Hard drive crash = no talking trash


overworked.jpgHey all, just wanted to let you know that my computer crashed (hard drive failed).

So I’m working on either trying to reload windows (easier fix), or getting a new hard drive.

 So please be patient as I work franticly to restore my operating system.

 I might finish tonight, I might finish in a few days. I’ll use the wife’s computer to check in.  
Stressed to the max1.JPG                                      Back atcha when I can get it up? :)    …Dhardon personal growth.jpg
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D — a great way to get over your “computer stress” – when my husband’s graphics card died on his ‘puter, he & our oldest son took the card, a bow & arrows and an air rifle, went out in the back yard and shot it to pieces. My husband felt much better. Good luck!


Gross… I’m sorry. Last time my computer failed it was just overheated, so a can of compressed air did the trick, but if it’s your drive you might be, uh, screwed.
Good luck!
Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

Hey D,
Argh! That stinks on ice! Hope you can get back up and blogging soon.
I like what Julia and her family did to their graphics card. I’m always threatening to take uncooperative instruments at work out to the parking lot to have a “chat” with my car.

Hey D,
Good luck getting your computer up and running. We can always take it out to a field and introduce it to a few baseball bats like they did in “Office Space”.
-Mark (Paul’s Dad)

Dude…I feel your pain.
Good luck.
Shooting things does relieve stress…believe me:)
I also like the bats idea…baseball related haha.

Picturing the “Office Space” bats scene made me laugh and forget my calling card.


JULIA, KYLIE, R-LUV, HAPPY, BP, MARK, You all crack me up. It took me twice but I got an operating system loaded back on my computer. I have two other POS computers (not working), I’m willing to drive over them, then take the bats to ’em. Or how about dropping them from a very high place? Here’s my pickle, I could probably scrape up for a new computer, but then I wouldn’t be making the MBU trip in Feb. So as you can tell, I’ll just keep doing my best to keep this computer working. I’m not missing my trip for nothing…Thanks all, I’ll have something up later…D

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