October 2008

Reality sets in and the countdown begins

10/31/08                                   Happy Halloween

baseball_heaven_script_horizontal_with_ball.jpgIs There Baseball In Heaven?

Two old men had been best friends for years, and they both live to their early 90’s, when one of them suddenly falls deathly ill. His friend comes to visit him on his deathbed, and they’re reminiscing about their long friendship, when the dying man’s friend asks, “Listen, when you die, do me a favor. I want to know if they play baseball in heaven.”

The dying man said, “We’ve been friends for years, this I’ll do for you.” And then he dies.

A couple days later, his surviving friend is sleeping when he hears his friend’s voice. The voice says, “Hey buddy, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that they play baseball in heaven.”

“What’s the bad news?”

“You’re pitching on Wednesday.” ha ha.  

I thought it was funny. If you didn’t, you need to lighten up. Lay off the coffee.

The reality of life sets in now. The countdown starts and I am anxiously awaiting for the end of Feburary to get here. So much stuff planned for spring training , but mostly I’m just looking forward to the time off. I could use a vacation…yea I know…we all could.

                         Here is some hopeful pitching news for the Colorado Rockies.

Maracaibo Map.gif
Jhoulys Chancin.jpg

 MiLBY has picked their Best Overall Starting Pitcher and the winner is Jhoulys Chancin of the Colorado Rockies.

He hails from Maracaibo Venezuela. “Where the hell is that” you say. Well here’s a map.

Looks like it’s by a lake, wonder if he fishes?

 He lead the Minors with 18 wins and only three losses with a 2.03 ERA. Opponents hitting against the righty only managed to hit.221.


 The kid can throw a fastball up to 94 but averages 90-91, he has an average (but improving) curveball, and a changeup that’s off the hook and this dude’s not afraid to use it.

On opening day for the Ashville Tourists he gave up only one hit in six innings.

modesto nuts.gifBefore he was called up to Modesto, he was 10-1, with a 1.86 ERA and had a .205 average with opponents batting against him.

  This guy would be huge for the Rockies. We have a huge pool of talent in our farm system and the rewards are paying off,…slowly. 

We’ve seen what our current pitching can do in a good season, and we’ve seen what they can do in a bad season.  



 I think the Rockies can get 80 wins next season.

 Those extra wins will HAVE to come from the bullpen.

bursting at the seams.jpg




The Rockies dugout is bursting with young talent. I believe  the team’s momentum feeds off of the pitching.

on his game.jpg


When whoever is pitching is “on his game”, the rest of the team “in my opinion”, seem to crank it up a notch.

Their reasoning is because no player wants to make an error, or be the reason the team loses when the pitcher is “kickin like moms chicken.”

             So what if she used shake n bake.

friedchicken.jpgMost of the Rockies losses are from sloppy or inconsistant pitching, I know…..not all of them. So get this…if  your playing and you strike out or blow a play at second, it doesn’t seem so bad when Jorge De La Rosa has already given up six runs by the second inning.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jorge.jpg


See my point? Sorry Jorge your just an example .   

spring training counter.jpg



Anyways, I wish this kid Jhoulys Chancin (however you say it), all the luck in the world.

I hope see him pitch in Tucson this spring . If I do get to see him, I tell you like it is, as always. It’s better that way.

The Rockies expect Jhoulys to move up in a 1-11/2 year time frame. I should have his name down by then.

money.jpgI’m still very curious as to when Brian Fuentes is going to talk some “green” with another team?

Who will be the new closer? Will we get a big name pitcher? Are the owners willing to make that investment? Who will be in left field? Catcher wars..Chris or Yorvit?

 It’s all up in the air, it’s all up for discussion for I have nothing but time.

         Here is Hunter and Mylee in their costumes Thanks for looking at the pictures…D
Haloween 2008.JPG

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Bottle to the head in the City of Red


absolute_envy.jpgWell go ph-igure. as I predicted Phillie got a little rowdy last night. The best/worst story I heard is about the Ray’s fan who climbed up a traffic lightpole and was knocked off by an “absolut” ly perfectly thrown vodka bottle .

Tossed by a drunk Phillies fan..I assume.

 That F’n brutal man. Way over the top. I mean they stop selling alcohol in the 7th right? How drunk can you get in one inning?

You can’t buy advertising like that. “Absolut Vodka, the choice of drunk rowdy bottle tossers everywhere.” Priceless.


Remember people, enjoy don’t destroy. Here’s a link to the carnage:  

Dude hit in the head with a vodka bottle .

The guy gets tagged with the bottle, loses his balance, hangs there suspended for a bit, then just drops to the ground. Hope he’s ok.

That will be one hell of a story he’ll be telling if he can get back to Florida.

Charlie Manuel1.JPGI thought Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel speech after the game was really heartfelt. You could feel his emotion as he spoke each word.

Here is what Charlie had to say:

“I always thought we could win the World Series. I knew we could beat anybody in our league. I look at what I see in our guys, I see chemistry and attitude and our makeup and how much we like to play and how much the Philadelphia fans back us, I know we can win the World Series.

“This is for Philadelphia. This is for our fans. I look around here and who’s the world champions? I thank you.”

Brotherly love.jpg


Classy guy, and he’s right.

 I respect the hell out of sober Phillie fans. They understand hard times,  and are stronger fans for it.

Say what you want, the “City of brotherly love” doesn’t always love a brotha.

Glad I wasn’t walking downtown with a Rays jersey on last night.height sign.jpg


 As for the Tampa Bay Rays?

Almost there. I have a feeling that team will stay pretty much  intact next season. If it works, don’t mess with it right?

Might I suggest a new hairstyle?

The big unit.jpg


Go with a mullet. I know of a guy they can get styling tips from who is way ahead of the curve.


World Series Trophy1.JPG



 I think the World Series was decided by the pitchers.

In a nutshell, everyone thought that the Rays bullpen had the better talent, and in the end the Phillies bullpen just out pitched them…D
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Waited all day and still no play


Hey World Series partygoers. Party pug says to SLOW YOUR ROLL, the game has been postponed due to the freggin east coast rain. You can continue trying to get your groove on Wednesday evening.

 Just so you know, Party Pug doesnt like to drink and drive, it’s too hard to hold the shot glass and steer.Party_Pug.jpg

Prince Purple Rain1.JPGWater may be the one of the building blocks of life, but rain when you don’t want it sucks. 

Sorry Prince.

Especially when it interferes your baseball plans. There is nothing worse than doing all the prep work involved to go to a baseball game, driving there, paying your 10-20 bucks to park, waiting in line, then hearing the game is cancelled due to the rain. Been there, done that, it blows.

You have to eat the parking fee because it’s not like the stoned parking lot attendant will give you a refund. It’s tough luck there.

Then to add insult to injury, just as you reach your car you hear someone say “it’s ok, we need the rain”.

If you live in Colorado you learn to hate that comment. I say screw that, let it rain when I’m sleeping…You can quote mePhanatic.jpg.

At least with Bud deciding to suspend game five, it gives the phanatic time to dry himself out.

You think a wet dog smells bad? Soaked, the phanatic probably smells like a hundred dirty mopheads.

It may be time to pha-breeze that big Oscar with a blowhole looking muppet.

Damn, I wanted to see some baseball tonight. I don’t care about the rain. It’s dry in my living room.

 Get this, the game tomorrow is the same timeframe as the Nuggets first regular season game in Utah.

Tomorrow could be the most exciting three innings in World Series history.Or another rainout. It’s all up to Bud Selig and Mother Nature. In that order.


Bill Gates.jpg

Bud Selig.jpg



Anyone think <—Bud Selig looks like Billl Gates?——>




Hey east coast, it was a beautiful day in Colorado. Not a drop of rain. Mid 70’s and a cloudless sky for most of the day. I heard a rumor again today about a Holliday trade coming up. Who knows? Enjoy this sunset picture…D 

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Rain is a pain as we wait in vain

10/27/08                                         World Series Game 5 kazmir01.jpg

Admit it, you love that title. It’s probably my tv, but Kazmir looked nervous, pale and a little shook by the end of the first inning. Major pressure for this guy.

He starts the first by walking one, then launches a ball into Chase Utley ribs. Utley was expressionless. He’s used to it. Utley stands so damn close to the plate.

Actually, he has been hit by more pitches than any other player this season. This dude really likes taking one for the team.FatLady.jpg



Victorino comes up to bat,  hits a low pop to left field and scores two runs. Simple as that. 

Phillies are in there like swimwear———>

Did you see the look on Kazmir’s face when they finally got the third out? I think at that point he was extremely relieved to get out that mess with only two runs scored.




 Top of the fourth Carlos Pena hits a double that could have been a triple had he stopped watching the ball and just ran. No matter, Longoria was up next and scored him.

Now its 2-1 Phillies.




 Philly gets a scare when Hamels tries to bunt and the ball hit the bat and jammed his fingers. I think I’ve figured out who Cole looks like.

It’s a cross between Jim Carey and Tom Brady. What do you think?

Thumbnail image for tom brady12.JPG







                              Am I way off here?? I dont think so.


You really were able  to see the effects of the elements in the fifth inning. Rollins bobbles infield pop fly that Rocco Baldelli  hit. Normally it was an easy catch. The wind was so bad he clearly couldn’t track it and the ball hit him in the wrist. There is some serious jacked up weather going on in Philly right now. Seems more like football weather. You know those Florida boys are hurting. Joe Maddon looked like he was colder than a well diggers butt in January.

Eddie Mac.jpg


 After back to back walks in the fifth inning and Kazmir bids his farewell after a tap on the butt. Replaced by Grant Balfour who finishes off the inning with no damage.

Anybody think Balfour looks like Ed McCaffrey, former Bronco great??

I’m just saying. It’s weird. Or maybe I am.

Top of the sixth Pena singles and scores Upton and now things are interesting. Then they break to commercial, it comes back to the game, and the game is suspended due to the rain. Guess I’ll continue as the game does, if it does.

                                         The time is now 8:57 pm MST


 Game 5 is suspended until tomorrow (weather permitting).  First suspended World Series  game ever. . I wish Cole Hamels could carry on and finish what he started. The Phillies were of robbed of his full potential in this rainy incomplete  game five, .

                                    The score is tied, they made the right call…D
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Rock steady, the booze is ready


joe blanton.jpgJoe Blanton, the dude is amazing and so is his timing.

He said he closed his eyes and just swung.

Funny, all that ever did for me was give me a nasty bruise.

Then I’d get to listen to an impatient umpire bark at me to “take my base”.


Joe hits his first career homer, doing what no other pitcher has done in the World Series since 1974.

Out freggin standing Joe !

never say never1.JPG Never say never. Rockies fans grasp this concept.

Rays fans want to believe. I’ve been supporting the Phillies since the postseason and even I think the Rays coming back and winning the World Series would be a hell of a story. Last to first, down 3-1, etc. Let me just say:

It’s probably not going to happen (there’s a safe statement). Lets look at some quick history:

down.jpgRays come in as the 43rd team to be down 3-1 in the World Series. Of those forty three, only five have come back to win it since 1925. Thats like twelve percent. The last team to come back from the two game deficit and win the World Series was the Kansas City Royals in 1985. So it’s safe to say it doesn’t happen a lot. 

 The Rays have that whole statistical history thing against them. But, so did the Phillies with their long break before the World Series and they proved history wrong.

cy young.jpg

Here’s the Rays immediate problem. Cole Hamels.

For some reason the dude reminds me of Tom Brady.

  This hippy is undefeated in the postseason and if he gets his fifth win tonight, he breaks the record for most postseason wins and helps his team to a World Series ring. 

That my friends(McCain moment), is a lot of pressure for a young dude.

He is a rock, lets see if he cracks under pressure….not likely.

Reality check. Tonight could be it for baseball this year. Truth be told, it’s been over for me since the end of September.

 Admit it, we all act interested, but if your teams not it in it, your hearts not truly in it.The_enemy_is_listening.jpg


 That is one of the things I like about Zack Hample. He is a fan of the sport.

I too am a fan of the sport, but I
support my team. It’s not really the same thing. My fanship is directed to my team as his is directed to all teams and players. 

He can enjoy the Phillies World Series win all year. But for me, when the sun rises tomorrow the Phillies are the enemy again(if they win tonight). 

I believe I can only TRULY enjoy a World Series Championship if the Rockies are the last ones left standing. No worries, I can wait.

 I dont know if what I just wrote makes sense, but I’m not going any deeper than that or I’ll lose myself. 

Say hello.jpg

 What are your plans?? Any readers out there going to be in Tucson the first week of March?

Stop by the Mobile Blog Unit RV and say hello. You’ll have no trouble spotting the RV. 

We’ll be parked at the Hi Corbett field parking lot during the days for about a week doing some live(as possible) blogging and testing out some new ideas. Should be a good learning experience.


           ROCKIES 2009 

 Speculation begins now, What about Holliday, Fuentes, Atkins, Taveras??? Who should stay, who should go? I have my own opinions about each of them, but I would love to hear what others think.

 When the series is over I will writing some entries called ironically  “Should they stay or should they go”  it should be a fun topic with some reader participation by way of commenting.



 Feel free to comment. It lets me know that you actually get me, or don’t. It also lets me know if your read the whole entry or just look at the pictures.






By the way, thanks for looking at the pictures and for checking out the Rant..

I slipped off the smoking wagon on Sunday..Back on the wagon tomorrow…D




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Cow Bell Hell


non-smoking_area.jpgDay 5-

The co-worker I quit smoking with caved in today. I almost did several on several occasions. For some reason I didn’t. Whodathunkit??

Tomorrow is another day, the haze is starting to clear and so are my lungs.


Well it turns out tomorrow is another day for the Rays too. I really didn’t expect last night’s loss to weigh too heavy on the their minds. They needed to just forget about it and move on.


It’s a best of seven series, and you play them one game at at time.

Thumbnail image for COWBELL-1.jpgThere’s not much time to look back or second guess a loss. You quickly access the situation,  make adjustments and continue rolling hoping they work.


The Rays came out with bells on ready to roll just like the Phillies the night before.

Why wouldn’t they, it’s their house.




 <—— Iwamura and Upton come across the plate first to put the Rays two up in the first inning.

That’s not good.


BJ Upton 13.jpg
Dioner Navaro.jpg

Bottom of the second, BJ Upton singles to right field and scores Dioner Navaro.

Rays up three.


Jason Bartlett.jpg

I’m seeing momentum starting build here and it’s not the Phillies.Cliff Floyd.jpg

Bottom of the fourth,

<—-Jason Bartlett scores      Cliff Floyd——->                   on a sacrifice bunt.

Rays up four to zip.




Thumbnail image for Shields-Crisp.jpg

James Shields gets the job done allowing only seven hits with no runs scored in a little over six innings.

He may not be able to throw a punch, but he can throw a hell of a fastball and he wasn’t afraid to make use it.

Don’t feel too bad James, Coco Crisp used to be a boxer.

Just stick to swinging a bat brotha. Pitchers seem to need some help in that department.Eric Bruntlett.jpg




Finally, top of the eighth, Eric Bruntlett hits a homer to left field and the Phillies are on the board.

At least it’s not a shutout.

Rays 4, Phillies 1funny mohawk.jpg


 Jason Werth reaches first on a fielding error and manages to score Carlos Ruiz. That would be the last run scored in this game.

 Maybe there really is something to the mohawk thing?? I’ll never know.

Rays strike back and zap the Phillies 4-2. Series is now tied. Now we take this to Philadelphia.

That’s a good thing.



Thumbnail image for Cowbell.jpg



Think the Phillies will ban cowbells at Veterans?

I’m sure nobody’s asking for more cowbell in Pennsylvania tonight. 


       I’ll be back Saturday…D
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Phillies are the real deal, game one is done


cheesesteak.jpgPhillies knew it, the Phanatic knew it, hell even the bronze Rocky Balboa knew it.

Phillies had to take game one or they were historically screwed. I think they  needed to show everyone that they, and the National League are the real deal this time.

Guess what? Phillies pulled it off and did it on the road at Tropicana.

Hell yea, no sweep for the Rays!!!

chase utley17.JPG

 The Phillies set the tone right from the start. Chase Utley hits a perfect two run homer in the first inning making him the 34th player in history to hit a home run on his first at bat in the World Series.

Thats cool. Props to you Chase, you got some bragging rights now.

Lest I forget some job well done props to National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player, Cole Hamels.

 This was his fourth postseason win. Cole threw a total of 102 pitches in 7 innings. He really was outstanding.












The Rays are 33 games above .500 winning at Tropicana. That means they don’t lose at home. At least not this season. Phillies were lucky to pull this one off.

Did you know that the Rays have been last in thier division nine of the last ten years. That stat alone makes this years accomplishments even more impressive.calculus8(circle).gif



I don’t underestimate the Rays.

If Joe Maddon’s math is that good, you better hope he doesn’t bust out some calculus on the Phillies.

Feel free to quote me on that. 


IN the bus 10-22-08.JPG


Final Score Phillies 3, Rays 2. 

Great game. Could have went either way at any time.

Glad it went my way.

This series is going to go seven games I can feel it…

          Go Phillies…D
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Games tonight and I continue to fight



My 100th Entry

Day 4– For some reason day three was easier.

I woke up early for work today and immediatly thought of a cigarrette. Not a great way to start the day. Mornings seem to be the worst.

Blogging about it seems to help.

It’s a creative way to vent and I have had a couple people send me  tips on how they quit.

Thank you Marianne.

This one is all about follow through for me. I have quit many times, I’ve just never stayed quit.

Right now I’m just shooting for tomorrow. quit-smoking-hypnosis-cd1.JPG








The game is today.

I’ll have a new entry up before the end of this evening. 

I like my new life as a non-smoker, thats what I keep telling myself.

Back atcha in a few with something witty and insightful…D
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Don’t you just hate the wait



My next entry is my 100th this season ! I didn’t think I knew that many words. Actually there are a few more floating around the internet that I can’t seem to find, but I digress.

It’s no joke when your craving a smoke.  At one point today today I actually felt my skin crawling, straight up man, wierd.

Hey, if your young and reading this, and you don’t smoke.

 DON”T EVER pick up a cigarette EVER. You’ll spend the rest of you life trying to put it down. I’ll make it. Tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Nuff said on that for the moment.

Funny, Colorado was actually quiet today. Why was it so quiet you ask? Because…



 Ok, I was going to go into this Boston Red Sox one liner, but I do believe they’re feeling the pain today. Besides,  I’m the type of person who’ll  knock you down a few knotches, but I wont grind your face into the ground.

Boston, the healing process starts today.

Bet the plane ride back to Boston was depressing, or was it Josh?

You were what at least a mile high up in the air right? It’s an elite club.


GOT-CRABS Alaska.gif

Thumbnail image for Go Phillies 2.jpg

 Phillie is getting my support for this World Series. As I said before, no particular reason.

 I figured I’d join a few of my buddies this postseason instead of go against them.

 Plus, only one World Series in 125 years. The Phillies are still hungry.FunnyMathFractionsProblem.jpg


I’m finding this Joe Maddon guy an odd but interesting fella. Every now and then you need a dorky guy with a different style to shake up the establishment a little, and his funny math has made for some interesting watercooler chatter..

And rightly so, wonder if he is available for tutoring?



Barrell Man.jpg

   The wife and I are big Broncos fans.

 Go figure huh, tonights game against New England was one of the worst Broncos games I have ever seen. It was ugly from the first play, and went straight down the crapper from there.

Final Score New England 41, Denver 7. Ouch..

It’s not like it was on Monday Night Football or anything. Hello America we suck. Just look.

I’ve got a feeling the Barrel man is home with some warm pants on. Because it’s not worth freezing your “boys” when they play like that…D
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Wake up Phillies, Tampa Bay is here to stay

10/19/08 10:10 MST – I officially smoked my last cigarette today..Anyone who has been through this ordeal, any advice or help would be cool..Thanks

What a game. I was glued to my seat. Red Sox were in it to win it till the very last out. Anyone else sick of  that Poltergeist commercial?

 I guess now I can see why nine = eight. Who can argue with Joe’s math? Dude looks like a genius now.

Is Joe Maddon sporting some variation of a Mohawk??

One more thing, who the hell picked Bon Jovi to be the band for MLB? Bon Jovi? Come on. Remember the lyrics from his last hit. ” when the world gets in my way, I say, have a nice day” He should have retired after releasing that crap.

AC/DC wasn’t available? How about ZZ Top? Shoot, Night Ranger or even Michael Jackson would have been a  better choice than Bon Jovi. I’d rather hear a country singer than his bubble gum rock. Bon Jovi singing for baseball is like the Backstreet boys sing for Hockey. Not a good mix.   I’ll deal this year,  but don’t even think of him next year.

top 5.JPG             Ranters top 5 Reasons why I’m glad the Red Sox are finished for the season.

Karma police.JPG

1. Karmic justice for the last World Series last year, it still hurts.

2. Not having to watch Youkilus at bat for at least five months. The dudes batting stance is creepy.

3. Now that the Boston is finished the rest of the Country can buy some double bubble gum. Terry Francona had the nations supply shipped to his house.

4. In your face Josh Beckett, ha, haha haha. Yes I know it’s childish, but it feels good.

5. The mob of Boston fans who live in Colorado will finally be silenced, at least for a few months.

Good because I’ve had an entire year of it.


I’m actually glad that Boston gave Tampa a run for their money. Up until these last couple of losses to Boston, the Rays looked unstoptable. Now I’ve seen that this Rays team can be beat. It just isn’t going to be easy. I remember what the time off before the World Series did to the Rockies last season. I’m hoping the Phillies don’t follow that path.  

Rays 3, Red Sox 1.

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays, The winner of the 2008 ALCS. Wake up Phillie, you better be ready for this team…Cause they’re ready for you…I can’t wait for Wednesday…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG