December 2008

Enough of the crappy, this makes me happy

Me n Professor of Snag.jpg12/9/08

Things that make me happy.

Of course my wife and kids, I don’t need to say that. They’re my world.

Truth be told, Zack Hample is part of the reason I’m the Ranter. I’ve been to my share of Rockies games since 1993, but I never arrived early enough for batting practice until this past season. Now I’ll never miss it.

 I had been reading his blog “The Baseball Collector” for several years, and I had been snagging baseballs vicariously though him.

Reading Zack’s blog is one of those things that makes me happy.

To me, Zack is MLblogosphere, he was one of the original bloggers here, and I’ll read his blog until he stops blogging or snaggin.

 I can tell you it won’t be the latter.

Thank you “Professor of Snag”, I bet you’ve inspired a hell of a lot more people than you could ever know.

Elway number 7-1.JPG I have three pugs. Elway was the 7th born in the litter and he’s special.

elway as puppy xmas1.JPG

  He was the runt of the litter, and was born completely cross-eyed.

His back legs that didn’t work well either.

As he got to be a few months older, his legs continued to get worse. We figured it was hip displacia, because we rescued his mother from an “evil breeder”. 

We took “Elly Belly” in for an X-Ray, and discovered his spine was curved like a “L” just below his shoulders. 

Elway my pug1.jpg



 I guess that abnormality was pinching his spine and causing his back legs to get worse.

Faced with a tough decision, we opted for the expensive wheelchair. Elway took to it rather quickly, and by using it daily for a few months, it fixed his spine.

Lewis-Black.jpg Elway’s eyes even  straightened out, and now he is by far the bully of the other two dogs. Elway is the coolest of cool. This dog could cheer up Louis Black.

Seeing Elway, Bronco and Nugget when I get home makes me happy. Unconditional love, it’s a cool thing.



I’m pretty good snowboarder.

The first time I picked up a snowboarded was opening day in Loveland, Colorado 1990, with my buddy Greg.

There was enough snow for one run to be open. We strapped on our boards and rode the lift to the top.

By the time we reached the bottom, we were boarding.

 My kids and wife are still learning. There is no bad day on the mountains snowbarding.

Snowboarding alone or with my family makes me happy.

Huge breakfast.jpg


A good breakfast makes me happy. The best meal of the day, two biscuts and gravy, two pancakes, three bacon, hasbrowns, toast and a big cup of coffee.

 That not only makes me happy, it makes me ready to take on the world, or at least my job.






A good piece of Cheesecake makes me happy.


Good cheesecake is like sex on a plate.  


Fishing in boat.jpg




Fishing with my kids makes me happy.


Just like snowboarding, there are no bad days fishing.




you wish you were here.jpg


 Just living in Colorado makes me happy.  

What makes you happy?

Got a picture you want to share?

Send it with some details to:

There’s lots more things that make me happy, but I got the ball rolling here,

   Let’s see what you got.


<——This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit.

Here’s something someone might be interested in.

 The Mobile Blogging unit heads out of Denver on Feb 27,2009, and returns on March 8th.

There is a chance that we may have an extra spot in the RV. It has four seperate beds, and as I mentioned, there could possibly be an extra spot. No freebies here, there would be an interview (to guage your coolness), we all split gas, and expenses, but it’s really is a chance of a lifetime.

Good times, good company, good baseball, making memories.

I’ll probably do a formal blog entry about this at some point soon. I just wanted to throw that out there and see if there are any potential bites.

 I have a few maybes at this point, but no “for sures”. Women are welcome, as long as you are aware of the living arrangments.

                 Don’t say I’m not an equal opportunity snagger. It’s all good.

                                         Ranter’s Joke of the day

Question: What is 30 feet long and smells like pee?

Answer: The line dancing class at at retirement home…Ok that’s bad, but I can pull those kind of jokes off cause I’m not there yet. Have you ever heard me do any balding jokes?…D
Line Dancing.jpg 
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Now that’s off my chest, send me your best


Pug flag.jpgWow, what an incredible response from my last Rant.

 It felt so good to get that crap off of my chest that I have an idea.

   I want to know what makes you happy.
happy-face111.gifSend me a picture and a little blurb about what it is that makes you happy.

You know, that thing that no matter how mad you are, it can bring you back to earth. Kids, dog, beer, whatever.


christmas-present.gifOr maybe lets hear about the best X-mas present you ever got and why?

 I feel the need now to project some positive vibes. When I have enough, I’ll do an entire entry or maybe feature one happy person at the end of my daily entries. 


Swift truck xmas.jpgI’ll start it off. I’m just happy to be here every X-mas. 

In 2002 I was driving my Freightliner, into Jackson Hole, Wyoming when I hit a patch of dry ice and my truck sideswiped another semi.

The collision had  knocked me back into my own lane, but I had lost control of my steering.

I had to let this big rig keep rolling across the highway into the other lane (thankfully no other vehicles were heading in that direction). The truck continued into the ditch on the opposite side of the road and kept rolling into a field. I figured the truck would just roll until it ran out of speed. I figured wrong.

General lee jumping.jpg

As I was shooting out into this field, I saw a huge ditch that had been freshly dug and I was heading straight for it.

 My truck launched over the dirt piled up (just like the Duke boys), then as my truck was actually clearing/jumping the ditch, the front of my rig clipped the top of the dirt pile on the other side, and sheered off the entire underneath of my truck.   

Truck xmas.jpg

 Everything in my sleeper went whizzing by my head, and I missed getting tagged by my TV by inches.

I buried my knee into the dash, but I walked away.

 My first year truck driving, my first snowstorm in a big rig, and I almost killed myself three days before X-mas.



ST crash.jpg


It chokes me up thinking about it. I was shook up bad.

My wife drove up from Denver to get me home.

That’s my friends, is good woman.

So my best present ever was being able to go home and hug my wife and kids for Christmas.


 Remember, hug them and tell them you love them daily, because you never know.

           What makes you happy, or what was your best present ever, and why?..D
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Don’t tell me I can’t Rant

12/8/08         This entry has been building up in me. I can’t takes no more.

rantahead_411.jpg                                      They don’t call me the Ranter for nothing.

                                             Today’s blog entry is called:                   

                      Things I Freggin Hate

Evil Smiley.jpg

I have worked really hard the last few years trying to become a more tolerant/patient individual. Back in the day, I had an extremely low tolerance for people and their bullsheet.

      I don’t pull punches. I ALWAYS tell it like it is, or I just won’t say anything.
           Back then, things could always be settled outside. It was quicker and easier.

When you say nothing it means you’re bottling it up inside, and that only lasts so long and then…. 

mad as hell 12.jpg

Thumbnail image for Dont read 12.jpg
I’ve been mellow for a while, so I’m feeling the need to blow off some steam.

If you don’t know me by now, this would be the time to grab the mouse and click away or just turn the computer off.


                                                       OK I  WARNED YOU

stupid people.jpgI really hate stupid people.

For the most part, being stupid is a personal choice. Sure there may be some breeding issues, but most people can read, and reading is knowledge.

Pick up a book, read a magazine. Television is not a tutor.
Ritalin ad.jpg


 I hate how drugs are over prescribed to our children.

 Granted some kids may need it, but I think a good old fashioned, sit down, shut the hell up, and pay attention would do wonders.

 Besides, everybody daydreams from time to time. Think back, you did it.

You’d be surprised how fast school grades improve when the removal of a Wii or cell phone is used as leverage.

 Be smarter than your kids, don’t drug them up. That’s what college is for.

car insurance1.jpgI REALLY hate that my car insurance rates are going up.

Not because of any accidents or claims. No, because I don’t have an 800 credit rating. 

 Lets see American Family Insurance, I’ve been paying you 130 bucks a month, no accidents, and only one hail damage claim in nine yearsKiss my rockpiles.jpg.

 Now you want to raise my premium like twenty-five bucks a month when you should be lowering it?

American Family you can kiss my Rockpiles, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Thumbnail image for Lizzard chillin.jpg


Where is that damn lizard when you need him?




Global warming1.JPG


 I’m sick of the global warming bullsheet. I just spent four days in Chicago freezing my ash off.  I just don’t buy it.

Pete Rose Time.jpg





vick-dog.jpgI hate that Pete Rose is banned from baseball, while Michael Vick can do what he did and still return to his sport.

If Vick gets to play football again, Charlie Hustle should be eligible for Baseball Commissioner.

first 5 hall of famers.jpg




I hate that some of the folks who are lucky enough to cast votes for the Baseball Hall of Famers, feel obligated/ pressured to vote for a particular player. 

Peer pressure, or the amount of time a player has been on the ballet should have nothing to do with your vote.

If you get to vote, you have a chance to determine baseball history.

Pick that player for the right reasons.

 Otherwise you’re doing baseball fans an injustice and piss’d away an important vote. 





Walmart shopping.jpg


I hate that gas is back down in price, but my grocery bill hasn’t dropped at all.  


I hate being stuck behind the person buying lottery tickets for the first time, or the one who can’t quite decide whether to get the Lucky 7’s or the Pick 4.

Seems, it’s always when I’m in a hurry to get to work. Lottery tickets should only be sold between midnight and 5 AM.

sample dome.jpgI hate the inconsiderate SOB who raids the sample plate, but then doesn’t use the tongs, nasty. 

cough spray.jpgI hate when people cough and don’t cover their mouth.

Or ones that cough in their hands, but then don’t wash them.



hot-dog dog.jpgI hate waiting in line for food at sporting events.

You can miss an entire inning/period/quarter just waiting in line to get a hot dog.

 Case and point..Mile High Stadium yesterday.PIdogshit8.jpg






I hate when solicitors put those stupid flyers on your car window.

Or the ones who ring your doorbell when there’s a “No Soliciting” sign clearly posted on the front door.

newspapers_on_driveway_sm.jpgI enjoy reading the newspaper, but I don’t need six free miscellaneous ones littering my driveway on a daily basis.

I hate every time I try to get fast food, two cars manage to beat me in line every freggin time. Or when you have to wait so long in line, that when you get your food, they don’t even Yellow light 11.JPGthrow in a few extra fries or a dessert for making you wait.

My time is valuable.  

I hate that driver that makes me miss my light because he doesn’t catch it until it’s turning yellow, and then peels out at the last second.

I hate people that lay on their horn behind you for no reason, then when you get out of the car to say WTF?, they take off scared. Tell me what’s your problem, or don’t be so damn horny.


snoop_dogg_and_sour_nerds.jpgI hate nerds who think they are computer superheroes. Come back to earth Captain Joystick, the world needs dorks too.

 It’s called balance.

People texting.jpgI hate seeing three people standing in a group, all of them texting.

 It’s freggin retarded.

 I really hate when people just don’t get me. I’ll do anything for you. Just be appreciative and don’t ever play me for a chump. You don’t want to be my enemy. 

 If for some reason, someday I help you out. Just be there to return the favor when I need you. Do unto others, you know the deal.

I’m an hour into this blog and I’m starting to feel a lot better. If you made it this far, you either get me or you don’t, but I appreciate you hanging in there. Today sucked. Hope your day was better. Tomorrow is always another day.

                 In spirit of being fair, my next entry will be only about things I like..D

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Back in my State, and a win feels great

12/7/08                         Denver Broncos vs the Kansas City ChiefsMH 12-7-08.jpg

Early for tailgating 11-7-08.jpg

Thumbnail image for Krista TG 12-7-08.jpg

 We showed up early for the Broncos game so we could get a good parking spot to do some serious tailgating.

 Usually 3 1/2 hours before kickoff will do it, but not always. Today it worked.


Andy and Aimlee.jpg

We snagged a really good spot, kicked back and waited for our KC Chiefs friends Andy and Amalie to show up.

Then we grilled up some tasty brats, some pulled pork, and a can of beans.

Perfect food to absorb the beverages.

We saw the Bronco helmet wagon driving around tossing out T-Shirts, but we didn’t manage to get one.
Bronco Helmetmobile 12-7-08.jpg

Broncos bus1 12-7-08.jpg



After we ate we took a walk around to check out the scene.







Here’s the Broncos Caddy.

This is a sweet ride.





Broncos Tent 12-7-08.jpg




A few of the Broncos tents
DSCN4708.JPG                                      You’ve got to love a sea of orange and blue.
Crowd heading to MH 12-8-08.jpg
MH Horse 12-7-08.jpg







Even the the horse on top of Invesco Field at Mile High was glad to see us. 

It was a perfect day to watch Bronco football live.

My first day back in Colorado and I’m fortunate enough to get weather like this.













Here’s a shot of the crowd to the left of me, and one the right.


 Here is what the field looked like from our seats…. I love Colorado, you wish you lived here. 



Lots of fans who were really into the spirit of things.

Broncnator 12-7-08.jpg
 8 degrees in Chicago yesterday, 60 degrees in Denver today, thus the smiles.M n K 12-7-08.jpg

      The Broncos didn’t fare so well at home after the first quarter. These lovely ladies kept coming onto the field to take our mind off of the score. That was nice of them. 
     Here’s Cutler getting ready to start this drive  or a touchdown, putting the Broncos up.
Cutler Formation 12-7-08.jpg
                  This is what we call the beginning of a beautiful Colorado sunset.  
  Then the damn Chiefs came back and tied it. Below was also the attendance at todays game.
   The Broncos had a late rally in the 4th quarter.                     
Late Rally 11-7-08.jpg
 Broncos score, win the game, and fans get some sweet justice from the last time we played the Chiefs.They previoiusly put a whoopin on us at Arrowhead Stadium.
Broncos vs Chiefs final 12-7-08.jpgAfter game 11-7-08.jpg


After the game everyone ran onto the field all excited.Thumbnail image for Sad 11-7-08.jpg


Our KC Friends, not so much. They really were great sports today. Thanks,
both of you.



The only Bronco game we’re able to see this season and we beat the Chiefs in a great game. Glad we were lucky enough to be there live. Check out my video of us leaving the game. It was insane.

                                      Thanks for checking in with the Rant…D
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Back home where we don’t need a dome



 My trip was a success. I’m home, and all in one piece.

All I can say is you’re hardcore if you can live here full time.

I don’t care how beautiful it is in the summer. 

Chicago is straight up freggin cold. 

I don’t think it warmed up even once in three days.

It just kept getting colder.

Me n David Spice.JPG



 I still don’t care for flying, but I can see how it could serve a purpose if your in a hurry and like to gamble with your life.

I had a window seat in row one, which afforded me the ability to periodically peer out and check the engine and wings.

You know, to make sure all was working and good.



  Here are a few city pictures I shot while riding the train back to the airport.DSCN4650.JPG

Down TC RR.jpg
DSCN4647.JPGDSCN4657.JPGHere is a shot of a few freaks I saw on the train ride (just kidding).  

This is Spice.
I believe Spice’s goal this trip was to eat his way in and out of Chicago.

The group agreed, “He nailed it”.
Nice job Spice, the plumbers union of Chicago thanks you

 Good times brotha. Spice educated me to the new word of the day “Ring Stingers”. Apparently it’s a side effect from eating a  burger called the “Goblincock” at a restaurant called Kuma’s Korner.  

Kuma’s is a restaurant with food named only after heavy metal bands.

Thumbnail image for DSCN4662.JPG



For some reason, the entire train ride I had the tune from the 70’s TV show, “Welcome back Kotter” runnng through my head.

The rhythmic swaying of the city’s
train had its effects on the team





J Ryan Chicago.jpg

Here’s J Ryan, my boss and roommate for this trip.

J is the lead singer of a band called Six Finger Satellite that originated in Rhode Island.

 Here are few covers of their albums. They have a bunch more.

6fs Pigeon.jpg
These are the current members:

Jeremiah Ryan (singer, keyboards, lyrics)
Rick Pelletier
Dan St Jaques
Jon Loper


SFS 1-1.jpg


Click above to check out their myspace page to see what you’re missing.

They have a new album coming out available for download.
6fs 2008-1.JPG

These guys have been jamming and putting out albums since 1990.

To quote J Ryan to me, “It’s music for the head”.

           Check it out.Thumbnail image for Paranormalized.jpg
chicago11 016.jpg


Here’s our group hard at work, making history in our own way. 

We pretty much managed to accomplish everything we set out to do in Chicago.

Our hosts were great. Thank you.

chicago11 015.jpg



Here’s a shot of a colorful building across the street from where we were working.

Some sort of Cabaret.

Click on picture to enlarge if you’re into that.






 Darth Gadar.

I have to retract my statement about not getting any eye contact from the people in Chicago.

 On Thursday night I took a cold, short walk looking for a store where I could purchase some Advil.

 Believe me, at that time of night, I was getting all kinds of un-welcomed eye contact.

 chicago11 003.jpg

Guess I went full circle this trip, I found myself staring at the ground not wanting to look up.

 Funny how things work.

I walked a little faster than usual back to the hotel and called my wife.

The Chicago atmosphere changes a little after 10pm-ish.

That’s ok, that’s usually when I go to sleep.

                                                     A few more pictures….

chicago11 006.jpg                             Chicago finest keeping busy working on their penmanship.
chicago Police.jpg
LIttle car.jpg

 First time I’ve seen one of these up close. No room to fart in this thing, (Guess there’s always Bean-No).

Two of these things take up the same space as one car. 

The dilemma, one of them costs the same as two cars?




 Denver International Airport.

I’m back home in Colorado Baby !

And yes, every Coloradan drives by this big circus tent looking airport and wonders…..

“What the hell were they thinking when they built this?” 


  It was above freezing when we landed in Colorado.




  Chicago, it’s been fun, great City you have there. Might I suggest heated sidewalks or possibly a retractable dome. 

You can bet your ash next time I visit will be during the Summer.

Tomorrow Krista, I, Andy and Aimilee will be attending the Denver Broncos game vs the Chiefs.

It’s the only Broncos game were going to this year so we’re showing up early to tailgate.

                       Go Broncos…D
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Gettin down in C-town, nine is fine


number 9.jpgThanks to you, the Rockpile Rant came in number 9 in the Fan Blog rankings from 11/26-12/3.

I’m creeping up on number 1.

 I really enjoy reading the comments left here, and I welcome any kind of feedback.


I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts and share your own.


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2. Confessions of a She-Fan
3. Red State Blue State
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5. Prince of New York
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7. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
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9. Rockpile Rant
10. Wrightoholics

No front page exposure for the Rant in a while (I’m too good looking), and I’m still managing to hang arround the top ten.(no worries there, I’ve had my share of the front page this year..thx 

                             In a friendly way..fellow bloggers..bring it on.

           To quote the words of a street Prophet (and sharp dresser), named MC Hammer…

                                                 “You can’t touch this”

hammer[1].JPG I challenge any/all of you to try to knock me out of the top 20 blogs. Give it your best shot. You won’t do it. Remember..this is a friendly challenge…..I love you all.

 I know there isn’t a whole lot of Rockies love out there. That makes it even more fun. See, the key isn’t making the top 50. The key is trying to stay in the top 50.

I know you fellow bloggers feel me. Don’t be afraid to try new schit. I told you before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m saving the really good ideas for next season. Everybody needs a hook, just check out the top 3 blogs. Case and point.

With that thrown out there, look what I stumbled across today…chicago11 055.jpg


No trip to the windy city would be complete with a out a trip to this joint. 

I resisted the urge to give a thumbs down sign out of respect.

So I opted for my traditional peace sign.

What up Cub fans?

I can feel the history here.

I just can’t feel my fingers.

It was about a mile walk from where I was working to the Stadium.

Cold as hell here.


chicago11 049.jpg 


 Harry Caray.

March 1, 1914 – Feb 18, 1998

When he died, the Cubs started inviting “guest conductors/celebrities”, to lead the singing of “take me out to the ballgame” ,Caray-style.

Would that be drunk??..Just playing.

I mean no dis-respect whatsoever, but there are faces in this statue, it’s kind of creepy.



 I ate lunch at Quizzno’s today.

 Funny thing, the toasted sub sandwich didn’t taste four dollars better?

Eating downtown Chicago can be expensive I’m finding out.

Chicago is cool, but I can’t seem to get my bearings here.

In Colorado: Mountains = West

They’re also my escape.

If I can’t see the mountains, I feel trapped.

A cooped up Ranter is not a good thing. 


eye contact1.JPGThere’s not a lot of eye contact here.

People walk fast with their heads down.

Maybe they have a thing about stepping on cracks?






 I must say though, the people that I’ve actually talked to and managed to get some eye contact with, have been super cool.  

I wish I could blog full-time, but at this point, I haven’t made enough money to buy a cup of coffee in Chicago. 

coffee poster12.JPG
  Tomorrow I fly back to Denver. I’m going to give my wife and kids the biggest, longest hug ever.

Tell them I love them, and say good-bye to the friendly skies for ever.

Thumbnail image for Not the mobile blogging unit.jpg


This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit->

The mobile blogging unit is the only way to travel.

It’s the modern day version of the horse and buggy, only you can take a whiz without dismounting.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for rock-piles456.jpgLater all, I’m going in to work extra early tomorrow morning…I let you know when I’m back home in Colorado…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


Waiting to fly

chicago 002.jpg




Ok I’m at the airport and I’m hurtin, but I can’t tell anyone…
chicago 005.jpg



So, I’m keeping myself busy by taking pictures and using the airports slow internet to upload them..

30 minutes to go.

More when I get arrive in Chicago…See ya.




                                    I made it, it’s late, I’ll write more when I can…D
chicago 028.jpg