September 2008

An evening of lights and spectacular sights

9/19/08                    FIREWORKS GAME              ROCKIES VS DIAMONDBACKS

What a day. My face actually hurts from smiling so much. Hope it didn’t crack.

Today was only the second time this whole season that we were late for batting practice. Denver traffic on a Friday around 4pm can be hellish, and used took every short cut I knew,  but we still arrived about fifteen minutes late.

We met Berned in the parking lot and we all headed in. This was our first fireworks game this year and I had no idea if people showed up early or waited till later on in the evening to arrive.

Pavilion 9-19-08.JPG


 When we reached the Pavilion there was hardly anyone there at all.

 Either the Rockies didn’t taking batting practice or they were finished by the time we had arrived.

The D-backs were on the field and we assumed our positions.
Hunter 9-19-08.JPG





 Hunter slid down to the railing in row two.
My Spot 9-19-08.JPG



And me, I took my usual spot about half way up, not quite center field.

From a snaggers point of view,  it’s fun to watch the D-backs.

They were hitting well and I was getting some serious “play” in the Pavilionslot_machine.jpg.


Here’s my analogy of snagging.

Snagging to me is like going to a casino.

I don’t mind going home with nothing, as long as I get some “play”.

If your start your day at the Casino with a hundred bucks and you lose it in the first thirty minutes, that sucks.

But, if you get to play all day on the hundred bucks and then go home broke.

Then it was a day of entertainment.

Feel me?? 


 Ok, so it has been a long while since I have caught a ball on the fly at BP. 

Today, all of that would change.

About twenty minutes after we arrived at BP,  I saw a ball launched and headed for me.

 At first it looked like it was going over my head, but then it started to break. I ran back down about fifteen steps, reached as high as I could and in -glove-.jpg

Right into my glove.

My only goal for the last few games of the season was to catch one more ball on the fly.

Mission accomplished. Oh hell yea ! 

I didn’t even have time to revel in the moment. As soon as I put that ball in my pocket I saw another ball heading my general direction.

 I was tracking this ball perfectly and  moved quickly down about five stairs, put my glove up high, and snagged ball number two.

My Pair 9-19-08.JPG

 That was a first for me.

 Two balls caught on the fly within seconds.

 To make it even better, it was two balls hit from the same player during the same at bat.

I couldn’t tell you who the batter was. He was too far away to see.

But hey, mystery D-backs batter, thanks.

I really needed that.


 Several times I looked over and saw Dan catch a ball in the fly. Looked like he was having a good day.

 I asked Dan how he did after BP and he said he snagged five balls. I asked him if he had ever caught two in a row from the same player in one time at bat.

He responded,  “I’ve caught three”. Thats awesome Dan!  Zack eat your heart out. 

Congrats Dan..Will we see a blog from you next season?? Do it man…DO IT !

I know you hold some snaggin records.

Also, with out giving out details, Thanks Dan for getting the three us onto field for the show…D

After BP we went over behind the Rockies dugout to take some pictures and see if Hunter could maybe snag an autograph.  While were were there Robert Harmon came up and said hi.

Robert and I have been talking recently about a little trade. Robert has been tossing around the idea of starting a blog. He also drives a VW bus. I have a VW bus and I’m a blogger.

So we may swap, he helps me work on the bus, I help him start a blog.

Sounds good to me. 


Thumbnail image for Spillys Dad and Robert.JPG

(A shot of Robert and Ryan Spilborghs dad a few games back).


I think Robert would have a cool blog.

I bet he has some serious snaggin stories.

It would be interesteing to see and read about his baseball collection.



                                        Here are a few random pictures I took.

First is Berned after BP. He said it was tough watching me chase baseballs and he felt he needed some ice cream
Berned 9-19-08.JPG                                          He got Hunter one too..Thx..B

Hunter Ice cream 9-19-081.JPG                                              Best haircut of the game.

Best Haircut 9-19-08.JPGClint out socializing with the fans and signing autographs..He does that a lot.
Clint 9-19-08.JPG        Ian Stewart doing some yoga. Kind of hard to reach “Zen” when your on display.
Ian Stewart 9-19-08.JPG                                                 Few players stretching. 
stretching 9-19-08.JPG

                                              Willy “Speedy” Taveras
Willy T 9-19-08.JPG

                                            Tulowitzki, Barmes and Atkins
Tulo, Atkins, Barmes 9-19-08.JPG                                           Hawpe and Stewart playing catch.
Stewart and Hawpe 9-19-08.JPG

                                                           Me and BMe and B 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   A shot of the City


Denver 9-19-08.JPG


The Rockies had the lead the entire game.   

Atkins got an RBI in the first inning to start things off. Then Chris Iannetta homered in the second to get his 18th of the year and put the Rockies up 2-0.

Bottom of the fourth with two out, Clint Barmes homered and and that put the Rockies up 3-0.

Nothing really exciting happened untill the ninth inning.

Brian Fuentes was pitching and let the D-Backs Mark Reynolds homer and then managed to load up the bases. With two out,  Fuentes struck out Chris Young in an awesome finish to a perfect evening. Rockies beat the D-Backs 3-1.

Oh wait, this evening isn’t close to being finished yet.

After the game, all fans with seats in the Pavilion and Rock Pile were allowed onto the field to lay down and watch the fireworks display. 

The way the Stadium is designed, the fans in those seats have their backs to the scoreboard (which is where they shoot off the fireworks).

                                    Fans starting to fill up the playing field.Fans filling the field 9-19-08.JPG


                        Here is a shot going through the tunnel to get onto the field.
Tunnel 9-19-08.JPG                                          On the grass before the fireworks.


on the grass 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   B chillin on the grass

B chillin 9-19-08.JPG                                              The countdown to launch.

The fireworks countdown.JPGI had a serious rush of emotions as I lay on the grass inside Coors Field watching a spectacular fireworks show.

Click here to see the fireworks finale—->Fireworks finale 9-19-08 

I flashed back to the first time I ever attended a Professional baseball game.

 It was 1975 and I got to walk on the field inside Yankee Stadium. It was a day game and all the fans were cheering for us. I’ll never forget that.

I thought back to playing baseball as a kid in New Jersey just before we moved to Canada. Seeing my the look on my mom and pops face when I made a good play or catch.

Me n Hunter on the Coors Field 9-19-08.JPGThen I thought about my own son.

Watching him play baseball this year. Seeing his love for this sport grow.

 I love being a father.

Baseball is how we bond.

I though about all the Rockies batting practices and games we have attended this season.



 Seeing the rush of excitement on Hunter’s face when were first into the Stadium for BP. 

Watching him play catch with Chan Ho Park.  

Mylee’s first baseball at BP this season. Snaggin from the first row. My double snag today. 

We are fortunate to have blogging as a media . Blogging is a great way of storing and sharing an experience, memory or thought that no one can take away from you….Usually.

Maybe not everyone feels this way but Baseball is as “pure”  for me today as it was thirty  years ago.

I had straight up had goosepimples as I lay on the grass in my favorite Stadium.

I’m a kid again as soon as I enter the gates. 

Forget the world right now, I’m here to play and have fun.

I'm Home 9-19-08.JPG


I’ll check back into reality in a few hours.

 Nothing else gives me that feeling my youth.

Thank you MLB, the Colorado Rockies and

 I’ll never forget this season thanks to all of you.



The Rock Pile Ranter

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Joe steals the show but the Rockies have to go


Joe0Koshansky11.jpgJoe Koshansky, this guy is awesome.

Joe hit the only home run in yesterdays game against the Padres.

Rockies get the win 1-0 and take the series.

Joe was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 6th round (170th overall) in the 2004 Major League baseball draft.

Tulsa Drillers1.jpg

In 2006, while playing for the Double A Drillers, he was chosen as the Rockies Minor League Player of the Year because he  hit .284 with 31 home runs in 132 games.

 Joe had 109 RBI, which set a franchise record for the Drillers.

He also won the title of best power hitter in the Rockies minor league organization for that same year.

 A few more facts about Joe:

Sky Sox Logo.gif-On May 24 and August 13 this year while playing for the AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox, Joe hit for the cycle which made him the first player in Sky Sox history to hit for the cycle twice in one season.

– Joe started his first MLB game on July 5, 2008(my brothers birthday), playing first base for the injured Todd Helton. During that game against the Marlins, Koshansky hit his first career home run. It was a solo shot in the bottom of the second inning off  of Ryan Tucker in a 12-6 win over the Marlins at Coors Field. 

I expect to see a lot more of Joe next season. I just hope he can be versitile.

Versitility is a must if you want to play for the Rockies.

On a good pitching note, Livan Hernandez pitched five shutout innings. He allowed only three hits and was able to get win number two this season.

                                                                  bummed out.jpg

 Sad news we Rockies fans knew was coming:

As of today it’s official.

It is now impossible for the Rockies to make the Playoffs.stinks1.JPG




                      Man, that just stinks. 



But hey, the 2009 MLB schedule is up. Rockies first game will be the D-Backs home opener on April 6, 2009.

Good Luck to all the teams that will make the Playoffs. I’m jealous.

The Rockies home opener will be April 10, 2009 against the Phillies.

You can bet your ash I’ll be there.


I made the top 49 list for fan blogs for the week of Sept 10-17. You can see the list on Mark’s blog MLBlogosphere .

I came in at number three.

 As thrilling as that is, and believe me I was stoked. I wish it was under different circumstances.

Anyways, thanks to all my “new” readers and I hope I can create a blog that is a little different than other blogs, while being entertaining and enjoyable to read…

The Rockies fireworks game is tommorow night against the D-Backs.

 I’ll be there with the whole family and I feel like having a really good time..Cheers all !

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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This Rock keeps rolling

GOOD NEWS 9/17/08

I have restored about 2/3 of my blog myself.(I love you google). I can’t tell you what a time consuming pain in the ash it has been but I’m almost there. Best part is, I found the ones I was most fond of, so If I lose the others, I’ll deal.Moving on 1.JPG


  As of today, I will no longer mention the Canadian in a blog entry.

It’s time to move on. Roll with me





I’m a smarter man today than I was a few days ago…You all Rock…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image






Wham bam another grand slam


Well they don’t know for sure at this point if my blog can be saved. I was told that I am high on the priority list, but no guarantees.

So if you see older blog entrys pop up one by one it’s me finding them and reposting them.

 I’ll keep hoping.

 I must say that is some sad news. I really was hoping for the best but at this point I think I  am ready to move on if I have to.

canada T shirt.jpgI grew up in Canada. So all this crap happening from a Canadian leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Canadians are cool people and please don’t let this one shape your opinion of what Canadians are like. 

My parents still live in Alberta and so does most of my mom’s side of the family.

 I wasn’t happy with the  apology. I agree with a lot of you who posted on Zack’s blog and my blog.

 It just seemed like it wasn’t sincere.

Seems like he was only doing this because he got caught. I don’t think he understands the extent of the damage he did. Or how much he hurt Hunter and I.

symptoms-of-heart-attack.jpg I also believe this WAS a personal attack, he hacked four of my accounts. 

Seems personal to me..

I was actually nice to the young Canadian.

It did bother me a little bit that he had a comment for every blog I’ve ever written, but thats how we network here on MLBLogs, so I dealt with it.

I read a lot of the blogs on I don’t know most of my fellow bloggers,  but I feel like I do through reading their blogs. The mostly positive emails that I have received  helped me deal with this incident.

I really thought I would get ganged up on because people would think it was my fault that the Canadian baseball collector was taken down.

I just don’t need a bunch of his supporters slamming me with emails telling me what a jerk I am for doing this to HIM. If your one of these people and you are contemplating emailing me and slamming me about the Canadian.

Save your keyboard and just kiss my rockpiles.

First 9-16-08.JPGNuff said on that today.


      Batting Practice 9-16-08

Hunter and I were first in line today. Go figure. The line was tiny.

There were maybe fifteen people waiting to get inside the gates.

That gave me a really good feeling for BP. Less people = more baseballs to snag..
Hunter first 9-16-08.JPG 

I have watched Hunter really  grow up a lot this season. When we first started snaggin this year he was impatient and at times a bit annoying to the players and other snaggers. 

He has since toned it down and is a respectable snagger who doesn’t have to beg repeatedly for baseballs. He has discovered that he doesn’t have to beg if he is in the right place at the right time.

Being the first one into the Pavilion paid off today. Hunter managed to run down to the outfield railing first and Steven Registe threw him the first ball of BP.

Thank you Steven !

Finally, I got to see Matt Holliday at BP. He never shows up to bat. He was knocking some serious baseballs into the Pavilion and I managed to snag one off the bounce by beating two other snaggers to it. For some reason Matty didn’t start the game today. Omar 1 9-16-08.JPG

Hunter got ball number two from one of the players kids that was on the field for BP. 

Right after he got that ball Omar Quintinilla walked up to the wall to retreive a ball.

While he was standing by the wall he got hit up for autographs. 

Hunter and I managed to get one of the balls we each snagged today autographed by Omar.

Thank you Omar !Omar 2 9-16-08.JPG  







 Omar was my first ever professional baseball player autograph.

He signed my ticket stub two years ago at a Rockies game. 


Pavilion 9-16-08.JPG





Like I mentioned earlier.

The small line to get inside the Stadium meant a super low attendance for BP.
Pavilion 9-16-08 2.JPG


Most weekday games have a little bit smaller turnout for batting practice. 

This game being on a weekday and the fact that the Rockies season is basically over,  was the reason for the low turnout.

OK with me.

See the guy in the yellow shirt going down the stairs?

Capt Earthman.JPG

Meet Captain Earthman..Super Vendor.

He works all the Rockies games and he also works the concerts at Red Rocks  Ampitheatre.

He has a business card with his cellphone number.

 You call the number, tell him what row your in and what you want to order.

He shows up with your stuff.

Same goes for shows at Red Rocks.. 

This guy is amazing and probably worth his own blog entry, but maybe another time..






I salute you Captain Earthman.

So do thousands of thirsty Coors Field and Red Rocks patrons.

Keep up the good work.









Hunters three 9-16-08.JPGIt was nice, you could actually pick a section and it was yours. 

Dang near every kid at BP today left with a ball.

 That my friends, is a good batting practice. 

Hunter got his third ball thrown to him by a Padres player that I couldn’t identify. Soon as he tossed Hunter the ball,

BP was over.


Hunter got the first and last ball of BP. He wanted to make sure that I mentioned 

Mark BP 9-16-08.JPG


While I was at BP I met a fellow MLBlogs blogger named Mark. He has a blog called Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog. It is a neat blog done from his sons point of view..Check it out.

Mark, sorry we didn’t get to talk too much, but hey it was BP.

It was really cool to meet you. Maybe we can have a beer sometime and chat at another game.

When I asked Mark how snaggin was he said that he had snagged one ball up to that point. Same as me.


                                          Game 2, Rockies vs Padres


Man, two Grand Slams in two games. I think that has been done only once in the Rockies organization. Chris Iannetta crushed a ball into mid-pavilion almost 3/4 of the way up to score Tulo, Atkins and Spilborghs..

Wow, that was where Holliday was hitting them during BP. 

Great job Chris !

The Rockies pitchers were on it tonight.  Ubaldo Jimenez looked awesome.

Jeff Baker homered in the fifth to score Iannetta and Hawpe.. He crushed that ball too. Almost to the same place as Chris Iannetta. Sweet hit Jeff.

Rockies slam the Padres 10-3 on a beautiful evening in Denver…

I can’t make the game on Wednesday as I have a morgage to pay.

The next game for us is Friday and I will have the whole family with me.

It is one of the Rockies fireworks games and I missed them all this season..

Thanks everyone, this really is a great community…Go Rockies…D
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Back from the attack and right on track



An apology was put on the Canadians blog but has since been removed.

Wow, strange couple of days. Thanks everyone, sucks all this had to happen.

I am seriously a non-drama type of guy.

I try to keep my life organized and simple and there is no room for BS.

 So the last couple days have been rough.

The support from readers and bloggers here has been just incredible.

I have been deeply touched and it’s not easy to touch me.


 Anywho…back to what I do…


My 1 ball 9-15-08.JPG


 Just got back from the Rockies game.

 I know our season is over, but it SUCKS to lose to the Padres…


I went with my buddy Andy to this game and had tickets to access the first row during batting practice.




The last couple of batting practices have been kind of boring and we were hoping for a little action.


Robert and Emily 9-12-08.JPG

Robert holding the sign for Emily—————–>

Dan was there with Emily and she had a sign with her.

Happy Birthday Emily

222 games.

WOW, think about that..she is only five.

I’m a lot older than five and I can’t touch that number.

Her dad Dan’s number of games is probably 4 times that..Amazing.

I really didn’t get much batting practice action. One of the very last hits was nailed to the left of where I was standing and I managed to get within a foot of it and had to back off to avoid (getting in another snaggers personal space).

He caught it and I let him know it was a good catch..

MarkS.jpgOn a cool note…I did get Mark Strittmeyer (bullpen catcher) to toss me a ball after answering his question.

 He asked me if there was a 4th of July in Mexico? I replied, “sure there is, just like in every country”…

He tossed me the ball…As he was walking away I told him I saw him ask the same question  on TV last week.

We both laughed and he took off…Thanks Mark !

So my non-snaggin streak is over..That ball counts right??   

Andy 9-15-08.JPG





I looked over to see  how Andy was doing and I was just in time to see him bobble a ball that had hit just below the yellow cushion.




Andys Catch 9-15-08.JPG



Not to worry.

Shortly after that bobble, he caught a BP homerun and one of the Padres tossed him a ball just for just standing there and not begging.

Good Job Andy on your first time snaggin at Coors Field. your snaggin experience still fresh in your mind too?

I was telling Andy that one of the reasons I love batting practice is for that short period of time nothing else in the world matters.

For that hour and a half or whatever I only have one thing on my mind.

Getting a ball.

Not bills, not work, not life, not my hacked blog. Nada..

I can tune out everything….It just works for me..Andy said he could relate.

Cooks Autograph 9-15-08.JPGI managed to get Aaron cook to sign my ticket. Too bad he used a pen.  

He signed for a minute or two and was really cool about it.

Rockies trailed most of this game. In the end we lost it 11-5.

Andy and I  had one chance for a home run ball but Will Venable caught it right at the center field wall front of us and landed on his butt after getting his bells rung from his impact with the wall.

That was six feet away. Worth every penny..He got up and seemed fine.

Greg Reynolds allowed nine hits and seven runs in two plus innings. That pretty much sealed the Rockies fate this evening.

Mr Reynolds, I think that may be a wrap…

Thumbnail image for Tulo 9-7-08.JPG



 Tulo..nice job on the Grand Slam..thanks for hitting it exactlly where we were sitting right after we got up..

I will be at the game tomorrow with Hunter…Again..thanks everyone..D
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The Apology

Dear Don (Rock Pile Ranter):

This weekend, I did something really stupid.  I officially hacked a fellow blogger.  It wasn’t planned but I admit I was successful in getting into the site.  I must admit, at the time of getting into the site, I was surprised that this actually worked but then after thinking about it, I knew it was the wrong thing to have done.  I admit, I thought that Don was the guy who scammed me a year ago.  I was wrong.  This just shows you how one can be wrong.


I wanted to formally address everyone to say that I am sorry and that this was an unplanned incident which was stupid and childish.  It was also wrong to do this as people work for hours to perfect their blog site.  This was not a personal attack on Don or his site, it was coincidence that I got in this easily.


This also shows everyone that you need to stand up and say when your wrong and I truly was in this case.  I admit I was wrong and I wished to formally apologize to  Don and his fellow bloggers for the inconvenience and trouble this has caused.  I also wanted to point out that I had the same thing happen to me less than a year ago and I never thought I’d be doing the same thing to someone else.  Please just remember if your setting up an account, please insure you have selected a complicated password and not just something simply as you’d be surprised how easily this had been done.  Once again,  I am very sorry for my stupid actions and promise to never do this again.



Chris Los

Ps- As a token of my sincerity I will be sending you a gift by mail. Sorry once again Don

Mystery Solved..Not a good ending

Well a lot has happened today.

I officially know who destroyed my blog. It was Chris Los The Baseball Collector from Canada. I’m not exactly sure why, but he did it.

His mother called me today to apoligize for Chris’s actions. Chris apoligized to me too over the phone but I told him it wasn’t enough.

 I want a formal apology written on MLBLOGS.COM .

Chris will be issuing a formal apology to the Rock Pile Ranter on his blog and that should be his LAST blog entry.

I’m just not sure at this point if my blog can be restored. I put a lot of work/love into those entrys. This blog is my son and I’s video journal and If I can’t get  back a lot of the stuff I;ve written, that would be quite a loss.

By the way, if you see old entrys starting to appear on my blog, it’s just me, I’m trying to piece together my blog as best I can….I’m heading out to the game now where nothing else in the world matters.                                  

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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Knocked down but not out by “this person”


Me 9-14-08.JPGTake a look at my blog. It’s all gone.

 Every entry I have written since spring training, vanished.

Eighty entries I think was my last count.

My blog was hacked today. Everything erased.

The entire video diary of my son and I’s  spring and summer completely wiped out.


My Blog, which I was having so much fun with..It’s just not there. The nly thing this person left was my profile picture and bio. Geez thanks.

I logged in when I got home from the Rockies game today ready to blog and my blog was empty. I logged in to check my rockpileranter email..Password changed.

I figured I should check my facebook page, yahoo account…same thing…barred from entering it…Somebody is messing with me. Here’s the deal though,  I know exactly who it is. I have since changed my email to ..this is my good email now. 

I was having a online conversation with a northerner a few weeks back about the Mobile Blogging Unit, when finally the person typed a few more questions than I was willing to type answers to.

I politely told him that I didn’t care to discuss any more details at this time.

That person stopped talking to me right then, then he immediatly removed me as a facebook friend. I guess for some strange jealous reason my non-disclosure of specific details upset him. Apparently a lot more than I thought.

I didn’t understand his actions at the time. I had sent this person several ticket stubs, some from the Rockies playoff run last year. A Nuggets backstage pass and a few season tickets from last year.

Not high end stuff, but stuff he collected and I thought he would appreciate. I asked for absolutly nothing in return. It wasn’t a big deal to me.  It’s my choice how much information I choose do disclose about the MBU and the person was being a wee bit too nosey.

mounties.jpgWe all know how this person likes to “borrow” other peoples ideas.

Hacking a persons identity is illegal and destroying someones work is just plain fuc**d up. This person literally destroyed over 250+ hours of blog entrys.

Thankfully he didn’t delete the pictures and video.

 I’m still in shock. I put my heart and soul and a lot of  hours into my blog and I felt like I was doing a good job.

Some people are so insecure they have to steal others creativity and ideas. Me, I love originality. 

I either want my blog restored or I want him to apoligize and resign from forever. He doesn’t deserve to blog his sneggin stories here..anymore. 

I had the best pictures for a blog tonight…

sad smiley.jpg


Today is a sad day…

Autograph Sunday 9-14-08.JPG





       It was autograph Sunday today too..D.


10/13/08   Update. I removed the Canadian references that were scattered throughout this blog and replaced them with “this person”. My parents are Canadian and my mom said it was mean…D

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Time to call in the Toddfather


Ian Stewart.JPG


I really thought I was gonna see a late inning comeback.

You could see the makings of it when Ian Stewart hit his homer in the seventh and a couple of Rockies scored.

 But, forget that idea. Too little too late.  

What ever we have or had, did have, almost had, had but then lost, lost but then had.

Well we don’t have it right now, and it doesn’t appear that we will be getting it.

Now that’s off my chest, I’m still confused.

Maybe the simple answer is timing. Our timing just plain sucks.

The timing of some of our injuries.

The timing of some of our late inning “almost comebacks” we have had our share of this season.

Tonight’s game for example.


Thumbnail image for Dexter Fowler 9-2-08.JPG



Dexter Fowler got his first major league career hit in his hometown of Atlanta. He made it to first off of a hit that bounced high off of home plate..

His parents were in attendance just a few rows back from the field. His mom said said she was so nervous/excited she could hardly watch.

I watched to see if he got the ball after the play ended  and he did…Sweet

My dad was skinny like Fowler when he was a  young Marine and he used to tell me they made him carry rocks in his pockets so he wouldn’t blow away.

My pops eventually figured out it was easier to eat.

Luis Vizcaino pitched for a little over four innings and gave up four runs.

We were witness to very impressive back to back home runs tonight. 

Sadly, it was not the Rockies. It was Chipper Jones and Kelly Johnson not in that order.

Rockies suffer  loss number two to the Braves with a final score of  9-4.

WTF??  Thats four in a row, in the second week in September.

This is the flippin Rockies, we OWN september…Don’t we????

One thing comes to my mind…

Thumbnail image for TodHelton.jpgTodd Helton…It is the only thing that makes sense and yet it doesn’t make sense. Am I making any sense? I sense your frustration too.

At this moment I’m helpless, your helpless, the Rockies are helpless to the wrath of the Braves.

ToddFather, We need your help.

Let Todd play..You have to Clint.

Even the Rock Pile Ranter knows when to ask for help.

What have you got to lose?

If he tweaks his back again, he has the off season to heal…



We need the ToddFather.

Whatever the cost may be.

Go Rockies..It’s now or next year…D


No time to pout, time is running out


First 9-7-08.JPGFirst in line today and first through the gate.

 Something a little different happened today.

 As Hunter and I were entering the Pavilion, Manny Corpas and another player were on the field and they had just tossed a ball into row two of the Pavilion.

There was nobody else in the Pavilon except two young girls who looked like Coors Field employees.

I’m not sure, but they had on the purple shirt and looked official. Hunter actually made it to the ball first and had the ball in his hand. Then the Usher who I won’t name, but it rhymes with knob. told Hunter that the ball was thrown to the girls and took the ball from him. An Usher taking a ball from a kid, WTF?? 

All of this happened as I was going down the steps to reach Hunter. Hunter had to give his ball away to one of those girls/employees  and was visibly upset. I don’t blame him one bit. I usually wouldn’t make too big a deal over this, but……..

  what I think.jpg

Here’s what I think.


 If the girls were employees, Isn’t there a rule that employees can’t get baseballs??

or…if they were not employees, why did the Usher make/force Hunter give up his ball??

waiting in line.jpg


We always plan ahead of time so we can be first in line. We waited in line an hour outside to get that first ball.

 Why did Hunter have to give it up?

 Let me just say this. I will be right on Hunter’s tail next game, and I am willing to bet that if that same situation occurs again, Hunter will leave Coors Field with a ball.

I think the Rockies Ushers are great, the majority of them are really cool. I know a female Usher in the Pavilion who tells me it’s my job to protect her from getting hit by baseballs. Her and I joke about it all the time. 



The guy who’s name rhymes with knob is usually a good guy.

 Today he broke the rules and didn’t play fair.

watching you.png




Knob, today you got half a Rant. But, I’ll be watching you..





After this little ordeal, I went over to the other side of the Pavilion. I ran into a guy who reads this blog named Jim aka UtahSteeler17.

We had met Jim at the Rockies game the day before.

He was out here visiting Coors Field from a little town in Utah.

Dan hooked Jim up with a couple of first row tickets for batting practice.

Very nice guy, we chatted for a bit today before batting practice started.

He managed to snag five balls on Saturday and one ball on Sunday.


Thumbnail image for Utah Steeler 17 9-7-08.JPG


 Great job Jim, and it was nice to get to meet you.

Have a safe trip home back home.

Dan also hooked Hunter and I up with third basline tickets.

Thanks again Dan !


So batting practice didn’t really start until about the time we got in line for autographs.

Check out the video below of people running for position on autograph day.

Autograph Day 9-7-08.JPG

Autograph Day 9-7-08 




There were four players signing today.

 I normally get the information about who is signing from an Usher who has the names of the players that day written on his hand.

Today he had it written on a piece of paper. He did get a kick out of me asking to see who was on his hand. 




Reynolds signing for Hunter 9-7-08.JPG



We decided to get Reynold’s autograph.

Here is Greg Reynolds signing for Hunter.

He was cool and was having a good time signing you could tell.

Thank you Greg Register signing Hunters ball 9-7-08.JPG!


 The lines were relativly short today so we were able to get two autographs.

Here is Steven Register signing for Hunter.

He was all smiles too.

What a great job these players have.

Thank you Steven ! Todd Helton 9-7-08.JPG

 While we were standing in line for autographs, I looked over on first base and who did I see?

Todd Helton warming up.

It was great to see him out there.

 Something seemed right about it.

He was out practicing, but you could tell he wasn’t 100%.

Was just nice to see you out on the field Todd.

Heal up and hurry back brotha !!

When we got back to the Pavilon, the Rockies were full into batting practice.

 Here’s a video of Todd today:  Helton warming up 9-7-08


The only close call we had was when a BP homer was hit and it bounced off a bleacher, hit me in the chest, bounced down by Hunter, and another kid snagged.

Thats all the play we got today and all I have to show is a bruise.

The loss yesterday was painful, but I have to give credit to the Astro’s pitcher Oswald. That guy pitched an awesome game yesterday. I was just hoping for some sweet justice today.

Jorge 9-7-08.JPG






 On the mound for the Rockies today.

Jorge De La Rosa.

Jorge gave up four runs. Three of them in the third inning. He had six hits in seven innings.

De La Rosa walked four and struck out three. Vinny Castilla 9-7-08.JPG





Remember this guy?


Vinny Castilla  #9 was out on the field warming up with the Rockies.

I have seen Vinny out there before.

 Vinny works as a Scout for the Rockies.

It was good to see him out there helping the fellas.




  Here are some random shots in no particular order.  

                                        Outfielder Reggie Abercrombie                Ambercrombe 9-7-08.JPG

                                           Astro’s Outfielder Hunter Pence Hunter Pence 9-7-08.JPG                                                       Troy Tulowitzki Tulo 9-7-08.JPG                                               Tulowitzki and Barmes Tulo and Barmes 9-7-08.JPG                          Mark Strittmatter (bullpen coach), helping warm up Matt Herges Melhuse 9-7-08.JPG                                                         Matt Herges Herges 9-7-08.JPG                                 Manny Corpas and Luis Vizcaino chillin Corpas and Viscaino.JPG                                Matt Holliday taking a few hits at BP Matt at BP 9-7-08.JPG                                          Matt playing out in Left Field MH 9-7-08.JPG                                     Stewart and Atkins playing catch Stewart and Atkins playing catch 9-7-08.JPGWhen we started this game we were split with the Astros. Taylor Buchholz let the Astros get three eighth inning hits and allowed two runs.

Rockies lose this series two games to one with a final score of 7-5.

All losses at Coors Field this time of year hurt. But this one really hurts because were down to the wire now and any loss at this point could be the one that ends our season.

Rockies have an off day tomorrow, then they start a three game series in Atlanta returning home on Friday for a nine game homestretch against the Dodgers, Padres, and D-Backs.


Our Goodies 9-7-08.JPG




Here is a shot of what we brought home from the game today.

Four autographs, from two players and the Promotional gift for coming through the gates today was a Rockies Travel Mug..

The next game we will be attending is on Friday.

 Hopefully, the Rockies will get home with a three game win streak under their belt.

Lets hope.

Go Rockies, destroy the Braves…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image