October 2008

There is no joy in Mudville

Casey Weathers.jpg


Man, this sucks. Pitching has always been the Rockies nemesis. We finally snag a pitcher last year who has some potential smoke, and he jacks himself up bad.

Our # 1 draft pick of 2007, Relief pitcher Casey Weathers tore his ulnar collateral ligament pitching in the Arizona Fall League last week. 

You guessed it. He needs Tommy John Surgery.
casey.jpgI know sheet happens but damn man.


There is no joy in Mudville, Casey wont be up to bat or on the mound for at least a year…D
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All he said was don’t aim for my head

10/13/08 5:00 pm MST

Rock PIle 13.jpg
Rock Pile Rant was ranked # 26 for the month of October so far. Best part was I came in ahead of a couple of Red Sox Blogs, and their team is in the Playoffs…Thanks for supporting  the Rant..Wait till next season…Bring it on…D !

Red Sox fan.JPG



It is no secret I’m not a Red Sox lover. They destroyed the Rockies last year during the World Series. I don’t hate them like I want to kick their butt hate, I just dislike them cause they made the Rockies look like chumps. So yes, it’s sort of a jealous hate I’ll admit it.

So for me and other Rockies fans,  it would be sweet justice to see them fall flat on their collective faces.

It befuddles me how many Boston fans live in my state of Colorado. I can’t go a single day without hearing something about the flippin Red Sox. I hate that.

Big Papi, Lester, Beckett, Youkilis, all names I’ve grown to detest. I respect their ability, I just don’t care for them.

Get this, those Boston fans were actually booing their team today. The same team that won the World Series last year. Go figure.

 Some Boston fans are jacked up. Not all of them.

red sox unraveling.jpg


So thank you Tampa Bay, it was nice to hear Fenway quiet except for the Bostonians booing  for their own team.

 I don’t get the booing?

 I believe were beginning to see Boston unravel. But what do I know, I’m just a Rockies fan.

Phillies Phan.jpg

 My  pick to win the World Series after I realized that the Rockies were done for the season was the Phillies.

There was no strategy behind my pick. I have a couple of friends that are Phillies fans and I figured it would be cool to root for the same team as them for a change.

  Any other time I would be talking endless smack to each of them about the Phillies. Guess I’ve come full circle.Hiroki1.JPG

 I was born in California, and I have absolutley no loyalty to that Republic whatsoever.

I can’t even think of one California team in any sport that I like. Ok, maybe the Lakers when Magic Johnson used to play. I love his name.

Hiroki Kuroda was stellar. He won this game in a little over six innings. He also showed his team that he has some steel knads. They ought to call this guy the Japanese headhunter. 

It took some guts to toss a pitch at Shane Victorino’s head, because you know whats going to happen next.

Benches cleared, oh hell yea. WE ALL knew it was coming. Baseball is funny like that. Revenge is alive and well in the MLB, with Manny Ramirez leading the way.Shane V 1.JPG I like Manny, but it wouldn’t have broke my heart if he  had thrown a few punches and got himself suspended a couple of games.

Did you catch the interview with Shane right after the game?

 He was trying to be all calm about it, but clearly his adreneline was still pumping. He kept repeating, I’m ok if he pitches to me on the inside,  but don’t aim for the head.

I think he repeated that about fifteen  times in a two minute interview. The brawl was kept under control and not one player was ejected.

Game 4 is starting shortly and Derek Lowe is on the mound for the Dodgers. Pitching for the Phillies is Joe Blanton. This is going to be a good game. I bet I’m more hyped than October Gonzo and don’t have near the hook ups that dude does. Eat your heart out G.

                                       I’m outta here…I need to see this game…D
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Take a look, this rooms off the hook

Dan and Emily Rockies.jpg


I was talking with Dan Sauvageau about a month ago at a Rockies game and I asked him if I could do a blog entry about his baseball collection.

He said he’s not really an autograph hound, only had a few bats and that his baseball collection wasn’t really too much to speak of. I know that he and Emily give away most of the balls they snag now. A few days later he sent me these pictures of Emilys room.

This is Emily who just turned five and has been to 225 Rockies home games. Welcome to her room..PICT0359.JPG

Ebed.JPG There are a lot of baseballs inside there. I counted 42 balls on the bottom row alone. Dan exactly how many balls are in there?PICT0353.JPG




All the MLB murals you see in Emily’s room were hand painted by Dan.  


The attention to detail is amazing. This is what a true Rockies fans bedroom should look like. Note the baseball video game playing on the TV. Nice touch.

               Dan and Emily, t
hanks for sharing …D
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It’s no joke when your computer’s broke


broken computer.jpg  
I guess at some point all of your crap just wears out. Not unlike the Rockies last few games of the season, my computers last days have been slow and painful.                        

 I was left with no option but to try and use my backup desktop computer. It’s damn near as old as my daughter Mylee, and she’ll be eight soon..

I got that thing up and crawling, but it’s just to old.

So after some tweaking, fixing, and replacing,  I’m up online again using my old broken laptop.

half full glass1.jpg


I’m trying to look at this with the glass being half full, so on a positive note let me say at least my piece of schit computer lasted until the end of the regular season.




Speaking of broke and finished, who do you think the Rockies are going to get rid of before next season?

 Do you like the way I just slid that in there? I got skills. 


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Matt Holliday 7-20 Picday.jpgMatt Holliday seems to be the  buzz name for now. I hope not.

He has another year still in Colorado but you know he’s got to be wondering what his market value is? I’m curious.

As a Rockies ticket purchaser,  I only help pay the Rockies salaries, I don’t sign their paychecks, but I think they should find a way to keep Holliday here. I’d pay a buck more for a Rockpile ticket. 

He likes it here, keep the man happy, and pay him what he’s worth. Even that might not be enough.

Next seasons pitching should be interesting. Brian Fuentes (super southpaw) is coming off his best season  and is now a free agent.

Fuentes112.jpgLets think about this:

Brian Fuentes = reliable closer

Yep, he is going to cost some the Rockies some green, but pitching has ALWAYS haunted this team and this guy does what you pay him to do, win games.

In my opinion he is only expendable if it involves some kind of deal that keeps Matt Holliday in Colorado.

Thumbnail image for cookie 7-1.jpgAaron Cook had a great season except the last month or so.

Jeff Francis never found his groove, and then he went on the DL for his shoulder. He struggled when he came off the DL, but was seemingly back in stride toward the end of the season.

Thumbnail image for Jorge.jpgJorge De La Rosa struggled early on, but showed us a few things the last part of the season. I think he’ll be back. Buchholz finished the season 50/50 and Manny Corpas was 3-4.

bits and pieces.jpgThere are bits and pieces of a good pitching squad here, but the Rockies are missing one major thing…A big name pitcher.

If we could guarantee a solid pitching season (we all wish), there is no telling what the Rockies could do in this Division.

Now let me take this full circle. In my opinion, Matt Holliday is only expendable if we bring in a BIG name pitcher. See,…it works both ways.


                      Catchers Duel


Yorvit 13.JPG
Chris Iannetta 13.jpg 








Yorvit vs Chris. Hurdle will probably split their action 50/50 until an injury or performance dictates which one will assume the position. Both these guys are excellent catchers and the Rockies are lucky they have them both to choose from. 



 Where will Garrett Atkins wind up next season? This one is a pickle.

 Garrett starts the season on third base. Todd Helton gets hurt midway through the year, Garrett takes over first base and does a great job.

Ian Stewart takes over third and does a better job than Garrett did.

Ian is younger, more athletic and gets paid less than Garrett.

On Garrett’s side, one thing he has that Ian doesn’t is a proven track record. Only time will tell for Ian.

I have more plenty more questions as do you I’m sure. I also have five months to kill.

Tell me what you think the Rockies should do for next season.

Now that I have a functioning computer again, I’m going to try my hand at some playoff blogging..Thanks for reading…Watch out for those Phillies..I’m just saying…D 
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Answer to Baseball Card Trivia # 2

                                       Answer to Baseball Card Trivia # 2

CF Mystery 2.jpg


-Tell me this players middle name.

-What was his nickname?

-Name his claim to fame. 


Not a whole lot of action on this one, can’t says I blame you with the playoffs and all going on.

 The Baseball Card Trivia was just a gimmick to get you to visit my blog. When you blog about a team that isn’t in the playoffs you have to resort to measures like that. I figured if people liked it, I would keep doing it. If it flopped it flopped. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

It is what it is, don’t hate me…D

                                      The answer is:                    CLIFF FANNIN

cliff fannin.jpg
 Clifford Bryson Fannin, nickname Bull or Cliff, pitched a shutout in his first Major League start in 1946.

                                                  Thanks for playing or not…D

Rays have their day, Phillies/Brewers underway

10/2/08  5:02 pm

undecided.jpgA friend asked me today who I was picking to win the World Series. Not an uncommon question, but strangely one I haven’t been asked yet this post season.

 A couple of weeks ago I would have told you the Rockies would win the World Series.

perot2.jpgAt this point I can no more pick a winner in baseball than I can pick a good president.

Decisions, decisions.

Ross Perot, where are you?


evan longoria.jpgEven as I’m sitting here typing I don’t know who I think can do it all.

How about the Rays? Sure it would make for the Cinderella story of the season, but.they lack a .300 hitter and reley on mostly manufactured runs.

On the other hand look at their record.

 They silenced me with Game one today vs the White Sox. In front of a sellout crowd, Evan Longoria hits two homers and scores and and RBI for the day. 

Dewayne Wise homers in the third with two out and scores three.

I didn’t think this would be a close series,  and to be honest I didn’t give the Rays any love, but I think I’ll keep my mouth shut.. 

Props to the Rays for winning their first ever Playoff game. 



Phillies vs Brewers. Watch out for Philidelphia..I’m saying it now..they could be the big surprise.

Here is their immediate problem,

Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, 

            This is not CC——->


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sabathia.jpg



<—-This is actually CC Sabathia.

This dude is 11-2 with a 1.65 ERA. Not only that, he is rested and has been smokin lately with a 0.83 ERA in his last three starts.

Phillies have thier hands full with this guy. He is dangerous. But their one game up. The drama unfolds….

 I’m going to go catch the rest of this game…D
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