August 2008

It’s all about right now, show me Rockies




Well that sucks. I went up to the cabin this weekend to do some maintenance.

When I left out Saturday morning the Rockies were up one game on the Padres.

 I didn’t have access to any of the scores so I was out of the loop for a day and a half.

Humming 8-31-08.JPG

 I felt good though, because the Padres(53-83) are trailing  the Rockies(64-74) and I didn’t figure it would be an issue winning this set or even getting a sweep.

On the drive back home today I turned on the radio and caught the game three in the bottom of the ninth, tied.

Thumbnail image for Woodpecker 8-31-08.JPG 



Not only did we lose this one, I found out we lost the night before too..HUH ? 


 <—–Woodpecker pecking.   Squirrel 8-31-08.JPG




 No way, not to the Padres, not now. Remember the wins in SF?

I  must admit, after hearing that news I  went a little squirrely.

View of Eldora.JPG

 Shot of Eldora Ski Resort

The place is no Keystone or Vail, but it’s close to Denver.

It has a little something for everyone, and it’s  more reasonably priced than the big resorts.

Ever paid for a family of four to snowboard? If you have you feel me. 


                                                    A view of Nederland Colorado

  Nederland 8-31-08.JPG



Population 1500??


 8236 ft

Proof that hippies and yuppies can live in harmony.  Elway Beggin.JPG


C’mon Rockies.

24 games left in the Rockies regular season.

15 home games.

9 away games.

If you look in Elway’s left eye you can see a glimmer of hope.





Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Sweep.jpg


We need sweeps in the series against the Dodgers and the two series against the D-Backs.


  Me 8-31-08.JPG





 If you think about it, everything is about right now. Crap.JPG


<—Actual animal feces.(deer I think).

 None of the stupid crap that happened earlier this season matters now.

Not the injuries, not the missed opportunities, not the road losses. 

Winning is the only priority that matters from this moment forward.



I need to see the Rockies out there taking every second of these next home games seriously. All of it.

Thumbnail image for smiley-face.jpg


A really good start would be having batting practice tomorrow.dont_give_up.jpg



I need to see a team focused on one mission . Winning this Division and not EVER looking like a PUNK again in the World Series.

Please don’t mistake my excitement for anger, as baseball is my release.

I figure if I don’t give up, the Rockies shouldn’t either.

Every single game matters from here on. Every game of the Rockies, every one of the Dodgers, every one of the D-Backs.

 In the evenings now, I constantly have up and I’m checking scores.

 I really believe the Rockies are still in this (I’ve seen stranger things happen, we all have).

smoke rings.jpg

<—(Not me or my pot).

Count on me blowing smoke in your face until I know it’s an impossibility for the Rockies to continue.

 Lets see how much smoke is left after this homestretch with SF and Houston..  

See you at the game tomorrow.

Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG   

Omar’s a star cause he hit it so far



 Omar Quintanilla, your a Rock Star. I expected him to hit the game winning home run tonight about as much as I expected Ubaldo to knock one into the Pavilion.

Heres a quote from Clint Hurdle:

“It’s so appropriate, for him to come in and barrel that thing like he did and pick everybody else up makes you feel good and gives you a sense of value being on the team.”

Isn’t it cool how baseball can take you from almost bored out of your gourd, to up and out of your seat, screaming and yelling,   jumping up and down. Whether it’s a bad call or a game winning home run. Gotta love it.

Hats off to you Omar. Helluva shot and perfect timing brotha. You sir, make me a believer.

Us 8-24-08.JPG


Hunter is missing from this picture because he was the one taking it.

We were first and only in line and it stayed that way for a while.

We had a backpack full of baseballs to get signed. At this point were hoping there would be a batting practice.

Hunter ball 1 8-24-08.JPG

 Perfect day for snagging. The only thing was we only had a half hour before we had to get in line for player autographs.

Hunter got his first ball tossed to him by a player we couldn’t recognize.

We took off to get in line and split up into teams.

Hunter and I, and Krista and Mylee.

Manny signing for Hunter 8-24-08.JPG



Hunter and I got in line for Manny Corpas. He even asked me if I wanted it signed in pen or sharpie.

Thanks Manny ! Jorge De La Rosa 8-24-08.JPG


  Krista and Mylee wound up in Jorge De La Rosa’s line. They said he was quiet but nice.

When they finished with Jorge they headed over and got in Aaron Cooks line.

Hunters second ball 8-24-08.JPG Hunter and I headed back to the Pavilion and he took off to his “special snagging spot” as he calls it over in the far corner against the railing in center field.

Moments later he came running up to me all excited with this ball. It has the word fastball written on it. A Reds player had tossed it to him. 

That was his first ball with writing like that. My Charity Ball.JPG

I was having my usual luck until finally one was hit my way. At first it looked like I didn’t even have to move. Then at the last second I saw I was situated too far up the stairs and I ran down about eight feet and was right on the money.

I had my arm in the air, and felt the ball land perfectly in my glove.

 Then my glove got smacked from behind and the ball flew into the first row. See, that’s my luck.

But wait… a few of the guys around me were discussing how all of this went down (you know, smack talk), I said “I caught it and it got knocked out of my glove”. I heard a guy say “was it you that caught it?” and I said back to him “well it bounced out of my glove” he looked up, saw it was me and threw it up to me.

Dave.JPGThat guy was Dave, seen here in the picture with the green Rockies Jersey on.(thanks Dan for solving the mystery).

 Thank you Dave for doing that. Normally I wouldn’t accept charity, but straight up it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a ball and I was glad to have it.

If you notice in the picture above the ball I’m holding has a “C” on it. baseballs with writing 8-24-08.JPG





Heres a shot of the ball Hunter got and my Charity ball. Pigeons 8-24.JPG




 Sometimes you just have to stop and check out the pigeons.

This picture was for Mylee. Mylee CC 8-24-08.JPG




We got through the gate with our Rock Pile tickets, but as you can see we didn’t sit there.

We we fortunate to be able to get seats along the first base line about halfway between first base and the right field wall. Hunter CC 8-24.JPG





Great snagging spot,  but we came up empty gloved. Happy Birthday Dude 8-24-08.JPG




This guy’s shirt said it was his birthday.

So whoever you are dude,



Coors Field was filled with characters today. I figure this guy is probably college buddies with Birthday boy.

After the game these guys are gonna have a few too many and probably hit up a strip club.

Look out Lodo! Thumbnail image for The Dragon Slayer.JPG






Remember the Dragonslayer?

He was in town to collect his  overdue ring.






                  Ok, here go the pictures, on the Mound today was Ubaldo Jimenez Ubaldo 8-24-08.jpg                                                  Posednik and Stewart Posednik and Stewart 8-24.JPG

                                                          Tulowitzki at bat                                             Tulo at Bat 8-24-08.JPG

                                             Posednik takes a swing Posednik taking a swing 8-24-08.JPG                                     Some touchy feely going on here? Touch feely 8-24-08.JPG

Our haul 8-24-08.JPG  The staff  handed out Rockies waterbottles at the Rockpile gate.

Here is what we managed to leave with today.

 Four water bottles, two Manny Corpas autographs, two Jorge De La Rosa autographs and two Aaron Cook autographs.

Not too shabby.

Rockies were trailing most of the game, but Holliday managed to score on an error in the ninth to send the game into extra innings.

Then unexpectedly in the bottom of the twelth inning, Omar Quintanilla, who before walking up to the plate was 0-16 and had only one MLB career home run ever, won the game with a serious home run blast.  When he crossed home plate all the Rockies came out of the dugout and mobbed him. Nobody was more surprised than Omar.

 Here’s what Omar had to say about it all:

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, there’s nothing else that can beat that.”

Well said and well deserved Omar. Good things happen to good people.

 Rockies beat the Reds 4-3 and win their third straight series. Now they head off for a six game road trip that starts in San Francisco and ends in Houston. Rockies are still eight games behind the D-Backs. 

Tired pug.jpg

Today was a very long day. Who knew a guy could get so tired on his day off.

Next home game is Sept 1st, Memorial Day against the SF Giants.

Go Rockies…D

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Holliday makes the Reds pay on Saturday


Barmes 8-23.JPG

Wow, all kinds of crazy stuff happened during game two vs the Reds

Did you see Barmes catch?

 He catches it, takes like three steps with it in his glove, slams into the wall, flips into the crowd then loses the ball.

The referee says it’s not an out..HUH?

 He clearly had posession.

Ref who need lasic.JPG



                          Beware of this Referee——->

Then the other referee with the call at third. Clearly safe and he calls an out. Sometimes I wonder if these Refs work p/t for the NBA????

I can recommend a good Lasic surgeon.

Torealba hit 8-23.JPGFirst pitch of the game Torealba gets hit with the ball and seriously gets his bells rung .                     Toreala 8-23-1.JPG

ToddH Bobblehead day 8-23.JPG




We showed up an hour early to get in line for batting practice. We knew it would be crazy because today was Todd Helton Bobblehead day.


Crowd to the right 8-23.JPG


There was a decent size crowd at BP.  I was busy doing what I usually do  lately which is trying to snag baseballs with a glove in one hand and a camera in my other.

 I’m starting to think I shouldn’t try to take pictures during batting practice.

First off, it throws off my timing and I need all the help I can get. Crowd left of me 8-23.JPG



Secondly, I could possibly break my camera during a ball chase.

Lastly, the pictures I take while I’m trying to snag look like crap and are all blurry. 

Too much adreneline running through me.




Hunters first 8-23.JPG Hunter was on his game and managed to snag two. He would have gottten a third ball tossed to him by Ubaldo Jimenez, but Hunter broke one of the golden rule of snagging.  Hunters two 8-23.JPG



Ubaldo 8-23.JPG


 He let Ubaldo see that he already had a ball and Ubaldo tossed it to another kid..

Lesson learned !

Ubaldo had tossed Hunter a ball the day before so all was good.

Willy T 8-23.JPG


 We didn’t try for autographs today because the line around the Rockies dugout and along first base was huge.

 So Hunter and I got some lunch and I took lots of pictures.Willy Stretch 8-23.JPG Hawpe and Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe 8-23.JPG Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe signing 8-23.JPG Dinger 8-23.JPG                 Question..Is Dinger male or female?..Serious, I don’t know. 

The Rockies had a special promotion today, If you were male and wore a skirt , you got to walk on Coors Field. Unfortunatly I forgot to get mine out of the cleaners. Maybe next time.Skirts 8-23.JPG                                                    Garrett Atkins Garrett Atkins 8-23-1.JPG                                                    Cook and Stewart Cook and Stewart 8-23.JPG                                      A couple of Cookie on the mound Cook 8-23.JPG   Cookie cool pic 8-23.JPG                                                 Stewart taking a swing

Stewart at Bat 8-23.JPGMatt Holliday essentially won the game with a double that missed being a grand slam by a few feet. He drove in three runs with that timely hit.

Willy Taveras, who was on first base when Holliday came up to bat, crossed home plate about a half a second behind Barmes who was on second. Willy seriously can run fast. He leads all of baseball in stolen bases…Nice job  Willy T. Holliday 8-23.JPG Rock Pile 8-23.JPG




Rockies win this game 7-6 over the Reds and tie up this set. Game three is tomorrow and the wife and kids will all be with me.  

We’ll be enjoying the lovely Rock Pile seating tomorrow.


Water Fountain 8-23.JPG



 Rockies need to keep their flow going. Hunter Posing 8-23.JPG






 Wonder who the four Rockies players signing autographs  tomorrow?

Will there be a batting practice?

Will the Rockies win this set and continue to move forward? Me 8-23.JPG




Stop by here tomorrow and I’ll let you know all about it.

Thank you all for your support. Your kind words are my motivation….D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies bow their heads to the Reds


First in line today, second through the gate. We hauled butt to make it to the Pavilion first and right as we entered I was immediately chasing a ball hit to the section next to the one I was standing in.

gazelle leaping.jpgYou should have seen me, I leaped across the tops of probably ten bleachers like a gazelle, hopped over a stairway railing, ran over four more bleacher tops then jumped over the last one.

 I reached down to snag it and got beat by a larger man who had walked down  five measly stairs to to out snag me. 

Large eating a donut.jpgSoon as he got that ball he looked up an me and told me I should have been quicker.

Thank god I opted for those anger management classes.

So instead of making him the exact weight of a baseball heavier, I looked him back and said ” I should have brought some food, then I could have distracted you”

He didn’t like that too much. Probably about as much as I enjoyed his comment. It aint always pretty at BP here folks.

I did have one more opportunity to snag a ball, but it went a little farther than I anticipated and tipped off of my glove on a rebound off of the bleachers. Totally my bad on that one.

Hunter and Mylee snaggin 8-22.JPG

 I looked over and saw Hunter and Mylee giving it their best.

 Hunter was doing a little better than me (as usual). 

Hunter Gets Four 8-22-08.JPG



He managed to snag four today. Mylee and I had to bow to his greatness.

We figured since it was a small crowd today we would head over to the Rockies dugout and try to get an autograph.

Fuentes Signing 8-22-08.JPG 

As soon as we got there Brian Fuentes was signing.  

I always kind of bust on him because he has that glaring stare that can mess you up.

But as he was standing in front of me signing our stuff, he seemed friendly and really cool. He was talking to the fans, making jokes. He was totally relaxed, and he should be.

He’s the “Super Southpaw” 

Chris Iannetta 8-22-08.JPG



We were lucky enough to get Chris Iannetta to sign for us too.

 He worked his way through the crowd, head down and didn’t say much. No worries.

Thanks for the autographs Chris !

Hurdle and Apodaca 8-22-08.JPG







A few minutes later we saw Clint Hurdle and Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca out signing.

Maybe Bob should go one size bigger on those pants.

G Atkins 8-22-08.JPG





Next up, Garrett Atkins.

Alana 8-22-08.JPG




 A nice shot Alana, my favorite FSN employee.

This Blog entry will be continued and finished in the Morning..Some serious pictures to come..

G’night all..D




Ok, I had a great sleep. Got all my stuff ready for the game today (Sunday) and here we go with the rest of this entry.

It’s time for a picture show.

Mylees autographs 8-22-08.JPG

 Here were our rewards Hunters Autographs 8-22-08.JPG 








My Autographs 8-22-08.JPGWe used the four balls that Hunter snagged at BP for the autographs and Mylee and I used our ticket stubs.

We each got an autograph from Brian Fuentes and Chris Iannetta. Not to shabby eh!


Thumbnail image for Dragon Slayer.JPG



The dragon slayer Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affeldt were presented with their overdue 2007 National League Richampionship rings during a ceremony before the game.





                                                       Here is Barmes 

Barmes 8-22.JPG

                  Next up Chris Iannetta and Ian Stewart signing autographs Iannetta and Stewart 8-22.JPG                                Ian Stewart stretchng before the game Stewart Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                  Tulo and Stewart 
Thumbnail image for Tulo and Stewart 8-22.JPG
                                                      Playing Catch                               Playing catch 8-22.JPG                                       One shot of the Reds having fun Shot of the Reds.JPG                                                 Garrett Atkins stretching Atkins Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                Willy Taveras telling a Story Willie telling a story 8-22.JPG

RPR 8-22.JPG


 I didn’t get to stay for the whole game because I had a softball commitment. My team is called “The Greatest Softball Team in the History of Mankind” and we suck.

We got killed by like ten runs but I really like playing with this group of people I work with.

We have a good time.


Rockies lost this game 8-5. Hernandez straight  up admitted he pitched like crap. I’m for giving a guy a few chances but it’s time for Livian to step up or keep stepping.

Heading out the door in a couple hours. Lets see how the day unfolds.

B, Hunter and I will be at the game today..Cookie is on the mound so I think we’ll be ok.

Go Rockies..D

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Tonight we’ll forget but we still get the set


Despite taking the first two games of this set vs the Dodgers, the Rockies came up short today in LA. Joe Torre’s team of Hall of Famers spoil the sweep and take the Rockies 3-1 ending a five game winning streak.

Rockies took the lead early in the first with Matt Holliday scoring Barmes on a sacrifice fly. I kept hoping for more, but not today.

Thumbnail image for IanSt.jpg


 I kept waiting for Ian Stewart to do something outrageous as of late.

But not today.

The Rockies dugout was pretty much silenced.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg

Jorge De La Rosa now 6-7,  had three strikeouts, two walks and allowed two runs (one earned), on six hits.

 In the end a loss is a loss, but I’ll give Jorge some props, he held it together and got out of LA without too bad of a beating.Yorvit.jpg



 Remember Yorvit earlier this year–> 


three by five.jpgA while back I mailed some 3×5 cards to Coors Field in hopes of getting a few Rockies autographs.


I chose six Rockies players and sent them letters with the cards and a return envelope with postage.

The six I chose were:

Brad Hawpe, Willy Taveras, Omar Quintanilla, Jeff Bakery, Matt Herges and Manny Corpas.

Thumbnail image for Omar Autograph.jpg


I mailed all the letters on June 28, 2008 and on July 2, 2008,  less than a week after I  mailed them, Omar Quintanilla returned my letter and had autographed my card as you see here on the right. 

SAD.jpgSad part of this story is Omar’s is the only card I have received back.

Wait, I haven’t checked the mail today??  Maybe just maybe…nope not today. Glad I didn’t mail a World Series jersey !


For the record , that was not an official Rant. Just a disappointing observation.

Coors up HIgh.jpg


 Next up, a three game homestand against the Reds.

 Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affeldt will finally be presented with their 2007 National League Championship rings during some sort of home plate ceremony. 

 The kids and I will be at all three games.

Rockies are 59-70 for the season. D-Backs are 65-60. There are 33 regular season games left. 

 Six of those games are against Arizona. The first three are at Coors, and the last three in Arizona to end the Rockies regular season…Take a second and ponder it all. 

You have the numbers, now do the math and you can see that things could really get interesting. As it stands, the Rockies are by no means out of this race. Unfortunately, the D-Backs hold all the cards right now. Don’t count out the Dodgers either.



 Usually I’m a glass is half empty type of guy, but today was a scorcher and I’m just glad I’ve got something to drink. 

It’s time for some ninth inning, two out magic..I know you feel me.

Hawpe, Stewart, Tulo, Holliday, Taveras, Atkins, it’s time fellas to step it up a notch.

Do it now, or the season fades into oblivion much like my hairline. 

Look Out.JPG

We could have stayed until the end of the game.

But not today.

I was sunburnt and my butt was tired.

 No special snaggin seats tomorrow.  

 Look out though, were ready..

Just hope the Rockies are too..D

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Tell me, who is this season for?




Todd Helton 1st Baseman

 My favorite Rockies player.

Placed on the DL July 4, 2008. Recently placed on the 60 day DL and had all of his back/injury information and MRI results sent to Dr. Robert Watkins, a spine Surgeon from the Republic of California.

                              think positive.jpgTHINK POSITIVE





 I don’t want this to be the end of the season or  career for Todd.

I’m just not ready for that, nor is he, or Rockies fans for that matter.

He deserves the chance next season  to prove himself again.






Todd first base.jpg




Something just seems right when Helton is guarding first base.

Maybe it’s familiarity.





Hurdle 13.jpg


We have all watched Hurdle shuffle players into different positions all season long. When Todd was on first base..HE was on first.

Hurdle wouldn’t think of moving him. He would replace him..but not move him…Respect.

I went to a lot of home games last year and his presence is missing from this team this season.

Especially right now as were making the final push to the end.. 

At this point, the Rockies need to do a whole lot a winning or I know two other teams that need to do a whole lot of losing. Anything is still possible we know that.

Todd Arms up.jpg


I always sensed that last years amazing run was all for Todd Helton. This team wanted to impress him. To gain his respect.

 To win it for him. 

He is a quiet type of leader. However, don’t mistake his silence for lack of passion.

His silence is his passion.

Think about it.

So I guess my question is.

Who is this season for??

Good Luck #17, I hope your back lets you come back..


 Rockies take on the Dodgers in LA for a three game set. Rockies are currently on a three game winning streak coming off of a sweep of the Nationals in Washington. The D-Backs and Dodgers are tied for first in our division and the Rockies are seven games back.

Thumbnail image for UbaldoJ.jpg






Ubaldo Jimenez is on the mound tonight for the Rockies and Kuroda for the Dodgers.

Game starts at 8:10 MST.


Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Rockies get hosed by the Big Unit

Hunter and Alice.JPG




First in line today.



We hung out with Rockies longtime season ticket holder Alice.

Hunters first ball 8-12.JPG

 Hunter and I made it to the Pavilion first. Hunter ran straight down to the field.

He asked Aaron Cook for a ball that was up against the fence.

Cookie tossed it to him without hesitation.

Thank you Aaron! Hunter snagging -12.JPG


 Hunter has been out snagging me the last couple of games(ok all year).

He and I were in different parts of the Pavilion for most of BP.

I snapped this picture of him doing his thing.

He is all business.  BP left of me 8-12.JPG





Clowns to the left of me BP right of me 8-12.JPG.





Jokers to the right. RPR Shutout 8-12.JPG




Here I am stuck in the middle again.



I had a chance to snag two baseballs today and misjudged them both.

Hunters three 8-12.JPG Hunter met up with me after BP and he had snagged a total of three balls…Impressive.

While I was taking this picture, a boy about Hunters age came up and asked if Hunter had gotten all those balls at BP today.

Hunter said “Yep”. The boy said that he hadn’t been able to get one. Hunter said ” sometimes it’s like that”.

I had to bit my lip because that came across kind of mean.

The little boy turned around and walked back to his mom. I looked at my boy and he knew what he needed to do. I didn’t have to say a word. Hunter ran over and gave that boy one of the balls he had snagged today. The little boy was elated and Hunter had that big old grin he gets when he knows he’s done something cool.

He’s getting it…my boy is getting it….Proud dad moment

Thumbnail image for Dan and Daughter.JPG



Got to give some props tonight to my friend Dan. I straight up saw him catch Chris Iannetta’s home run hit in the second…

GREAT catch Dan..How many home runs balls is that for you like 40?

Dan and his daughter Emily earlier this——-> season.

I’m sitting close to where Dan caught that ball today at this Thursdays game with Berned..Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch my first live home run ball..

Then again, probably not if im sitting near Dan.



 Below is a shot of Ryan Spilborghs dad during BP standing beside Robert. You think he bought that jersey??  

Spillys Dad and Robert.JPG

Atkins and Tulo.JPG

<—Hawpe and Tulo

I took over two hundred  pictures today.

Way too many to upload on here, but I will share the good ones (or at least the ones I like), with you.




                                                  Tulowitzki stretchingTulo Stretching.JPG

                                       Clint Hurdle giving the peace sign.

Hurdle peace sign.JPG Hawpe.JPG Stewart and Tulo 8-12.JPG                  Jeff Francis with the girl who threw the first pitch…Think he’ll sign it?? Jeff with girl who threw the first pitch.JPG

                                                       The Brat Pack Group pic.JPG Killin Time.JPG  The Big Unit picks up career win number 294 tonight. I hate losing to the D-Backs, but seeing Veteran Randy Johnson pitch was cool. He managed to keep the Rockies guessing this evening. The Big Unit 8-12.JPG   What’s been up with Ubaldo his last couple of games? Has he gone back to his old ways? I’m seeing a pattern and its not pretty colors.  Our pitching has to drastically improve soon. I like Ubaldo.I wonder what shook him. Was it Randy Johnson? Guess I can’t blame him. Ubaldo 8-12.JPGRockies lose to the D-backs 4-2. We had chances in the fifth and seventh inning but couldn’t make anything of it. Such has been this season.

 I’m still with you Rockies but losing at home sucks.

Nine games back with forty one games left.’s still possible, but we are 1-9 against the D-Backs this year. 

That near collision with Barmes and Hawpe was seriously close. Glad they both are ok.

Thumbnail image for me and Berned.JPG





Next game for me is Thursday with B.






 Maybe Gold Bond Medicated Powder should sponsor the MLB, some serious scratching going on this evening…Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DSCN0440.JPGWilly T.JPGThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG    

It never rains for long in Colorado…Does it?

Gates Sprinklin.JPG8/6/08


I made it to the Rock Pile gates at  4:15 today and this is what I saw.


I was seventh in line and it was starting to sprinkle.

No worries,  it never rains for very long in Colorado. sky 8-6.JPG





The sky was ugly but as I said, it never really rains for too long in Colorado. Wind 8-6.JPG  

While I was waiting for my buddy Jack from Summit County to show up, a sixty mile an hour wind came out of nowhere and was blowing stuff everywhere 

At this point our hopes of there being a batting practice were shot.   Pavilon 8-6.JPG




When Jack and I finally got inside this is what we saw.

An empty wet Pavilion.

and….. Field 8-6.JPG



A big old tarp covering the infield.

Oh well no BP. At least we have great home runs seats for the game. Section 155 Row 2.

And besides….It never rains for very long in Colorado? National Players 8-6.JPG



The rain let up just a bit and a few National Players ventured out onto the field and started some stretching and tossing the ball.

Then it started pouring again.

. Hummer 1.JPG




We got bored and I took some pictures of the players cars while we were waiting for rain to stop falling.

Our guess was that this Hummer is Tulo’s. Ferrari.JPG






I had no idea who drives the Ferrari. My guess…

Brian Fuentes or  Matt Holliday??



Hummer 2.JPG


 Hummer number two. My guess..

Chris Iannetta?

A weird thing happened when we left the Stadium to go get some food.

 As we finished and left the restaurant.(Jack, thanks for the B-Day cheesesteak and beers) We went back to my car to listen to the radio for the status on the rain delay and they reported that funnel clouds were spotted in our area.

We thought that was odd and as we headed back to Coors Field we heard the Tornado sirens go off. I have never heard these live before. Let me tell you it was it was a little spooky. But as always we made light of the situation.

We hung around, had a few beers and decided around 8:30 that the clouds and rain were permanant and the game most likely would be cancelled. Plus Jack had to work tomorrow and he lives in Frisco up in Summit County.

As I was driving home they finally called the game at 9pm. It’s still raining as I’m writing this blog.

Guess we do get some serious rain in Colorado every now and then…go figure ! 

The game vs the Nationals is rescheduled for tomorrow evening which makes for a double header. Game one vs the Padres and when that one is finished..the make up game for today…

Here’s a moble blog update…Look what we picked up. My wife and I have wanted one of these since the day we met..

Kevin and Angela.JPG




Angela and Kevin.


Thank you for the Camper bus and good luck in Telluride.

They are just Good  People Bus 8-5.JPGOur new bus.  I’ll be at the game tomorrow with Berned celebrating my B-Day….Peace…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

When Cookie crumbles the Rockies bumble


Gate -4.JPG




This will be mostly a photo blog today.

The kids and I were first in line today for batting practice. Rock Pile Tickets.JPG


These were our tickets. Rock PIle 


 That is until Alice,our season ticket holder friend showed up and gave us three coupons for free tickets. This is the second time she has done this for us.

Thank you Alice!  tickets from alice.JPG  


Sweet, we upgraded to Pavilion tickets. My favorite place to sit.

Soon as we got inside for batting practice, Hunter went after a ball that an Usher had tossed into the bleachers.

He got it. Then he got tossed another ball from Ubaldo Jimenez.

  Hunter waiting 8-4.JPG

 Hunter was really patient and It paid off. 

He was able to get ball number three tossed to him by a player and he snagged his fourth ball off of of a bleacher bounce and beat the crowd to it.  

  Thumbnail image for Hunters 4 8-4.JPG






Grand total of four for balls today for Hunter.

Pound for pound Hunter is Coors Field’s best boy snagger.

Pound for pound Dan’s daughter Emily would have to be Coors Field’s best girl snagger.RPR 8-4.JPG



Me…I chased a couple balls. When I was taking pictures I happened to look up and saw a ball coming right for me. I raised my arm just in time to have it hit my glove and bounce up to a kid two rows behind me.


Thumbnail image for Mylee filming 8-4.JPG

 Mylee was with us today and she was shooting some video. Most of it was really bouncy. She said the video camera was too heavy.

You know, there is a reason the Nationals kind of suck and it was obvious during batting practice. Other than the balls the players tossed to the crowd. I don’t think the Nationals hit more than a couple HR balls the whole hour or so they were practicing.

 So I decided to snap some pictures. That is after all what a Phoblographer does.

