July 2008

There is no denying Brian



Brian Fuentes (Super Southpaw), congratulations on becoming the Rockies All Time Save Leader with 103. The previous holder of that record was Jose Jimenez in 2000-01.

Brian has been on fire and has eighteen saves this year. Too bad the Rockies will probably trade him.

 KEEP HIM, at least this season. He’s winning and if he keeps winning it’s not like he’ll be worth any less next season..Right?



Iannetta card.jpg





 Chris Iannetta was amazing tonight and helped the Rockies avoid a sweep in their 7-4 win over the Pirates.

Chris hit a two out three run humer in the fifth.

You could say that was the game winning hit. That gives him twelve home runs for the season.



Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Aaron Cook1.jpgAaron Cook looked great but struggled in the fifth inning allowing four runs. He pitched seven innings tonight.







Troy Tulowitzki continues to improve. Tulo had three hits tonight and his fielding was great as usual.. 


So far on this ten game road trip the Rockies are 4-2. We need to win these next three games. 





  FloridaMap.jpgNext on the list…The Marlins from the state that looks like a dangling participle

                               Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies lose the streak but keep their groove


Game 1: Rockies vs Pirates.

Well if you were hoping for another twenty game win streak, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Pittsburgh ensured that wouldn’t happen.

The Pirates broke the Rockies five game winning streak by defeating them 8-4. Rockies took the lead early in the first with a home run from Matt Holliday scoring Willy Taveras. That was Matts 18th homer this year.

De Los Santos.jpgThe Rockies bought a new pitcher today. His name is Valerio De Los Santos. He was purchased from Rockies AAA team the Sky Sox. Ryan Speier was optioned to the Skysox in this deal. 

Welcome Valerio. Good job tonight on your first start since 2000. De Los Santos didn’t allow any runs tonight.  Manager Clint Hurdle pulled him in the 5th with no outs and two men on base.


grilli.jpgJason Grilli took over and allowed four runs before he could close from the fifth inning. Grilli took the loss today.

I’m not worried. This guy is a star and is still having a good season.




Tulowitzki throwing.jpg

Now, the guy I was worried about was Tulowitzki. He had a slow start this year. Then the his first injury. It was obvious that after he came back off of the DL he just wasn’t there mentally.

 Then after the second injury everyone was wondering what was up with the “Golden Boy”.

 But since his return Tulo has really stepped up and is playing great. Keep it up and stay heallthy Tulo. I love hearing the Tulo chant !

Thumbnail image for applecore.jpg

 There is more to Tulowitzki than just his talent. Physically he can be replaced, but his passion and leadership are a huge piece of the diverse core of this Rockies team.

Rockies just didn’t seem to be into this game tonight. Maybe the road trip is starting to catch up with them. Then again, we can’t expect them to win every game, can we? 

Winning five out of the last six games is respectul anywhere. Do you think that Rockies fans hold their team to a higher standard? ….I think so..Maybe we shouldn’t do that quite so much.

The Rockies really havn’t established a long track record of post season success up to this point. I’m not downplaying last seasons accomplishments in the least. But, that was,……….. only one season. One hell of a season.

shirt.jpgI’m a realist. There is not going to be a run like last season??

Please, lets play this one game at a time. Pray for the D-Backs have a fast steady decline. 

Right now the Rockies have the highest win percentage in all of baseball, ……and have since the All Star Break. 

At the beginning of this season I made no predictions as to the outcome of the regular season or possible post season. I’m cool with any and every kind of win, and I’ll deal with the losses. 


morepalmsblowing.jpgIf by some great force of nature we make all the way again, …that would be GREAT. But let me tell you strait up,….I don’t automatically expect it…



We need to build some history first.. 






So don’t sweat it. The Rockies are just starting to get their groove on…

Forget about today…Go Rockies…D

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Rockies blow the sweep we get none to keep

7/27/08 9:30 AM, three cups of coffee.

Humm 7-27-08.jpg<—–Humming bird snatching a drink in mid air.

You wouldn’t believe the amazing view I have as I’m sitting here working on my blog. 

I’m  on top of a mountain overlooking Nederland. Colorado.

 I’m secretely borrowing some free wireless internet so I can take care of some business and post this blog entry.

   chipmunk 7-26.jpg

 I’ve got a fold up carry chair, my computer in my lap, the sky is a clear jet blue and the wind is blowing tiny little ripples across the water.

 There is a chipmunk on top of a log about five feet away and a hawk big enough to carry away one of my pugs is flying overhead checking out the scene.


Here’s what we did this weekend while the Rockies were out of town. 


Lake view Best.JPG

  We (me, Berned, Hunter and Mylee) spent all day yesterday fishing at at Rainbow lake.

We didn’t catch a single fish except for  Berned who managed to snag a Rainbow trout.

Hunter Fishing.JPG





 Got up early again this morning.

   Still no luck.




Berned Mylee fishing.JPG


 Berned and Mylee fishing—————->


I would have taken a picture of Berned’s rainbow trout, but it was tiny and I didn’t want to embarrass him.





Me and Hunter 7-26.JPG




No worries, there really is no bad day fishing.

Just nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Mylee fishing 7-26.JPG




It was nice to get away from the heat of the city.

It was around 82 degrees up in the Mountains on Saturday and Sunday.

 Mid 90’s in Denver.




Go Rockies.jpgNow on to some baseball.

Rockies beat the Reds last night 5-1

Rockies have won the last eight of nine since the All Star break.

Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg

 Jorge De La Rosa has managed to save his job with some solid pitching when we need it the most.

 Congrats on your first road win of this season. Good timing.. Jorge is now 5-5.

 Rockies are now only six games behind the D-Backs.

Aaron Cook1.jpg


 Aaron Cook..Congrats on the birth of your son on Thursday.

Ubaldo.jpgToday Ubaldo Jimenez gets to face former Rockie Pitcher Josh Fogg today in Cincinnati.

 Fogg, aka “The Dragon Slayer”, has a chance to put a halt to the Rockies sweep of the Reds.


COOL NOTE: Each Rockies starter in the last two games has had at least one hit.

Rockies have the most runs in the MLB for July so far with 135.

Rockies are tied for third in Home Runs with thirty five, and are tied for first place in stolen bases. Thank you Willy T.

I asked at the beginning of this road trip for the Rockies to bring some wins to back to Coors Field. So far this road trip they haven’t disappointed. Yep, I’m happy right now. 

 Lets see, a sweep today of the Reds then eastward to take care of the Pirates.. Fishing Morning 7-27.JPG 

                                                         Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies are hot and Baker earns a spot


Baker.jpgCongrats to Jeff Baker.

Jeff  has hit .333 this month and has earned himself a permanant spot at second base. Heres a recent quote from Jeff:

 “It’s just fun playing, it’s fun coming in and seeing your name on the lineup and knowing you’re going to go out there and get more (at-bats) to help your team win that day.”

Thumbnail image for clint barmes 1.jpg

 So this opens up the question.

 What to do with Clint Barmes?  Clint has been great this year.


 Hurdle is considering possibly using him in  an outfield position.

Do it Barmes.

Take whatvever job they offer you.

Shoot, tell them you’ll be the flippin batboy as long as you can stay part of this team. A job is a job, catching a ball is catching a ball. At the end of the month the morgage is due brotha..Good Job, you at least deserve a spot in this lineup.



Coors Field was the place today for the Rockies vs Dodgers. This was game three of a split set.

Rockies won today 5-3.

We nailed this series.

 I love beating the Dodgers. Mostly because I hate losing to them. Dam, that sounds like something Yogi would say.



Glendon Rusch gets the win today allowing three runs on seven hits in a respectable five inning outing.



Ian Stewart has continued his hitting streak and now has hits in five games. He went two for three today.



Brian Fuentes now holds the record for consecutive batters retired at twenty three. The old record was held by Tim Harikkala. Congrats Tito..you sneaky southpaw


The Rockies went six and one in this last homestand and are now 6.5 games behind the D-Backs for first in the Divison.

Road trip.jpg




Lets carry this momentum into the upcoming Road Trip.

We still have plenty of time and were gaining ground quick in this Division.

 I’m sure our best baseball is yet to come…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Wells runs dry and the Dodgers let em fly

parking ticket1.jpg


I hate losing. HATE IT. But I really hate losing to the Dodgers. I’m not exactly sure why, but it is what it is.

If it were somehow possible to eliminate the first inning of Dodgers massacre of the Rockies today, we would have won this game.

Following up on the last entry:

 I went to check on my car which I had to abandon parked in LoDo Denver.

The key had broke the day before when we were leaving the Rockies game to go home. The car was fine, but it had a present attached to it.

If your curioius, the fine was $25.00 if I pay it by Aug 10. Calling a Tow Truck 7-21.JPG

I hate fines, I hate wasting money.

The key I had to have made at the dealership cost me over a hundred bucks.

Then after the key was cut, I was told since I didn’t have the original key (which has some special chip), I will have to have the car towed to the Dealer so the key can be programmed to the car.


So in addition to the new key cutting charge, there is a towing charge. Then the charge to mate the key to the car.

cardoorkeys.jpgTotal cost for breaking one key and being stupid enough to buy a POS chevy:

Dealership –    160.00

Towing-          127.00

Parking ticket- 25.00

Grand total:  $312.00

Holy shoe polish man, its just a key..?

I kept my cool about it but the wifey got a lil upset. I guess what set her off was the employee who had misinformed us about the key process in the first place. Also, how smug the employees and the manager were about the whole deal. They were like “thats how it its…..deal with it”.

Well I am…this is how I deal with it..Chevrolet you have been Ranted…You just don’t get it. Your having trouble unloading your cars. So… instead of working on your customer service skills and being respectful of your customers. You take every opportunity to gouge decent people on the nickle and dime crap.

Here’s an idea. If you want to stop pissing people off, how about a mobile unit that can go to the stranded cars and match the key to the car on location. As soon as you mention the word tow truck, people freak a little. We did.  

I am now officially scared to take my car to the dealer. If a key is that much..what will a major repair cost? 

I will never buy another Chevy automobile again. Not because of the key, most other new cars have that same computer chip in the key…but because of thier bad attitudes and the “thats just how it is mentality” I’m done with this topic….

Hunter Pavilion 7-21.JPG




Batting practice was great. Hunter and I each got three balls. I got one that was hit into the bleachers and nobody was there but me. Shortly after that Hunter got Ibaldo Jimenez to toss him a ball.






My first two 7-21.JPG I caught another about five minutes later that hit the bleachers twice and flew over to me and I caught it in the air as it was between two bleachers.

 Then Dan Sauvageau walked up and offered to let Hunter use a first row ticket for the rest of batting practice. He also gave us two Rockies banners one for Hunter and Mylee. That was really cool, thank you Dan.

 So Hunter took off to the front row. In the meantime I caught another ball. It was hit almost directly to me. Krista was right behind me and was trying to get some video.(she missed all my catches..It happens quick) I was standing on the bleachers like I always do and I stepped down two steps, felt a bunch of people crowd me, reached up and snagged it perfect. It helps to be tall.  Dan giving Hunter a ticket.JPG

Still basking in my sweet catch glory Dan yelled over to me “Don, look at Hunter” I looked over and he was playing catch with LA Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park. I couldn’t believe it. I have never seen that before and Hunter had a smile on his face from ear to ear. At first, Hunter couldn’t figure what the Park wanted. Park had tossed Hunter the ball and then gave him a finger motion to throw it back. What Park didn’t realize is that once Hunter has a ball, he doesn’t part with it easy. He really works for those things…

If you don’t believe me, watch this clip of Hunter working it, He is the kid in the purple Rockies shirt and the white hat running at the top of the screen. Hunter Snagging.AVI

Chan_Ho_Park_.jpg    Anyways…the crowd behind Hunter was yelling at him to throw the ball back to Park. Hunter tossed it to Park and Park threw it back to him.. Then he motioned to Hunter to throw it back  again.

Hunter did, and next thing you know they were playing catch. It was incredible. I must say I was seriously jealous of my son.

At the end, Park tossed an extra ball to Hunter to give to a girl who was behind him and then gave him the one they used to play catch with…WOW ! 

What a great memory my kid will always have.


Hunters ball from Park.JPG Thank you Chan Ho Park.

That was the nicest thing I have ever seen a Pro ballplayer do.

The plan was to get some killer video of Hunter and I snagging today. Krista was working the camera and just before I caught my last ball the battery died. So we missed my snag (that was caught about two feet from where Krista was sitting) and Hunters special moment with Chan Ho Park.

RPR 7-21.JPG




  Here is some more video—> RPR and Hunter trying to snag 7-21.AVI

                                               When your stuck in the mix

BP 7-21-1.JPG  

                           You back up for a better view and improved positioning My View 7-21.JPG

This was a hard game for me to watch. I like Kip Wells, but he let it go too far too quick and were statistically out of it from the very start.

Credit where credit is due. The Rockies never gave up and played their collective butts off this game. Only one homer by Matt Holliday..of course..ROCKIES DONT TRADE HIM

Troy Tulowitzki went five for five and looked relaxed and poised. Nice job Tulo.. The Rockies  hitting and pitching is improving every game. The.Rockies need Todd Helton back from the DL and then we need to solidify player positions.

Rockies lost this one to the Dodgers 16-10.

 It seemed out of place and just wrong to lose in Coors field,  but I’m not worried. I think the Rockies may just have something for the Dodgers tomorrow.

                                                           Go Rockies…D Heal up Todd.JPG


Pirates pay on Rockies family picture day

Matt Holliday 7-20 Picday.jpg7/20/08

   <——Matt Holliday before the game today against the Pirates. He was awesome today as usual. Check out the glare on his head.

You can see yourself.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Dead Pirate.jpg


 Rockies robbed  the Pirates today 11-3, nabbing the sweep.



Today we had no idea what we were in for.

As my life has been to date, with the good there has to be some bad, so first let me start off with the good stuff. Thumbnail image for me gate 7-20.JPG





 The kids and I were first to the Rockpile gate.

We knew it was Autograph Sunday, but didn’t know if there would be a batting practice.

 It was hot as hell today reaching the mid 90’s.

Way to hot for a guy who grew  up in Canada.  kids 7-20.JPG






While we were standing around waiting for heatstroke to set in, our friend Alice showed up right on schedule.  Alice 7-20.JPG


 Alice is a nice lady we chat with outside before the games. 

I believe she has been a season ticket holder since 1995.

 We save a spot for her in line every game we attend.

Today she asked if I was a season ticket holder.

 I said “no, I usually buy them at the gate or online”.

She reached into her purse and gave us three coupons redeemable for tickets to a Rockies value game.

Guess what?

There just so happened to be a value game tomorrow night. Free ticket coupons from Alice.JPG

 How cool is that!!

Alice watched the kids real quick as I walked over to the ticket window and exchanged those free coupons for tickets to tomorrows game against the Dodgers.

 Pavilion seats baby. Gotta love random acts of kindness.

Thumbnail image for Free Tickets 7-20.JPG





 That was mighty kind of you Alice, thanks for hooking us up. 

Alice, you are true Rockies fan.  Empty field for BP 7-22.JPG 

 We hurried inside and this is what we were greeted with.

 No batting cages out and an empty field.

Oh well, sometimes it just beez that way. 

A little bummed, we walked over and got in the line to wait to run to get in line again. I swear !In Line for a line 7-22.JPG

 Most autograph Sundays the line gets huge. 

When they drop this yellow chain everyone runs like hell over to the first base side so they can pick which one of the four players lines they want to stand in. 

 I’ve mentioned before about how crazy it can get when they let this yellow chain down.

Today I shot some crappy video of it. But I think you can feel what I’m talking about when you watch these two clips. Today actually was kind of a slow day.

Clip #1 Autograph Day Mad rush 7-20-1.AVI

Clip #2 Autograph Day Mad Rush 7-20-2.AVI

      Below are the pictures of the two players we chose to get autographs from 

They are Ian Stewart and pitcher Juan Morillo. Both players were on time and really nice. The lines were shorter than usual  today thats why we were able to get two players to sign.


  Juan Morillo signing Mylee’s Ball and Ian Stewart signing Hunter’s ball. Thank you !Thumbnail image for Ian Stewart 1 7-20.JPGThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Juan Morillo 7-20-1.JPG





Kids autographs 7-20.JPG


 The kids and I used the batting practice balls that we snagged earlier this  season to get autographed.

Each of us scored two autographs today. My Autographs 7-20.JPG


So that was it for autograph day. We nailed it.

 But wait,  if you look closely in the background of one of the autograph pictures you can see that the field was set up like a camera studio.

Wonder what that is all about? We were about to find out.

It must have been bring your family to work day because the players were out on the field taking pictures with their wives and kids.

I felt privledged to be able to witness this event in person. I love photo journalism and this was such a great opportunity. I just wish I had a better camera.

Any Camera Companies interested in sponsoring the Rockpile Ranter? I’ll make you rich. Just throwing that out there.

            Here we go, check out these pictures … this will be long but worth it.

                                         First we have the Grilli Family

Grilli Fam.jpg                            
Grilli and Son.jpg                                  Next up we have a couple of the Hurdle family
Hurdle Fam 7-20-08-1.jpg

Clint and daughter 7-22-08.jpg                                        Followed by all of the Holliday family

Holiday Family.JPG
Holiday Family 7-20-1.jpg               
         Now we have the Barmes Family, their little guy is cute Barmes Family 7-22.JPG                                    A picture of Barmes and Helton hanging out 
Barmes and Helton-1.jpg
                                 Mark Strittmeyer and family (Timing is everything) 
Mark S and Family.jpg 
Mark S and son.jpg                                           Todd Helton and I’m not sure who 

Helton 12.jpg                                                Matt Herges and his son Herges and son 7-20.jpg                                                Kip Wells and daughter 
Wells 7-22-1.jpg
                                                       Seth Smith
Seth Smith 7-20-1.jpg
Man that was cool. First time I have ever had an opportunity to take special pictures like that.

Ok, now to the game,  

Aaron Cook was a little shakey in the first inning allowing three runs and four hits. Whatever was mentioned to him at the end of the first inning worked because he came out and pitched six more scoreless innings.

Nice job Cookie. He is now 12-6 for the season.

Heres a quote from Cookie “We’re at a position where these next two weeks are going to make or break our season”, that about sums it up don’t you think?

Jeff Baker and Matt Holliday hit back to back homers in the fifth. Ian Stewart (who signed our baseballs today) had a double double and drove in three runs.

Rockies Billboard.JPG



Rockies  have won their last nine out of ten games at Coors Field.

 Congrats Rockies, this was an impressive run of four games at home.

 It will be interesting to see how things keep rolling with the Dodgers tomorrow.

key 7-20.JPG

 Now for the bad like I was telling you.

My key broke off in my trunk and my car is still (as I am writing this blog), parked in lower downtown Denver.

I’m not real cool with that. 

I won’t be able to get a duplicate key made until tomorrow.

towing away.gif

  So my free parking on Sunday wasn’t exactly  free. I have no idea what this is going to cost.

I’ll probably be at the game tomorrow as we have those free tickets from Alice.

Hopefully I can take care of this car situation.

Go Rockies…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies look tight on a perfect night




Poor Pirates

Rockies win game one of a four game set against the Pirates 5-3.


<———Somebodys kid..not mine.


 It’s nice driving away from  Coors Field with a win. We sure needed this one. Ubaldo’s shaky first couple of innings had me nervous, but he settled down and only allowed three runs. Nice job Ubaldo…Keep that flow man..You set the pace.

Congratulations Rockies closer Brian Fuentes on your 100th save with the Rockies.

Chris Iannetta, wow, simply outstanding. I was sitting close to where you hit that homer. Not real close, but it bounced back from a bleacher and I was within ten feet. Had I went for the ball, Robert Harmon would have probably gotten it before me.

Hey, he’s had more practice.

Pavilion Bleachers 7-17.JPG




I was first in the Rock Pile Gate today.

 I entered the Pavilion the same time as a young kid.



CF Sky 7-17.JPG




 The sky was really overcast, but it barely even sprinkled.


It was a perfect day for batting practice. 





Thumbnail image for BP ball -17.JPGI only managed to snag one baseball today.

 It was a sweet hit to center field by Chris Iannetta.  I ran to my right about fifteen feet and caught it on the fly.

I had at least five other opportunities to snag a ball today.today.

The sad part is,  had I been a little more “on it” today, I probably could have snagged most of them.

I was slacking.

 Oh well, I got up at for work at 4 AM this morning and I was a little tired..Yea thats it.  

tight knit group1.jpg

 Seeing the game tonight made me feel like I was finally watching a tight knit group of ballplayers.

Does anyone believe Rockies can make a run for it all again?

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Rockies take note, future golden glove here

7/12/08                                       Happy Birthday Dad !!


      Hunter’s baseball team the Scorpions have officially finished their baseball season. 2008 Scorpions.jpg

Thumbnail image for Hunter pitch 2.JPG


Thank you Coach Eric and Coach Craig. You were great.

Hunter got to pitch in the last game of the year.

 This blog chronicals both of our baseball adventures and it wouldn’t be complete without giving him his props.

Thumbnail image for Hunter Pitch.JPG 

 Couldn’t tell you about the score because as soon as the game was over there was a waterballoon fight and an Ice Cream Party.

He had a smile from ear to ear the entire time he was pitching.

       Hunter BB Pic.jpg 

  He really learned a lot this year. 

You can’t tell but every kid in the game pictures has a B on their hat.

 Hunter wore his Rockies hat.

Go Rockies !…D Thumbnail image for HunterTrophy.jpg

Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies pay today at Shea (warning bad poetry)






It wasn’t our day

at Mighty old Shea.

as we lost this game

one to two.






We had the game in the bag

 and I started to brag

now look what you

made me do.

Thumbnail image for Hillary20urinal.jpg





Aaron Cook

took a second look

as he watched his sweet win

get robbed from the books.






Bucholtz for the season,

is even Steven

but I have still have faith

and  I’m still believin





tb beer.jpgSo I’ll watch

and I’llI cheer

and I’ll have a cold beer

and I’ll try to make sense of it all







 There’s no rhyme or reason

to this strange Rockies season

now get back home

so I can snag me a ball


Can’t wait for the Home Run Derby on Monday, July 14th at 8pm.

Wish I was there…

Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG






With Cook on the mound, justice is found

me 7-1-08.jpg7/1/08





I was prepared today.

 First in line, first through the gates, first into the Pavilion.

Thumbnail image for Pavilion Bleachers 7-1.JPG



Right after I snapped this picture a ball was hit to the next section over and I casually walked over and picked up ball number one for the day. Ball 1 7-1.JPG





 That is why it pays to show up early.





7-21 Crack.JPG





Sometimes the view can be amazing !


Full Moon—>




 Berned got stuck in traffic so I knew he would miss most of batting practice. Rockies finished up their BP and then the Padres took over.


Ball 2 7-1.JPG

I was standing in the middle of the Pavilion, and saw a screamer heading about thirty feet  to the left of me.

 I jumped a several rows of bleachers and managed to beat a couple of Padre fans to it.

 I snatched it up and quick and they mumbled something. I replied, ” you shoulda been quicker..maybe next time” . Sorry they were too slow. In a future blog that statement will come back to haunt me. 

Thumbnail image for Give Away Ball 7-1.JPGWhile I was waiting to get into Coors Field for BP I had a brief chat with a guy named Mike and his grandson Turf.

They were from out of state.

.He and Turf (who informed me that he was from the same town as Todd Helton), were in the first row trying to snag and were having no luck.

I figured that he had probably traveled the farthest for BP so he needed to go home with a ball.


Enjoy Turf..It was an honor to meet you.

ball 3 7-1.JPG

 Fifteen minutes later I saw another ball launched towards me.

 I stepped down about four stairs and put up my glove. There were three of four people gathered around me and the ball hit a guys finger and went right into my glove.

 I was really surprised that I wound up with that ball. I barely felt it hit my glove.  Berned 7-1.JPG



Right after that lucky catch, Berned arrived after winning the battle with Denver traffic.

Fifteen minutes later batting practice was no more.

Not too bad today, three balls and I got to give one away to a nice kid who really deserved a ball. Matt 7-1.JPG













Our seats were right behind left field and and Matt Holliday. These are awesome home run seats. Problem is order to catch a home run ball one needs to be hit to you while your sitting there.

As luck would have it, no balls were hit to our area. I settled for taking a few pictures.  

Headley 7-1.JPG 

I have to point out a couple of fans that were sitting behind me.

 They were heckling ( I mean REALLY heckling) Chase Hedley the left fielder for the Padres.

 This was all in fun, but it really didn’t need to continue the WHOLE game.

Who knows maybe these fans got inside of Headleys head. 


                                           Here is a videoclip of Headley’s abuse

      Video 1 –> Chase Sucks.AVI                       Yet another video—> Red Rover.AVI

cookie 7-1.jpg




Rockies won this evening 4-0.

Cook pitched a five inning shutout in just 79 pitches.

Cook is the bright light in our pitching staff this year.

Great job. Keep it up Cookie.

It is fun to watch you pitch.


 This game was the shortest nine inning game ever played at Coors Field lasting one hour and fifty eight minutes.

 Worth watching every second when your team walks away with a shutout…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG