March 2009

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The Rockpile Rant you know has got to grow

3/30/09          Happy Birthday Mom !

Notice sign.JPGThanks a bunch for all of the responses to my “suggestions”. I wasn’t hinting at any big elaborate prize extravaganza, just tossing a bone out every now and then to spark interest. 

Let me take you deep for a second. If you think about it we’re all using MLBlogs in one way or another get what we want. You may not think you personally do, but sit back and relax and let me further dissect this for you. 

Most Bloggers has a reason/purpose for which they blog. Whether it’s to vent  anger, promote your team, talk about current issues, maybe you do it to pay the bills.  

Some people blog because they’re aspiring writers and MLBlogs is their testing grounds for bigger and better things. Using this place as their online resume.

topdawg.jpgSome blog for the sole purpose of being the top dog and gaining attention and a mild degree of respect from their peers. 

Some blog because they enjoy when people respond to their thought/ideas. Folks are motivated by different reasons and that is what makes this place neat and extremely diverse.

evolve.jpgMe I’m an evolving reality blogger.

I’m a step ahead of most but that’s because I walk fast. Let it be known I never mind slowing down for a friend or cohort.

 I have big ideas for the future of blogging but the format/system we on blog on here has it’s limitations.

I will always keep an active blog here on with fresh content because this place rocks. But after this season this entire blog will migrating over to WWW.ROCKPILERANT.COM .

Right now WWW.ROCKPILERANT.COM  is just a cover page with a link back to this blog. Shortly it will be under construction and my friend and Webmaster/Webmistress?  Betsy will transform it into something really special.

The new improved ROCKPILERANT.COM site have a live chat and discussion forum.

A RPR picture page with game specific pictures and video.

A fan profile page for Die Hard Rockies fans and also a Rockies Rhymes page where Rockies fans can submit poems and try to out Rhyme me…(props to R-Luv)

A blog section which will be a very close mirror of this blog.

Hagg’n page to explain the workings of the “new sport” and track participants weekly point totals. 

A Sports Memorabilia page with my autograph collection with the stories (and usually pictures) of how each piece was acquired and personally autographed.

RPR Sports Mem Card.jpgAt some point I may sell some of my duplicate pieces to help pay for the family to make the yearly trip to Tucson for spring training but that’s still up in the air. 

I will also be taking on advertisers to help pay the cost of keeping a site like this active.

Something else I’m going to do is bring on board a few aspiring Rockies writers, probably two to start with. I know I’m not a top-notch writer, but I’m decent and I’m great at capturing the moment. I think if I added a couple of writers who’s opinions differed from each other in addition to the way I roll a tight blog, it could make for some interesting/diverse coverage of Rockies home games.

So to summize my initial point, I too am using I’m using them to create a Rockies site that fans, players and readers can enjoy. Something the Rockies will be proud of.

Photo dudes.jpgI’m like that guy/gal at the game who takes your picture for the “teams” website and then gives you a card to access the picture later.

Only I wont charge you for the picture and I’ll even send you a copy if you’d like. 

In my future I see every fan/player checking the Rant after home games to see if I captured a good picture of them.

I’d like to have a place where fans can vent when they’re upset about a trade, or express their happiness about a new acquisition. 

I want to build a Rockies community that I actively have a part in. Am I crazy?..maybe but I’m telling you I’m the right guy for the job.

Am I a blogging visionary? F’kin Aye, but you can be the judge of that.

Why am I telling you this? I plan to have this website up and functional in a few months and if I don’t tell you about it how will you know?

It’s hard for me to talk specifics of Rockies baseball right now because it’s so damn close. Dan was over at the house today and I had a chance to see what the Rockies season tickets looked like. If I had a camera I’d have taken a picture of them, they’re sweet. They came in a spiral bound booklet, with a different picture on each ticket. I was reminded of old school baseball cards, that’s a nice touch for a sporting event ticket.

