September 2008

He lost the bet, he paid his debt

winner is.jpg


 A little while back I did an entry about bet I made with a guy I work named Todd.

 The bet was which of our teams would win more games by the end of the season. The loser had to wear the winners teams jersey. He proposed the bet,  and I accepted.

I actually won the bet before the Rockies played their last series with the D-Backs. Good thing cause the Rockies lost all three. Todd was a good sport and wore the Todd Helton Jersey all day. He did however have a Giants T-Shirt and cap on.He said he didn’t want the Jersey touching his skin…

I would have done the same thing.

So for the world to see, here is Todd sporting none other Todd Helton #17 Jersey..

Sorry for the blurry pic, It was the only one I was able to get.

Todd wearing Rockies Jersey.JPG                                  Congrats Todd…Thanks for Playing…D

It must be over I can hear her singing


obese warning.jpg
singobese1.JPG                  It’s over.

   A pitchers duel you might say.

I’m glad the game ended like it did. If it would have been a slugfest, it would have just made it harder to let go.

The next time I’ll be face to face with a Rockies player will be March 2, 2009 in Tucson…Spring Training



                                        Rockies Vs Diamondbacks Game 3 

Ubaldo 8-7-08.gif
Ubaldo 11.jpg
johnson perfect game.jpg












Ubaldo was on his game tonight. He had his issues early on this season, but he has been solid and dependable this last couple months. He pitched seven scoreless innings tonight with ten strikeouts. He finishes his season 12-12, with 172 strikeouts and a respectable 3.99 ERA.  Ubaldo pitched 198 2/3 innings, second only to Aaron Cook.

Manny and Mom 1.JPG


                        Manny and his mom———>

Manny Corpas allowed Chris Young to homer in the eighth and then in the ninth, Luis Vizcaino loaded up the bases and proceeded to walk home the winning run.

Ok D-backs, you got us back for making you look like chumps last year.

Johnson was incredible to watch allowing only  two hits and one unearned run. He threw 105 pitches and struck out nine.

35,908 people watched the Rockies fall to the D-Backs 2-1 in the Rockies final game of 2008..there I said it

What a  season this has been. One I’ll never forget. So many highs and lows. No different than life I guess.   

Thumbnail image for RPR1.jpg

 I decided I will blog for the MLB playoffs.  

Right now, I’m looking for a  place to host my basketball blog.

I’ll be blogging for the Denver Nuggets and I will be known the Nugg Thug.

Milly Vanilli.jpg                   Keep it real all…I do…D

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Down to two, what will I do?

9/27/08Thumbnail image for Paul Newman.JPG


Paul Newman


Rest in Peace.

My favorite Paul Newman movies were Cool Hand Luke and Slapshot.


Forgive me but now my salad is going to taste like crap.



                   Not me———->

  Blogging and supporting the Colorado Rockies has been a huge part of my life the last seven months.

 I’ve been in kind of a funk the last week and wasn’t really sure what the cause was.

 I’ve seriously been on overdrive for the last seven months. Now that things are wrapping up for me I feel sort of lost. Not depressed, more of an underlying sadness.  

I’m not sure I’m ready to slow down. I mean I know I have to, but how do you put your passion on hold?

 If someone has the answer please share it.

motivate.jpgI don’t have the means financially to travel and watch fall baseball (sucks to be middle class),so I guess I just have to some how program myself to slow down.

 Spring training is five months away.  That’s a whole lot of MON-FRI 6am-2:30pm, working for the man shifts between now and then.


 Have I mentioned lately how much I hate losing to the D-backs.

 Damn man, Grill takes over a tied game in the seventh and pitches a scoreless inning. Eighth inning, he lets the D-backs score two and the Rockies never recover. Grilli gets the loss and the Rockies fall to the D-backs 6-4.

Props to Jason Hirsh for at least keeping it even when he left the game.margarita.jpg

Mexican platter.jpg

Were going out for a good mexican dinner this afternoon, a couple of margaritas and
then heading home to watch game 2 vs the D-Backs at 6:10 pm MST…

Only two games left…..Go Rockies…D
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Jorge finally has his day

Jorge De La Rosa card1.jpg


Jorge De La Rosa.

