing autographs. 

 When a player tells you to meet him over by the dugout that’s usually a good thing.

 We headed over to the dugout without delay and I kept trying to call my wife who wasn’t answering her phone. That added some much needed pressure to the whole drama. 
Hunter and I by the dugout 5-10-09.jpg                                Hunter and I were positioned and staying put.

So think about this, I’m a picture guy right? I’m about to see Manny do something really cool for Hunter (or so I think at this point), and my wife has the camera and she isn’t answering her phone.

 Normally I’m as cool as a cucumber but at this moment I was on the edge of seriously wigging. There was no way I was not going to get video of this.

Finally my phone rings, It’s Krista and I freak on her “Where are you, are you ok? You’re ok, good get down to the dugout right now…Hurry” She replies…”Look up” I looked up the stairs and there she was smiling.

Ok heart rate slowly going back to normal now, breathe Don…All is good. Dammit you’d think I was the guy waiting to meet Manny at the dugout. Some of us have to live vicariously through our children🙂

 While we were waiting for Manny, Krista took a picture of my Jeff Baker autographed baseballJeff Baker autograph 5-10-09.jpg

                      Shortly thereafter Manny showed up and I shot this video.

I just want to to say that it was an accident that Hunter got hit with the ball. When Manny tossed the ball into the pavilion Hunter saw it coming and misjudged it and that’s why it hit him in the chest.

                  Manny didn’t have to do what he did. He owed Hunter nothing.

In the video Hunter tells Manny, “Next time I’ll catch it”. The other funny thing is Manny realizes he can’t sign a black glove with a black sharpie and he goes out of his way to find a silver sharpie. That was classy.

                 Thank you again Manny, that whole experience was trippindicular.

We had great seats today(Thank you Dan). Krista sat behind us a few rows at her request and took some pictures.

                                             My famous Brat with a view 
Brat with a view 2 5-10-09.jpg

                                  Hunter earned his Hagg’n point for a Brat too.
Hunter's brat 5-10-09.jpg

            Barb the Usher. I’ve mentioned Barb on the Rant before. She’s Good People !
Barb the Usher 5-10-09.jpg

                                Captain Earthman as Captain Earthman
Earth 5-10-09.jpg                                                   The view to my right
My view to my right 5-10-09.jpg                                                     The view to my left

To my left 5-10-09.jpgIt was a little crowded to the right of me, but other than Hunter it was primo snaggin territory to the left of me. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing was hit even close to our area.

            Oh well the lack of a home run ball didn’t put a damper on this day in the least.

                                 Rockies take game 3 over the Marlins 3-2

I wanted to thank this fine group employees for the extra time they took to make our food. There were exactly two people in front of us and we had to wait ten minutes to get out eats.

          I call this picture “A Brat takes an inning, I hope we’re still winning

Fast food not so fast 5-10-09.jpg    Yeah ten minutes. No it wasn’t a special order, it was three freggin Brats,…Plain.

I usually don’t mess with food service but an effort like that deserves some recognition so here ya go fellas. Congrats on a Brat cooked with extra extra love?

PS. It’s all good but save the party for after work food service fellas. I have a feeling if I had wanted fries with that Brat it would have been another inning 🙂

                           RPR’s Hagg’n points for this game

1 point- Attending the game.

2 points- Jeff Baker’s autograph.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

2 points-  For two pictures with Ushers.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat at the game.

1/2 point-  For snagging two extra season tickets after the game.

                                                    Total Points = 7.5

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points

1 point-  For showing up.

4 points- For Manny Corpas’s autograph twice.

10 points- For a piece of game used equipment (Manny’s glove).

2 points- Tossed up baseball from Franklin Morales.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

                                                     Total Points = 19

                                          Our next game is Tuesday night.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Yes I do refer to myself in the third person at times in the blog, but I figure I own all of my persons and I should be able to use them at will.

 To one person in particular only: You can copy my format but you’re still my doormat…D

The fishing today sucked WTF?

5/9/09                             Marlins vs Rockies Game 2

Marlins vs Rockies 5-9-09.jpg I always wanted to catch the introduction of the Rockies players on video and today I did.

Batting practice was OK but I was totally shutout. It still happens once in a while but not so often anymore. I just can’t bring myself to ask a player for a baseball. I love catching or racing up five row of bleachers to beat someone to a ball that has taken a bounce.

It’s all about the chase for me. There’s no chase/play involved when you ask a player for a baseball. Props to those who can do it I’m not knocking you. I just can’t do it. 

 I had a little bit of play today but everytime I would track a ball and almost get to it, somebody was in my way and I had to let the ball go.Emily and friend 5-9-09.JPG

 The best batting practices are during the week when the pavilion is less crowded. My friend Emily an MLBlogger who writes the Rockies blog “I live for this” was at batting practice with her friend. 

Hunter managed to snag two baseballs today. The first one was a toss up from Manny Corpas.


Hunters All star ball 5-9-09.JPGIt was an 2008 All-Star ball and the first one he’s ever snagged.

 I’ve yet to get an All-Star ball.  

Manny tossed one to Hunter on Friday too. Hunter had another opportunity when the Rockies finished batting practice.

 Manny tossed the last ball to Hunter and Hunter didn’t expect it and it hit him just below his neck in his chest.

The ball rolled to the right and some lady kept it for her kid.  

Personally any kid that gets hit with a ball like Hunter did should have been given that ball. But like you’ve heard me say here before “Some people don’t get it”.

She doesn’t get it and neither did my boy. No worries, Hunter was ok and already had a ball.  After the Marlins BP we went around to the Rockies dugout to see what was up.

When Brad Hawpe finished warming up he headed back to the dugout and on his way tossed Hunter his second ball of the day.

Hawpe tossing hunter the ball 5-9-09.jpg                                                        Thank you Brad !
Spilly 5-9-09.jpg

                             Jorge De La Rosa copping a squat before the game.
Jorge De La Rosa 5-9-09.jpg                                                      Jim Tracy and Alana
Jim Wright and Alana 5-9-09.jpg                                                      Helton taking a stretch.
Todd Helton 5-9-09.jpg                                                 Ian Stewart doing the same.
Ian Stewart 5-9-09.jpg
                                                          Seth Smith
Seth Smith 1 5-9-09.jpgThere was a moment of silence for two members of Event Services Staff that had passed away. That was a nice way to pay respect I thought.
passed services employee's 5-9-09.jpgBBCHICK asked if I would get some pictures of the High School band performing the national anthem as she some friends who are in the band. I actually shot video of it


                 Here’s Jeff Francis doing some more public relations work to keep busy.
Jeff Francis 5-9-09.jpg                        Then Francis and Dinger head back to who knows where?
Francis and Dinger 5-9-09.jpg

                                        Bob, Yorvit and Jorge doing the walk.
Apodaca, Torealba and FDLR 5-9-09.jpg
Clint Hurdle was out signing autographs today. A few others did but not many. Spilborghs was out there for a good ten minutes signing today.
Clint Hurdle 5-9-09.jpg  Jorge De La Rosa is pitching decent I’d say despite his lack of wins. Jorge pitched for 8 innings and had 12 strikeouts. Jorge is (0-3) for the season.
Jorge De La Rosa 2 5-9-09.jpg Garrett Atkins went 0-3 and is really struggling only batting .218. It will be nice when he finds his groove cause Atkins can hit. Garrett Atkins 5-9-09.jpgTulowitzki homered in the first inning and went two of four for the day. Troy was replaced in the ninth inning because of a slight strain on his quadricep. The same one he injured last season…I don’t even want to think about Tulo going on the DL right now.

                                  Take it easy Tulo..Heal up that quad brothaTulo swoing 5-9-09.jpg

                                Torrealba broken bat.
Torrealba broken bat 5-9-09.jpg                I believe if I had to I could kill dinner for my family with that weapon.
Accident waiting to happen 5-9-09.jpg                               I call this picture “Floating Bat Boy Broken Bat”🙂
Bat boy broken bat 5-9-09.jpg                                                         Jorge at bat. 
Jorge at bat 5-9-09.jpg                                                      
Jorge and TuloJorge and Tulo 5-9-09.jpg                                                         Jorge on display
Jorge on display 5-9-09.jpg                                                          Don Baylor 
Don Baylor 5-9-09.jpg                                                     Torrealba and Baylor
Yovit and Baylor 5-9-09.jpg                                               Tulowitzki about to throw 
Tulo about to throw 5-9-09.jpg                                                       Dexter Fowler at bat
Fowler at bat 5-9-09.jpg                                                     Dexter Fowler swingin.
Fowler Swing 5-9-09.jpg                                                     Hawpe and Atkins
Hawpe and Atkins 5-9-09.jpg                                                         Matt Murton
Matt Murton 5-9-09.jpg                                        I call this picture “Tulo’s invisible bat”
Tulo's invisible bat 5-9-09.jpg                                                         Hunter chillin
Hunters view 5-9-09.jpg                            Jason Grilli was up on the mound after De La Rosa.
Grilli Serious business 5-9-09.jpg                                     Jason keeping a close eye on first base  
Grilli eying first 5-9-09.jpg                                                         A quick chat
Thumbnail image for a little discussion 5-9-09.jpg                                                   Hawpe letting one go by.
Hawpe at bat 5-9-09.jpg                                                        Barmes and HillBarmes and Hill 5-9-09.jpg 

                                                             Look up
Look up 5-9--09.jpg 

Stewart 5-9-09.jpg                                               A shot of the final score. 
Final Scoreboard 5-9-09.jpg                                   RPR’s Hagg’n stats for this game

Attendance 28,227

1 point- Showing up for the game.

1 point –Staying until the end of the game and getting a picture of the final score.

1 point- Snagging four season ticket stubs from the game.

                                                        Total = 3 points

Tulo Ticket stub 4-9-09.jpg                               Hunter’s Hagg’n Stats for this game

1 point- Showing up

4 points- Two tossed up baseballs worth 2 points each.

1 point– Staying until the end of the game.

1/2 point- Snagging two season tickets after the game.

                             Hunter has been kicking my butt.

        When are YOU going to start Hagg’n? I have prizes🙂 …DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image


Forget the loss, show the Giants who’s boss


ouch.jpgOuch yesterday’s loss to the Padres hurt.

Onto better things, I’ve been waiting for a day like today. Damn near every Rockies game I’ve attended so far this season to has been cold or wet.

Today I have a few things going for me. First, I’m off work today. I tend to have a lot more energy on days that I haven’t gotten up at 2:30 am and worked a ten hour shift before going to batting practice.

 The weather today is supposed to be beautiful and the last game I attended I snagged five baseballs so I’m feeling it. I’m just hoping they’ll have batting practice.



Last baseball season  I made a wager with a Giants fan I work with named Todd. The wager was which team “the Giants or Rockies” would have more wins in the month of Sept 08. 

The loser had to wear the other’s jersey at work for a day.

(Giants fan Todd wearing Todd Helton’s jersey for a day—–YEAH ! ———>>)

Well that same bet is on this season only it’s for the entire season.

But wait there’s more, a second wager was placed on which team will have more wins in just the Rockies/Giants series this season. The loser has to purchase and cook hot dogs at work one day in September for everyone working.

 Right now the Giants are a win up on the Rockies in games they’ve played against each other and three games above the Rockies in wins this season.

That sheet needs to change quick like, I don’t like playing catch up.I hate losing to the Giants.

randy johnson simpsons.jpg

 Most baseball fans have players they admire/respect besides the ones on their favorite team.

Today I get to witness one of mine in action. I hate when the Rockies have to face this guy, but I love any opportunity I get to see him pitch.

That player for me is Randy Johnson.  The Big Unit.

So the scenario I’m going for tonight is Randy pitches well for his run on the mound and the Giants relievers blow it in the later innings.

      Rockies get the win.

I might even pull the Ranter jersey off, head over to the Giants dugout and see if I can get the Unit’s autograph.

There are not many players I’ll do that for.


                                ROCKIES FAN PROFILE

The Rockies fan profile is something that I will do periodically throughout the season. I will have a link on my sidebar to a page where you can view them all. 

I will always post them in a blog entry first.

The first Rockies Fan Profile has to be Dan Sauvageau.

DAn S  Emily and Ryan5-6-09.jpgDan is a true Rockies fan in every sense of the word. He has introduced me to a lot of really cool people at Coors Field and is always doing something nice for someone whether it be hooking them up with tickets or physically taking someone who needs help to the game and getting them home safe. 

Anyone who knows Dan or has met him can testify to his kindness/generosity.

Bottom line Dan loves baseball and loves sharing it with his family.

 I respect that. 

He and his daughter Emily are regulars at Coors field and can always be found in Row 1 of the left field pavilion handing out baseballs and cheering on the Rockies.


Dan writes an MLBlog for his daughter Emily called Dinger’s best friend.

            These are the Rockies Fan Profile questions and here are Dan’s answers.

Q– How long have you been a Rockies Fan?  

A- 1993,  I hate to say it, but I was a Cubs fan before that. 

Q Your Favorite Rockies Player. A) current   B) past  

ATodd Helton and Larry Walker.

Q-  Who is your favorite baseball player of all time. 

A- Mike Schmidt.

Q- What is your best Rockies moment personal or witnessed. 

A- When I caught two home run balls on the fly in the SAME inning off of Mike Lansing and Jeff Cirillo.

5. Rockies player you’d most like to have a beer and a burger with. 

A- Larry Walker

Q- Tell me your favorite donut. 

thanks baseball.jpg
Plain chocolate donut.

                 Thank you Dan for all you do.

For supporting the Rockies and for being part of the Rockpile Rant pretty much from the beginning.

I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those good days. Watching baseball live is like fishing. There are no bad days.

                          Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

He signed the ball, but the Sky Sox fall


SSF Colorado Springs 5-3-09.jpgHunter and I left Denver early so we could get to Colorado Springs early enough to visit my buddy Joe and catch the Sky Sox batting practice if there was to be one. We arrived at Joe’s house in at 10:10 am and he informed us the game that was scheduled at 1pm was now a double header that started at 11am.

So Hunter and I said a quick hello and goodbye and were off to Security Service Field where the Sky Sox call home.

I only had two missions today. First was watch some warm/dry baseball and second was try to get # 40 David Ortmeier’s autograph on his first Rockie home run baseball that I snagged during this past spring training.

We arrived, parked and were inside the stadium by 10:45.

One of the first players I saw out on the field was Ortmeier. Security Service Field was empty so Hunter and I positioned ourselves as close to the Sky Sox dugout as possible.
our seats 5-3-09.jpg

Ortmeier auto on HR ball 5-3-09.jpg David came right back and then autographed this monumental baseball. No special inscription but he signed it on the sweet spot. Thank you David.Hunter first baseball of 2009.jpg



Hunter posing with his first baseball of 2009—–>

Hunter managed to snag three actual game baseballs The first one was from Sky Sox first baseman # 8 Christian Colonel.

The second one was from the opposing first baseman and the third one was from hitting coach Rene Lachemann 

Rene and Hunter 5-3-09.jpg  Rene was giving away balls to kids that he picked randomly out of the crowd.

He would first ask if they were going to cheer for the Sky Sox. Of course every kid said yes. Then he would give them the ball, as they turned to walk away he would shout “You better not be lying” .

Take a look at Hunter’s face when Rene shouted “You better not be lying” at him. I took a lot of great pictures today but this one is the best🙂
Hunter and Rene 5-3-09.jpg

This was my boys first game this season and I’ve been missing that smile:). Hunter is exactly like me. My guy just likes hanging out at baseball parks and snaggin baseballs. 

                                    Thanks Rene, Hunter and I needed that.

About the 8th or 9th inning I heard a voice tell me “Excuse me sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave the stadium” I turned to my right and was thinking WTF?.

Standing beside me was Tom of Rocky Mountain Way. He said was in town to see some good weather baseball. So far the weather was pretty damn good.

Nice to see you again Tom. 

Sal Fasano auto 5-3-09.jpgI managed to snag a few autographs besides Ortmeier’s. Remember Sal Fasano?

Well Sal stopped and signed a ball for me. 

Sal wasn’t sporting any facial hair and when I asked him why he shaved his trademark mustache he mentioned that Sky Sox have a no facial hair rule.

He also mentioned to me that he didn’t like it very much.

 I agree,… Sal Fasano without a mustache is like a hot dog without the fixins. Sal I respect you brotha, we all got to do what we all got to do to pay the bills.  

Sal Fasano 5-3-09.jpg

                   Here is # 34 Randy Flores pitching and # 44 Sal Fasano catching.
Randy Flores and Sal Fasano5-3-09.jpg                    Outfielder # 6 Matt Miller was another autograph I was able to get.
Matt Miller Autograph 5-3-09.jpg
Matt Miller Autograph ball 5-3-09.jpg
EY jr 5-3-09.jpg




 Lastly, Hunter and I both were able to get Erik Young Jr to stop and sign for us..

Here’s a shot of the ball he autographed for me.
Erik Young Jr auto 5-3-09.jpgThat was it, I ran out of baseballs to get autographed.

I couldn’t let these great seats go to waste so I just started taking pictures.




 Security Service Field has a Hot Tub you can rent during the game. Today’s tub was a boppin. 

                      All I can say is I hope they change the water between games.

Hot tub 2-5-3-09.jpgHot tub 5-3-09.jpg                                              Jason Hirsh on the mound
Hirsh 5-3-09.jpg            First base for Game 1 of todays double header was Christian Colonel.
Christian Colonel 5-3-09.jpg                                                    Jonathan Herrera 
Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                              Safe
Safe 5-3-09.jpg                                             Catcher # 17 Edwin Bellorin 
Edwin Bellorin 5-3-09.jpg

                                                       Herrera strike
Herrera Strike 5-3-09.jpg                                                        EY Jr and Herrera
EY jr and Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                     # 34 Randy Flores
Randy Flores 5-3-09.jpg 
Flores 2.jpg
Catch 2 5-3-09.jpg                                           Third baseman # 19 Kenny Perez
Kenny Perez 5-3-09.jpg                                                Outfielder # 21 Chris Frey
Chris Frey 5-3-09.jpg                    Here is the final Score for the original Game 1 vs the River Cats.

Game 1 final Score 5-3-09.jpgThis game was the continuation of Friday’s game which was eventually called in the second inning. Saturdays game was never played and Sundays game wound up being a double-header in which we only stayed for one game.
Autographs 5-3-09.jpg The Sky Sox also lost the second game today with a final score of 7-4. This is the first time this season the Sky Sox have lost two in a row.

Great day, sorry we had to see a loss.

In other news, the Rockies lose today and give the series to the Giants. (I hate losing to the Giants). On a positive note the Nuggets won game one against the Mavericks in round two of the NBA Playoffs.

I love watching the Sky Sox play. The ballpark is so small it is like being at spring training game. Most of the players I saw today were the players I was watching for nine days in Tucson during a few months back.  

Everyone we asked to sign today did so without hesitation. Here is a close-up of the autographs that I received today.
My autographs 5-3-09-1.jpg Not all Major League ballplayers “Get it” but when you go back one level to AAA, most of these fellas do.

Too much fun and a great day spent with my son. Hunter and I are ready for a round of Coors Field batting practice. It’s only a fifteen minute drive🙂

                                                       Go Rockies…D
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                                      All photos taken by the Rockpile Ranter