Making the bomb


I haven’t written anything in a couple of days and it feels like an eternity. 

Rockies spring training15.jpgSpring Fever has officially got me along with a little bit of a bug.
fever1.jpgIt’s hard to talk or write about baseball right now, I feel like sheet and mentally I’m in Tucson right now.

Let me tell you the weather is beautiful and I’m working on a good tan.

A friend of mine Betsy has been working on Right now It’s just a cover page that links back to this blog, but I’m thrilled that it’s finally up and accessible.

 I would like a permanant page within that website that contains all of the “Rockies Fan Profiles”, maybe a page with videos and a baseball collection page which will get updated weekly as new items are acquired.

                                     Got any ideas, I’d love to hear them?
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When do you leave for your trip? Good luck with the web-page. There are a lot of really great books out there that talk about web design.


Hey D,
Sweet web-page. Look forward to checking that out once it’s done.
Hope you’re feeling better.

ROCKPILE RANT GOES WEB!! Dude, that’s sweet. Way to go.
Looking forward to reading all about Spring from the MBU!

Well you know, a great way to support your blog and website is to link them both on both profiles. After a period of time people will use the most convenient way to get their Rockpile fix.

i am actually doing double blogs on both sites and also a few exclusives on my website………that gets people to at least click it every few days to see what is new in the world of Rays Renegade.

Web pages can also give you the luxury of saying a few things you might regret on somewhere like…

Have a great time with it all, if it doesn’t feel like fun………you better be getting paid for it.

Rays Renegade

JULIA-I leave Monday around dinnertime. I have to wait for Denver traffic to subside.
R-LUV-Much better, thanks for asking🙂
HAPPY-Thanks brotha, I like your personal website too. Don’t think I don’t notice all the MBU plugging you’ve been doing..I really appreciate that.
RAYSREN-Thanks for the advice, here’s my attitude, if it aint fun…I make it fun🙂..Maybe someday I will get paid for it…Thank you for your MBU support also brotha…D

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