Baseball’s shame, so who do we blame?


tatoo1.JPGFarewell to the Prince of New York.

I was reading his blog and apparently he’s upset because he feels he writes an intelligent blog and for some reason his blog stopped getting front page love.

So he’s switched to his own blogging platform. He had been a blogger here at for the last couple of years.

The man writes a decent blog, way to many NY details for me but still an interesting read. 

It’s obvious that he pissed someone off. I should know, I’ve been known to tap dance on the line.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want any front page coverage. I see the same blogs getting mentioned all the time and I’m fine with that, they’re good blogs.

Top Ten.jpgHere’s the deal, the Rockpile Rant will remain in the top ten blogs despite no extra attention and I’m ok with that.

When it’s my turn for the number one spot I’ll have a special dedication to everyone who helped me along the way.

I just hope I haven’t P’d off too many people in the right positions. (You know I love you all).

 I’m hoping for a little publicity when the MBU is in down in Tucson. All I can do is hope for the best and try to be nice.

 This is my year and whether I get help/exposure or not, doesn’t matter.

I’m in Tucson for the fan that can’t make it down there. You like my point of view because I make the game seem real. I appreciate that my readers get that from me.

If you don’t get that from me, why are you here wasting your time? Go away.

Pelt.jpgDid your hear that ESPN suspended Scott Van Pelt for verbally attacking Bud Selig on the radio. He called Selig a

Think about what a pimp does and then think about what Bud’s job is. I’m just saying…

That gleaming dome Van Pelt has makes a good point.

 17.5 million a year for the Commissioner, yep that’s outrageously insane. If you asked me what I would have guessed his salary was I would have guessed a couple of million plus travel expenses and all the balls he can play with. 

Selig deaf 1.jpgFor that kind of money I want Bud’s real signature on every ball used in professional baseball. He’s getting over on us with that pre-printed autograph crap they use now.

 I take that back, I don’t want Selig anywhere near my balls :) 

Selig 5.jpg17.5 million is almost $50,000 a day. He makes more in one day than I make in a year. Granted that not just anybody can graduate to Selig’s position but come on.

 A fitting end to Selig’s reign would be him getting laid off (no severance) and replaced with someone half his age at 1/10 his current salary.

 It happens all the time in America and it’s always a sad story.

bud picking.jpgNow if that actually transpired, I wouldn’t feel sorry for Bud at all…Sorry dude, but your not worth 17.5 million don’t kid yourself.

I think your getting over on all of baseball. Your salary is a flagrant disgrace to baseball fans and ticket purchasers everywhere.

The position of “Commissioner of Baseball”  needs a salary cap instituted, immediately.  

$50,000 a day, weekends too…get the F*ck out of here. For some reason knowing Selig makes that much money makes me feel insignificant and poor.

I suffered through A-Rods admission of guilt today and I’ve made a decision. I’ll always be a baseball guy, but statistics from 1990-2005 mean nothing to me anymore. I’m sorry for all the non-juicers who get no credit but hey…you guys knew and you didn’t say sheet.

It has to be that way, I have no idea what’s real and what isn’t during that particular era, so I’ve chosen to forget those 15 years worth of statistics.

 A decade and a half of lying, cheating and degradation of our beautiful sport.

Selig funny.jpgCycling as a sport has no trouble stripping it’s athletes of their title’s. Maybe baseball should consider that bold move. That would definately send a message. 

That’s not going to happen, stuff like that scares the sheet out of Selig. Lets have a clean fresh start to this season with no more steroid shockers.

The top dog has fallen, does anybody even care who falls next?  


            My next blog entry will be about “Baseball in 2050” ..Check back for it…D 
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D — You want to talk about ticking off people? Heck, I’m waiting for the boot to fall. I think baseball needs to have harsher penalties for rule breakers. And I have a thought – how about if all the bloggers here take a turn at being commissioner for a day? We could all use an extra $50,000! Just a thought!


Hey D,
$17.5 million? Holy moneybags Batman! That’s a sheetload of money. How in the world do they justify paying that guy that much? If they spent just a fraction of that on the fans just think how many free hot dogs they could give away. LOL

JULIA-I want my turn as Commissioner to fall on a long weekend.
R-LUV-What an idea, Bud Selig day. That overpaid old man buys everyone at a ballgame that day a hot dog, I love it…D

Not just free hot dogs – on Bud Selig day I think he should pay all of us to come to the game!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

I would LOVE for the Yankees to have to forfeit the 2000 World Series. Otherwise, I have had SO much fun with the A-Rod drama because I live and go to school with Yankee fans.
3 days!

i’m just as bummed as you about PONY

ELLIE-Get your digs in.
GOMETS-Time to move on to bigger and better things…D

Love the rant, go Scotty VPeezy!🙂

“Farewell to the Prince of New York.

I was reading his blog and apparently he’s upset because he feels he writes an intelligent blog and for some reason his blog stopped getting front page love.

So he’s switched to his own blogging platform. He had been a blogger here at for the last couple of years.

The man writes a decent blog, way to many NY details for me but still an interesting read.

It’s obvious that he pissed someone off.”

“No” would be the answer to your last statement. The MLBlogs Network grew many-fold in 2008, and people are finding many other MLBlogs. No one here is tracking positioning of MLBloggers, other than the Latest Leaders list I instituted late last year. There is no schedule of promotion as no one here as it’s a blog community, not our staffing schedule. Sour grapes, have heard it a few times before from the miniature stalker group that left. Nothing has changed other than that this place is bigger. That’s why I constantly tell people to comment on many other MLBlogs and always leave your URL. That’s the #1 way to get traffic here. No one should have any expectations whatsoever for promotion, but rather for the ability to promote themselves.


Mark, I should have said “It’s obvious that HE feels he pissed someone off.
I like to communicate with my readers and I am always plugging my blog outside of the blogosphere, thus the Ranter cards…You’ve got to work it…D

Selig is such a clown. He could have put an end to this years ago… instead, he’s worried about the wild card…. he thinks that’s gonna save his legacy. Think again.

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