                                    Bear with me this will be long..but cool

BP Left 8-4.JPG


<—————-BP crowd to the left of me.

BP right 8-4.JPG  


BP Crowd to the Right of me————————->


Below is Jeff Francis with the backhand toss Francis tossing ball 8-4.JPG                                   A few of the Nationals players warming up   Nationals Practicing 8-4-2.JPG                                        Chris Iannetta Signing autographs Iannetta Signing Autographs 8-4.JPG                                           Next up is Tulo and The Boys                   Tulo and The boys.JPG

                                                       A few more Tulo and Atkins 8-4-1.JPG                                             Tulo, Atkins and Stewart Tulo Atkins Stewart 8-4.JPG                 (Super Southpaw)  The Fuentes Stare..Spooky The Fuentes Stare 8-4.JPG                                       Taylor and Brian Chillin Taylor and Brian Chillin 8-4.JPG                                     Vizcaino doing the same with Corpas Corpas and Vizcaino.JPG                                          The first pitch of the game                  first pitch 8-4.JPG                             Beginning of the game running onto the field Running onto the field 8-4.JPG                                          Tulowitzki’s first at bat

Tulo At Bat.JPG

The Nationals Pitchers. Look closely at the backpack under their bench..It’s a Hello Kitty backpack…Ha Ha Nationals PItchers.JPG

            A really nice Usher who gave the kids each a baseball card. Thank you !! Usher who gave the kids a baseball card.JPG                                     My dream job. This guy has it made I want this job.JPG                                           Clint Hurdle getting ready Relaxing 8-4.JPG                                    A couple shots of the National Anthem NA 8-4.JPG National Anthem 8-4.JPG NA 8-4-1.JPGI have a bunch more pictures but it’s late and I have to get up early. The Rockies lost this evening 9-4. We were up on them and I was sure were had this one, but it slipped away.

 Aaron Cook gave up seven runs on eleven hits and Hurdle yanked him after 5 2/3rds innings. That doesn’t happen too often to Cookie. He is now 14-7

Brad Hawpe hit a single and scored two runs and Holliday hit a double to score a run.

This can’t happen at home.

My next game is Wednesday in what better be a tiebreaker with the Nationals. I’ll be there with my buddy Jack from Summit County.

                                                         Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Holliday has a Helladay, but it isn’t enough


Right now the Rockies are 5-4 on this road trip and 11-5 since the All Star break.

Six and four would be much better. Game four is in  Florida and the Rockies need this win to break even in this set with the Marlins. Besides, I hate losing to the Marlins.

Valerio De Los Santos, I like this guy and wanted to see him succeed, but in the end he didn’t bring it when he needed to. In Saturdays game   Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for JeffFrancis_2007_008.jpgDe Los Santos allowed three runs, walked five and gave up four hits in only four-innings. Clint Hurdle let him go after the game. Good Luck Valerio!

Welcome back Jeff Francis. Jeff has been on the DL for a while now with a shoulder injury.

Before Jeff was injured he was  3-7 with a 5.67 ERA in seventeen starts.

Jeff fits in nicely with the Rockies.

 I hope his shoulder holds up and he can get back to last seasons level of performance.

 Good Luck starting on Wednesday. Show’em what Canada is all aboot…eh!

Thumbnail image for Matt H.jpg   

 Matt Holliday is flippin amazing. I can’t remember the last game in which he didn’t hit a homer. This is the second game against the Marlins this year that Matt has had hit two homers.  Even with his valient effort last night, the Rockies couldn’t get the win over the Marlins. 

They lost it 5-3. 

The Rockies return home to Coors Field on Monday and begin the start of a ten game home stretch against the Nationals, Padres and D-Backs.

Right now the Rockies are twelve games back from .500 and this next home stretch could possibly, maybe slightly, without a doubt, take it to the bank, you bet your bippie, if all goes well, so they tell me, wheres the beef, straight up, ultimately make or break the Rockies.


  Aaron Cook is the starting pitcher on Monday and that makes me feel good. He’s solid and hard to shake. Plus he has a cool nickname…Cookie

This year while pitching at Coors Field, Cook is  6-3 with a 3.43 ERA.

I’ll be at the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (my birthday) games..See you there.

                               Go Rockies…D
Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG