June 2008

Day 2: Broncos Fan Fair


Day two was a hell of a lot better than day one. The head start we got this morning made all the difference.

The kids stood in line for a few autographs and then spent the rest of the day on the field playing and running through the sprinklers.

As I said in my last entry, I don’t like to get beat. Yesterday got to me. We were a lot better prepared today. We got up at 7am, headed out and managed to get a good spot in line beside the grass so the kids could run and relax .

 We got to Invesco Field about 9:20 and it was already starting to fill in with broncomaniacs.

                       Let me tell you Bronco fans are serious about Fan Fair.Spot in Line.JPG

kids 2.JPGkidsFF.JPG

Ned and Krista.JPG

slowpoke.JPGI wanted to give credit to this fine Invesco Field employee. Thanks to his speedy efforts it took us an additional five minutes to get through the gates when there were only ten people in front of us. 

He couldn’t figure out how to use his scanner. Don’t they have a training class or something?

 Once we got through the gates we went back to the North Stands to stand in line the same place we were yesterday.

We were about a hundred people back from where the players were sitting and signing under the canopy.

The first group of players arrived twenty minutes late. This seemed to be a player trend for the day.

getting closer.JPG

Just before we got up to the canopy, a Security Guard asked if we would like him to take a picture of us in front of the autograph table.

                       That was really cool of him. That’s my football in the background.HandMe.JPG 

ballgetting signed.JPGThe  five Broncos who are  signing  my ball Right to Left: Wesley Woodyard, Dewayne Robertson, Peyton Hillis, Jedd Fisch (Wide Receivers Coach), Bob Slowik (Defensive Coordinator).

Autograph 4-7.JPG
  From there we moved onto the next line. We stayed in this line until they swapped out players and we wound up standing in line for the same players we just got autographs from.

                                      Oh well, time to switch out and try another line.
Next Line.JPG  The autograph rules.They were pretty strict here. We found another line to stand in and realized again that it was of the same players who had just signed for us.

Auto Rules.JPG But we learn quick, so we just continued to wait in line and by the time we got up to the table there was a new round of players signing. 
All four.JPG                           The next group of Broncos to sign my football are left to right:

                                        This is Anthony Alridge (Running Back).  

dk.JPG                                                  Brett Kern (Punter).
Brett Kern.JPG                                      Jacob Burney (Defensive Line Coach).

Coach Dont know.JPG                                                          Montrae Hollandmontrae HOlland.JPG

 Next we headed over to the Alumni autograph line and boy did we get lucky. Two former Broncos were there. Steve Sewell and Mark Jackson. While we were waiting in line Lelo Lang showed up. Wow, three former broncos and cool ones to boot.

                                 Steve Sewell signed first 1985-91 Running Back.

Steve Sewell.JPG Then Mark Jackson (one of the Three Amigos), signed my football.Broncos 1986-1992.

Wide Receiver.
Mark Jackson.JPG And finally Le-lo Lang gave my football some attention.

1990-93, Defensive Back.
Lelo Lang.JPG  We decided to take a little break.Here’s a shot of me and Berned showing off our footballs. 

ned ball.JPGOk, I’m up for one more round of waiting in line. We stood in line another 40 minutes and managed to get these three fellas autographs

                   First is Dewayne Chandler (Asst. Strength and Conditioning).
Dewayne Chandler.JPG                                           Next up is Brett Pierce (tight end). 
next bunch.JPG
                     And finally the last autograph of the day, Roderick Rogers.
Roderick Rogers.JPGHere’s pictures of everything we managed to get autographed over the entire two-day stand-and-wait. ball 1.JPG

ball 4.JPG

b1.JPG b2.JPG b3.JPG                               Thats a wrap from Denver Broncos Fan Fair.

I could probably pass on this next year but Krista is a huge Broncos fan and she lets me attend a lot of other sporting events..aka, baseball games 🙂

              Thanks to Berned for hanging with us and making the day more fun...

Day 1: Broncos Fan Fare

JUNE 7, 2008

 This is on of my pugs Elway. He was the 7th born in the litter. His mothers name is Bronco. His father left him as a pup and shall remain nameless. The *******. 

        The following picture represents his opinion of Broncos Fan Fair Day one          


I have to be honest.

 Normally before any sporting event I attend there is a lot of preparation and planning involved.

Today there was none of that.

We arrived 11:05 at what I thought would be a decent time and this is what we encountered: The line from hell.




I had some time to ponder stuff while we were standing in line. Lets see.

Bronco fans will show up three hours early for a meaningless Pre-season game.

So for a chance to actually meet a player face to face…





It’s a good thing this is a two day event.

Today we will chalk up as a learning experience.

 We will arrive earlier tomorrow and wait in line.

 The problem with arriving late is once we got inside all we could see were lines of people. 

One line for photographs and one line for autographs.

The entire inside of the stadium was one big line..



FFline 3.JPG





This where we ended up getting in line for the autographs.

We heard that Champ Bailey and Jay Cutler were signing so we didn’t mind waiting, and waiting.








 and waiting











After 45 minutes we made it to the sign.

 Just past this sign was the tunnel to enter the stadium Thumbnail image for Line cont.JPG




Once through the tunnel the line continued.

Off in the distance we could see a canopy with a few players signing.

So we waited, and waitedcanopy 1.JPG some more.





Wait who is that I see in the distance..#24.

Champ Bailey and Erik Pears….but wait, they are getting up to leave.

NOOOOOkristanmylee.JPG!!! Gone.



 We snapped a few pictures of us trying to be patient in line.

Here is Krista and Mylee.

Hunter had a baseball game and couldn’t be here today.

He will be with us tomorrow me and Berned.JPG.

 Me and Berned.

He did a good job of making us laugh while we waited, and waited.

We were really curious to see who would be signing next since we missed Champ.

There were six chairs positioned under the canopy. After about 15 minutes we saw three more players come out.

The six chairs was just a tease..More fun stuff.

Thumbnail image for canopy2.JPG Getting closer. The problem is I don’t even know who these players are.

So at this point we have waited about two hours.

Ten minutes before we get to Champ Bailey he leaves and they swap out players.

Now we’re stuck with three  players I’ve never even heard of.

 I had to debate whether I even wanted these autographs on my football signing2.JPG.



The three players signing were:

# 76 Tyler Polumbus

# 74 Ryan Harris

# 19 Taylor Jacobs

Have you heard of them? LineDone.JPG    







Got the autographs.








Tyler Polumbus decided it was ok to leave bible quote on my football. Dammit. 

I’m not sure at this point how I feel about that.

 After this wonderful experience, we decided to call it a day and use our gained knowledge for a go at it tomorrow.

Today sucked.

 It’s always a challenge for me waiting in long lines.

 Today tested my patience to the maximum.

On top of it all I had the worst headache. Good thing nobody stepped on my shoe or it would have been on…kiddin.

 Today got me. I don’t like to be got. Tomorrow WILL be different.

 Berned will be with us again. He, Hunter and I will be getting autographs and Mylee and Krista will be checking out the other things happening on the field for the kids. IMG_0008.JPG  MeDone.JPGGot home, took some Advil, watched my Rockies whoop some Brewer butt to make it four in a row…

                                                        Go Rockies!!!!

            You got me today Broncos…but that was my fault…Tomorrow I control my destiny.

                                                  To be continued……D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 


Rockies come out ahead and Tulo signs in red

 gates 6-6-08.jpg6/6/08



 Well Friday finally got here and I hurried home from work, grabbed my backpack and headed out.

 I managed to arrive at the gate first in line, but I wasn’t first through the gates.

Damn backpack.










Thumbnail image for field.JPG






 I slid into my favorite spot and went into action.






warm up.JPG






There were a few players out in center field warming up.







The first ball I almost snagged was when the Rockies were batting. The ball was hit about four rows in front of me and I had the jump on it. Unfortunately I would have had to jump over a young boy to get it. The ball bounced, went left and I let the boy snag it.

Thumbnail image for tulobp.JPG




 Right after that I noticed that Tulowitzki had walked over to center field to catch some flys balls.






 After a bit, he strolled over to the wall and started signing autographs. I went over and tossed him a ball (after waiting in a line of 20 kids), that I had snagged at a previous batting practice.

Thumbnail image for Tuloball.JPG




He signed it in red marker and tossed it back.

 I’m not picky..Thank you Tulo !






The Brewers livened up batting practice and were hitting a lot more balls into the stands than the Rockies managed. I had a few more close calls but nothing went my way. Then as I was pulling out my camera, I heard the crack, looked up and noticed I had one coming right for me. Just like my other attempts today, I slightly misjudged the ball and it went over my head. I jumped up over four rows and hit the aisle, went up another three rows and lost it to a larger fella who only had to walk down four steps.

I was stunned.

 I knew I had that ball. Was I slipping? Did I lose my touch? I didn’t even have time to ponder those thoughts for long when another ball was heading right for my area again. This one was two rows in front and a middle aged guy tried to catch it with his hat. 

The ball went through his hat, and landed in my row and I fell on the ball…Gotcha 

Thumbnail image for practiceball.JPG




 Got my ball.

Got my autograph.

Now lets watch some Rockies kick some Brewers butt.












A shot of Dan snaggin.

He said he got a couple of balls.

Thumbnail image for seats-6-6.JPG





I like this view.









It also gave me a great shot of my favorite player Todd Helton.

Great game tonight. Nice double in the 8th.











 Ubaldo didn’t blow the game early for us.

 He only allowed three runs. 












Shot of Herges in the 7th .






We rallied in the 8th scoring five runs and Brian Fuentes did what he does and finished off the ninth. Rockies beat the Brewers tonight 6-4. The Rockies now have won three straight.

What a great game. Three games in a row now snagging a ball and Tulo’s autograph. Bronco’s Fan Fair tomorrow. Life is good right now.

Oh and last but certainly not least

               THE MOST OBNOXIOUS OPPOSING FAN AWARD  goes to this guy:



obnoxious fan.JPG           Actually he wasn’t that obnoxious, he just looked like a dork…Go Rockies…D
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The Beermakers in the House of Coors tonight




It’s up to you Ubaldo.

Torrealba got this streak in motion with that motivating bench brawl.

Aaron Cook got us the second win.

 You need to step up tonight, let go of the previous losses and make new tonight.

You got the skills man.

Relax, the pressure of a repeat of last year is out the door.

 Figure it out Ubaldo.

Show us what you got.

Thumbnail image for christian_friedrich.jpg








Welcome Rockies new pitcher, left handed, Christian Friedrich from Eastern Kentucky.

 He was the 25th pick in the first round.

His best pitch is a curveball.

 Lets hope he can help an ailing Rockies pitching crew. 







 Rockies play the Brewers today and have currently won two games in a row.

 The game tonight is at 7:05 and I’ll be there early for BP. I

 have a good feeling about tonight.

Torrealba got a three game suspension for the brawl the other night and Kemp got four games.

 I’m ok with that ruling…D
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Schools out for Summer..Go Scorpions


Hunter Uniform1.JPG

Here’s a couple shots of Hunter posing in his Broomfield Scorpions uniform. He’s excited because today was his last day of grade 3 and his baseball team will get to walk on Coors Field before the Rockies game on the 10th in their uniforms.

So far this year the Scorpions are 1-1 and Hunter got a base hit on his first pitch his first time at bat. Below is a clip of Hunter from practice today.

I must look like an idiot out there taking pictures and shooting video of his practice. I’m just proud that my son shares my love of baseball. He’s still learning and gets all stiff at times, but he’s starting to find his groove.

 He isn’t locked into a position right now so he kind of plays ’em all like Ryan Spilborghs. I’m so proud of my little guy right now.

                Rockies are playing the Dodgers right now and are ahead 2-0 in the 4th.

                                                        Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image


A win without a fight , C’mon Friday night


Yep, on the bottom looking up. I can’t say it’s unfamiliar territory, in fact you might even call it comfortable.

Naa, screw that it’s not comfortable, I’m not sure what to call it. But what ever “It” is, “It” sucks.

I hate losing. I bet you didn’t know that about me. I thought it strange all this World Series hoopla last year.

Fun at the time, but now as I look back it seemed premature and out of place.

SUPERSTITION.jpg I’m not saying we didn’t earn the right to be in the World Series because we damn sure did. The problem was it all happened too fast. 

You’d have to be Stevie Wonder not to have seen it during the World Series and you can most certainly see it  now.

We’re not the same team this season. I know, it sucks.

The only semi-bright light is that when your in last place, peoples expectations seem to drop.

 The catch being, the Rockies made it to the World Series last season and the fans expectations of this team this season are extremely high.  

Thumbnail image for Wishful thinking 7-5.JPGIt takes a lot less effort to critique than to support. Now is when you find out who the true fans are.

I’ll be there, cheering on my team, taking pictures, snagging balls and having fun. 

I know a few other people who will be there regardless.

 The Rockies took the series against the Dodgers today with a final score of 2-1.

jeff baker.jpg

Jeff Baker hit the homer that scored the Rockies two runs. 

Aaron Cooks pitching looked consistant, thats good. We needed to see that after his Mets loss last series. Looks like Ubaldo Jimenez will be pitching on Friday.

                                              Lets make it three wins in a row .

                                                        Go Rockies…D
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