 I can’t remember how many times this season I’ve watched this kid blow a baseball game. Jorge had a serious bad start this season and his ERA by the All Star Break was 7.26.

 I like Jorge. Hunter and I got his autograph early on this season and I mentioned back then how laid back and polite he was.

I was just checking out his stats. He is now 12-10 for the season and his ERA is 4.92. He’s bringing it on strong and doing exactly what every other Rockies player is.

Trying to get noticed. Only three games left.

Jorge struck out seven allowing only three hits in seven innings. He also singled in the fourth and drove in a run. Matt and Son.jpg




Matt Holliday (Rockies please keep him), hit a  single in the first inning to score Tulowitzki.

Matt this season has hit .321 with 25 home runs and 88 RBI. He has played 139 games,  had 539 at bats and managed 173 hits.

Matt will only continue to get better as a player. There was a dramatic improvment in his outfielding this season.

He is physically healthy and lives a clean lifestyle.

Matt has a lot of good years left in him



Thumbnail image for Clint Barmes 9-26-08.jpg  

Fact: In June 2006 Clint broke his collarbone carrying a large slab of meat given to him by Todd Helton upstairs to his apartment.

 It was probably deer or elk meat.


Clint hit a solo homer in the seventh inning to give him eleven home runs for the season. That is a personal record for him topping his previous best of 10 in 2005. Contrats Clint..See you next season.



Rockies square up against the D-Backs in a couple of hours. On the mound for the Rockies is Jason Hirsh.

Have you seen the size of this guy?

He is 6’8 250, bats right, throws right.

He’s been a relief pitcher only three times this season. Here’s a quote from Jason.

“I’m going to have fun, at this point of the season, that’s pretty much my mind-set. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the year. This season has been trying, the most trying of my career. At this point, what have I got left to lose?”

He’s right, who knows..lets see how it goes..

No winner on the Baseball Card Trivia #2.

Did I make it too tough?


                                                          Go Rockies…D
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Baseball Card Trivia # 2, see how you do

  9/25/08                                 BASEBALL CARD TRIVIA #2                               

Mystery Player two.jpg-Tell me this players middle name.

-What was his nickname?

-Name his claim to fame?Clues.jpg





He threw right, and hit left.

His highest season batting average was .250.

He played pro for eight seasons.

This one is a little tougher. Good luck and thanks for playing. Let me know if you need more clues.

Rockies are up over the Giants 3-0, top of the seventh…can you say sweep….D
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Oh, what a day by the bay

Angry fans.JPG9-25-08

You know there were some pissed off Giants fans leaving AT&T park last night. I myself have felt like that several times this season.

All I heard today was “why didn’t the Rockies play like that last month, why now?”.

To which I replied “why the hell are you asking me, I’m wondering the same thing myself”.

 Too little, too late, ahh whatever. It was still fun to watch and I’m officially three wins up on my bet.

If the Rockies win tonight I’ll be bringing that Rockies Jersey into work tomorrow for the Giants fan who thought up this bet to wear. Oh, and the loser’s picture gets posted on here. He is a good sport, I think.

Thank you1.JPGThank You Rockies ( knock on wood),  for not making me look like a chump in front of everyone I work with and the blogging community.

Hope I’m not celebrating too early?

clint barmes rookie card.jpg


Clint Barmes was on fire last night. He chalked up a homer and four RBI’s. Barmes is bucking for a full
time job and who can blame him.  

I cant believe this guy can hit the way he hits. Shoot, I’m bigger than him..I guess it’s all in the swing.
helton card.jpg                                                

Just heard some scary news. My favorite player is going to go under the knife. Todd Helton is going to have what’s called a microdisectomy
 next tuesday. That just sounds uncomfortable.

They are going to remove part of his bulging L5 disc to hopefully alleviate pressure on the nerve that has been messing with him. 

Good Luck Todd, We need to see you on first base next season.
Thumbnail image for Chris Iannetta 12.jpg


Congrats to Chris Iannetta !

Chris’s two run double gave him 65 RBI for the season. That was enough for him to surpass former Rockie Brent Mayne’s club record of 64 RBI in 2000.

Willy Taveras Rookie.jpgDon’t count on seeing Willy Taveras steal any more bases this season. Apparently, super speed comes with a pricetag.

Willy has a stress fracture of his right tibea. His season is officially done. Good luck Speedy! I hope you heal as fast as you run.

The Rockies owned this game. They won 15-6. I was skeptical of Hernandez, but he had two of the Rockies eighteen hits himself.

Livan gave up five runs with twelve hits in seven innings. He is now (13-11).

nothing7sittingpic.jpgI know these last few games mean nothing. But straight up, I would rather see them win the last six games than lose them. I hate losing to the Giants. 

I do plan to blog about the playoffs but I just can’t seem to blog about other teams while my team is still playing and winning.

Game 3 vs the Giants is tonight is at 8:15 MST. Only four games left.

Go Rockies…D
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Don’t know what to do, here’s a clue

Mlblogs Cover9-25-08.jpgI’ve never been a guy who toots his own horn so to speak, but oh hell yea !

I made number seven this week with no major controversy to boost ratings. Best part is, I did it without living on or even near the east or west coast, and with a team that’s not even making a playoff run. All that against me and I still made it.

Who knows?  I could drop off the list next week, but for now I’m going to attribute it to good blogging and leave it at that.

I’ve had eleven guesses so far today on my Baseball Card Trivia question. People have been guessing through comments and through email. Nobody is even warm yet. So here are a few hints..

Thumbnail image for Mystery Player.jpg1. As of 2007 this player was still a scout for the Philidelphia Phillies.

2. This player had a 15 season career and was and retired a .234 hitter with 106 home runs and 501 RBI in 1384 games.

If you think you know, post your answer in a comment or email it to: .

I have one more hint and I’ll give it out tomorrow if nobody gets this today.

      Right now I’m working on an entry from the Rockies/Giants game last night…D

                                   UPDATE…WE HAVE A TRIVIA WINNER
Thumbnail image for Ronnie Hanson.jpg

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Dan 9-21-08.JPG



The winner is:  




DAN SAUVAGEAU (red hat). 1st row season ticket holder for the Colorado Rockies and one hell of a baseball snagger.

He got the correct answer of Ron Hansen.

Ron Hansen was the 8th player to get an unassisted triple play. He was also the first of the bigger shortshops.

Ron never made it to a World Series in fifteen seasons. Thanks for playing. Wonder who I could pick next…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG                                               

I made a bet I hope I don’t regret

Rockies Jersey1.JPG
Giants Jersey.jpgI made a bet about a week ago with a guy I work with. He’s a Giants fan. The bet was on whichever one of our teams wins more games from that point forward till the end of the season.  The loser would have to wear the winners jersey one full day at work.

Today is the start of a three game set with the Giants. As of pre-game today, I’m one game up…I’ll keep you posted.

Matt-Holliday Rookie Card.jpg


I see that Matt Holliday is in contention for the MLB Hank Aaron Award for offensive excellence.

He deserves it. He has always been among the elite in the NL as far as batting average, home runs and RBI are concerned.

So far this season Matt is 27-29 for bases stolen. Matt is also the first Rockies player to get more than twenty steals and twenty home runs in a season since this guy…
Thumbnail image for SIcover-LarryWalker-June11-2001.jpg

Larry Walker.

Larry did it in 1997. He had 49  home runs and 33 steals. That was good enough to win him the NL League MVP award.Ubaldo J9-7-08.jpg


On the mound today vs the Giants is Ubaldo Jimenez (11-12) with a 4.12 ERA.

Tim Lincecum (17-4) who has a 2.46 ERA will be pitching for theTim Lincecum.jpg Giants. Thats scary. The kid is straight up smokin now and only going to get better as he matures.

I have faith that the Rockies still have something to prove and are not quitters. Everyone at work knows how much I support the Rockies and I DON’T want to have to wear that Giants jersey.

                                                        Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

We know our fate, now shut the gate

9/21/08..Last one.

sadpug.jpgThis was a hard entry for me to write. When I started blogging after my Spring Training trip to Tucson this year it was it was in anticipation of the upcoming season.

This evening, I’m blogging about the Rockies last home game of the season.

Thumbnail image for gates 6-6-08.jpgAfter today, the Rock Pile gate is closed for good until next year.

For me, I prefer to blog about is something that I’ve actually done.

Blogging about something you’ve personally experienced is heads above trying to write about something you had to read about first. My point being, I love going to batting practice and watching the Rockies play live, then rushing home and eating a late dinner by my computer, showing the wife and kids all pictures I took, jotting down everything that happened during the game, then laying out my blog, all before I go to bed. The experience is always freshest that night and remembering the finer details is easier. 

So, when I say this is difficult to write, I mean it. I won’t be able to blog about seeing another live baseball game for over five months. 

no way sign.jpg


There was NO WAY we were going to be second in line today. We knew there was a 50/50 chance of batting practice, but we didn’t care.


While we’re on the subject of the front gate, I wanted to give props to the loyal group of Ushers that work the RockpIile gate. They are awesome and always took time to give Hunter a little attention.

Maybe that’s because 95% of the games we attended this season he and I were the first two in line?

Thumbnail image for First at gate 9-21.JPG
Thumbnail image for Hunter 9-21-08.JPG




Hunter field 9-21-08.JPG



Hunter was first into the Pavilion and close behind him was another kid that we see at a lot of games with his father 

They ran down to the field but there were no players to be found. 



Bleachers 9-21-08.JPG


Ahh the Pavilion,

Finding the bleachers empty is a beautiful sight.
Empty Field 9-21-08.JPG

 What’s an even better sight is having a few players on the field crushing baseballs into those empty bleachers.

I was told that a few of the  Rockies had been out warming up before we arrived.

But they were long gone.

No worries.


Barb 9-21-08.JPG


The cages were up and we figured the D-Backs would be out in a bit to put them to use.

 This is Barb.

Barb is my favorite Usher and it was an honor to protect her from stray batting practice balls this season.She is a retired teacher and has my dream retirement job.

Take Care Barb…See you next season or Spring Training maybe?

Thumbnail image for Dan 9-21-08.JPG



Thanks for being cool to a stranger.

Your random acts of kindness enabled us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do this season.
It was nice to get to know you and Emily. 

You sir are a TRUE baseball fan. I no longer feel like a stranger.

       Stay in touch brotha !!


  We arrived at 11am and waited for the D-Backs to start batting practice.

They finally started hitting at 11:21 and that gave us eight minutes before we had break off and go get in line for autographs.

Jeff Francis Signing 9-21-08.JPG







There were four players signing as autographs as usual.

First was Jeff Francis.

Jeff had the longest line but no matter. We had his autograph already.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Taylor B 9-21-08.JPG







Next was Taylor Buchholz, seen here signing  Hunter’s baseball.

Thank’s Taylor !!
Glendon Rouche Signing 9-21-08.JPG







Here’s Glendon Rusch signing Hunter’s baseball.

Thank’s Glendon ! 
Dexter Fowler 9-2-08-1.JPG






 And lastly, Rockie newbie.Dexter Fowler.
My autographs 9-21-08.JPG



 I scored the same autographs that Hunter did. I used the two balls that I snagged back to back the day before at batting practice.

We hurried back to the Pavilion to catch the rest of the D-Backs batting practice.

Thumbnail image for Last snag of the season 9-21-08.JPG 


Good thing we did.

 I headed back to my “spot” and was there maybe two minutes.  I happened to be looking off to my left and heard a crack. Right handed batter, uh oh.

It took me a second to locate the ball. I finally spotted  It heading a little to my right but reachable.

It was starting to decend quickly. 

I moved to my right, ran down six steps, reached up as high and forward as I possibly could, and the ball landed perfectly in my glove.

Last ball of the season 9-21-08.JPG


That ball needed to be caught and I needed to catch it. Freggin poetic ain’t it?

My last ball of the season and worthy of its own picture.I didn’t expect to snag one on the fly today.

That just made it sweeter.

Hunter Pavilon 9-21-08.JPG



Hunter got shutout today.

Eating lunch and ice cream fixed that

After we chowed, we wandered over to the Rockies dugout to watch the players warming up and see who else might be signing.




                                              First one out was Clint HurdleClint 9-21-08.JPG.                                                               Seth Smith
Seth Smith 9-21-08.JPG                                                        Troy Tulowitzki
Tulo 9-21-08.JPG      Garrett Atkins hit a three run homer today. Number twenty of the season and the third year in a row he has hit at least twenty home runs….Good job Garrett !!
Garrett 9-21-08.JPG                                                          Alana from FSN
Alana 9-21-08.JPG                                                            Here’s another
Alana 9-21-08 2.JPG                               Ian Stewart looking at me like I owe him money.
Stewart 9-21-08.JPG                                         Smith and Stewart tossing the ball.
Smith and Stewart 9-21-08.JPG                                                  Another one of Smith
Smith 9-21-08-2.JPG                                                        Tulo and Barmes
Tulo and Barmes 9-21-08.JPG                                                     Hawpe and Barmes
Hawpe and Barmes9-21-08.JPG            It was Military appreciation day and I was in a good spot to take a picture.
Military 9-21-08-2.JPG                                                    Standing in formation,
Military Formation 9-21-08.JPG     Here is a video of American the Beautiful..Army Veteran here and it was touching. That song always chokes me up.

                           The Blackhawk doing a fly over  (I was a little late)
Blackhawk 9-21-08.JPG                                                           Best Dressed Fan
Best Dressed 9-21-08.JPG                                                            Best Dress on a fan
Best Dress 9-21-08.JPG                                                       A shot of the dugout
Rockies Dugout 9-21-08.JPG                                       Spilborghs at bat, that was a strike
Spilly at bat 9-21-08.JPGReynolds didn’t have a good day. He pitched a little over one inning and allowed six runs on seven hits. Reynolds, that’s a wrap.
Reynolds 9-21-08.JPG                                                Matt Herges took his place
Matt Herges 9-21-08-1.JPG                                               A cool shot of Matt pitching
Herges Pitch 9-21-08.JPG                                                       Another dugout shot.
Dugout  9-21-08-2.JPG                                 Garrett Atkins pulling back to avoid getting hit
Atkins 9-21-08-2.JPG                             Ian Stewart waiting for someone to bring him his hat.Stewart 9-21-08-3.JPG                                            A different view of Herges pitching
Herges Pitching 9-21-08-4.JPGI was hoping to get the win today and steal this series from the D-backs. Unfortunately the Diamondbacks showed us today why they are 78-77 and we are 71-85.

The D-backs just outplayed us. I’m not sure what the future holds for Reynolds, this could be a wrap for him..get it? Sorry.
If he was hoping to save his job, this probably wasn’t the performance that’s going to do it for him.

Diamondbacks take a bit out of the Rockies in the final home game of 2008, 13-4.

It’s hard to believe I can’t see another game until Spring Training. I can’t tell you how much I want to get my butt down to Phoenix and catch the last couple of Rockies games.


Rockies Fantacy Camp.jpg
Whats next?…

I would love to go to Rockies Fantasy Camp in January. Not too likely though, It costs over four thousand bucks. I could get the time off but…..$$$

Rockies Spring Training coverage from the Mobile Blog Unit in early March. Done deal…March 2-8, 2009 (subject to change)

A special thanks to the Colorado Rockies for giving me the opportunity to feel and act like a kid, with my kids.


Thanks everyone…Bring on the post season…D
Thumbs UP 1.JPG
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Rockies make a run but don’t get it done.

9/21/08     8:54 AM

Brian Fuentes.

Thumbnail image for The Fuentes Stare 8-4.JPG

I guess if I had to see the Super Southpaw aka Tito totally fall apart, it’s best that it was a game that didn’t mean anything.

Rockies fought hard to tie things up.

But then….

Fuentes gave up a two run homer to to Stephen Drew with two out in the ninth.

That was it. Rockies lost 5-3. Great crowd last night.

.Mylees ball from Ubaldo.JPG

Mylee was the only one of the three of us to snag a ball. 

In fact, she snagged two. First time she outsnagged Hunter this year.

Here she is with the ball that Ubaldo Jimenez tossed her.

Thank you Ubaldo !

Here is a video of the Rockies tribute to the fans —->Tribute video

I’ll have a super size blog about the previous two games  Up by this evening.   

Right now Hunter and I are heading out to the last Rockies home game. It’s starting to hit me.

                                                         Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG