June 2008

You get no love when you forget your glove


sad face.jpgJust a quick recap on the Padres show here at Coors Field on Monday night. I went with Berned..

Just like a forty year old whose mind is slipping as fast as his prostate is growing, I left my backpack sitting by the door which had items such as a glove, water, candy, sunblock, you know…the good things. On the plus side at least I had my ticket and camera. 

I was first to the BP gates first as usual and was holding a place for B (who showed up shortly after). I pulled out my camera to take a picture like I usually do and guess what?..No batteries or film card, wonderful.

So if you haven’t noticed,  I’m off to a great start.

Berned and I sat through the Rockies batting practice and I had a chance at several home run balls. Not having a glove I had to wait for the ball to take a bounce first, then chase it. Yes I could have barehanded one, but my hands are my moneymaker.

Income = ability to go to games. It was pitiful. I didn’t even snag one. 

When it was the Padres time to bat, Berned generously offered to let me use his glove and I accepted.

I think he felt sorry for me. Or maybe it was my comment about not having a glove at BP was the same as a junkie stuck in a pharmacy with no needle, no matter, shortly after he let me us it I saw a beautiful shot heading just to the left of us. I bolted up, ran over, timed it perfectly and the ball landed in the top part of my glove, bounced out and hit the ground. I quickly reached down and scooped it up.

I gave that ball to B, his first of the year. It was the right thing to do, it was his glove.

 That would be my only ball for this game. An Usher friend of B who we’ll call Ronnie RayofLight, hooked us up this some stellar seats just to the left of home plate and we enjoyed most of the game there, great seats, and me without use of my camera..GRRRR

short story.jpg


To make a sad story as short as possible, we left at the bottom of the 8th and it was tied 8-8.

By the time I got home the Padres had scored seven runs in the 9th inning to win 15-8…Horribly spanked by the worst team in our division to assume that exact title ourselves.

CRAPTASTIC. Thats all I have to say about that… craptastic.jpg









Thanks for the ticket today B…Game two tomorrow night.

                                                        .Go Rockies..D

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Kaz Matsui, is he the reason for the Rockies lack of Cohesion this season?


Thumbnail image for world series ball.jpg Think back, it was right about this same time last  year when the Rockies  had that horrible losing streak while they were on the road. Strange how this season thus far… kind of mirrors last season.

The ninth inning rally last night against the Tigers was both exciting and admirable, sadly it turned out to be a last inning teaser as we gave the game back to them. Sunday afternoons loss finished off  a depressing and (other than last night) uninteresting three game sweep by Detroit. Rockies have lost seven of their last eight games.  

I’m not sure what I’m looking for when I watch the Rockies play now. In my opinon the core players on this team are Matt Holliday (Do Not Trade Him Rockies!!!!) and Todd Helton who most likely will retire here. Most of the remaining players rotate games and positions so often thats it’s not hard to see why it may be difficult for certain players to become consistant. I am by no means a coach,  this is just how “I” see things from my outfield seats and from watching the games unfold on television.

There is so much diverse talent on this team..Young baseball players with great attitudes(Baker, Barmes, Ianetta, Smith, Podsednik). I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong with this group. Some blame it on the injuries to critical players. “Could that be the reason”? Partially I think,  but most of the injured Rockies players are healthy. Tulowitzki, Holliday, Atkins, and  Barmes.have  been off the DL for a few weeks now and the Rockies win ratio is gradually getting worse instead of improving..with no help from this recent road trip.

 After talking with a bunch of Rockies fans (ok…five of them and a few of them may have been  slightly disgruntled), the group consensus was generally one of these two things:



 1. Get Kaz Matsui back??

Anyone remember Kaz Matsui? He fit in here nicely with the Rockies last year..Not so good in NY the few previoius years..but anyways…Why did the Rockies have to trade him? He had a winning smile, athletic play and those stories about Japan he used to tell in the dugout..What about the unemployed translator he left back in Denver..Was Kaz Matsui 185 lbs of Rockies glue?

 Could his loss be the reason of our lack of cohesion this season? Who the hell knows…


Interesting note about Kaz Matsui..

He was the first MLB Japanese player to ever hit a grand slam in the post season…Domo arigato Kaz !! 




 2. Payback/Karma can be bitch.

      World Series ticket story


The other disgruntled fans train of thought is that this seasons dismal performance is karmic justice for the way the Rockies upper Managment handled the World Series ticket distribution fiasco last season..All I can figure on this idea is I don’t really agree with it….but I live twenty minutes away and had to watch the World Series on TV. Hmmm…Naaa

None of this talk  dampens my spirit in the least..It’s the hunt I love…I’m an autograph collecting Major League ballhawk. Win or lose there is always a chance of me getting an autograph or snagging a BP baseball. I am team loyal. Meaning you will never see me change my colors to get an opposing team to throw me a ball. (I have no problem with people that do that..it’s just not my thing).

Tulosignauto.jpgI try to bring a little piece of every game home with me. Sometimes it is a cool promotional gift that the Rockies handed out or maybe it’s snagging a baseball at batting practice. On a really good day it might be getting an autograph or getting a chance to take pictures of my kids playing kickball out on Coors Field…Each little piece of the game takes me back to that day…Memories..in the end..they are really all you have..and nothing can ever take them away from you…well except maybe Alzheimers..but I’ll deal wth that roadblock when the VW bus of life takes me there….D


                                                  Monday Night 6/30/08 

padreslogo.jpg rockieslogosm.jpg 





Looking forward to the game against the Padres tomorrow evening. Being there in person is always better than television. I’ll be there with my bro Berned..his treat…Thanks B…Rockies..LISTEN TO ME…I want all wins going into the All Star Break, Wins I tell you !…We win at home !..Send the Message, Spread the word….You know I am !…Go Rockies…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies collapse as Francis has a relapse


Thumbnail image for JeffFrancis_2007_008.jpgI really enjoy putting this blog together, but writing about losses takes a little more time and thought.

I have to be careful how I world things. I don’t want to seem negative…I want to tell the story, with feeling not agression. With that said…..

Everyone knows that Jeff has a stellar year last year.

He is also an all around great guy, but  is really struggling this year.

 If he were any  pitcher other than himself, with what his ERA this season..he probably would be in Colorado Springs doing time with the Sky Sox. Get it together now Jeff, we believe in you…

Nuff said on that.

 Matt Holiday is continuing show  fans why he is All Star material. His two run homer in the fifth driving in Baker gave Colorado fans a little hope, but that would be all for the Rockies as they lose this one to the Royals 8-4.

jeff baker.jpg


 Congratulations to Jeff Baker for being chosen NL Player of the week.

 This guy is really hitting right now and is really trying hard to find a spot for himself on this ever changing Rockies lineup.

clint barmes 1.jpg



 Welcome back Clint Barmes from AAA Colorado Springs…expect big things from Clint. This guy is a future All Star…Go Rockies…D

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Fun day at Rockies autograph Sunday








Man..you gotta hate it when you forget your camera, sorry for the lack of Coors Field pictures. 

Today was Autograph Sunday and the Rockies and Mets were actually out having batting practice.

Too cool.



At the Rockpile gates the Ushers were handing out white Rockies baseball hats as the  promotional gift.  They were pretty cool hats.  

Mylee BP ball 6-22.JPGHunter, Mylee and I arrived at the bleachers first. Rockies first base coach, Glenallen Hill was picking up a grounder that had rolled to the rail. Hunter asked if he could please have the ball, and Hill tossed it right up to him.

 A fringe benefit of getting there early.

Hunter BP ball 6-22.JPGAs we were moving toward left field, two of the Ushers invited Mylee down to the first row (we didn’t have the killer 1st row tickets today), to pick up a ball that had been hit earlier. It was just sitting under a chair. I love the Rockies Ushers,they have always been kind to us. 

 Just then I saw Robert Harmon walking along the first row and I had to congratulate him on his awesome catch during Saturdays game. Minutes later, I was standing about six rows back leaning on one of the tunnel railings and I saw Torealba hit a BP homer toward me, I tracked it perfectly,  leaned out about 3 feet into the tunnel and snagged it.

Baseballa 6-22.JPGCheck out the picture of the ball I caught. It says “MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLA” and the two L’s are bigger..I’ve never seen that before?? 

That was it, we each had our ball so we headed over to get in line behind the ropes to be able to get in line to get autographs.

We found out that Jeff Francis, Ryan Spilborghs, Chris Iannetta and Taylor Buchholz were signing. That is the best lineup for Autograph Sunday I have seen this year.


I RyanSpillb1.JPG wanted to get Jeff Francis, but I wanted Spillys autograph more. So we opted for Spilborghs. We managed to get in his line about thirty people back and watched as the other three players came out sat down and started signing.

 We wondered..”where’s Spilly”?

 Finally after five minutes, we saw him over by home plate signing for a smaller group there.

When he finished with them, he walked over to a Mets coach and talked to him for another six minutes.

 Meanwhile, a line of 200 of his fans stood baking in the hot sun.

I’m not mad at all, but that was a little inconsiderate.

No biggie man.

   Rockies fans are tough bunch..We can handle a little high altitude sunburn.


Spilly Autographed Ball 6-22.JPG




Thanks for the autographs man !

A picture of the Colorado Rockies baseball Ryan signed for me. 





Spilly Auto.JPG



A shot of the Rockies promotional hats they gave away today.

These are what Hunter and Mylee had autographed.

There was no chance of getting any other players autographs because by the time we got the first signature,  the lines were crazy long.

The Rockies lost today.

 Positive note… Reynolds only gave up six hits in seven innings with one walk and two strikeouts. Torealba had the only run with a sweet homer in the seventh. Tulo’s defense looked warmingly familiar..Good Job Tulo !…..

Final Score today Mets 3 Rockies 1.

The Mets win this series and deny the Rockies their sixth straight series win….My next game June 30th..camera in hand…Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


Tulo’s back but the Rockies get whacked

Gate 6-20.JPG6/20/08



We arrived about 45 minutes early today for the game one against the NY Mets.

We wound up second and third in line as there was a fan who got there before us.

He was an avid autograph collector and we taked  baseball and about getting autographs with him while we waited for the gates to open. 

 The Rockies were out on the field practicing when we got to the Pavilion bleachers so I took off to the left field bleachers.


 As soon as I whipped out my camera, Atkins hit a BP homer that landed in row one right where I was standing so I reached down and snagged it. BP ball 6-20-1.jpg


  This ball would prove to be my only snag of the game.

I did almost catch another BP homer, but it hit the tip of my glove and I lost it.

No worries, Hunter (who is a snagger in training), was just starting to get his groove. Hunter 6 balls 6-20.JPG  



 Hunters final tally. Six balls a new personal record for him.

(His previous record was three)

 Ryan Speier was kind enough to toss a ball up to Hunter.

 Thank you Ryan ! Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg  Jorge De La Rosa also threw Hunter a ball. Thank you Jorge.!! I like this young pitcher.

John Maine 6-20.JPG

 Pitcher number 33 John Maine.

He walked over to pick up a ball by the rail and Hunter asked politely fpr the ball and he tossed it right to him.

Funny, shortly after that happened one of the older Mets batting coaches (I think…I can’t seem to find his name) was picking up a few balls and Hunter hit him up for one.

 He straight up told Hunter that he had the wrong shirt on.

 I understood but I’m not sure Hunter did.

Credit where credit is due. That older coach came back later and asked if Hunter was gonna cheer for the Mets. Hunter said “sure”.

The coach tossed him the ball. When the coach was out of hearing distance Hunter looked at me and said ..” Yea Right”.

Thats my boy !Pedro 6-20.jpg 




Pitcher Pedro Martinez was close to where Hunter was standing and was kind enough to toss him a ball.

 Thank you Pedro!!

Sanchez 6-20.jpg






 Sanchez ran to the rail chasing a hard hit grounder which landed in front of Hunter.

 Hunter didn’t even have a chance to ask he just tossed it to him.

Thats what its all about.

It’s not a team thing so much as it’s a baseball thing.

Thank you Sanchez !!





 Zack Hample was attending todays game.  Todays game being the final game of his Colorado trip.  He was wearing his where’s Waldo shirt and he busted out the big glove.

That thing is a hell of a conversation piece.Hunter BG.JPG







 After I took this picture Zack asked a fan to take a picture of the three of us with his camera.

I don’t have this picture but I can’t wait to see it. Baby Glove 6-20-1.jpg






While Hunter and I were talking to Zack a man and his wife holding their one-month old asked if they could use the glove to take a picture with thieir baby inside it.

Zack said “Sure as long as it doesnt poop in it.”baby glove 2.JPG

                                                        Just too cute.

       Welcome back Troy Tulowitzki, unfortunately the Rockies lost to the Mets 7-2.

On a bright note, Jeff Baker homered and has hit a home run in his last four games. Todd Helton (The King) went 0-3 today with a walk, and Tulo went 0-4. 

There were some interesting clouds in the sky last night. I thought we might see some rain but I only felt one drop the whole evening.

sky.JPG  sky 2.JPG Thumbnail image for Obnoxious fan 6-20.jpgI don’t always do the Most Obnoxioius Fan Section, but today I feel obligated to mention this dude.

This guy started in with mother f this and mother f that. After the second “slip” I looked back and his buddy saw me and saw my son and he told his buddy to stop.

 He did stop swearing finally, but that was replaced with constant heckling. Willy Tavares made an error early on in the game and from that point on it didn’t stop.

He would heckle the Rockies players then he would heckle the Mets. He also kept saying to his cronies…Hey man…lets leave and go downtown and get drunk…c’mon man..I still don’t know what team he was going for.

What I am sure of is that it was his first time to a baseball game and probably the first time out in public in a while. Rude, no manners and no consideration for others.

                                Bald Obnoxioius Fan,….You have been Ranted !

I have to mention another fan who was upset about the amount of batting practice baseballs Zack and Hunter were getting at BP. This guy was a Mets fan and so completely out of line I had to move away from him (thus no picture) for fear of me teaching him a lesson that would have gotten me removed from Coors Field and probably arrested.

To add insult to injury this guy was acting this way in front of his son who probably looks up to him.

Hey buddy, it’s the luck of the draw and you were just too slow. Think about it, sometimes we all leave empty handed and we don’t act like little babies.

Grow up and be a man and try to set the right example for your offspring…I’m done with you.

Hunter tried to offer his son a baseball and the father wouldn’t let him take it. 

Zack Hample. Thank You ! It was an honor to meet you. Good Luck on your snagging adventures and we’ll catch you next time your in Denver.

                      Next game….June 22, 2008 Autograph Sunday…Go Rockies…D

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Rockies first sweep and we get seven to keep

6/19/08gate 6-19.JPG 



 I have to say after being shutout at batting practice on Wednesday we really couldn’t do any worse.

So the only expectations of today were to snag one of those promotional Rockies floppy hats .

Thumbnail image for gate m n m.JPG 



We were first at the Rockpile gate. When they let us in we found out they were only giving  out the hats to adults.

 Something to do with being sponsored by Isle of Capri Casino or something.

Hey now, that was why we went to this game in particular. It all worked out though, I gave mine to Mylee and an Indians fan gave his hat to Hunter…Thank you Indians fan guy.

You made my little guy happy.

kids BP.JPG


You’ve got to have your glove for batting practice.

Mylee snagged two balls today. 

One was tossed to her by Manny Corpas. The other was caught by a fan and he gave it to her.

 I thanked him because  that was a cool thing to do and really got her excited. These were her first two BP balls. A few entrys ago I slammed Manny Corpas for not autographing Hunter’s ball when it was just Hunter and me standing right by him.

 I  slammed him because it was the third time he had refused to sign for Hunter and I  this year. So, Manny I take it back and I thank you for tossing that BP ball to my girl. I realize it’s hard to please everyone..

BP 6-19-2.JPG





The kids staking out their spot.

 It was a good spot.




Zack Big Glove.JPG





Here is Zack with his big *** glove.

 I had read about this glove in his Blog, it was pretty cool to see it in person.





Hunter actually snagged  three balls but one of them was tossed to the boy beside him and he dropped it. Hunter picked up and was gonna keep it but I convinced him to share with the other kid.

Hunter already had two balls and I explained to him how happy that little boy would be that he got a BP ball to take home and brag about.

 I managed to snag three balls myself. The first ball hit the bleachers and it was just me there so it was mine.

 The second I straight up caught with Zack Hample as my witness. Oh yea! 

The third ball was deflected off a a glove and came straight to me. Some days it’s just like that. Yesterday a shutout and today seven balls between us.

Zack signing ball.JPG

 After  BP the kids and I went over to visit with Zack. 

The kids wanted Zack to autograph their baseballs. 

He took the time to sign and talk to them.

It is amazing how just a few minutes can really make a kids day.

 Thank you again Zack !!


Thumbnail image for Dinger 2.JPG


Hunter, Mylee and Dan’s daugher Emily got to go onto Coors field today. 

 They played kickball with Dinger.

 It was Hunter’s second time with Dinger and Mylee’s first.

Check out Hunter in the purple shirt in the picture below jumping.

Too much fun. 

Dinger 3.JPG Dinger 4.JPG

Rockies swept the Indians  last night, Final score 6-3. This was our first sweep this year. Things are starting to get interesting for the Rockies. I think were all having visions of last years run.

Lets hope so…I’ll be  there tonight…

                                                        Go Rockies…D 
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Rockies have spoken and my streak is broken

me 6-17-08.jpg 


I arrived thirty five minutes before batting practice started and I’m the first one in line at the gate.

     SWEET !





Bleachers 6-17.JPG


 There is a peaceful feeling you get when your the first one into an empty Stadium.

The first thing you notice is how quiet it is. You can actually hear the players talking.  

My senses came alive as I was the first one into the Pavilion. Ryan Speier 1-17.JPG



I ran down to the field while nobody was around and snapped this picture of Ryan Speier.

After I took this picture I looked to my right and saw Zack Hample all ready rolling. Zack 6-17.JPG



 I had two balls hit into the bleachers where I was lurking.

The first ball I was racing against another guy to get it,  and when it took a bounce it landed in the Row one where Zack was snaggin. 

He ran over and  and scooped it up.  



Zack 6-17-2.JPG


 Ball # 2  had only me chasing after it. 

 The ball hit the bleachers and took a hearty bounce right over to where Zack was and he gloved it perfectly.

 I had a few more close calls..but had to leave Coors field empty handed with my streak broken. zack 6-17-3.JPG


 My only two chances today snagged by the Baseball Collector.

I’m ok with that ..

Good Job Zack.

Nice to see you in action.

What happened in the tunnel?? 




Better Seats 6-17.JPG



 I improved my distant  seats and enjoyed most of the game from right here.

 No foul ball action whatsoever.

But I snapped a few cool pictures as you can see below. TH6-17-2.JPG Reynolds 6-17.JPG TH6-17.JPG

HD 6-17.JPGThis was a great game. Reynolds allowed only one run in five innings. Baker hits a two run inside the park homer..WOW.Hawpe joined the fun and he also hit a two run homer. 

A total of seventeen hits this game..that’s the most this year. Rockies scalp the Indians tonight 10-2.

 I’ll take a win over a batting practice ball anyday…Rumor has it Tulo will be back on Friday…I’ll be back Thursday…

fat tire beer.jpgEric thanks for the beer brotha. 

Jeff Francis is the starting pitcher for Wednesday’s game..

Good Luck Jeff, lets go for two in a row.

                                     Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Happy Fathers Day, Call your dad



 My Fathers day present from Mylee  <————



Rockies win the series against the White Sox.

 Fuentes loads the bases in the ninth with two out.

 Holliday avoids a collision to make an awesome catch to win this 5-3.

Thats four straight series we’ve won !!

Ubaldo Jimenez will be the starting pitcher for tomorrow’s game. At 1-6 he needs this win. We need this win. Time for a serious win streak going into the All-Star Break.

 I’ve see this team starting to solidify in the last couple of weeks. Even the pitching. 

                                 Ubaldo..it’s all up to you..lead the way, amigo.

DadFD.jpg                                                            My Pops.

                           Thanks for always being there to give me a second chance.

                           To those of you who are Fathers …Enjoy your special Day

                                                        You deserve it !!

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Atkins is back with a hell of a whack



Garret_Atkins12.jpgGarrett wastes no time letting everyone know that he’s back at full strength.

Garrett blew us all away by scoring the winning run in the 9th and defeating the Giants 1-0.

UIbaldo Jimenez went toe to toe with Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum for  seven scoreless innings.

Ubaldo is amazing to watch when he is on his game, wicked fastball.

Sucks Ubaldo had such a bad start this year.

Lets hope these kind of performances from him are the norm for the rest of the season.   

Funny how you can score ten runs the day before and squeak by with a one run win the next day..You gotta love baseball, no predictability. Watching this team now you can see the wheels in motion. No predictions here, I’m just making an observation, or wishful thinking aloud. 

Things are clicking..I feel it

Thumbnail image for modesto nuts.gif
Tulowitzki begins his rehab assignment with the Modesto Nuts..lol. They’re the the Rockies single A team. That’s got to suck for Tulo. “Hey Tulo, what team do you play for”, Tulo responding “um, I play with the nuts”.

Get better quick dude. Thats embarassing. 


Hunter’s baseball team lost yesterday. He was able to play center field and 2nd base. He didn’t get a chance to bat this time. None of the kids on his team even got a hit.

Poor Hunter, he kept saying if he just could have gotten a chance to bat he’d have got a hit. Nine year olds don’t really understand how a rotation works and how coaches have to be fair to everyone. He just knows he doesn’t like to lose and he hates sitting on the bench.

My little man was visibly upset the whole evening.

I love his dedication…were still working on being a good loser.

Rockies play at 1pm today. Wish I could be there.

QuitComplainingAboutYourJob.jpg      GOOD NEWS !

 I interviewed for another job within my company yesterday and i got it!!

 It is a lot closer drive and will save me about an hour a day.

     Go Rockies…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG.  

First in the Door and we take home Four

me gate 6-10-08.jpg



What a great day.

Hunter, I and Joe my father in law,  went to the game today.

Rockies vs the Giants.

We arrived early and were first in line again. Hunter and Joe.JPG



 It was a hot one today.

Ninety+ degrees and the sun blaring.

 That didn’t stop us from being the first into the Pavilion.

 As soon as we entered the bleachers an Usher threw Hunter a ball.

Fifteen minutes after Hunter got his first ball Atkins hit a ball almost exactly where I was standing.

It landed a bit short of me but bounced  into my aisle and landed at my feet.

 I couldn’t have planned that any better. 

Minutes later, Hunter was standing in left field by the rail and I saw another ball heading for him. The teenager standing beside Hunter let it roll through his glove and it dropped into the handicapped area. Dan picked it up and looked at the three kids and gave it to Hunter.

 I asked him later if he knew it was Hunter he gave it to and he said “no”..thanks again Dan. 

That made three.

I had to leave batting practice a little early to get Hunter over to his team so they could do their lap around Coors Field. That took me about twenty minutes. After he was set up I headed back to batting practice which to my surprise was still going on.

 I was standing by my father in law and we saw a ball heading about thirty feet from where I was standing. I couldn’t get to it without running over some fans who were starting to pile in at this point. I let two guys wrestle for it and they both bobbled it. The ball landed one row above me. A quick leap and I was in the next row possessing that baseball.

 You gotta be quick and the more I do this the quicker I get. 

That made a total of two for Hunter and two for me. Both of Hunter’s baseballs had a practice stamp on them. Mine didn’t.  Hball.JPG



We’ve decided that all the balls we use for  autographs will be ones we snag at batting practice.

If they’re not good enough for a nice autograph I give mine away.  my2b.JPG


 Lets count now,  that makes four games in a row I’ve snagged a ball.

 Not bad for an old man. I’m learning how to master these bleachers.

 Nice size batting practice crowd today too. Hunters Team.JPG





Hunters baseball team ” The Scorpions” in green 

2-1 this season.

Go Scorpions !!! Hunter Waving.JPG

            That’s my boy. I found out later that he was wearing his protective cup.  

He was the only kid on the whole field who wore his cup. That my friends…is dedication. 

Words can’t describe the feeling of watching him walk on Coors Field, but proud would be a serious understatement. 

Rockies win this one 10-5 over the Giants.

This game was actually over in the second inning but it didn’t matter. It was a beautiful evening for baseball!. A total of four balls snagged between Hunter and I.

                     Welcome back Matt Holliday….Todd Helton (the King) nice homer.

                                                       Go Rockies….D

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