2008 Was Great,…but 2009 is Mine


Check out this video. I told you I was playing around editing and stuff. I think this one is much better than my previous videos.Thumbnail image for RPR doing his thing.jpg


If you’re a baseball fan and this video doesn’t get you pumped for opening day you better check your pulse.

Click on the link below to check out my take on 2008:

Coors Field 2008 Rockpile Ranter Style

                     Go Rockies…D

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Hey D,
Very cool!
Can’t wait for Friday!

Great video! I can’t wait for it all to begin!


35 minutes sir! The Hagg’n season begins tonight! My next game is scheduled for April 28, but I’m definitely thinking about making it out to Citi Field for Jackie Robinson night on the 15th to begin my first night of Hagg’n. So, what’s the deal? After every game I give you my accomplishments and photos, then you keep track of my stats? Let me know brotha..

– Donnie

Awesome vid! I am so pumped for Opening Day, and just wish I could be there! đŸ˜€

Thanks for showing the videos. It really pumped me up to see the action. Good luck in 2009! i wanted to yell “I got it”

Thanks for sharing the video. Tomorrow afternoon can’t get here soon enough for the Rockies to start.

Have a good day, and thanks for the reads.

Great video…..thanks!! Today is going to be a good day!! Go Rox!!

Great video, D! Super pumped for the season now!

Thanks all, I can see me doing one of these videos each game I attend in the near future.
Donnie, just email me your stats each week by Sunday. You don’t have to email pictures this season, but you can if you have something cool you want to share. I’ll post the stats on this blog on Mondays…D
LUVMYROX-I missed your comments, nice to hear from ya :)…D

CHARLIE56 AND NICHALLISEY-Thanks and welcome to the Rant…D

Sure thing, D! I’m officially starting my regular season on April 15 at Citi Field in New York, so, you’ll get my stats by the next day, same as for every game. Like you said, pictures of only “cool” things will be sent. What email address am I sending this information to?

– Donnie

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