What do you think about my expansion? I’m going to do it and I’ll tell you why. I never thought anyone would take the Rockpile Rant serious and people actually do.

 My thanks to you for making this blog just popular enough that my wife encourages me instead of discourages me.

BTW-If I win against Clemson Girl in Max Madness I’ll have to go against Rays Renegade or Diatribe of a Law Student. Both blogs I highly respect and both are found on my sidebar.

                   Good luck my friends, I only wish I could write as well as both of you.
Peace baseball 1.jpg 

                                       Peace, and happy baseball to ya…D
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Still alive at number five


Here are the Top 26 Fan Blogs from March 12-27

bb cartoon.jpg2. Julia’s Rants
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So the Rant is in fifth place back one spot from the last rankings. No worries the # 4 blog is a good one. One of my goals is to plug the Rockies and by staying in the top five I figure somebody is out there reading about the Rockies? That makes me happy.

It’s a bit overdue but it’s time for:

                       Ranter’s Blog of the Week

 Last week was Missy from “View from the Rockpile”. This week I’m going give the award to my “personal favorite blog” 

Happy youngster1.jpgThe majority of blogs here are about baseball, but only a select few blogs here are about snagging baseballs. I swear Happy if you weren’t a cop (please take no offence) we could be twins man.

Happy is for Miller Park and the Brewers what I wish I could be for Coors Field and the Rockies. They know him and they love him.

At times think the Rockies players are starting to know me, but they don’t “know” how hard I work to support them.

Happy/Nick is a family man, and I know his new baby is going to grow up loving some baseball. Nick I salute you, what you do, the way you do it, and the passion that is reflected in your writing. 

PIMPJUICE.gifYou have been cool as a pimp to me from Day 1 here and I have always appreciated that.

Good luck in the Ballhawk Competition. I’m sure you’ll smoke me.

Congrats on # 40 brotha. I suspect that number will be a lot higher real quick as we’ll be doing our thing very soon.

Check out Happy’s blog, especially when the season starts.

good idea book.jpg1.jpgI mentioned in my last entry that I had some ideas for Before I tell you them I
goodtimes111.jpgwould like to let the record state that I am not dissatisfied in any way

with the way things are at presently.

I am perfectly content.

(<—–Cast of the 70’s TV series Good Times)

These are merely suggestions from a guy with a lot of ideas. Look at them, laugh at them, dismiss them. It’s all good. I’m only trying to help in my own special way.

Great Idea # 1

I believe the front page of should should be split and instead of having a “Most Recent Activity” link box, have a a section of the screen with pictures of the five or ten most recent blogs with a little caption of how the blog begins. Something to attract the reader or not. It would use the picture you have posted your profile.

I think that would be a cool way to do it. Again plugging your own bloggers on your cover page is good good  thing. Lets make this a permanent fixture.

Great Idea # 2

Give aways/incentives are always good. I’ve mentioned this one before but I really believe that MLBlogs could come up with some really cool/cheap stuff to give away.  A hat would be a nice prize or maybe a subscription to MLB.TV? Pull a few strings and get the winner a press pass for one game. If I knew I had the possibility of winning a press pass for a day, I would seriously have to up my game.  

How about Blog Entry of the Month?.

Most improved Blogger?

Best quote of the month ?

Best use of pictures, you get the picture. 

Let MLBloggers vote on their choice for number one Blog of the month, then let the staff vote on who they think was the best. It would be interesting to see the end results.

Then compare the results of both to the “Latest Leaders list”.

Too many ideas/stuff for one person to handle? How about appointing some OFFICERS to help with the trivial tasks. Delegate out a few things so more can be accomplished.

I’m not concerned about how much this community is growing, I’m more concerned about how we keep the good Blogs here who helped it grow in the first place. Quality not quantity. Throw us a bone once in a while, everybody is hungry here you’ll see. 

Great Idea # 3

I would love the ability to change my background of the Rockpile Rant. I like what I have now but the options are severely limited. The creativity of each bloggers page would be worth the update to accomplish that.

Great Idea # 4

I’ve mentioned this one before but it’s my favorite. Let  MLBloggers send you five seconds of video to say what they want about their team or blog and use those on the MLB channel or link it from the MLBlogs home page. For example, “Hi this is Don the Rockpile Ranter…Go Rockies” or whatever.

Personally I have a face and a smile that were made for television and that’s why I’d like to see this one happen 🙂

Anyone else like that idea? That’s enough for now. Ponder these, feel free to add your own suggestion to the list.
welcome mat1.jpg              Your ideas and comments are always welcome here at the Rockpile Rant.

Procto office11.jpgSpeaking of which, give me your best caption for the above cartoon. This ought to be good.

The 1st submitted caption is from  Eat, Sleep, MLB with:

                                      “Always use protection”

 The second submitted caption is from Scott over at I’m Not a Headline Guy with:

            “It was either this or go to a Red Sox game with my wife“.

Being a Rockies fan I really like that one Scott, Thanks man. I’m going to give you mine it’s:

             “Doctor I know you’re going to find this hard to believe”

The third caption is from R-Luv:

 Female doctor to male doctor, “They’ve discovered the gene that makes people want to do this for a living” Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


The winds of change and snow are blowing


I’m working on getting a camera to replace the one I left on the ski run yesterday. At this point I’m not to picky because it’s damn close to opening day. I’ll be there with glove in hand and a disposable camera in the other if I have to.

What a great day, snowing and blowing, almost two hours to get home from work and It’s only a fifteen minute drive. The best thing is there’s more snow on it’s way.

East coast get ready because you always get it worse than we do and this one’s been a monster. Oh and it’s that wet heavy snow that shovelers love.

pedal-snowplow.jpgI’d like to thank whoever schedules the plow truck drivers for really being on his game last night.

The state has saved a fortune this winter in snow removal because of the mild weather.

Usually every Feb/Mar we get our one “big snowstorm”.

This one had all the signs of being a “Big One” yet, no prep work was done.

The only plow I saw all day was the one blocking the road I needed to travel on to get back home.

I have never seen so many people out driving during a major snowstorm. It’s supposed to continue to snow all night and part of tomorrow. Stay home!

I bought my Toyota 4×4 at exactly the right time and it was pure pleasure to drive in this blizzard. I recommend one.

I’m totally having fun with this Max Madness thing going over at “The Maxx “. What they’ve done is taken the top blogs and laid them out in a bracket style format.

I love the secret vote part of this competition. I just watched the number one fan blog get bumped out by the # 13 blog called Diatribe of a Law Student (an excellent blog by the way and located on my sidebar).

Let me break down the “Real Deal” for you. Don’t thank me it’s what I do. I can give it to you straight because I’m not getting paid and because someone has to.

Comments are left on as a way of networking for some, letting the reader know your opinion of what he/she wrote, or for schmoozing.

Schmoozing is all part of the game. Everyone does a it a little, you have to. Some people more than others. You schmooze to get what you want, It’s a fact.

I knew this bracket would have some major upsets. Just because someone is number one fan blog doesn’t mean that they’re the best or most popular. 

None of us have any control over how much exposure our blogs gets here, but we do have control of how we vote. There’s some randomness to it, but some blogs just get more attention than others. It just beez that way and I’m fine with that.  

In the end the ulitmate proof is in the vote. I love a good shake up, and things need to be shook up a bit.

By the way, looks like I’m up next against Clemson Girl, probably first thing tomorrow morning east coast time. Good luck girl! 

You know me I love throwing ideas at you and my next entry will be one that is chock full of new ideas for Onward and upward, gotta keep moving.

It’s Jiffy Pop time baby, Mark where you at brotha? It’s time for a latest leaders update…D
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Stayed to the end but lost a good friend


Good thing typing doesn’t require much effort because if I had to stand for long or actually lift something I be in trouble. As much fun as a day can be snowboarding you definitely pay the price that evening and usually the following morning (we’ll see).

It’s not that I’m out of shape, it’s that snowboarding/skiing uses muscles you normally don’t use in your daily life.

It snowed most of the day at Eldora, so by afternoon we were boarding in fresh powder. In actuality tomorrow will be the day to enjoy the rewards of the new snow but the little bit we were fortunate enough to play in softened our countless falls.

Props to Andy who also ventured into the world of snowboarding. Andy and his family have lived in Colorado four years and he has never seen a ski resort. I convinced Andy that the only way to really learn to board was to go to the top and work your way to the bottom.

Here’s why I told him that, the problem with the bunny hill is as soon as you  get yourself up and going your at the bottom. So my reasoning is that if you go to the very top you have plenty of mountain to practice on and don’t have to keep getting back on the lift.

He agreed and did it along with Krista, Hunter, Mylee and I.

Props to my wife’s sister who decided to try snowboarding after years of skiing. She had a rough start but towards the third run she was getting it. Problem is about the time you start to “get it” on your first day snowboarding your legs are shot.

When you start to get tired is when you up your chances of getting hurt. So she called it quits mid-day and busted out her skis.

Props to my friend and soon to be neighbor Betsy. This was Betsy’s fifth time skiing and towards the end of the day she went to the top of the mountain (Her first time) and skied to the bottom. Betsy’s a trooper because she was fearless and took a couple of good spills and got right back up. She might be hurting tomorrow just a bit, good job Betsy.

Hunter and Mylee both did great today. A few more times and they’ll have it down.

Me, I’m a freggin Rock Star on a snowboard I’ve told you that. We were officially the last people on the lift today before they closed it and we were the last ones down the mountain.

I took a bunch of pictures and shot some great video just like I said I would. Unfortunately my trusty camera must have bounced out of my coat pocket and now either has a new owner or is part of one of the packed/powder runs at Eldora Ski Resort. You have no idea how devastating that is, it’s like losing a good friend. 

                        A Rockpile Ranter without his camera is like:

Starskey with no Hutch.

Beans without that little piece of bacon that comes with it.

A big bowl of ice cream with no spoon.

A dog without a tongue.

Standing front row at a Winger concert.

David Lee Roth as a Paramedic

Baseball with no batting practice.

Corona without lime.

                  Just over two weeks until the Rockies Home opener. This sucks…D
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Come for the snow and blow all your dough


Let me start out this entry on a positive note. My oldest daughter Naomi (22) is back home for a while and we’re glad to have her. She’ll be with us on Rockies opening day🙂. Tomorrow for the first time in too damn long the family and I are going snowboarding.

krista on bunny hill2.jpg

 (<——-Krista on the bunny hill)

We’re heading out to Eldora Ski Resort because through my employer they have a deal for lift tickets for thirty bucks and a free lunch. 

Here in Colorado that’s a pretty good deal which leads me into an official Rant.

Been a while huh?

WTF is up with the prices that the ski resorts are charging? Have you seen what sheet costs lately?

It’s been two years since I’ve really checked into the prices and let me just say they were whacked two years ago.

Let me give you some ski resort facts, this will blow your mind.

The price for a lift ticket at:

Keystone Ski ResortAdult  $ 92.00            Child– $49.00

Oh yeah, if you don’t have any equipment: 

Snowboard Rental- $44.00

Ski Rental-  Adult (cheap skis)  $32.00        Child- $20.00 

Better hope you remember all of your outerwear because if you forget something and have to purchase it at the resort, be prepared for prices that make a baseball stadium prices look cheap.

Why is this sport so damn expensive? Yes there are deals if you ski multiple days and deals if you buy early and deals if you buy a family pass. But who has over a thousand to shell out before Christmas?

I’m snowboarding Eldora with my wife and three kids tomorrow. I’m going to use Eldora’s current prices for my “In your face” example of how ridiculous it’s become.

Eldora Ski Resort, smaller resort, close to Boulder, very close to where I’ll be living.

Adult full day pass:  $62.00

Half day pass (starts 12:30) : $52.00 …world of advice, the best snow is in the morning.

Junior Full day pass: $37.00

So my total is up to $260.00 for three adults and two juniors.

In this example we do not have our own equipment so we’ll need to rent.

Snowboard Rental: $41.00 a day for an adult and $35 a day for a child.

So we have three adult snowboard rentals and two children = $193.00

Total so far = $453.00

After we got there I realized Mylee for got her Jacket and Hunter forgot his snowboard pants. No worries the resort rents those items also.

Mylee’s jacket– $20.00

Hunter’s pants– $20.00

Total so far = $493.00 

Remember now I haven’t added gas for the trip = minimum $20.00 

On the drive up you’ve got to stop for that fast food breakfast = $30.00

Total so far = $543.00

 So ponder this,….if a resort charges twenty bucks to let you wear a jacket for a couple hours. Imagine what they charge to put a meal in your stomach that’ll hang with you for a while.

Most resorts don’t post their food prices otherwise I’d have a few listed. But lets go cheap and say lunch will be $12.00 each (That’s cheap for a ski resort believe me).

Tack on another sixty bucks for lunch and another twenty minimum for hot chocolate.

                                                      Total  = $603.00

             Remember this was the cost for smaller resort Eldora not Keystone.

Mylee boarding33.jpg


Please don’t hit me with a bunch of comments about how you can pack a lunch, and buy used snowboard equipment, and purchase an early season pass. Remember the above scenario was only an example.

 If anybody can do Colorado on a budget,…its me.

 We all have our own equipment except for Hunter who outgrew his board and Naomi who doesn’t have a snowboard. 

That’s the reason we’re taking advantage of this great deal for us from Eldora Ski Resort.

 So as long as you don’t get the munchies or run out of sunblock, this day of fun in the Colorado mountains will cost you $ 603 hard earned dollars for a family of five to go snowboarding.


That my friends is F’n ridiculous. So thank you Colorado Resorts for taking one of the coolest family sports and making the whole experience so expensive my only fix is to watch Warren Miller re-runs.

FU colorado resorts.jpg  By being a resident of Colorado you should rewarded with a free “All Mountain Pass”.  

Me after a day of boarding1.jpg

(<——-Me after a day of snowboarding)

Don’t worry Colorado Ski Resorts the loss would be minimal, I’m sure you could compensate by raising the food prices a bit more or how about charging for parking?

 Some resorts already do.

 Am I out of line here? How often do you spend $600.00 on a days entertainment?

My advice is if you want to ski in Colorado don’t have children or get a second job and start saving now.Look for some spectacular video and pictures tomorrow and I’ll show you a picture of what a free lunch at a ski resort looks like?

                                     Wish for snow for a softer landing…D 
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Smitty’s a hero with a big four zero


 It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Nuggets game and before the game started the Nuggets were on a four game win streak. The Nuggets are H-O-T (29-8) this season and I was hoping the wife and I’s presence wouldn’t interfere with that momentum.

Unfortunately we didn’t get there early enough to see the Nuggets warm-up. We arrived about five minutes into the game.

The star of the show tonight was my favorite Nugget J.R. Smith. Smitty scored an insane 40 points tonight. J.R. was allowed to start the game and seriously took advantage of that opportunity.

I’m glad that Krista, I and 18, 231 others in attendance were able to witness “Smitty’s Basketball School”. It was downright pleasurable watching the Wizzards being subject to “Professor Smith’s” night classes and failing miserably.

Me n Krista 3-20-09.jpgAt one point towards the beginning of the game the Wizzards were up by seven points but once the Nuggets snatched the lead back it was never returned leading at one point by as much as 17 points.

Here’s a picture show for you. As always let me know what you think. You don’t have to love basketball to enjoy a good picture.

                               Here’s Renaldo Balkman about to earn his money.

Balkman 3-20-09.jpg                                              Linas Kleiza and the BirdmanAnderson and Kleiza 3-20-09.jpg            Here is Kleiza trying to “Be Like Mike” He skies pretty good for a white boy.
Kleiza flying 3-20-09.jpg       The Birdman showing off his no-look block. Birdman scored 18 points in this game. 
Birdmans no-look block 3-20-09.jpg                                          One of J.R.’s many shots tonight.
Jr shot 3-20-09.jpg

       Chauncey Billups scored 5 points and had six assists in his 32 minutes of play.
Billups 3-20-09.jpg                                                The score at half-time.
halftime scoreboard 3-20-09.jpgThe Nuggets half-time show was wild. The outfits were so bright I thought somebody had possibly slipped something in my drink. The colors were intense.
Indian Dance 3-20-09.jpg
more indian dancing 3-20-09.jpg                                              The ladies strutting their bling.
the ladies 3-20-09.jpg    I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m witnessing here but this dude had some rhythm.
not sure 3-20-09.jpg                          Then it got really intense, it was starting to make me dizzy.
Intense 3-20-09.jpgSo by now the room is spinning so I had to look away to regain my balance. I looked up and what did I see?
big coors 3-20-09.jpgA big old Coors can. Beware of the useless coupons that this and similar blimps like to drop on your head. You could really get hurt and the coupons are worthless. Tell you what, float a big “Fat Tire” beer bottle up there and maybe I’ll risk injury, but for a Coors (aka Rocky Mountain pisswater), I wouldn’t walk to the fridge.

Save you knees, a free paper isn’t worth an injury either. I tell you what, if those stupid blimps dropped baseballs it would be game on…
DP blimp 3-20-09.jpg A Ranter basketball blog entry wouldn’t be complete without a obligatory cheerleader shot🙂
cheerleader 3-20-09.jpg

        Check out the guys face on the far right holding up the cheerleader, he’s hurting.
cheerleader 2 3-20-09.jpg                              I’ll zoom in on his expression for you, priceless🙂
funny face 3-20-09.jpgSorry dude, I didn’t mean to expose you nationally but you really need to work on your game face.

                                                        JR and Melo
Jr and Melo 3-20-09.jpg

                                                       Love this expression.

look up 3-20-09.jpgBy far the “Best Hat of the Game”. I guess if you can afford a snazzy hat like that, court side seats are chump change.
best hat 3-20-09.jpg                      Kleiza going for the block with Birdman ready for the rebound.
Kleiza block 3-20-09.jpg                                           The Birdman with the slamajama.
Birdman slam 3-20-09.jpg  Birdman had 18 points, 11 rebounds and get this…6 blocked shots. All that in only 22 minutes. This dude is awesome to watch and the fans love him.

                                        Welcome to Denver brotha, where you been?          

                                                           Marcus who?
Bird 3-20-09.jpg

I’m not sure who this guy was, but he may actually be attending Referee School.

He kept standing up and moving his arms and saying, “safe”. It’s cool, you meet all kinds of people at at Nuggets game and I like baseball.
safe 3-20-09.jpg                                                        Group picture
Group pic 3-20-09.jpg             JR Smith and Chris Anderson, making a name for themselves this season. 
Thumbnail image for Chris Anderson scoreboard 3-20-09.jpg
JR scoreboard 3-20-09.jpg

The Nuggets wave their magic wands and spell out the Wizzards 116-105.

(Go back and read that last sentence, nice huh? 🙂

Melo had 20 points and looked like he may have hurt his ankle?? Hope he’s ok.
Nene had 11 points and 2 blocked shots.

See ya 3-20-09.jpg
Thanks for stopping by, if your interested in of being one of the first people to participate in the new sport called Hagg’n let me know. If not we could always use cheerleaders..:)

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha

I’m not Bragg’n but you’ll dig Hagg’n


That’s right if your a snagger/ballhawk/batting practice guy/gal your starting to squirm. It’s getting close now and I crave the warm weather and green grass.

snagball1.jpg                                                   CHECK THIS OUT:

Erik over at Counting Baseballs has proposed a BallHawking competition and myself and a bunch of other people are “In it to win it” ..I’m kidding, we’re going to have some fun with this.

It’s still in discussion exactly how we’re going to keep track/score.

Below is my proposal for keeping score and if it they don’t want to use it that’s ok. I’d like to participate however they decide.

But I’m thinking,… if they don’t use it I would like to roll with my point game myself and get anyone who is interested in playing signed up quick like as the season is fast approaching.

          I would hope my Coor’s Field buddies will want to play for fun??

I even have a name for this new Sport. Let’s call it Hagg’n because you’re part autograph hound and part baseball snagger. I know, it’s F’kn genious. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Hag’n is a sport that involves snagging baseballs and obtaining autographs/memorbilia for points. Here is the proposed breakdown of points:

Total points per game divided by number of games attended calculated each game. Each player would automatically receive one point for each game attended. This is in case one person only goes to one game all season and hits the motherload.

He/she could totally screw up the curve with a stellar one game performance.

1. Straight up catching a live game home run baseball = 10 points

2. Acquiring that same live game home run ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 9 points

3. Catching a live game foul ball straight-up = 8 points

4. Acquiring that same live game foul ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 7 points

5. Straight-up catching a batting practice home run baseball = 4 points

6. Acquiring that same batting practice home run ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 3 points

7. If a player tosses the ball to you and you straight-up catch it = 2 points

8. If a player tosses the ball to you and you drop it (dumbazz) but still manage to get it, or it’s thrown into the crowd and you come up with it = 1 point

9. Autographs obtained at the game = 1 point

I added autographs to kind of even out things. Little kids probably will never snag a home run ball but it’s quite possible for them to obtain a few autographs each game and get a ball or two tossed to them. It’s about how hard you want to work. Anyone any age can participate.

In order for an autograph to count it has to be obtained inside the stadium and only as early as batting practice starts and up to 30 minutes after the game. A picture is required of all autographs obtained during the game. As proof the scoreboard should be in the background of your picture as your proof of actually being there.

Say you snag three baseballs at batting practice, take a picture with the scoreboard in the background as your proof. Make it simple and quick. It’s really not that hard.

Maybe we could count spring training and minor league game points acquired as exactly half of what a major league game would be?

…and the last three.

10. Acquiring a game used bat (at the game) with verifiable proof = 10 points.

11. Acquiring any other piece of memoribilia (ex. batting glove, lineup card, a hat, jersey) whatever and being able to prove it = 5 points

12. Acquiring a picture of you with a player at the game = 2 points

                  Total points per game divided by # of games attended.

 Starting your own snagging blog to keep track or post a comment of your accomplishments per game is really the best idea. Get with the times man/woman!!

Another thing I’ll mention is picture proof of your accomplishments really adds to your credibility.

 Feedback on this? Wanna play, its free? Let’s hear what you think about this new sport…D 
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Almost bought a F-ked truck


Remember my new to me/used truck? We purchased a truck a few days ago to help facilitate our move up to the mountains.
My expensive elway bobblehead.jpg It was a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT. Beautiful truck, a little high on mileage but it wasn’t going to be our daily driver. I really like this truck. It was my first Ford truck and I was nervous about buying an American made vehicle. I thought about it and figured how can I go wrong with this truck, it’s the most popular truck in America right?

I was driving home from south Denver on Monday and out of nowhere I heard a loud boom, like a small explosion. Then my truck started to pop like an old lawnmower. I pulled over into a Target parking lot and lifted the hood to access any visible damage.

blown plug.jpgWith the hood up I immediately discovered laying on top of the engine a spark plug, rubber plug boot and fragments of a coil. This Ford Triton engine actually blew the spark plug out of the manifold.

I called the dealership to have the truck towed back there and then called my buddy “B” who lived nearby to see if he could rescue me. He did, thanks “B”.

When I got home I started to research Ford Triton engines. I couldn’t believe the plethora of information out there about Triton engines that habitually blow out spark plugs.
Triton blown plug.jpg This has happened to thousands of Ford Triton engines and Ford refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem.

fordslam.jpgI guess the issues stems from the aluminum heads and the lack of threads in the head to secure the spark plugs. Over time the pressure of the engine pops the plugs out.

A quick fix is around $700.00 with no guarantee that it won’t happen to the same plug again, or any other of the eight spark plugs at any given time.

So basically, the engine is a piece of sheet and if you fix it it’s a roll of the dice on whether the engine will go 10 miles or 50,000. I can’t live/drive like that. Ford will not fix this issue nor will it admit to the engine flaw.

For this reason I will never purchase a Ford product again. I really question why we bailed out Ford Motor Company when they won’t even back up the most popular product they manufacture. How can Ford ignore the thousands of people who are F-ked because they purchased one of these faulty engines?

I can’t support a company that doesn’t support it’s own faulty products. Ford ignores the same people whose money is allowing them to operate/stay afloat. 

 If you build a sheet product and don’t back it up, you deserve to fail. I’m not saying all Fords or Ford engines are crap, I’m only talking about my experience with the 2001 Ford Triton engine. I can honestly tell you that I’ll never know if any of the other Ford vehicles are any good because I’ll never purchase a Ford product again. I won’t buy a Chevy because of my broken key fiasco of last summer.  

dead at desk.jpgAnyways, the Dealer has a three day 150 mile return policy.

The day it broke was day five. When we first talked to the dealer they said, “The truck was sold as is”. 

I gathered from that statement that they were going to try to screw me.

And they might have except for one thing, there was a small issue with the percentage rate of the loan. They needed to bump it up a half-of-a-percent and the paperwork would need to be resigned. It was Fed-Ex’ed and arrived the morning after the truck broke down.

There was no way we were going to sign the revised paperwork for a disabled truck. I waited to hear what the Dealers decision was before I played my hand. I was lucky, I didn’t have to play it. They stepped up to the plate, admitted the engine was F’ked and said you can get your trade and cash back or we can help you find another vehicle.

Had we signed the loan paperwork the day before,…who knows? So today we’re heading back out today to look at more trucks.

         I’m thinking Toyota Tundra. The MPG isn’t as good but the reliability is there.
toyota tundra.jpgAt least the Triton engines do. Buyer beware…Who’d of thought it would be this damn hard to buy a good used truck.fordsucks.jpg Sorry all, this truck thing has pulled my mind away from baseball and I need to resolve it before I can go forward. 

I’ve been watching Helton’s numbers and it looks to me like “Sweet T” is back….D

7:30 PM

Just got back from Go Subaru. They had fixed the Ford Truck and said we could either take the “repaired” Ford truck, try and find another one, or get our deposit and my trade-in back.

We did a search and found the exact Toyota truck I was looking for. My brother has had one of these for years. It’s perfect.


Toyota Tacoma.JPG                                        Don’t you just love a happy ending?…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

What do you think, good or does it stink?


As you are learning I’m a man of many talents, unfortunately none of them pay. I’ve decided to try my hand at video editing for fun not for income. I’m working on a couple of these and I’d like to know which one you like the best or if you think they’re all crap.

Here’s my first video. Remember I’ve never done this before. I’ll post a few more as the day goes by…D

Here’s the second video I made. This one has a few clips of Hunter in it from Coors Field.

               This was fun, I might decide to make one of these each game I go to…D
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